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This is my first story to be posted to VA

The Orphan: A New Beginning

by Pepper


Rated: NC-17


It is an Alternate Universe story, a series really that deals with how Face joined the A-Team.

In my universe Face is a child during the Vietnam War brought up in a state

orphanage...The team is made up of Hannibal, Murdock, and BA during the

telling of this series...soldiers that served honorably during the war and

discharged honorably form the service.  They open a detective and

troubleshooting agency called the is a few years later that Face


 (Main characters: Col. John "Hannibal" Smith; Captain H. M. "Howling Mad"

Murdock; Sergeant BA Baracus and Tad "Face" Peck)

{I want to thank my betas for their help in writing this story.  I'm only

borrowing the characters from the A-Team.)

This story contains teenage warned






This is my idea on how Face joined the A-Team in this Alternate Universe.  In

this universe the United States of America exists. There are some

entertainments that are allowed in this universe that aren't allowed in ours,

adult brothels.  Child brothels are illegal, on the other hand, and are

prosecuted harshly by the government and all convicted of it are sentenced to

life without the chance of parole.  The history of the United States is the

same as in our universe except for Vietnam.  In this universe the Vietnam War

was where Hannibal Smith, BA Baracus and HM Murdock met and became a team with

several others.  They were never labeled as murderers but always considered top

of the line soldiers and when the war was over decided to stay together and

form a detective and troubleshooting agency called the A-Team.  Colonel John

"Hannibal" Smith was the leader and head of the agency with Captain HM Murdock

as their pilot and coworker along with Sergeant BA Baracus as the third member

of the team and top mechanic.


They had solved many a case and had amassed a large amount of money but felt

that something was missing from their family, as they thought of themselves,

they just couldn't decide what it was.




Part 1


The day Tad Peck reached the age of seventeen and looked forward to graduating

not only from school but also from the orphanage he grew up in. 


"Soon I'll be free," he thought as he packed his only backpack.  He didn't have

much so it was just perfect.


"Hurry up, Peck, the bus is waiting for you," shouted a classmate.  They were

about to leave and get their diplomas and their job classifications.  It was a

packaged deal...first the diploma and then they would be looked over by

prospective employers and taken away to their new jobs.


It was a bit scary to Face, but he thought that if he didn't like it he could

always run away.  After taking a last look at he room he had been in for the

past twelve years, he turned and went out to the bus.  There were several

graduates from this orphanage and more were picked up on the way until a bus,

full of kids, were let out at a huge auditorium.  Face just followed the others

into the auditorium and took his seat to wait.  He didn't have to wait long.


"Graduates...Congratulations...this is your hour of honor.  You have completed

your schooling and are now to receive your reward.  As you hear your name

please come and receive your diploma.  Before you return to your seat I want

you to stand and turn around so everyone will be able to see you.  There are

prospective employers in the audience who will choose you on your looks as well

as your grades.  They have a sheet with all of your accomplishments, grades,

activities, etc...listed.  After you are dismissed from this platform you will

return to your seat and wait for all of the graduates to complete the

graduation ceremony.  Afterwards you all will separate yourselves with the

young ladies going to the right and the young men going to the left.  On the

left, you will be separated again by name...just locate the first letter of

your last name and wait until someone comes and takes you away.  You will be

their charge then and again. I say...congratulations."


The graduation ceremony started at once and one by one the graduates mounted

the stairs of the platform to receive their diplomas.  Face watched as each

graduate stood for a moment and then turning around to give everyone a chance

to see before returning to their seats.  It seemed like forever before he

heard, "Peck, Tad," and made his way to receive his diploma.  He did as the

others had done and then returned to his seat to wait until the graduation

ceremony was at end.  He was getting nervous wondering where he would end up

and if he would have to run away.  All too soon the ceremony was at an end and

the graduates filed out into two directions. He hurried to the "P's" and waited

with several others for someone to come and take him away.


He was the only one left when a tall man with a mustache approached saying,

"Peck, this sheet says you are seventeen but you look younger to me.  When were

you born?"


Face looked up into the stern face and said nervously, "I-I don't k-know, sir.

I was left at the front steps of a state orphanage.  They said they asked me my

age and I showed them five fingers and they listed my age as 5.  Maybe I'm

younger?  I don't know for sure."


"Boy, my name is Mr. Peters and I claim you as my new employee. You'll

do...follow me," he said and turned on his heels, sure that the boy would

follow.  Face nervously looked around trying to decide if he wanted to follow

this stern man.  "Peck!!  Now...follow me!!," the man said crossly.


