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Title: Where We Belong - (Sequel to Where I Belong)

Where We Belong - (Sequel to Where I Belong)

by Live Lady Roadkill


Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: A-Team owned by Stephen J. Cannell etc.

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Warnings: M/M SLASH/consensual - Graphic sex (VERY)

Summary: 1972 --The guys just broke out of prison and Hannibal made it to safety. Al and Hannibal discuss the future and get reacquainted after 10 months of separation. *wink wink*




Hannibal investigated his hair in the mirror, turning his head this way and that to get a better look. It still had the brownish tint of the shoe polish, but it wasn't as dark. He had shampooed it three times and still the stains stubbornly stuck to his hair. He shrugged and rubbed the rough motel towel through his hair vigorously one more time.


He stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around him to see what Al had purchased for him. He opened the first bag to find several nice looking sets of clothes. Lucky for him Al had good taste. He moved on to the next bag. This had various odds and ends that he would need-toothbrush, floss, his favorite brand of after-shave, razor with extra blades... Hannibal immediately fished out the toothbrush and paste as he ran his tongue over his teeth. He hadn't brushed his teeth since the night before and the sight of the toothbrush made his mouth feel unclean.


He found a new bathrobe and pajamas in the other bags. The sight of a new tube of lubricant on the end table by the bed told him he wouldn't need the pajamas. He grinned dreamily at what was to come in a very short while. He tiredly thought about how good it would be to hold Al again and to be held by him. He had taken the simple act of being held for granted, but after ten months of separation, never again. But he did take out a pair of new Egyptian cotton boxer shorts and put them on. Everything had the price tags removed and was already washed. Al had thought of everything. He smiled at the waiting tube of lubricant as he stepped back into the bathroom.


After tying the belt of the thick, plush, royal blue robe, Hannibal took the entire bag that contained everything necessary for the well-groomed gentleman to the bathroom with him. When he looked into the mirror he noticed that the bathrobe was monogrammed with a sharp looking 'H' between the smaller letters 'J' and 'S'. Hannibal looked down at the monogram and inspected the gold stitching. It was fine needlework and he sighed happily as he shook his head in amusement. He ran his hands proudly over the monogram before finishing the task of getting cleaned up and readied for the main event of their reunion.


His mind was too tired and otherwise preoccupied with the promise of lovemaking to hold a complete serious thought about his current situation anymore. He would worry about that tomorrow. Al was going to take care of him tonight and he was going to let him. Alexander Richter was the only one who he would allow to take care of him. Anybody else, he'd question their motives

no matter how much he trusted them. However, at the moment there were very few people he trusted. Hannibal let out a deep sigh and he let his mind wander freely.


His thoughts expanded from the unadulterated sex and lovemaking that was going to be the main event for the night. He thought how good it was to touch him and be touched by him. He hadn't realized how much he had missed Al's scent until he had pulled him up into a backbreaking embrace. As he returned the initial reunion hug, Hannibal inhaled his scent deeply. The natural smell of him mixed with his familiar cologne relaxed Hannibal like a drug. Everything else melted further away.


He was splashing on some after-shave when he heard the keys jingle at the door. He rinsed the after-shave from his hands and was drying them on a hand towel as he stuck his head out the bathroom door to see his companion enter with two good-sized paper bags. Richter carefully shut the door and smiled when he saw Hannibal standing in the bathroom doorway in his new bathrobe. "Feeling human again?"


They smiled at each other. Hannibal helplessly stared at the bags as they were set down on a table and nodded. "Almost."


He was hungry. He hung the hand towel up before going over to investigate the contents of the two new bags. Wondrous smells wafted from inside, reminding Hannibal just how hungry he was. He momentarily hoped that Face and BA had at least one good hot meal during the day. But he doubted they would have a meal equal to the one he was about to have. He was concerned about Face and BA even though they were grown men. They were very resourceful young men. Especially Face. He focused on

Al for the time being, but thoughts of his men lingered in the back of his mind. Richter began to set everything out and glanced at

Hannibal periodically. "You find everything all right?"


Hannibal glanced at the lubricant on the end table by the bed and nodded very assuredly. "Oh yeah, ..I found everything and then some."


