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Title: The Aftermath

The Aftermath

By Rosebud


Rating: PG

Warning: Character death, angst

Disclaimer: I don't own 'em.

Summary: The team have all died tragically while on a mission, only BA has survived.



The Aftermath


Last night I tried to let you go again.

I couldn't make it last

Tried again not to think of you.

But you still haunt me from the past.


My eyes are burning, burning,

From these tears I never shed.

I wish that I had died not you

And I could be the ghost instead.


My soul is screaming to the void

The voiceless scream, that no one sees

Why them, my God? Why them?

Why them and why not me?


Choking on my misery,

I walk in silence from your graves,

And as I walk I know

I am not one who was saved.




The Aftermath - Poem by Rosebud