Mind made up Face shook his head..."NO," as he turned back to wait for another

perspective employer.  He didn't like this man and had decided not to come.  He

was surprised to be jerked around to face this stern man once again.


"Don't you turn your back on me, come along," Mr. Peters said as he

pulled his new employee along. 


Face dug his heels and tried to stop his forward process; unfortunately on the

slick floor he wasn't successful so as he past by a post he grabbed and hung on

thus jerking himself from Peters' grasp.  As soon as he was free, he took to

his heels and ran.


Peters took one look at the fleeing boy and roared, "STOP THAT BOY!!" over and

over again as he chased after.  Face dodged the many adults that tried to catch

him until he was grabbed as he attempted to leave the building.  "Where do you

think you are going, boy?" asked Mr. Green, the head of the employee exchange.


"Let me go," cried Face as he struggled to get away; But he was held too tight

by Green.  After catching sight of Peters, Face struck out in blind panic and

succeeded in striking Green on the chin, which only angered him.


Green said, "Boy, that is going to cost you such a strapping that you won't be

sitting comfortably for a week," and proceeded to push him to the nearest table.


"Stop, sir...that's my employee," cried Peters as he finally caught up with

them.  Green turned around saying, "He's yours and he ran away?"


"Yes, I picked him and he refused to accompany me.  Thanks for catching him for

me," replied Peters, as he reached for his boy.


"Not yet, sir...first I get to strap him for striking me.  Then you will have

the pleasure of strapping him for disobedience," Green said as he continued to

push him to the nearest table. 


"Noooooooo," cried Face as he was manhandled to the nearest table and made to

bend over it.


"If you would be so kind as to hold him in place, sir, while I'll get him

prepared?" Asked Green as Peters hurried to comply.


"By the way, the name is Peters," Mr. Peters volunteered.


"Thank you, Mr. name is Green and I'm in charge of the whole

employee exchange," Green said as he proceeded to strip Face of his pants and

briefs leaving him bare for his punishments.  Green then took out the strap he

was to use on the boy.  It was covered in a white nylon material.  "This Mr.

Peters will have him crying for mercy in only a few licks.  We have found it to

be the best way to punish our kids.  I think that twelve licks for striking me

and twelve licks for disobeying you, his new employer should just about handle

the situation," Green told both Peters and Face.


"We can strike as hard as we like without any fear of harming him permanently.

If you will watch the licks you will see what I mean," Green said as he struck

with all of his force against Face's left buttock.


Peters was fascinated, he saw the hard lick fall expecting it to leave a bloody

welt, but except for the blood-curling cry from the boy, he saw no damage to

the buttock.  Peters watched carefully as Green heated up the bottom right

before his eyes.  From the way the boy was carrying on, he knew it hurt but

still he saw no sign of damage.  Face cried out again and again with each lick

given.  He had been spanked and paddled enough growing up in the orphanage but

never had he been strapped and was unprepared for the pain it was producing in

his bottom.  He sobbed, squirmed and struggled to get free but couldn't do

anything but take it.  Finally the last lick was given and he thought that it

was all over and made to get up from the undignified position he had been

placed in.  His butt felt that it had been set on fire.


"Oh no, boy, the strapping was only for striking me and now it is at an end,

but you forgot about the one that Mr. Peters is going to give you for

disobedience," cried Green as he handed the strap over.  He took Peter's place

in holding the boy with the bright red bottom.  "Nooooooo, p-plea-se-e, I-I'm-m

s-s-sor-r-ry-y-y," sobbed Face, "I-I c-can't-t-t t-take-e-e

a-a-n-n-o-o-t-t-h-h-e-e-r-r s-s-t-t-r-a-p-p-I-n-g-g-g."


Peters just looked at the sobbing boy and said evilly," You'll be so much more

sorry when I'm finished with you," and kicked his legs apart and began striking

his inner thighs. 


"Owwwwhhhllll," screamed Face in a high-pitched scream as his tender inner

thighs began to burn.  He started to dance in place and tried to close his legs

to prevent more abuse from being heaped upon them.


Green held out a hand stopping the punishment to his inner thighs, or so Face

thought.  Green motioned to two of his men who were watching from the crowd and

ordered for them to hold the boy's legs apart and then said, "Okay, Mr. Peters,

you can continue now."  He watched as Peters continued to strike the boy's

inner thighs, producing a loud wailing from Face. He began to sob hysterically

and kept sobbing long after the licks had stopped.