Richter chuckled and Hannibal helped him sort through the contents of the bags. Hannibal couldn't wait. He started picking through the food with his fingers as he took it out of containers as they set it out. Al had purchased almost all of his favorite foods. He gave Hannibal a look of approval as he took in the full view of him in the new bathrobe. Hannibal nodded at him and

stood up proudly when he realized Richter was admiring him. Richter paused from setting the food out to adjust the collar to the robe a little and to touch Hannibal. Hannibal ran his hand over the monogram. "Thank you. You better be careful or you're going to spoil me."


."Good. You deserve to be spoiled." He gave Hannibal a kiss on the lips and quickly resumed setting out the food.


Hannibal put another bite of food in his mouth and gave his lover's arm a gentle affectionate squeeze. Al's eyes gleamed and he set out plastic cups before pulling out a bottle of red wine. "The only thing I could save for you from Da Nang were fatigues and your dress uniform. You couldn't very well go waltzing around in them, could you?"


Hannibal sat down and started cutting into a two-inch thick steak without waiting for his partner to sit down. He knew Richter wouldn't hold it against him. "No. I guess not.. How have you been? It's been two week since your last letter. Anything interesting?"


Pulling the cork from the wine bottle with a muffled pop, Al said, "I worried about this plan of yours mostly and making sure I did everything according to your specifications. I don't think I've slept in the past three nights more than a few hours."


Commando stuff wasn't really Richter's field of expertise. Nowhere near his field of expertise to be more accurate. He was a military psychiatrist and was starting a private practice on the side. He got a crash course in surveillance and covert operations through letters from Hannibal and books. Aside from having his base shelled periodically in Vietnam, being a player in Hannibal's prison escape was about as much excitement he could take for the next few years.


Hannibal forked a big piece of medium rare steak into his mouth. He spoke with his mouth full as Richter sat down and began to eat with him. "You did great.... but next time, leave a little more cash in the car."


"I hope there won't be a next time," Richter said, rather pointedly.


Hannibal sampled the wine in the plastic cup and nodded that he understood. They exchanged idle details as they ate together. Then Hannibal asked, "You going to tell me about Murdock, now?"


Richter picked up his plastic cup of wine and sighed. He gave Hannibal a grim look and he sat back. "He's pretty bad, Hannibal.... He keeps slipping in and out of catatonic states. When he's not catatonic, he's sometime hysterical and we have to sedate him to keep him from hurting himself and others. I'm doing everything that I can for him.. It's going to take some time. How long?... I'm sorry to say I cannot give you a definitive answer."


Although Hannibal didn't feel much like eating anymore, he continued to eat, but without the gusto of moments earlier. "What happened to him? He sounded fine in the last letter we got three months ago." Richter swirled the wine around in the cup and his grim look deepened. "They said it was a classified mission so the records are sealed. And he's not very communicative. Not yet anyhow."


Hannibal swore under his breath before he said, "But it's been almost two months since he's been committed."


Richter studied the swirling liquid and gave a curt nod. "He's making progress. He allows some of the nurses to touch him now. ... Particularly if they're pretty."


Hannibal helplessly grinned a little. Murdock always appreciated a pretty face. Richter continued. "It's going to take time, that's all. Once he starts talking.. Maybe we can figure out what happened to him."


They talked a little more about Murdock and moved on to lighter topics as Hannibal continued eating the small feast. As Hannibal sopped up the last of the meat juices with pieces of a dinner roll, Al pulled out a tube of medicated ointment. Hannibal put the last bite in his mouth and groaned when he saw the tube of ointment. Richter gave him a 'don't-bother-arguing-with-me' look. Hannibal quickly finished the wine in his cup before pouring the last of the wine out of the bottle into it.


Richter indicated that he wanted Hannibal on the bed as he removed the lid. "Some of those scratches look infected already."


Hannibal complied and took the cup of wine with him. He set it down on the table next to the lubricant and untied the belt of his new bathrobe. He muttered, "Remind me not to get involved with another doctor."


"I will," quipped Richter, with a knowing smile as he pushed the robe off Hannibal's shoulders. Richter focused on applying the ointment with care. His touches were gentle and lingering and Hannibal found himself enjoying the attention. He pulled the sleeves off of Hannibal and inspected the scrapes carefully. When he got to a pair of gashes, he sighed. "You need stitches. ... Why didn't you say anything?"


Hannibal inspected the gashes on the inside of his upper arm and shrugged. "They're not that bad. I've had worse."


