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Title: Where I Belong

Where I Belong

by Live Lady Roadkill


Rating: R

Disclaimer: A-Team owned by Stephen J. Cannell etc.

Comments: Yes

Warnings:  M/M SLASH/consensual  (A little slashiness--just some kissing)

Summary: 1972 --The guys just broke out of prison and Hannibal seems to be in a hurry to get some where—A little bit of a twist to this-- ENJOY!




They did it. They actually did it. They broke out of the military prison. Fort Bragg to be exact.


Hannibal led Face and BA down the alley and found the car just where he told Al to leave it. He nodded for BA to hot wire the car while he and Face stood watch. They were a few miles from the prison and they heard sirens go off five minutes ago, sounding the alarm to let the rest of the prison know that they were now gone.


Hannibal glanced at Face.  He looked, wildly – around them, swinging his head in the direction of every sound. Though Face looked outwardly calm, Hannibal knew how nervous he really was. 'Poor, kid,' thought Hannibal, 'He's really scared shitless. Can't say I blame him.'


Hannibal counted backwards as his eyes and ears were alert to everything around him. '.four, three, two,...' He smiled broadly when he heard the car's engine cough and sputter to life. Face immediately jumped into the back seat and BA put the car in gear. Hannibal had barely had a chance to get all the way inside  when BA slammed his foot onto the gas pedal.


Face watched the back as BA went in the direction according to the plan that they've cooked up over the past month. They've all gone over the plan in their minds hundreds of times. They'd  thought about it so much that BA had dreamt it in his sleep.


Hannibal counted backwards again. " ...three, two, one.."


Face's excited voice exclaimed, "Hey, Hannibal! There's a bag of clothes back here... looks like someone was going on a business trip."


Hannibal glanced back and acted like he was interested in what Face had found. Hannibal quickly surveyed the silhouetted landscape of the predawn hours as he turned to investigate Face's 'findings.' Hannibal inwardly groaned at butter-yellow polyester suit. 'I'm gonna get you for this, Al,' Hannibal silently vowed. He sighed in relief when it appeared to be too small for him and he gave Face a look of pity. Face also found a small amount of cash, but not much.


BA turned off to a back road and headed east. The authorities would expect them to head to populated areas, not the vast open wilderness. Face continued to rummage through the bag and Hannibal took over his lookout duties as he inspected each item. The sky was starting to brighten a little. They saw search helicopters along the main road in the far distance behind them. BA turned off onto another road  although he had his doubts about where they were going.


Hannibal assured him that he had seen a map of the surrounding area when he was called into Colonel Lynch's office for disrupting the prison's normal operations. BA nerves became steadier as Hannibal appeared to be enjoying himself as if they were on a calm Sunday drive. Then a small group of shacks appeared in the distance and BA let out a very audible sigh of relief. They were about ten miles from the prison grounds. But it was still way too close for comfort.


Hannibal and Face jumped out of the car and investigated the shacks. Al had told Hannibal in coded letters written back and forth over the months,  where to find the place to hide the car but Hannibal allowed Face to discover the place, like the clothes. They quickly moved the rickety sliding door to the side and BA barely managed to creep in without scraping the paint job with only a couple of inches to spare on each side with the side view mirrors folded flat against the car. Once the door was shut, Face bent over and rested his hands on his knees breathing heavily in relief. Hannibal grinned. "Okay, kid?"


Face stood up and choked a little while trying to clear his throat. His mouth was dry from fear and shook his head. Hannibal smiled at the young man as he stumbled into a full standing position as the reality of everything caught up to him. Hannibal nodded at him. He was a good man to have in a tight situation, but he tended to let out his reactions after everything was said and done. Hannibal, in a stern tone, reminded him that they weren't out of danger yet. "Report in five minutes, Lieutenant."


Immediately, Face pulled himself together and went around investigating the building. Hannibal turned to BA who was squeezing out of the cramped space where the door couldn't open all the way. Hannibal nodded to him and they joined Face in the search.


They didn't find much, like Hannibal expected. He had everything planned down to the second. There was a spigot that had a trickle of running water and without Hannibal telling him, Face began to change into the butter yellow suit. Hannibal admired the young man's body while he, himself changed into a T-shirt and jacket. He and BA had to remain in their prison uniform pants because the pants in the bag were too small for them.


Tearing his gaze from Face, Hannibal inwardly snapped at himself. 'Keep your mind on the job, Colonel!'