Peters reluctantly, handed the strap back saying, "That was wonderful.  I was

wondering if I could buy it from you...after all I am his new employer and

might have to discipline him again."


Green smiled as he accepted his strap back, not paying a bit of attention to

the sobbing boy whose bottom and inner thighs were sunburn red.  "I'll be happy

to send you a box of them, my dear sir.  I'm sure you will have other boys

needing discipline besides this one," glancing for the first time at the

sobbing boy.  He nodded to his associates who released Face from his

humiliating position allowing him to finally arise.  Face blushed when he

realized that he had an audience to his punishment turning as red as his bottom

and thighs were.  He turned to pick up his briefs and pants only to be stopped

by Green who said, "Oh no, boy, for your actions this afternoon you are to walk

to your employer's vehicle, bottomless as a reminder of your disobedience.

After then it will be up to Mr. Peters on whether you are allowed to dress or



It was a very subdued Tad Peck that followed his employer out of the

auditorium, wincing and whimpering at each step.  Face blushed for the whole

journey to Peters' vehicle.  He could feel every eye on his state of undress as

well as his well-punished backside.


As Peters and Face approached the van, Green ran up carrying a small box.

"Here are the straps you requested, Mr. Peters.  There is a phone number and

address included in case you need to order more.  Thank you for attending our

graduation ceremony and I hope you will be well pleased with your new

employees, including this one," patting Face on his sore rump.


"It's been a real pleasure.  I don't think I've had a better time especially

the disciplining of this boy.  I know just the position for him," Mr. Peters

said, shaking Mr. Green's hand before pushing the blushing boy ahead of him

into the van.


Peters took Face to the back of the bus and chained him, standing in the back.

Peters chained the boy facing the back seat with his back to the occupants of

the bus. He then threw Face's pants and briefs to the floor beside him.


"Noooooooo," screamed Face as he felt himself being positioned for all to see.

He blushed as Peters said, "This boy openly defied me today and you can see

what it got him.  This is a warning what may happen to you if you do the same.

He got twenty-four licks today and for the next hour or so, will be kept

bottomless.  Feel free to feel the heat coming from his bottom and thighs,

maybe it will warning for you to behave, as well."


After voicing his warning, Peters climbed into the driver's seat of the van and

drove away. Face could feel every eye on him and sobbed in embarrassment.

After a while he felt hands on his bottom to feel the heat coming from it and

cried even more with embarrassment; a few of the more daring even pinched his

inner thighs making him cry out.  They laughed at his discomfort.


The journey was long and Face was nearly asleep on his feet when he was

suddenly freed.  He slumped down in relief before reaching for his pants. When

he wasn't stopped, he scurried to the nearest seat and sat gingerly.  He curled

up on his side, cried out his embarrassment, and slept the journey away.


It seemed as if he had only closed his eyes when he was jerked out of his seat

by Peters saying, "We're here, Sleeping Beauty.  You're coming home with me,"

and pulled him along with his bus mates moving on to their new quarters.   Face

was pulled along to a two-storied house and pushed into the front door.

"Smithers, we're home," shouted Peters as he opened the house.


"Sir, it's good to see you home...and who is this?" Said a large black man as

he entered the hall to take Peter's coat.


  Peters turned to the man and said, "This is Peck and put him in with the is his backpack," leaving Face in the custody of Smithers.


Smithers looked down at Face and frowned, "Come with me, young'un." After

grasping Face's backpack; he led the way up the stairs with Face following

behind.  They came to a room painted purple where Face was instructed, "Strip

out of those clothes, young'un so you can be inspected," and waited for Face to

obey.  Face stripped down to his briefs and stopped saying, "I'm not going any

further...what do I need to be inspected for to work here, any how?"


Smithers looked at him and before he could be stopped had grabbed this boy by

the ear and pulled him over his lap.  While in that position he was able to

pull his briefs completely off.  "It would do you good if you would obey and

not ask too many questions but seeing your red bottom and thighs I know that it

might be asking too much," observed Smithers.


He kept one hand on Face's ear and let him up only to pull him forward and into

another room where he was chained to the wall.  He placed his backpack on the

floor beside him.


"Make yourself at home, young'un.  You have these other boys to keep you

company," Smithers said as Face noticed that he wasn't alone in the room.

There were three other boys also chained to spots in the room.  Each area had a

bed and nothing else.  "There is a commode chair next to the bed if you need to

use it...your inspection committee will be coming soon," and left the boys to

become acquainted.