Al groaned and shook his head. He grabbed his keys and said, "Exactly what constitutes as 'bad' with you?... I'm getting the first-aid kit out of the car. Don't move."


Hannibal took a big swallow of wine and shrugged. "Not goin' anywhere."


Richter was back in a couple of quick moments and sat down next to Hannibal with the kit in his lap and a fresh towel from the bathroom. He quickly flushed out the wounds and using tape, he closed the wounds. He didn't have the right equipment to suture them together. He bandaged these and the deeper scratches. Hannibal inspected the bandages with a mixture of resignation and satisfaction. Normally he would protest this sort of thing, but not tonight.


It had been too long and if it made Al happy to coddle him, he would suffer silently. He was happy. He was free, had a great meal, good wine, was clean, and had a wonderful man with him and was wearing nothing but his shorts at the moment. When the good doctor was satisfied that he was properly bandaged, Hannibal stretched out on the bed and watched Al put the first aid kit away. He patted the empty place beside him and said, "How 'bout keepin' me company, babe?"


Al felt a bit ridiculous making a fuss over little things when he finally had what he'd been wanting for a long time before him. He dropped the kit and removed his shirt and shoes before settling next to Hannibal. Hannibal eyes fleetingly looked at Richter's bare chest and arms, while his nomadic hands traveled over exposed skin, as Richter got more comfortable. They entwined their legs together and were face to face on their sides. Their noses were inches apart as they settled down further gazing into the other's eyes. Hannibal lazily said, "Missed you, Alexander."


Al caressed Hannibal's ribs and waist. "I never realized how much I loved you until I found out you had been arrested and taken away."


"It was rough on you, wasn't it?" Hannibal ran his fingers through his lover's graying temples.


"You had more to worry about than I did."


"None of that now and none of your psycho-babble, either. Not tonight."


Richter gave a little nod with a quirky smile. "Well, that leaves just one thing for me to do."


Hannibal chuckled huskily as he raised his head a little to meet Al in the middle. They had each just eaten a large meal and weren't ready to get very physical. For now kissing and petting was going to have to do until the meal settled. Neither was

complaining-outwardly or inwardly. They had to get to know each other again.


Closing his eyes, Hannibal gratuitously moaned as Al's tongue slid past his lips and into his mouth. Hannibal felt himself pulled closer until they were chest to chest. They pressed their stomachs together and goose bumps exploded over their skin. Hannibal wanted to taste more of his mate's mouth. He sucked the tongue that was in his mouth until the distinct flavor was almost gone. Then he delved deeper for more of the flavor from that strong and wonderful mouth.


His mind wandered again as he thought about the man in his arms. That mouth always spoke the truth to him even when the truth could be cutting. However, afterwards, it spoke soothingly and reasonably. It also spoke intelligently and humorously, provoking thoughts and laughter. It spoke words of sweetness and love. It knew when to speak and when not to. And right now it wasn't speaking. It was doing one of his favorite things to him. Their flavors were mixed together by their tongues until they could not taste anything else. The blend of their flavors was the final proof that this was real. They were not dreaming and they were

truly together.


Both men focused on the other and keeping the pace slow and; their questing tongues gently began to war for dominance. They angled and strategically shifted their heads for a superior position. Breathing became heavy, labored and humid. Gradually, their kissing became noisier with the tender aggressions growing between them. Lips smacking together, sucking ardently amidst

the moaning and gasping between them.


At a leisurely pace, Hannibal relearned his lover's contours, as his hand roamed with a gentle firmness. He compared what his hands found with the mental map imprinted in his memory. His memory was better than he had dared hoped for. He began to lay out a battle plan while he tested out a little known erogenous zone as their mouths continued with their own little war.


He slipped a hand between heaving chests and moved up to Al's armpits. He applied pressure in the right place and Al threw his head back in ecstasy. A guttural moan escaped his lips announcing his concession and Hannibal 's victory. Hannibal was pleased to prove that his memory was as good as ever and that his love hadn't become a stranger to him during his absence.


Al's eyes rolled forward from the back of his head and he pretended annoyance as he gasped for breath. Hannibal managed a grin through the heavy panting and planted a couple of short, open mouthed kisses over Al's lips. He retaliated by latching his mouth onto Hannibal's neck. Moaning, Hannibal stretched his neck back and a hand stroked the other man's arm and shoulder, encouraging him to go further. Then a hand wandered up Al's neck and into his thick hair.


