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The Diary of A Daughter

The Diary of A Daughter

Sequel to The Diary of A Girlfriend

By Lacy


Rating: NC-17

Summary: What happened to Hannibal and his girlfriend after the trial?

Warnings: I'll say that there is going to be a lot of bad stuff in here. I'm not promising anything. I'm just writing this as I feel it.

Disclaimer: NOT (Damnit!)  MINE!


- - - - - - - - -



Part 1


October 2, 1985




            Well, it's been almost a month since I moved back to

Virginia. Daddy has been better than usual. He's been really

understanding. I really do love him. I always have. It was just his

rules were to harsh. He's slacked off on them a lot since I moved

back in.


            We've talked about a lot of things. Mostly why he acted the

way he did after Mom died. I never knew how much that hurt him. We

spent last night talking about her and looking at pictures of them.

They were so much in love. I didn't realize how young they were when

they got married. She was only nineteen. Daddy wasn't but twenty one.

He was so handsome.


            We talked about Vietnam too. Dad had a lot of trouble with

his memories. He reminded me of Hannibal. Both of them were born and

bread Military. They had no choice but to join the Armed Services. I

asked Daddy if he was upset that I wasn't a boy. He just smiled and

hugged me and said "I'm happy that I have you. I'm so sorry  I drove

you away. I just didn't know how to deal with my own pain of your

Mother's death. I know it must have been hard for you to. You were

only sixteen." I hugged him and told him it didn't matter anymore, we

were together and I wasn't going to leave him again. We cried in each

other's arms.


            I woke up this morning feeling a lot better about living with

him again. I was humming as I went down to breakfast. I kissed Daddy

good morning and sat down. The maid served us breakfast. It was

great. Daddy and I really talked like adults. I love him so much.


            After breakfast, Daddy got a phone call. He sighed and told

me that he had to go take care of some business. He asked if I needed

anything. I shook my head and told him that I was going to go out and

find a job. He kissed my cheek and left.


            I took a shower and got ready. I wanted something different

but I didn't know what I wanted to do. I put in a few applications

but nothing interested me. I came back home later and saw Daddy

sitting there, upset.


            I asked him what was wrong. He just said "Nothing. I'm just

having a few problems in business. Nothing you should be concerned

about." I sat down next to him and put my arm around his shoulders. I

asked him if there was anything I could do to help. He looked at me

and said "You know something, you can. Why don't you work for me?

Nothing hard, just some office work." I thought about it. It sounded

like it could be different. It would be something that would help me

learn about Daddy. I told him he had a deal. He smiled and me and

held out his hand. I shook it and laughed when he pulled me into his

arms. He kissed the top of my head and said "Do you know how much you

look like your Mother?" I shook my head. He sighed and said "So, tell

me about your life in L.A."


            I sighed and figured out what I wanted to tell him. I started

with my job and moved on to Robbie and everything that happened

there. I left out Hannibal. I didn't feel like explaining to him

about him and the Team. I know Daddy would say something about him

being wanted and everything. I really didn't want to talk about his

death either.


            Daddy got really upset with Robbie. He asked where he was

now. I told him the last time he was around was when he hurt me.

Daddy looked at me. I lifted my shirt and showed him the scar where

he had stabbed me. I've never seen anyone's eyes change color so

fast. Except Hannibal's.


            Daddy reached for the phone. I grabbed his hand and told him

to forget about it. He was gone. I was safe. He just looked at me and

said "Are you sure?" I nodded and hugged him again. He just held me

and told me he was sorry for making me leave. I kissed him and said

it was my fault for getting involved with him. I told him that I left

Robbie after he started abusing me.


            I looked up at him. He was just looking at me. I asked what

was wrong. He said "I'm just wondering how you got so smart?" I

giggled and hugged him. I told him I learned from the best. He smiled

and asked me if I wanted to go get something to eat.


            We went out to a fancy restaurant. Only the best for Daddy. I

had a good time. When Daddy loosens up, he's really fun.