Face turned his scared face to the others and said, "Inspection for what, does

any one know?"



Part 2


All of the others except for one said, "Nooooooo...we know nothing more than we

were taken here from Graduation, stripped and chained for inspection."  The

other boy in the room, a dark haired who introduced himself as Tom, said, "When

I was brought up I overheard something of the boys upstairs being inspected for

sale, not realizing until I was chained to the wall that they were talking

about us."


"Sell us?  What for?" Face said out loud, as he reached for his pack.  After

rummaging through it for a minute or two he pulled out a pick he had made and

started to work on the chain connecting him to the wall.  He had discovered

this talent while at the orphanage, it had come in handy on many occasions when

he had awoken hungry during the night; and picked the lock to the kitchen and

helped himself and his roomy to a midnight snack. "They aren't going to see me,

if I can help it," muttered Face as he managed to unlock his chain.  "Who wants

to come with me?" Asked Face as he turned to face the others.


The boys had been cowed into behaving and refused to go with him claiming that

they would only get in worse trouble.  "Well, I'm not staying to be sold for

whatever reason they may have," Face started to say only to be interrupted by

Peters as he walked in.


"The reason, my headstrong boy, is to make money, of course.   Grab him," he

ordered Smithers who accompanied him, "and chain him to the bed," Peters

continued to say as he watched his associate try and catch the scared boy.

Face managed to dodge him before being tripped up by one of the other men who

had accompanied Peters. 


Face was flung down on the bed and chained to it, making him easier to be

inspected. "Now that you are once again in custody let me introduce my

associates here," pointing to the two men that had accompanied him into the



"These men, Mr. Robbins," a sandy haired large gentleman "and Mr. Williams," a

dark haired smaller man, "are my brokers.  The deal in certain, special young

men like yourselves.  They will find homes or positions for you for a fee.

They are here to examine you so they will know if any of their clients would be

interested in purchasing you.  Gentlemen, feel free to inspect and examine my

merchandise to your heart's extent, but first let me tell you something about

this boy here," stopping by the bed Face was tied to.


On the fact sheet I gave you on each of these boys it says that this one is

seventeen years old.  I feel that he is much younger than seventeen.  In my

opinion the orphanage made a big mistake in listing him as seventeen.  I think

that fourteen would be closer to the truth.  Think about it gentlemen, what you

have here is a fourteen year old virgin...just ripe for the taking...that is if

you have a client that might be interested," stated Peters.


Only Mr. Robbins looked interested and said, "Are you sure of this, Peters? 

How do you base your information?"


"The boy himself told me that he was left on the steps of a State run orphanage

when he was young...and when asked by the authorities how old he was held up

five fingers, which they took to mean five years old.  I think that he was

confused and at that age he didn't know what he was being I think he

was probably two years old which would make him fourteen years old now.  Look

at him, gentlemen, you have been dealing with young men of seventeen for some

time. Does he look seventeen to you...the hair on his body isn't that of a

seventeen year old and feel his chin...there's not a hint of stubble there it's

as smooth as a baby's bottom and at seventeen he would be shaving."


As Mr. Robbins approached eagerly for a closer inspection, Peters also

remarked, "As you can see by his red bottom he would be perfect to sell to some

one who likes to punish, but of course, that is only my opinion." 


As Robbins inspected Face, he thought he had a client who would buy this boy

for any sum offered.  With this in mind he touched him all over, making Face

blush again and again.  Face was sobbing by the time Robbins had finished his



"Well, you concur that he is only fourteen years old and most likely a

virgin to boot," Peters asked.  Robbins nodded eagerly and said. "I'll take him

and the other blond in the room.  I know I have a buyer for both boys.  Have

them ready for me in the morning and soon we both will be richer by them," he

laughed as he laughed the room. The other broker said he would take the others

with him today and said he would wait for them to be processed.  They were led

from the room by their chains and given over to Smithers.


Peters turned to Face and Benji, the other boy, and said, "Smithers and Mathews

will be back later to process you," before leaving the boys to panic.


It was about an hour later that Smithers and another man, whom Face supposed

was Mathews, came in to process Benji and him.  "Boy," addressing the other

blond, "you go with Mathews and do exactly as he says, while this one goes with

me," he said looking at Face.


Smithers waited for the room to empty before approaching Face.  "Come on

young'un, the sooner you are processed the sooner you can be on your way," he

said as he released Face from the wall, keeping a good hold on the chain

connected to the belt around his waist.