He pulled out a bottle of brown shoe polish and cringed at this part of the plan. It would take ages to wash out. But for now, they didn't have much choice. He tore of the sun-visor mirror from the car and began to apply the shoe polish to his hair. Face gaped at him as he continued to dye his hair. Hannibal quipped, "You're next, Lieutenant."


BA sniggered as he went through a shaving kit to see what he could find to cut off the sleeves of a T-shirt that were too small for him and open the arm holes a little more. Then the bewildered look on the young Lieutenant's face made BA feel sorry for him. They were the same age, but Face's choirboy looks made BA think of Face as younger, which provoked BA's protective streak. Hannibal was having difficulty applying the brown shoe polish to the back of his head because he couldn't see what he was doing. BA set the shaving kit down and snatched the shoe polish out of Hannibal's hand. "You're wasting it. Here, let me help ya'. We gotta have 'nough for Faceman."


Hannibal surrendered the bottle and reluctantly put his faith in BA. When he was done, he wiped away the excess and firmly rubbed Hannibal's head. Hannibal protested that it was enough. He took the mirror and styled his hair. It didn't look too bad. It covered the obvious white-blond and white-gray hair very well. Hannibal took the bottle back and waved Face over to him. "You're turn, kid."


Face whined. "It'll never come out. I'm gonna hafta grow it out."


Hannibal grinned. "Well, it won't take too long." They all had military haircuts and therefore, their hair was very short. BA shook his head and began to cut the T-shirt efficiently so it would fit him, Face looked perfectly miserable as Hannibal carefully dabbed the shoe polish onto his honey blond hair. BA discarded the prison shirt and picked up the mirror to see if there was anything he could do to change his appearance further. He glanced at Face suffering silently as Hannibal darkened his hair. BA felt bad for the man, even though it was only hair.


He studied his own hair for a moment. The coarse black hair was of uniformed length just like Hannibal and Face, but the tight curls were too short to do anything with. If it were long, he could set cornrows in it. He glanced at Face, now determined to accept the temporary hair color change with a serious look on his face. That look almost made BA laugh.


BA took a closer look at himself in the little mirror. Prison rules were clean-shaven and short military haircuts for everyone. The only thing left to do was shave his head. BA used the little stream of water that the spigot produced and carefully began to shave his head. He heard a gasp from Face. BA wondered what  the big deal over hair was with Face. Even in Vietnam, when it could be cooler for Face to have short hair, he kept his hair longish and stylish.


Once BA was done, he stuck his head under the spigot to rinse the unused shaving cream away. Using his old prison shirt, he dried himself and turned to the two other men. Hannibal had completed Face's dye job and Face laughed out loud when he first saw BA's head. He quickly regained control of himself and sniggered a little. Hannibal inspected BA first with a dubious expression, but a smile slowly crept up on his lips. "Nice, BA, nice."


BA looked in the mirror and inspected his Mohawk with a sense of pride. He ran his hand over the newly smoothed parts of his head and Hannibal walked past him, giving him a pat on the belly to get his attention. "We gotta move."


BA took one last look at himself and tossed the mirror away. They cautiously moved the car out of the shack and were on their way once again. Face was always looking behind them, checking for anything. BA drove along the back roads for an hour before they came to a paved surface road. Face became more nervous when other cars started making their appearances. But soon he appeared to  take comfort in the presence of other cars.


It had been two hours since their break from the prison and Hannibal said; "I think we need to ditch the car soon."


BA looked questioningly a Hannibal. They were still driving away from any place that had a population and they were miles from anything that resembled a town. Where were they going to get another car?


Hannibal instructed BA to drive a little further until they spotted a perfect place to hide the car. Then at Hannibal's insistence, they wiped the car clean of fingerprints. This evoked curious glances from Face and BA. They were already wanted men and when the car was found, it was going to be assumed that they were the ones who took it. They wiped the car thoroughly before they went on to phase two of the plan that BA and Face weren't aware of. They were two miles from a place that was little more than a pit stop-a gas station and a roadside diner.


Hannibal told them as they walked to the place that they would separate and meet at an agreed upon address in LA. By the time they arrived to the diner they were all pretty hungry. They couldn't go in together. That would be pretty suspicious. There would be an APB out on the three of them by then.


Face went in and talked to the waitress while Hannibal and BA waited from a short distance. Face quickly scammed his way to the nearest town for that afternoon and a big breakfast too. When he returned with food for them and he said, "Gigi's going to give me a lift. She said there's a bus that comes through here every morning. Problem is that there's only enough money for one bus ticket out of here."