Feeling Hannibal's leg hooked around his thighs pulling him further into the other man, Al's body's natural response overtook him. 'So much for taking our time,' ichter thought as he ground his hips against Hannibal's in a slow rhythmic thrusting motion. His mouth moved over to Hannibal's earlobe as Hannibal began to thrust his own hips.


'It's been way too long.' He reminded himself to be careful of Hannibal's scratches and not to add anymore. Hannibal didn't seem so tired at the present. He pulled away and as if intoxicated on passion, he drunkenly sat up and fumbled with his pants. Hannibal realizing what he was doing, followed his example, removed his shorts and crawled beneath the sheets and blankets before assisting the other man.


Freed from all clothing, they slowly found where they left off. Their mouths were back to warring again. Hannibal wanted to be taken. He had satisfied himself through the usual means whenever he could steal a few moments of privacy while in prison, but a certain part of himself was reserved strictly for Al to pleasure. Even he wouldn't touch himself there. But he wanted to do a few more things before they got that far.


Hannibal's hand slipped down below the other man's waist and he began to mentally compare that part to the mental map he had stored his memory. Body and memory still matched. He ran a hand down between Al's buttocks as the psychiatrist ground his hips hard against the other man's. Hannibal found the pucker of skin and fondled it a little. Al's kissing became more demanding

and he pushed his buttocks against Hannibal's hand. Hannibal carefully pressed his middle digit inside, being mindful that this was a dry entry. Al became still and Hannibal pressed inside up to the second knuckle of his finger.


Al took a deep breath and savored the feeling. His penis, already hard, strained for release against Hannibal's own hardness.


Having Hannibal's finger inside him freed the raging lust he had kept under tight control all evening. He paused for a moment and looked at his lover. A mutual mischievousness seeped into their eyes. Hannibal gave a slight nod to answer his unspoken question and they let lust take over.


They both clamored for the lubricant sitting humbly on the end table. Having a hand preoccupied, Hannibal was disadvantaged. He didn't want to risk hurting his lover and his hand stayed with the other's movements as he gently pulled his finger out of him while making a grab for the tube of lubricant. They both laughed when Al snatched the tube first and held it to his chest as he

rolled on his stomach to keep it from Hannibal's reach.


Hannibal was a professional soldier and was stronger, but Richter used his agility to his advantage. Although Alexander Richter was a refined gentleman and cultured by birth, he easily left his manners at the foot of the bed when Hannibal was in it with him. Hannibal was on his back, making an effort to get to the contents in Al's hands. He only pulled the tube closer to his chest. He laughingly said, "I know you want me to make love to you. So why are you putting up such a fight over it?"


Making another real effort to get at the tube and seeing that it was useless to try, Hannibal settled on top of Al's back. Hannibal rested his forehead against the middle of the warm, smooth back and shook his head while inhaling the scent of his lover. He rubbed his face against the soft skin as he turned his head and rested the side of his face on Al's back. He drew his arms around Al into a hug with a sigh. "I don't know... I love it when we get real physical."


Richter cautiously pulled his arms from beneath himself, not sure if this was a trick on Hannibal's part. Not that he would mind if it was, but his instincts told him it wasn't. He listened to Hannibal's heavy breathing against his back as he freed his arms and stacked them so he could lay his head on top of them. He retained a death grip on the tube of lubricant just in case. "I know you do.. Take your time. We're not going anywhere tonight, darling."


Hannibal's trust had taken a real beating over the past year. Like any man with common sense, he did not trust the military's chain of command or even the government to a certain extent, but he did trust that they would do the right thing overall. But the military and the government had taken that trust and kicked it around then stomped on it.


Their pleas of innocence had fallen on deaf ears wherever they turned. It became clear that Hannibal and the men he had selected for the Hanoi Bank assignment were being set up as scapegoats, they knew they were going to be sent to the stockade. Hannibal was planning their escape even as they were being shipped out of Vietnam.


Richter had made careful queries about their case when Hannibal got a message to him, warning him to be careful and not to contact him using his own name. Everyone connected to Hannibal and his team was being thoroughly questioned and Richter did as Hannibal told him. Someone was trying to hide something and they were sacrificing three men who had no one to speak up for

them-no one with real influence or power.


