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Title: Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come

by Danielle


Rating: PG-13 (WARNING: Possible interpretation of major characters dying. This is not a happy story)

Summary: Response to flaw challenge issued by Merry.

Note:  It was very hard for me to write this, mostly because I had to think of who was my favourite guy.  Not only did I hem and ha for long enough to miss my class, I waited long enough to miss watching the first half of "Akira" on TV with my boyfriend.  Since he told me I didn't have a hope of understanding it now, I wrote this.





Time was like a cold-blooded killer and he knew it moved around them.

Time was waiting to prove he was a failure.  That he could be wrong.

"Our father, which art in Heaven" he murmured to himself

"Quiet" a concealed voice hissed.  He could feel the team around him,

and that gave him almost as much comfort as the words his mother had

taught him years ago. 

"I appreciated it" a shallow whisper offered from his left.  He heard a

rustle, as suddenly the team appeared. 

"Are we ready?" the voice asked softly, not looking at him.  He closed

his eyes. Hallow'd be thy Name/ Thy kingdom come/Thy will be done in

earth/As it is in heaven.  He felt the hand on his shoulder.  "You've

never made a mistake with these before, and you won't now.  We trust

you."  He opened his eyes and thought for a second that he could fall

into what had become the deep blue centre of his vision.  With a nod,

his world opened up and he envisioned his goals.  The clearing. Give us

this day our daily bread. The box in his hand. And forgive us our debts.

The mission. As we forgive our debtors. " Are we ready?" the voice

asked. He nodded and watched as the team filled out in front of him,

disappearing like ghosts into a cemetery of trees.  For one killing

minute, he gazed at his watch. And lead us not into temptation; But

deliver us from evil.  Now.  He felt time seep into him body until he

was full of its fear.  Felt it wrap around him like a like a snake wraps

around an apple.  For thine is the kingdom, and the power,/and the

glory, for ever. He saw the men in front of him enter the clearing.

Felt his hand push down on the plunger. Amen. 


And then Frankie Santana saw his world end in a flash of gunpowder and

second of time.


Kingdom Come by Danielle



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