Hannibal nodded and glanced at BA. "You're taking the bus, Sergeant. I'll hitch out of here since Face has already taken care of himself."


BA started to protest. Hannibal gently reminded BA of the obvious without speaking of it. "I stand a better chance of getting picked up. You're taking the bus."


Face gave BA an apologetic look and looked away with a flash of anger towards the world.


Seeing that there was no getting around BA's race and that his best chance of getting to LA was on the public transportation system, Hannibal asked, "Any reports on the prison break?"


Face quickly nodded. "It was on the radio when I went into the diner. They are focusing the search in the towns close to the prison."


Flashing a broad grin, Hannibal said, "Lynch isn't too swift. I was counting on that."


Face sighed and nodded. "How soon do you think we can visit Murdock?"


Slowly, Hannibal's smile disappeared and he sobered up. "We'll see what we can do about that as soon as we all get to LA and assess the situation. But I hope its soon... real soon."


Face nodded somberly and said, "I better get back to Gigi."


Hannibal cuffed Face's shoulder. "Be sure to remember to get to LA in two days."


Face blushed and said, "Yes, sir."


They divided up the money, minus the bus fare for BA and watched Face walk to the diner once again. Hannibal offered his hand to BA and said, "See you in a couple of days and stay low."


BA shook Hannibal's hand and nodded towards Face as he walked back up the small stretch of road in his butter-yellow polyester suit. "If you don't get there in time, I'll look after him an' make sure he stays out of trouble."


Hannibal firmly shook BA's hand and said, "Keep reminding him that Murdock is in the best VA in California."


"I'll see ya in a couple of days."


BA remained at their hiding place while Hannibal started walking up the road. BA decided to wait until the bus arrived before stepping out to purchase his ticket. Hannibal had thumbed a ride half way to LA by that evening and he was tired. He thanked the truck driver who had given him a lift for the latest leg of his journey. He asked the gas station attendant for directions and sprinted up the street to the local motel. He saw what he was looking for and he smiled broadly. A familiar blue convertible. He was almost home.


He knocked on the door and it was quickly opened. He was greeted by a man yanking him inside and quickly closing the door behind him. He found himself in a backbreaking embrace and he did not struggle against it. He gave an equally forceful embrace. They held each other for a long time and Hannibal felt the tensions of the day melt away some. He was safe.


Slowly they let up and Hannibal pulled back to look at Al. "You look great."


Al laughed softly and kissed Hannibal. "You look better..What happened to your hair?"


Hannibal welcomed the hand running through his hair and said, "That's not important."


Al smiled and kissed Hannibal deeply. Taking in account that Hannibal was exhausted, Al showed remarkable restraint considering they haven't been together in ten months. Hannibal eagerly groped and mouthed over Al. Al's hands roamed around Hannibal's torso slowly, savoring having him in his embrace once again. He had to keep Hannibal from getting carried away and he carefully peeled Hannibal off of him. He breathlessly chuckled. "Whoa boy.. didn't they have enough men in that prison for you?"


Hannibal made a try for Al's lips and mumbled, "Not enough of the right kind and they weren't you."


Al dodged Hannibal's lips and pushed him back a little so he could remove the jacket that  had been given to Hannibal by a sympathetic trucker. "Let me have a look at you at least. I missed you so much and it's been so long that I've forgotten what most of you looks like."


Hannibal sighed and allowed Al to remove the jacket. Al apparently found his shoe-polish dyed hair amusing. He allowed Al to guide him over to the bed and to set him down. He was exhausted, dirty and hungry anyway. So he put his libido in park and took in the view of his lover. Hannibal touched the hint of graying sideburns and temples that had been dark brown the last time he

saw him.


He realized how much of a toll this whole ordeal had taken on Al. Al looked up from removing Hannibal's shoes and socks and smiled at having his newly gray hair fingered. Hannibal grinned. "Gotten old on me, eh?... Makes you look very distinguished."


Al moved up to sit next to Hannibal after setting the boots aside with a relieving smile. "And your name is on every single gray hair, too. You and this plan of yours had me worried to no end for months."


With a sigh, Hannibal said, "I'm sorry."


Al rested a hand on the other man's thigh and gentle squeezed it. "Don't be. It was worth it. I'm glad to have you with me at last."


With eyes lit up, Hannibal slowly leaned over closer and turned his head at an angle to press his lips against the other man's lips. He felt Al's breath getting caught in his throat and this encouraged Hannibal to go even slower as he opened his mouth against Al's mouth.