Richter's family had some political pull, but the risk of people finding out about their relationship was too great. When Hannibal mentioned planning an escape, Richter saw the logic in it and did not question it. Hannibal wasn't a fool and Richter knew he didn't take anything like this lightly. That was how Hannibal and his men had survived in the deep jungles with one of the lowest casualty rates in the army.


Now Hannibal was free and where he should be. He was with him. Hannibal's trust has been battered and bruised and Richter was going to nurse it back to health again.


Hannibal relaxed as he held Al beneath him for several long moments, gathering himself together along with his lust and love for Al.


Before they found each other, Hannibal thought love was something that happened in a little girl's fairy tales, a figment of people's imaginations. He went from lover to lover with little emotional involvement. He loved sex and he wasn't ashamed of it at all. He usually took all he could get when it was available. He was a man after all and nature had built men with the drive to reproduce as much as possible. Though his preference wasn't what was considered to be the norm, the drive to have sex was there.


When Hannibal first laid eyes on Alexander Richter, he fell immediately in lust for the man. The man was beautiful to Hannibal and right away, he found himself launching into fantasies of what he would be like in bed. He immediately set about trying to find out if this man was gay, like himself. In the slow process of doing so, he began to find himself more intrigued by this exquisite person. The man was a true intellectual and he recognized Hannibal's intellect as well. Hannibal's intellect was a bit rough around the edges but it was as sharp as Richter's own finely polished mind.


Their first physical acts together were acts of pure lust just for the physical satisfaction of it. A year into their relationship, Hannibal started to feel fulfilled and sometimes a little giddy at the mere thought of spending time with Richter. He jokingly

mentioned how he felt to Richter, since he was a psychiatrist and all that. Richter listened with an amused look on his face and as clinically as he could, he said, "Sounds like you're in love."


Hannibal boisterously laughed in response and Richter sat back and watched Hannibal until he settled down. Then with a strange glow in his eyes, Richter leaned forward and softly said, "And I love you, too."


Hannibal's jaw dropped and his heart rose up to pound in his throat. He felt over powered by the one thing that he truly thought did not exist and he struggled with it. He and Al were safely alone, and Al had tried to settle his anxieties. Being aware of Hannibal's

ideas on the subject of love, Richter gave him an amused sympathetic look and gently explained his diagnosis. "Seems like you are deeply in love, my dear and I couldn't be happier. I was hoping that you'd feel the same."


Hannibal had shook his head in disbelief and Al had continued to give him the sympathetic look. There were times that Hannibal wished Richter wasn't a damn psychiatrist and this was one such moment. Al waited for the right moment to comfort Hannibal and when Hannibal found the power of speech again, he was angry. He snapped at the psychiatrist. "And I suppose this means we're stuck with each other for the rest of our lives?"


Richter's heart leapt at that and he barely managed to keep his cool. He calmly nodded slowly. "I would really like that... Would it be that bad, if we were?"


Hannibal's temper cooled a bit as he growled. "I think I'd be miserable without you."


Richter watched Hannibal get up and pace about the room. He knew Hannibal was a free spirit and had no desire to be tied down. Hannibal was forty some years old and was in love for the first time in his life and the complications of commitment scared him. Yet, he spoke the truth when he said he'd be miserable without Richter. He hadn't bedded any other men since he first laid eyes on Al. He had no desire to.


Hannibal realized he had already committed to Al. The past year together with him was the best year of his life and he was in the middle of a war zone! Hannibal threw himself back in his chair and threw his hands up in the air. "I surrender because I don't know what else to do."


Richter raised an eyebrow to this response and twitched his mouth in amusement. "This is not a battle to be won or lost, Hannibal."


Hannibal let out a low groan and said, "Whenever all the other guys I've been with started talking about all the lovey-dovey stuff, I hit the road faster than anything anyone had ever seen. I just wanted a good fuck and nothing more, but with you.. I want to hear

more... I guess I am in love, am I?"


Making an effort to keep the psychoanalysis out of the conversation, Richter thought for a moment as his heart raced. ".. Well, a good fuck whenever we can find the time and a place goes with the territory of being in love."


Hannibal swung his head and stared at Al in disbelief. He never thought he'd hear that sort of language come from Dr. Richter's refined mouth. Hannibal curbed his use of crude words and phrases around his lover, because he seemed too much of a gentleman for it to be acceptable. Hannibal didn't really approve of such language either, but he used it to express his frustrations from time to time. Hearing Al say the word 'fuck' seemed a bit out of place. Hannibal sighed after he got over the shock. "Al..I-I... I want to give it a try. ... Being exclusive."


