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Title: Lie to Me

Lie to Me

by kre17


Rating: PG

Summary: In inside look at a team member's view of the Vietnam War. Can be taken from anyone's POV

Warning: Kinda dark and heavy

Copyright: Kristina R. Eye 2000


Lie to Me


Lie to Me-

When all is said and done,

After we've shipped off our dead brothers

Back to the land of freedom,

Far away from this war-torn country.


Lie to Me-

Help me to sleep through the night,

After the blood has dried on my hands,

After a village has burned to the ground,

And a hundred lives have been shattered.


Lie to Me-

Tell me life will be the same.

That we'll be worshiped  as heroes,

Carried on civilian's shoulders like gods,

Praised for our honor in battle.


Lie to me-

For the truth is too hard to bare.





Lie to Me - Poem by kre17



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