This time they carefully savored the wetness and flavor of each other. A steady diet of prison foods had changed Hannibal's body chemistry a little but Al still found a familiar flavor. Having Hannibal's flavor in his mouth once again soothed hidden fears he did not know were there.


He and Al had been together shortly after they both arrived in Vietnam. And that had been nearly seven years ago. The attraction was instant  yet they had skirted around each other for months before they finally connected.


Al was a very fine looking man. He was slender and had fine angles. While Al was a non-commissioned officer and their departments were completely different, they always found an excuse to be officially together. It took them a while to figure out that the other was gay. Hannibal had strong suspicions about Al, but wasn't sure.


 They couldn't be too careful with the sentiments towards gays in the military. Once Hannibal's suspicions were proven to be facts, he didn't even bother with asking Al out, they grabbed the nearest available private room and went at it.


What they lacked in romance in the beginning, they made up for in passions. As time passed, they developed a solid relationship. Hannibal didn't expect it to last, but when it did, he thought he really lucked out.


Hannibal was enjoying this long awaited reunion, but Al had other concerns. He regained control of himself once again and resumed taking care of Hannibal. Al frowned at some of the deep scratches  on Hannibal's arms from getting them caught up in barbed wire and Al immediately started removing Hannibal's shirt. Hannibal laughed. "What happened to wanting to look at me?"


Al looked at Hannibal with a physician's eye and critically asked, "Are you hurt anywhere else."


He did not wait for an answer and quickly finished removing Hannibal's shirt to see a few more scratches. "When was your last tetanus shot?"


Hannibal smiled and shook his head lightly. "Two years ago... Now will you talk to me since you're not going to let me do anything else? It's been a good ten months and I want a big piece of ass. And I want it as soon as you're finished fussing over me."


Al blushed a little and stopped investigating the scratches. "I'm sorry. It has been a long time, hasn't it?"


"Too long." Laughed, Hannibal. Al nodded in agreement and helped Hannibal remove his pants. "You want to take a shower first?. I'll go up the street to get something for you to eat. What do you want?"


"I want the biggest steak you can get your hands on and a big pot of coffee-the good kind. And anything and everything with it."


Al flashed a big smile while standing up. "Whatever you want, Darling. Your wish is my command, tonight."


Hannibal caught Al staring at him and he paused. Hannibal sighed long and heavily. He softly said, "I can't tell you how much I've been wanting this."


Al caressed Hannibal's shoulders and ran his hand up to cup the side of his lover's face. "You don't need to say anything because I wanted the same thing for just as long."


With that said, Al leaned over and brushed his lips against Hannibal's. Hannibal's lips slowly followed Al's as Al pulled back. Hannibal opened his eyes when his lips found nothing to kiss. Al caressed his jaw and disappointedly said, "I'll be back in a little while with your dinner and something for those scratches. Get cleaned up and get a little rest. I bought you some new clothes. They're over there on the chair. .. We have the rest of the night."


Hannibal leaned into the other man's touch and sighed. "It's good to be together again."


Al nodded and his hand dropped from Hannibal's face. He turned to put on his jacket without taking his eyes from Hannibal. Hannibal stood up and made his way to the bathroom. He paused as if remembering something important. "Al? .. How's Murdock doin'?"


Al gave his jacket a sharp tug in the front to straighten it out.  His eyes flashed regret that he could not hide. He knew Hannibal would want an update on Murdock and he had a prepared answer for him. "The Captain is about the same, unfortunately. It's going to take a while for him to be functional again.. We'll talk a little more when I get back."


Hannibal's eyes fell to the floor with his spirits. He glanced up at Al and nodded soberly. "I know he's in good hands. He has the best head doctor in the business."


Alexander Richter gave his lover a weak smile and nodded with confidence that he did not feel at the moment. He twisted the doorknob. "I'll be back with dinner in about a half an hour.... And something else, too."


Al grinned at the look on Hannibal's face as he slipped out the door. Hannibal stepped into the shower thinking about how he and Al were going to make love all night long. He had a thousand other things to think of too. Like, what was the next step? How would he, Face and BA support themselves? How are they going to avoid the military police? Why did he  involve his lover in the prison break? How bad was Murdock? And that was just for starters. None of the questions were going to be easy to answer.  Al had transferred Murdock to the VA where he worked so he could help his lover's friend. And Hannibal knew he was in the best of care, so he wasn't going to think about it for now.


 Instead Hannibal began to think of the dreams he'd had about this reunion and the times to come afterward. He had stored up ten months of dreams of being where he belonged-with Al.





Where I Belong by Live Lady Roadkill



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