            We came back to the house. Daddy was joking around with me

about something. We opened the front door and Carla, Daddy's

assistant, stopped him. She whispered something in his ear. He

said "Are you sure?" She nodded. He looked at me and said "Dear, I'm

going to have to take care of some business. Why don't you go watch

TV or something? I'll just be a few minutes." He hugged me and kissed

my forehead. He followed Carla to a back room.


            I walked in the living room and sat down. I flipped through

all the channels but didn't see anything that interested me. I turned

off the set and decided to walk around the house for a bit. I looked

at all the knickknacks that Daddy had around. There was a lot of

things of Mom's. I looked at old pictures on the walls. I looked

around rooms. I walked all over the house.


            I was walking back to the living room when I heard Daddy

yelling at someone. I didn't want to listen in but I couldn't help

it. I stopped by the door and listened. He was yelling at someone he

called 'Empress 12'. I'm not sure who it was but I would have hated

to be on the other side of the conversation.


            I heard the phone slam, and I walked back to the living room.

The door slammed a few minutes later and Daddy stalked into the room.

He looked at me and he changed. He said "I'm sorry darling. Business

isn't going like I planned." I patted the couch and told him to tell

me about it. He sat down next to me and wrapped his arm around me. He

said "Honey. If you never remember anything else I tell you remember

this. Never hire anyone with a free will!" I didn't know what he

meant by that.


            Daddy picked up the remote and turned on the TV. He flipped

through channels till he found an old movie coming on. We snuggled

together and started to watch it. When the title came up I almost

cried. I had to compose myself quickly. It was one of Hannibal's

Aquamanic movies. I sat there and watched him. Even though I couldn't

see his face, I could picture it. Those blue eyes, dark with passion.

His hair matted to his forehead with sweat. The moans he would make

when he was close to climax. I sat through the whole movie and

recalled every time we made love.


            After the movie, Daddy said he was going to bed. He kissed me

and told me I better get some sleep to, because he wanted me up early

tomorrow, so I could start my new job. I smiled as he followed me to

my room. He hugged me at the door, kissed me and told me how happy he

was I was back. Then he went to his room.


            I got ready for bed and thought about everything. I'm glad

I'm home to. Daddy really has changed. We're getting along great. I

hope nothing ever comes between us again. It was dumb of me to leave

like that. I'm glad I'm back anyway.


            Then I though about Hannibal. I miss him so much! I want him

here, with me, right now. I know him and Daddy would get along.

They're so much a like. Both of them were in the Military, and both

fought in Vietnam. I know they would get along!




Part 2


October 3, 1985




            I started work for Daddy today. I went with him to his

office. There was another secretary there. She helped me with what I

was suppose to do. It really wasn't that hard. I was filing some

things when she had trouble with the computer. I had worked with them

some at my other job, so I asked if I could help. She smiled and let

me look at the screen. I figured out what the problem was and fixed

it for her. She thanked me and then asked if I would take a stack of

files down to accounting.


            I picked up the files and started down the hall. I rounded

the corner and ran into a wall! Well, not actually a wall, but a wall

of chest! I looked up from the ground and there stood the second

bluest pair of eyes I had ever seen! He smiled and me and offered a

hand. I took it and he helped me up. Then he helped me to get the

files back in order. I thanked him and started to walk off. He

said "Wait a second. I didn't get to apologize for knocking you down.

Why don't I take you out for some coffee after work as an apology?" I

shook my head no and thanked him for the invitation. I told him I had

to much stuff to do after work today. He nodded and said "Well, some

other time then. My name is Steve Borden. I work in the records

department of this company." I shook his hand and told him I was an

secretary to General Stockwell. He whistled and said "Who did you

have to sleep with to get that kind of position just starting out?" I

shook my head and said "I didn't have to sleep with anyone. My Mom

just slept with my Dad. I'm the General's daughter."


