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Title: The Tip

The Tip

by Danielle


Rating: PG-13 (one bad word and a bit of sadness)

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Disclaimer: Ok, I can explain.  They said I had to write this for them or the whole world would end.  Don't you believe me Mr. Lawyer?

NOTE:  This was originally posted as Part 2 of "Alight". I'm now changing that story but I thought this part would work as a stand-alone

with a little bit of work.




The diner was as humid as the Vietnam jungle.  A lot more peaceful, Face

thought with a grin.  They had come early, mostly so that Murdock could

have a hamburger.  Faces looked at the last french-fry on the pilot's

plate and wondered if Murdock would notice if he took it. Hannibal sat

practicing blowing smoke rings with his cigar and B.A. was reading a

newspaper.  So peaceful, Face though again.  I wish all our days could

be like this.

"Murdock, do you want another crayon?" Hannibal asked the pilot,

noticing for the first time that the waitress had only given him a green

one to color the place mat with. Murdock nodded once and then went back

to his drawing.  Hannibal said he was in quiet mode, but I didn't think

he would last this long, Face thought.  I wonder if something is wrong.

"Excuse me miss" Hannibal asked the pretty young waitress who can to

refill his coffee.  "Could you get a couple more crayons for my friend


"I'm sorry, we don't cater to his kind here".

"What do you mean his kind?" B.A. was on his feet before the waitress

had finished her sentence.

"My boss doesn't want us giving crayons to the mentally challen…"

"Who are you calling mentally challenged" B.A. growled.  Face readied

himself to stop B.A. from punching someone.

"Your friend there, he's challenged"

"Now what would make you think that muchacha?" Murdock's slow drawl

filled the now silent room.  "Because I'm drawing butterfly's on your

place mat?"  The big puppy dog eyes stared at the waitress as she

fumbled with her apron. 

"I'm sorry, the crayons are only for children.  We have to keep them for

kids when they come in"

"Lady, it's 1 am.  How many kids do you think are going to come in?"

"It's not my rule"

"Give the man a crayon!  I ain't gonna listen to this much longer" B.A.


"Listen, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave"

"Excuse me?" Face had to butt in.  If they left then they would miss

meeting their client and that in Face's mind was a shame.

"I'm going to have to ask you to leave, you're causing a scene" She

began to pick up their dishes.

"We're supposed to meet a friend here" Face tried to reason.

"You can meet your friend outside"

"We ain't payin' for any of this" B.A. snarled as he left the booth and

heading for the door.  Face grabbed Murdock by his jacket (the pilot had

gone back to his drawing seconds after he had spoken) and hustled him

out of the building. 

"Listen lady, let me give you a tip. My friend has seen more and

sacrificed more then any man should.  And he would do it all again so

that you can work in this little diner in peace." Hannibal's eyes bored

threw her as she finished cleaning up the table. 


In contrast to warmth of inside, there was a cool breeze on the street.

Both B.A. and Face were looking at Murdock.  The man seemed lost as he

stared out into the street.

"Murdock, that lady didn't know what she was talking about" Murdock

remained silent.  Face took a step closer bringing him as close to face

to face as he could manage.  "Murdock, you are not challenged. You know

that, right?" Face was whispering now.  He didn't know why, but this was

often the only way he could be sure the Murdock was listening to him.

Face knew he was listening and he knew it helped.  Murdock fumbled with

his jacket as Face noticed the young woman walking down the street.

Shit, Face though, she might be the one.  Hannibal is still inside,

should I approach her? 

"Excuse me miss" Hannibal.  Right beside him.  Face let out a sigh.

The young woman stopped to look at them.  "Are you looking to hire the

A-Team?" The girl smiled.

"I thought we where going to meet inside Mr. Smith?"

"Sometimes, plans change".



The Tip by Danielle



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