They never revisited that conversation and they were still together six years later. Hannibal looked at other men from time to time, but he had very little desire to sleep with them and no inclination to act upon these rare thoughts. Al gave him everything he needed and wanted. And right now he needed Al to be inside him.


Hannibal lifted his head from Al's back and planted several kisses on the back of his lover's neck before licking the middle of the base of the neck. Al arched his neck backwards at the sudden sensual sensations that having Hannibal's warm wet tongue there. He moaned as Hannibal sucked on the same place while Hannibal moved off of his back and ran his hand down the length of his spine with a feather light touch. Hannibal's mouth and tongue idly followed his hand down the spine of the trim body beneath him.


Al arched his back slowly as Hannibal traveled down his spine. Hannibal's finger once again found its way inside Richter as he slowly gave each bone in the spine proper attention. Hannibal carefully dry finger fucked Richter until his kissing mouth got to the 'Y' at the top of his buttocks. Al had little dimples at the peaks of the top of the 'Y' and it amused Hannibal that a man as old as Al would have dimples on his butt. Hannibal thought they were cute and teased his partner about them all the time. Body parts can be taught to be sensitive and Hannibal had taught those dimples to be sensitive to the slightest touch.


Hannibal grinned as he pushed his finger inside to the hilt and then he set his mouth on one of those precious dimples that he treasured. Al arched his back until he had pushed himself up on his hands with his arms straight, grinding his hips deep into the mattress. A cry escaped Al's throat when Hannibal pressed the pleasure spot deep inside him. Hannibal immediately assaulted the other dimple with bruising suction. Al remained pushed up on his hands with his back arched sharply and his head lolled around in an attempt to find a sense of control again. Hannibal had pushed Richter to where he wanted him.


He sucked on the dimples a little more before kissing the place between them. He eased his finger out of Richter and rolled onto his back. Al was really burning with fever now. He panted hard as he scooted over close to Hannibal, pushing the twisted mass of blankets and sheets out of the way, still clinging to the tube of lubricant. He shakily twisted the cap off as Hannibal stuffed pillows beneath his hips and got comfortable.


Hannibal gave him a look of innocence when he dropped the cap and Richter snorted as he squeezed a generous portion of the lubricant onto his fingers. Hannibal lifted his legs up out of the way and held them in place with his hands, giving Richter a great view of his straining erection.


Al warmed the gel with his fingers as he devised his own revenge upon Hannibal. He slathered the lubricant on the waiting pucker as Hannibal watched him through slitted eyes. He squirmed at the sensation of someone touching him there after so long and with no warning Al set his mouth on the place between the base of his penis and above his testicles. Hannibal's hips lunged upwards, with every muscle in his body tensing up at one time and an unexpected orgasm ripped through him.


Richter pulled back and stared in awe. He was immediately sorry. He didn't know Hannibal was that ready. He got up and ran to the bathroom for a damp washcloth. He was back on the bed before Hannibal regained his senses and wasn't aware that he had been gone for a couple of seconds. Al began to clean the cum off of Hannibal. He nervously chuckled as Hannibal slowly blinked back to awareness. "You okay?"


Hannibal blinked a few more times and swallowed hard before nodding. He hoarsely said, "Take it easy, will ya?.. I know it's been a long time. As much as I'd like to, we can't make up for all the lost sex in one night."


Al wiped the last drops of cum from the Hannibal's flaccid penis and set the cloth aside for later use. He stroked Hannibal's face and hair. "I guess I got carried away."


Hannibal chuckled and with effort he lifted his legs to their previous position. Al gave him a dubious look. "You sure?"


Hannibal glanced down at the other still rigid penis and nodded. "Yes. . I want you inside me now."


Richter stroked Hannibal's newly dyed hair and leaned over to kiss him. When he raised his head he sighed. "I want that, too."


With that said, he located the lubricant and started again. Their eyes locked together as Al gently loosened Hannibal in preparation for entry. Hannibal warmly smiled a little as he proceeded with tenderness. Al was more than generous with the lubricant and more than thorough with opening Hannibal up. Hannibal shifted around a little as Al progressed. When he was satisfied that Hannibal was more than properly prepared, Al slathered lubricant over himself.


