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Author: Stiney

Who Are You?

by Stiney


Rating: PG

Comments: Yes, please

Warnings: Slash, nothing serious, m/m kissing

Summary: Face goes to a club and meets a handsome stranger.

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone:(

Author's Note: Just a short little story I found on the puter that I totally FORGOT I wrote, so I'm posting it, hope you guys like it!:)





Face entered the club and with familiarity walked through the crowd up to the bar. The bartender came over to him and smiled.


"Templeton! How are you? Haven't seen you in awhile."


Face smiled and shook his head, "Been busy."


She nodded and poured him a drink.


Handing her the money Face turned on the stool to view the crowded club.


People were all over the place, in couples, in groups, singles trolling the dance floor for potential partners. Face sighed when he glanced at two men wrapped in a heated embrace. This was definitely a club that no one knew he frequented. He'd always hid

his true preference for the company of men with the bevy of women that always flocked around him.


A tall, skinny, bird looking young man approached Face and tried to start a conversation but Face thwarted his attempt by explaining that he was waiting for someone, even if it wasn't true. With the young man gone Face started people watching again until there was a tap on his shoulder. Turning he saw Tina, the bartender smiling at him and holding a drink.


"Templeton, the man in the corner sent this over." 


Face reached for the drink but Tina pulled back slightly.


"He asked you to join him." She pointed at the corner booth.


Face looked over at the table. A dark haired man smiled and tipped his glass towards him.


"Thanks, Tina." He took the glass and headed over. Face smiled as he got a better look at the man as he approached the table. He was a few years older than himself, dark hair brushed back off his forehead, he was wearing black slacks and a black shirt that was unbuttoned enough at the neck to show a thatch of dark chest hair.


'Very nice.' Face thought as he stopped in front of the table.


"Thanks for the drink, may I join you?" 


The man motioned for Face to sit down.


"What's your name?" The man questioned.


"Templeton, and yours?" 


"Holden. I've never seen you in here before."


"Ah, I've been away for awhile." Face said.


After awhile more of comfortable chatting, Face sighed as Holden touched his thigh and leaned towards him.


"Care to go somewhere less busy?" He whispered in Face's ear.


Face shook his head 'yes' as he slipped out of booth, leading Holden out of the club.


Reaching the 'Vette Face turned away from his companion to open the door. He dropped his keys when arms slinked around his waist and his ear was lightly nibbled on.


Face moaned then tried to lean over as a hand traveled down his thigh.


"Murdock, come on I can't get the keys." He turned to look into the dark eyes of the pilot.


"Aw, but Facey you're so damn sexy, I just can't help myself. You need to let me pick you up in clubs more often, that was hot."


Face bent and picked the keys up then quickly opened his door.


"Will do, lover. But why don't you get in the car so we can go home and I can really show you something hot."


Murdock watched his lover's blue eyes gleam with passion and he leaned over and kissed Face quickly before going to the other side of the car to get in.


"Really? Now that I like. Come on Muchacho let's go."


Face smiled as he got in and leaned towards Murdock for another kiss before pulling the 'Vette out of the parking lot and heading towards his apartment.






Who Are You? by Stiney



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