            I wish you could have seen the look on his face! He said "I'm

sorry. I didn't know. Please forgive my comment." I had to choke back

the laughter. I said "That's ok really. You're forgiven. If you'll

excuse me, I need to get these files to accounting." I started to

walk away, when he grabbed my arm.


            It took everything I had not to scream. I quickly pulled away

from him. He said "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you." I said "You

didn't. I just... Well, let's say, I've not had good fortune in

relationships lately." He said "I'm sorry. Why don't you join me for

dinner tomorrow night? It'll give me a chance to apologize for

everything." I agreed and told him to give me a call. He smile as he

walked off.


            I took the files on down to accounting and came back. Daddy

asked if I wanted to go get lunch so we left.


            In the car, Daddy asked me who I was talking to in the hall.

I told him that Steve had knocked me down, accidentally of course and

had talked to me for a while. Daddy was smiling. I said "Don't get

that look in your eyes. I'm just having dinner with him tomorrow as

an apology." Daddy smiled and said "He's a real nice guy you know.

You need to date. You haven't been out with anyone since Robbie



            I hated lying to Daddy. I told him no anyway. He put his arm

around me and told me he was sorry for everything. I asked him why.

He said "I wasn't there to protect you. You did a great job of hiding

yourself." I smiled at him. I said "Well, I had a great teacher. A

name change here and there, new license, a few favors, things can be

changed." Daddy laughed as we pulled into the restaurant parking lot.


            We walked inside and saw the news was on. We watched some of

the stories and discussed them. One story was very interesting. The

way the reporter described it, you'd think the A-Team had helped out

these people. I shrugged it off as wishful thinking. Daddy and I had

a nice lunch, then we headed back to the office.


            Daddy was talking to me in the car when the phone rang. He

talked to the person for a few minutes. I tried not to listen, but it

was hard. He was talking about someone missing and needing to find

them. He told them to have his jet ready to go and then hung up. He

looked at me and told me he had to go away on business. I asked if he

needed me to go, but he shook his head, telling me he was leaving me

in charge of the company till he got back. He said he had to go to

Japan to recover some of his equipment. I nodded and told him I'd

take care of everything here.


            We got back to the building and Daddy took me into his

office. He told me what needed taken care of and when it needed to be

done. I knew I could do it, so he kissed my forehead and told me he

would see me in a few days. Then he left.


            I sat down and sighed. It was just like when I was little.

Daddy was going off on another secret assignment and I was left

behind. I looked out the window and thought about Hannibal. If he was

still around, he could help me deal with this. Help me talk to Daddy

about him leaving all the time. I sighed and went back to work.


            There was a knock on the door. I told them to come in. It was

Steve. He said "Hi. I'm sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if

we could have that dinner tonight?" I looked at him and said yes.

After all, Daddy was gone.


            He said he would pick me up at the house at 7:30. I told him

that would be fine and he left. He is a good looking man.


            I worked the rest of the day, and went home very tired. I

took a long bath and started getting ready for my date.


            I was picking out my clothes, when I saw the dress I had

bought for Hannibal. I recalled the date we went on, where we danced

so wonderfully together. I recalled the hour before the date, when we

made love. I could picture the look in his eyes when I dropped the

dress for him, the scream as he climaxed, the way he held me in his

arms so gently. I cried.


            I forced myself to get up and get ready. I put the dress back

in the closet, in the back. I picked out a new dress, one I hoped

would be the start of a new life. I finished getting ready.


            Right at 7:30, the doorbell rang. The maid opened it and

ushered Steve into the living room. I came downstairs. He smiled at

me and told me I looked beautiful. I thanked him and told him he

looked very sharp.


            He had on black shoes, black dress pants, a whit dress shirt,

black sports coat, and a tie. He looked very nice. Oh and Diary, he

filled out those pants to!


            Anyway, I told the maid where we were going in case Daddy

tried to call. We went outside and get into his BMW. It wasn't as

nice looking as Face's Vette, but it was still nice.


            We went to a very fancy restaurant, The Summer's Dream. It

was amazing! I had never seen such decorating! It was like something

out of a fairy tale.