Hannibal got a tighter grip in the underside of his knees when Al moved into position. With a soothing kiss, Al began to gently push inside. Hannibal arched his neck and shoulders back with a gratifying moan at being filled at last. . He pulled his legs back wider,

keeping the eye contact with his lover. Al eased himself in further and Hannibal heaved as he turned his legs loose. Al pulled back a little but Hannibal knew he wasn't going to pull out. Instead he began to stroke Hannibal inside as he continued to enter him further. He let out a shuddering sigh when he made it all the way inside of Hannibal.


Hannibal protectively and possessively wrapped his arms around his lover as he settled down against his chest. His hips moved with Al's motion and they found each other's lips. Al's tongue delved deep into Hannibal's mouth. Descending into the beyond, Richter felt the release of the desperation he didn't know was there. He grasped the edge of reality and tore his lips from Hannibal's and blinked his eyes open.


The intensity on Hannibal's face was incredible and Al studied his features. Hannibal's jaw was set tight, trying to concentrate on savoring every moment and every sensation. His nose flared as he breathed in sharply and rolled his head back. A moan resonated from deep in his throat, which caused Al to smile. Al stoked Hannibal's hair back and pressed gentle kisses over his

face. He worked his way over to a spot below and a little behind Hannibal's earlobe. He nuzzled the ear and gruffly whispered, "I'm so glad you're with me, hon.... So glad. So glad you're with me now."


Hannibal was barely aware of what his lover was saying. The blood pulsing through him seemed loud compared to what was whispered, but he heard the words. Then Al teasingly licked the place on his neck just behind his earlobe. A chill exploded over Hannibal as he took another lick at the spot. Hannibal became sensitive all over as Al raised his head to look down on him with a

wry smile.


Hannibal tensed up and let out a resonating pleasurable groan


He had pushed 'THE' spot on Hannibal. It was made even more sensitive from the lack of attention over the months. Growling almost breathlessly with a grin, Hannibal said, "Do that again."


Richter chuckled running his fingers through Hannibal's short hair. "Anything you want."


"You're talking too much, Al."


"So are you."


With nothing further, Richter attached his mouth to 'THE' spot with no mercy. Hannibal cried out as his body exploded. Hannibal began to buck and thrash about wildly beneath Al and Al was caught up in the wave. He began to thrust frantically as Hannibal cried out in ecstasy and protest. He felt Hannibal tighten around him in orgasmic convulsions and he followed. He seized tightly as he released his semen deep inside of his lover. The world stood still for a long time and then it was over.


When Richter remembered to breathe, he collapsed on top of Hannibal. Slowly he became aware that they both were breathless and drenched with sweat. He made several attempts to put together one coherent thought, but gave up as the aftershocks flowed through him. He mouthed over Hannibal's shoulder to taste the sweet, salty sweat laden skin as Hannibal gulped air beneath him. He slid out of Hannibal and curled himself around him and rested. This was heaven.


Richter woke up hours later. He had moved off to Hannibal's side sometimes during the night and Hannibal was wrapped around him. Hannibal wasn't verbally expressive about his feelings, but he didn't need to be. Having Hannibal wrapped around him spoke volumes. Love was a hard lesson for Hannibal to learn, but once he accepted the reality of it, he was a good student. Although Richter was uncomfortable with the dried sweat and cum on him, it smelled wonderful to him. He turned to Hannibal and gave him a nudge while kissing him.


Hannibal muttered and shifted in his sleep. In a lightened state of sleep he became aware that there was someone next to him and he was naked. He bolted awake and it took a second to remember that he wasn't in the stockade anymore. He knew the person in his arms was Al but his tired brain hadn't processed that information yet. "Al?"


Richter kissed him. "Yes?"


Hannibal sighed in relief and he opened his eyes for his last sense to confirm what the rest of him knew was to be true. His body was still tired and he grinned at the reason it was tired. Al smiled back at him and he quietly said, "C'mon, lets get cleaned up."


Hannibal then took note of their physical conditions. They were a mess. They slowly disentangled themselves and moved off the bed with care. With memories stirring in his brain about what they did hours ago, he looked down at himself and was surprised to see he had a growing erection. He shook his head as he pushed himself up off the bed to follow Al to the bathroom.