Face pulled away saying, "Nooooooo, I's illegal to sell people,"

and struggled to get away.  Smithers held on to his chain as he wore himself

out with his struggles and picked him up and carried him away.


He was taken to the showers first and bathed; then he was then taken to the

infirmary and had a physical by a staff doctor.  All of their employees had to

submit to a physical examination, even those who were moving on.  It was a

company rule.  Face and Benji were fed and sent to bed where Smithers sedated

both of them, so they would sleep the night away and not cause any trouble.


Face didn't wake until the next morning.  Smithers came in to wake him.  "Wake

up, young' you meet your new employer," and shook him by the

shoulder, waking him at once.


"Noooooooo," cried Face as he tried to escape.  He scurried around Smithers

only to run into Mathews who just picked him up and carried him out the room.

"I see our young friend is causing more trouble," remarked Peters as Face was

carried down.  "Young man, that little act is going to cost get to go

to your new home bottomless...dress him in a nightshirt and I'll tell Mr.

Robbins that he might want to keep your bottom warm as well."


Face had a nightshirt pulled over his head to cover his nudity for the trip.

The nightshirt came down to his ankles.  He was then handed socks and shoes and

instructed to put them on by himself.  Once he was dressed he was handed over

to Mr. Robbins, his broker.  Benji was already waiting in the vehicle, chained

to a hook fixed to the floor.  He had the back seat all to himself.  He was

wearing shorts and t-shirt as well as socks and shoes. 


Face was put in the front seat and chained to the same hook as Benji, as his

chain was passed under the seat.  "Now you stay put unless you want to

experience a hot bottom," threatened Mr. Robbins.  Before leaving each boy was

handed a biscuit and told to eat their breakfast as Robbins pulled away.


They drove for hours before coming to the first stop, a mansion in the

mountains.  Mr. Robbins stopped at the back door and went in.  He was gone for

only a few minutes before returning for his charges.  "Now, boys, you will

follow me inside and cause me no difficulties because if you do, I might be

tempted to deliver you with hot bottoms," threatened Robbins as he starred at

Face.  He then brought both boys in.


An old man came down to inspect them...and went immediately to Benji and said,

"This is just what I much?"  His price was discussed in

whispers before Benji was handed over and the journey continued. 




It was early in the evening when BA and Hannibal, two members of the A-Team

arrived at the Cherry Busters Palace and BA said, "The sign on the building

looks better than the establishment.  This is where we are to meet out

perspective client, Hannibal?" 


"Yep, this is where we were told to meet.  I think he wanted to show us where

he thinks the runaway kids being kidnapped end up.  He implied that they are

abused and raped all for the enjoyment of the will be a real

pleasure to take it and the owner down for the count," Hannibal said grimly.


"Mr. Smith, I presume," a voice whispered from behind them.  As Hannibal and BA

turned a man wearing a collar announcing himself as a minister from a Catholic

Church, the Church of the Blessed Virgin greeted them.  "I'm Rev. Michael

O'Brien," he said as he introduced himself.


"Mr. Smith I want to hire the A-Team and take down this piece of garbage.  My

ministry is with the street kids, most of them runaways from broken homes or

sadistic employers.  I was starting to bond with many of them when they started

to disappear.  First, it was only one or two and this would happen only every

month or so, making it seem as if they just were moving on. Lately, they have

been disappearing in droves and just the other day one of our kids, a boy of

eighteen, returned to us and said that he was kidnapped right off the street.

This particular boy had the misfortune to look a lot younger than he actual

was.  He said that he was brought here and wouldn't say anything else.  I

wasn't until I had a doctor friend of mine check him out that the truth came

out...gentlemen; he was raped...repeatedly.  Afterwards I was able to get the

truth from him.  It seemed that he was examined by the owner and determined to

be a virgin and then sold at an auction for the chance to be deflowered.

Afterwards, he was used again and again, for a fee, until he was able to slip

away.  I don't know if I will ever be able to get him to trust people again,"

Rev. O'Brien said sadly.


"Rev. O'Brien, I take it that the police won't do anything about it?" Asked



"It's more like they can't do anything about it.  I went to the police and they

investigated the establishment and didn't find anything wrong.  They know that

it is a brothel but unfortunately adult brothels are legal, it is the child

brothels that are illegal as you gentlemen know and there was no sign of a

child anywhere.  I want you to find the information that will allow the police

to do their job and close it down and send the owners to jail for life.  I feel

that the children are being sold to other brothels either in the United States

or out of the country.  This must be stopped.  Now I must warn you that I don't

have the money to pay you...we are a poor church, but I'll be willing to try

and raise the money somehow."


