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Title: Lovers Now and Forever

Lovers Now and Forever

by Lani


Rating: NC-17

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Summary: Hannibal is worried about his lover, finds out why and is determined to make it up to him no matter what.

Disclaimers: I don't own the A-Team. I just like to write stories about them.

Warnings: M/M relationship and sex





The A-Team was just finishing up a case and getting ready to go back to

LA for a little rest before they took another case. Hannibal was worried

about Murdock because the younger man had not been himself lately and he

had been depressed. He was wondering if starting the sexual relationship

he had with Murdock was the wrong thing for the pilot's mental health.

He would break it off with his partner if it would help him but he

didn't want to break his lover's heart unless there wasn't any

alternative. He lit a cigar and walked over where Murdock was sitting by

the lake and sat down next to him. He asked, "Murdock? What's wrong?"


 Murdock just went over to sit by the lake because Hannibal was busy

wrapping up the case. The older man hadn't been to visit him hardly at

all when they started their relationship. He understood why but knew if

Hannibal wanted to see him badly enough he would manage it somehow. He

was beginning to wonder if he had done something wrong that Hannibal

didn't like and now the older man didn't want to spend time with him or

be his lover anymore. He heard Hannibal's question and replied, "Did I

do something wrong, Hannibal?"


Hannibal replied, "What would make you ask a question like that?"


 Murdock sighed and replied, "Because before we started this affair you

visited and called me more then you do now. I thought I said or did

something wrong to make you not want to be around me anymore."


 Hannibal replied, "Of course you didn't."


 Murdock asked, "Is it me? Am I not attractive to you anymore or is the

sex? What about…"


At that Hannibal just covered Murdock's mouth gently with his hand and

replied, "No. It's not you. I still find you very attractive and believe

me your wonderful in bed. I'm sorry, Murdock. I'm doing the same damn

thing to you that I did to Maggie. I show up whenever the hell I want to

and expect that to be good enough. I keep forgetting how much that hurts

you. I'll try to spend more time with you from now on. Please believe

when I tell you I love you very very much even though I don't always

show it." He got a nod and a sad smile from the pilot. The younger moved

closer to him and cuddled up to him. He held the pilot close and rested

his head against Murdock's balding head.


 After a while Hannibal's back and legs were beginning to ache so he had

to stand up. He let Murdock help him and then walked to the van with the

younger man's arm around his back and head resting on his shoulder as

they walked. He was going to spend some time with Murdock even if it

killed him. As they got close to the van they heard sirens and

immediately both of them split up and jumped in the van with BA and Face

close behind them.


 When BA finally lost Decker and his Decker bugs they decided to take an

alternate route home to try and throw Decker off their trail. Hannibal

watched Murdock staring at the wall of the van and sighed. He just

smoked his cigar in silence and waited until they got back to LA. When

they did BA was going drop Murdock off at the VA when Hannibal said,

"Murdock's not going back to the VA for a while, BA. He's staying with

me at my place." He saw Murdock's face brighten up slightly at that.

When he was dropped off at his place with Murdock he got Murdock settled

and went to check some things. When he came back he asked the younger

man if he needed or wanted anything.


 Murdock just simply replied, "You, Hannibal. I need you."


 Hannibal sat on the couch next to the pilot and pulled the younger man

close and held him. Murdock head was on his chest and he felt his shirt

getting wet. He knew Murdock was silently crying and just comforted him

as best as he could until it was over.  He kissed the top of the younger

man's head and whispered, "God, Murdock. I don't know why I didn't see

how much I was hurting you. I never was good at showing and expressing

my emotions."


 After a while Murdock pulled away slightly and raised his head up. He

gently kissed the older man's lips to tell him he was forgiven.

Eventually it turned into a passionate kiss and embrace. He helped

Hannibal move so that the older man was underneath him lying on the

couch. He found it a little odd that Hannibal let him do it because the

older man was the one who controlled their lovemaking all the time but

now Hannibal gave him control.


 Hannibal wanted to do anything he could to make his lover happy so when

Murdock helped him lay back on the couch he decided for the first time

to let Murdock control their lovemaking even if Murdock wanted to enter

him. Until now he had never even thought about letting Murdock enter him

but he knew that Murdock would try to make it as painless as possible.


As their lovemaking became more frenzied Murdock got off of Hannibal and

helped the older man up so they could go to the bedroom. When they got

there they took each other's clothes off as quickly as they could

without tearing them up and then they fell on the bed together.  They

rubbed their bodies against each other until they came with gasps and

spurts against each other's bellies.


After they had gotten their senses back they went and took a shower and

while they were in there Hannibal entered Murdock and made gentle

passionate love to his partner. Then after they were clean and dry again

they got into bed totally naked and curled up in each other's arms.


Murdock said, "Hannibal? How long will you be able to love me? I don't

want to loose you but I could understand if you found some one more

attractive. No matter what you choose to do I want you to know I'll

always love you."


Hannibal pulled the pilot closer and replied, "I love you forever,

Murdock. The only way you would loose me is if you broke it off. As long

as you want me we'll always be together."


Murdock asked, "Always and forever?"


Hannibal chuckled and replied, "Always and forever."


Murdock replied, "I love you, Hannibal."


Hannibal said, "I love you too, Murdock."


Murdock lightly kissed Hannibal on the lips and settled down with his

head on his lover's shoulder and an arm over Hannibal's belly. He then

put a leg over Hannibal's and felt the older man wrap an arm around him

after he had gotten comfortable. He soon felt Hannibal's breathing get

deeper and soon followed the older man into a peaceful sleep.




The End


Lovers Now and Forever by Lani



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