Al was laying out towels and the water was running already. Hannibal did not attempt to hide his newly burgeoning need for his lover and it was noticed right away. Al did not laugh; he just nodded like he was pleased that Hannibal wanted him in that way. He then adjusted the water's temperature so it wouldn't be too hot for Hannibal's penis. He flipped the shower on and moved over to Hannibal to remove the bandages. He carefully removed the medical tape and gauze. He left the tape on the gashes. He thought if the wounds weren't improved by the morning, he would find a suture kit and close them that way. With that done, the stepped into the tub together.


They took turns under the spray and rinsed most of the evidence of the activities hours before. Al grasped Hannibal's penis and admired it for a moment before he gently started to squeeze. . Hannibal loved the way Al admired him. It was times like this when he was glad his lover was a psychiatrist. Al had a deep understanding of what people needed and wanted, and Hannibal appreciated his talents.


Al's eyes lingered at the penis in his hand and he slowly drank in the site of Hannibal as his eyes traveled up to the other man's eyes. Hannibal became harder as Al admired him. Hannibal's arms slipped around Al's chest and he pulled him into him. "Ready?"


Al grinned and nodded. "You didn't need to ask. Especially tonight." Al released the penis and hugged Hannibal and kissed him playfully. "I'd be disappointed if you didn't."


"Anything you want."


Hannibal kissed him back and guided him to turn around. He picked up a bottle of hair conditioner and glanced at the ingredients. There was nothing in it that Al was sensitive to and he squirted a portion onto his fingers. Al was already braced against the shower wall, bent over slightly. Hannibal ran his hand over his back and up the shoulders of his lover. He squeezed the graceful shoulder and moved his hand down the smooth small of his back. He resisted the temptation to manipulate the dimples slightly above his buttocks. He focused on preparing Al for more pleasure. Richter arched his neck a little as Hannibal began working on

him. He readjusted his position against the shower wall and glanced over his shoulder. "Have you thought about what you're going to do when you get to LA?"


Hannibal shook his head. "No. Not really. I need to regroup with my men and talk it over with them. They may have some ideas."


"They're just boys."


"Not hardly... If you could see them on the battlefield, you'd know they were anything but boys."


Al gasped as Hannibal inserted another finger. He nodded. "Twenty-three and twenty-four are boys in my book."


Hannibal grinned a little and continued to carefully prepare him. "I have money I saved over the years for us to live off of for a couple of years if necessary. I'm sure we'll come up with something."


Al glanced over his shoulder. "Have you talked this over with them?"


Hannibal shook his head and was satisfied that Al was ready to be entered. "No. Not yet."


"What makes you so sure that they would want to stick together?"


Hannibal sighed. "They have no-one. BA does have his family in Chicago but he knows he can't go back there when he's just broken out of prison. LA is Face's home anyway and he's not going to leave his best friend in a mental ward. They are both orphans and he's not going to leave a man when he's down, either. Face got shot once because he refused to leave a man that was hit and they were both in the open. Tell you one thing, if those two were gay, they'd be lovers for sure. But I think they're the brothers they never had. they are so close... Now if you don't mind. I'd rather not discuss this anymore tonight


Richter smiled to himself at the affectionate manner the way Hannibal spoke of his men and grinned broadly when Hannibal reminded him why he was in the position he was in. Al gave him a sharp nod. "I'm ready."


Al bit his lower lip in anticipation as he felt Hannibal caressingly grasp his hips and position close behind him. He was no longer aware of the water cascading down on them as he felt Hannibal begin to press into him. Their reunion was now complete. Once

Hannibal was all the way in him he carefully stood up straight. Hannibal pulled him back into a hug and kissed his neck. Al leaned his head back and sighed in satisfaction. They did not move for a long time. They were both tired and content. Hannibal hugged him tightly and sighed. He gave Al several gratifying thrusts to please him then slipped out of him. Richter was satisfied and knew he'd get more soon. Hannibal had little energy left to do anymore and they climbed out of the tub.


They quickly dried themselves and dressed in pajamas. Richter re-anointed Hannibal's scratches with antibacterial ointment and bandaged them. With great care he peeled away the wet tape that was holding the skin closed over the deeper gashes and then reapplied new, dry strips. Hannibal gave a tired grin when he saw how much Al was enjoying taking care of him. Once he was taken care of they straightened the bed up and turned out the lights. Al spooned Hannibal when they were in bed properly and they were asleep within minutes. Hannibal slept better than he had in almost a year. He was in bed with his lover and was safe in his arms.




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