"We take the job...and it is free," stated BA angrily.  "Isn't that so,

Hannibal," he said glaring at the older man.  BA loved children and would do

anything to protect them, no matter the cost.


Hannibal turned to Rev. O'Brien saying, "It's a BA's terms.  It is

our civic duty to remove such scum from the face of the earth.  We will

investigate and get back to you.  Do you have a number where you can be

reached?" Asked Hannibal.  The Reverend speedily gave him he information

requested saying at the end, "Thank you gentlemen, you and your companions will

be in my daily prayers," and left as quietly as he came.


"Hannibal, where do we start?" Asked BA.


"Well, since we are here lets give the place the once over and see what we can

find.  But instead of going in the front way lets see what the backdoor

offers," ordered Hannibal as they moved the see what they could find. 




After journeying for sometime after selling Benji, Robbins pulled into the back

of a shabby building.  It was early in the evening, and it was just getting

dark.  Face was pulled out and again threatened to behave.  They were met at

once by a dirty individual who said, "What do you have for me, Robbins?  All

they want is youth...the younger the better."


"I have just what you want...what do you think you will get for a fourteen year

old, Neely?" he said as he pulled the nightshirt from Face's body exposing him

for all to see.


Neely jumped to inspect the embarrassed boy in front of him.  Face tried to run

away, only he was held in place by Robbins.  Neely grabbed him and said, "Is he

a virgin?" as he turned him around so he could see all of him.  "Never mind

about answering that, I'll give him a thorough examination when I get him

inside, but with a body like this he has to be. I'll have an auction and they

can bid on who gets him.  I bet I can get a lot for the next few who have him

as well.  He turned to Robbins and said, "What do you want for him?"


"I'll sell him for $10,000, do we have a deal?" Asked Robbins.  Neely agreed to

the deal and left Robbins to get the money and his brand.


Robbins turned to the boy and said, "Neely's going to introduce a whole new

life to you one that will keep you very busy indeed.  Ahhh, here comes Neely

with the money and his brand...hold still boy...there's nothing you can do to

prevent it," Robbins said as the hysterical boy struggled to get away


"Neely, the boy, can't wait to enter your establishment, can you boy," Robbins

boasted, pinching Face on his bottom and then laughing evilly.


"I've included a $500 bonus for finding me such a handsome and young piece of

goods.  My last kid ran away before I could sell him as damaged goods to a

client overseas so I will need to get a large price for this one to make up for

that lose.  I figured that with this boy I will be able get that large price

and then more afterwards now hold him still so I can brand him," Neely said as

he approached the terrified boy with portable, battery powered brand in his

hand.  It was glowing red-hot as he suddenly pressed it against Face's inner

thigh.  It was so tender there, from the recent strapping that Face screamed in

agony before passing out.  He didn't see a large black man suddenly knocking

the brand from Neely's hand or his knocking him out with one blow to his jaw. 


Robbins dropped the unconscious boy as soon as BA burst on the scene; he turned

to run and ran right into Hannibal who slugged him as well.  Soon he had joined

Neely on the ground unconscious.


Hannibal dropped to one knee beside the boy and saw that he was only

unconscious.  "He's passed out, probably from the terror and pain...well, take

him with us.  He doesn't need to be with the scum found here."


"I'll take him, can get his backpack," and easily, picked up the

boy and tenderly carried him away.  He knew Hannibal was right behind him.

They needed to leave the area as soon as possible.


It only took them a few minutes to reach the van and soon BA was easing his

precious burden in the back on a pallet that Hannibal had made for him.

"Hannibal, he can't be any older than fourteen...those monsters were going to

sell him to the highest bidder...I'm going to go back and kill them," he vowed.


"No, he needs us now...we will get the ones responsible for this outrage and

take them all down...I promise.  First we need to treat his burn...pass me the

first aid kit, please BA," and set about to treat the burn.  He tenderly

treated the burn with ointment before wrapping it loosely in gauze.  Face was

starting to stir when Hannibal gave him an injection for pain and he slipped

back into sleep.  "There, he should sleep for the rest of the night and when he

wakes up we'll be at home.  It looks like we have gained a new member to the

family.  I've always wanted a son, and you and Murdock will make good big

brothers," he decreed looking at the smile on BA's face. "Yeah, I think we will

keep him...come on, BA, lets get home so Murdock can meet his new little

brother," and they got in and drove away.



The End for now...more is coming.



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