            We ordered champagne and talked for a while. Then he asked me

to dance. I was a little hesitant at first but finally gave in.


            He lead me onto the floor and slowly took me into his arms.

He didn't hold me to close, but he held me like I was fragile, on

wrong move and I was busted. It was very impressive! We danced a

couple of songs together, then went back to our table to eat.


            The meal was fantastic, and he was a perfect gentleman. I

could talk to him about anything, he was a very well educated man. We

talked about everything. He did mention something interesting though.

He said that father had some secret files hidden somewhere, that were

so important, only he could get to them.


            I didn't know anything about such files and I told Steve

that. I said "If you were trying to bring me out just to try to get

me to tell you where the files are, you've wasted an evening." He

looked at me, then took my hand. "Of course not. Where did you ever

get that idea? I just thought you were one of the most attractive

women in the office. I didn't even know who your father was till you

told me. I promise you, I'm not after anything. Well, maybe I am. I

must confess, I'm after a good night kiss. That's all."


            I giggled at him. "If that's all your after, then all right.

I think I can allow you to do that." He smiled at me so sweetly. We

ate and talked a lot of interesting things.


            After dinner, we went for a drive. The moon was full and the

stars were shining so brightly. We pulled off the road and sat

looking at them. I searched until I found Hannibal and my star. I



            Steve asked me what I was looking at. I said "See that star

up there? Someone very special told me whenever I looked at it, I

would know they were thinking about me to, no matter where they were."


            He smiled and said "That's beautiful. This person must have

been someone very special. Was it a boyfriend or something?"


            I nodded. Steve looked disappointed. I said "I do miss him.

He was killed just a little over a month ago. I still miss him, but

everyday gets a little better."


            Steve put his arm around me. He said "Darling, if I had know

about your boyfriend, I wouldn't have asked you out. I know what's

it's like to lose someone you love. My wife was killed in a plane

crash four months after we were married. The pain is unbearable isn't

it? But you have to remember they would want you to live. Live and

let them live through you. That's how you remember them."


            I looked at him. He was lost in his own thoughts. I leaned

over and brushed my lips against his. He looked at me. I said "I'm

sorry. I just..."


            He leaned towards me and silenced me with his lips. It was

such a tender, sweet kiss. He cupped my face in his hands and

tenderly kissed me. When we broke the kiss I was breathless. I looked

at him. His eyes were dark, his face flushed.


            He smiled. "I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. I just

felt the need to kiss you. I'm sorry."


            I looked at him. I said "Steve, that's ok. I wanted to kiss

you to. It was wonderful. You have nothing to be sorry for."


            He smiled at me and said "I'm sorry. It's just, I haven't

wanted to kiss someone like that since my wife." I nodded. "I felt

the same way. Since John was killed, it's been really hard."


            Steve pulled me close to him. He said "I've got and idea. Why

don't we help each other? We both need someone to talk to. At least,

I know I do. I'll be here for you if you need it. Okay?"


            I smiled at him. "That would be great. I really don't have a

lot of friends here in Langley. It would be nice to have someone to

hang out with and talk to."


            Steve kissed me again. He said "Great. I guess I need to get

you back home. We have to be at work sometime tomorrow."


            I laughed. I said "I'm the boss. I could tell you not to come

in, but..I can't. I expect to see you bright and early tomorrow."


            He laughed and started the car. He said 'Oh yes Ma'am. You

can count on me. I'll be there with bells on." We laughed and talked

all the way back to the house.


            He walked me to the door. He said "I guess I'll see you

tomorrow." I nodded. He took my hand in his and leaned in and kissed

me. He opened the door and I told him good night and went in. I

watched him leave from the living room window.


            I went upstairs and got ready for bed. I snuggled under the

covers and thought about Steve and Hannibal. There were both so much

a like. Sweet, funny, handsome. I smiled as I fell asleep.


            Diary, I really like Steve. I know I'll never be over

Hannibal, but Steve is a great guy. I think I could fall in love with





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