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A is for…

By emmastark


Rating: R

Warnings: Slash, here and there…

Comments: Please.

Summary: Just a few glances at our guys.  In alphabetical order.

Disclaimer: The A-Team belongs to Stephen J. Cannell.





A is for…


Murdock glanced up at the sound of a whippoorwill

calling.  There were no whippoorwills in Vietnam.

Sunlight filtered down through the green jungle

canopy.  Face smiled down from his perch.  He held an

M-16 in one hand and his face and clothes were caked

with mud.  But the way the sunlight filtered through

his golden hair made Murdock think of angels…


B is for…


The tranquilizer dart worked almost immediately.  BA's

knees buckled and his eyes rolled back.  Face and

Murdock grabbed for him, but all three of them ended

up on the floor in a heap.  Murdock grinned at Face.

"He ain't heavy, he's my brother."  Face groaned.

"He~is~ heavy."  Hannibal put out his cigar, and

together the three of them hauled BA onto the plane.


C is for…


Face drove fast along Mulholland Drive.  The

headlights of his sleek Corvette (white, red stripe)

cut crisply through the darkness.  The engine purred

and he liked the feel of the stick in his hand.  He

liked the way the car moved at his touch.  He liked

the smooth velvet dark and the way the white car

traced the curves of hills and valleys until it took

him to the place where everything was silence and you

could look down on the city and the ocean and up at



D is for…


Face and Murdock sat across the table from each other

with candlelight and history between them.  The

sommalier brought wine and poured out a measure, which

Face breathed in, then tasted.  Face nodded, and the

man poured two glasses of old red out of the dusty

bottle.  Murdock grabbed his glass (tiny red droplets

spilling on white cloth) and downed it.  The sommalier

put his hand over his mouth, Murdock glanced up at

Face guiltily, and Face laughed.  He'd been on a lot

of dates, but everything was different with Murdock.

Everything was better.


E is for…


Hannibal and Murdock and Face leaned up against the

refreshment table (covered in pink paper, decorated

with crepe).  They drank sweet red punch out of small

paper cups and watched BA (fierce, take-no-prisoners,

bad attitude green beret) carrying an easter basket

(filled with fake green grass) around the grounds of

the East Avenue Children's Center.  A three year old

girl holding a blue easter egg, wearing a white dress

perched on his shoulders.  Murdock juggled a few eggs

of his own.  "Whatever else you say about that

mudsucka, he makes a mighty fine bunny…"


F is for…


Hannibal ran along the trail.  His legs ached, but he

ignored that.  His breath came in white puffs.  The

air smelled like the pine needles that muffled the

sound of his steps.  He stopped when he reached the

clearing.  A red fox was bounding over the frozen

grass in great, daring leaps.  Hannibal watched it

run, smiled at the sunrise, and stood there for a long



G is for…


No van.  No money.  No dry clothes.  And they were in

Eldridge, Ohio.  Along with fourteen bad guys and an

undisclosed number of soldiers armed with M-16s.

Hannibal didn't feel up to a plan and Face was too

bedraggled to scam transportation.  Murdock's broken

wrist grounded him.  Face looked wearily over at BA.

Then up at the sign (handwritten) in the dirty window

that said "Leo's Pawnshop."  BA scowled.  After he'd

scowled for awhile, he lifted two heavy gold chains

over his head and laid them across Face's palm.


H is for...


BA broke down the door and Murdock followed him

through.  Hannibal and Face hung from the ceiling by

their wrists.  Their feet didn't touch the floor.  BA

cut Hannibal down.  "If we do not hang together,

surely we shall... all hang separately," Hannibal

said, "Ben Franklin."  "Shu'up, foo'," BA said,

drawing Hannibal's arm across his shoulders.  "Tha's

from BA Baracas."  Murdock drew the knife across the

rope that held Face, then caught him as he fell.  His

eyes were fierce and dangerous.  Face smiled a little

as Murdock untangled the rope from around his hands.

"My hero," Face said.  After a moment, Murdock smiled



I is for...


The guard and the cook and the nurse all stared at the

driver of the delivery truck.  The driver kept

stacking crates onto the dolly.  "I just deliver the

stuff, ya know?" he said.  "They don't tell me

nuthin'."  The nurse shook her head, but threw up her

hands.  The cook lifted the lid on the pink box that

the driver had set carefully on top of the crates.

The cake had a dog drawn on it with black licorice

frosting.  The dog was staring up at a (blue frosting)

plane in the sky.  "Happy Birthday" was written across

the top.  The driver shoved a clipboard into the

guard's hands.  "Sign by the X, okay?  Twenty four

gallons of fudge ripple ice cream and one cake."  The

guard scribbled his name and the driver, pushing the

dolly in front of him, followed the cook inside.


J is for...


"Move it!"  Hannibal shouted over the sound of the

helicopter rotor, beating against the sky.  Face leapt

out of the open door, landed hard, rolled around his

M-16, and laid down cover fire.  Robby, Murdock's door

gunner, let rip with the 60.  BA dropped into the tall

grass and Ray followed him.  Murdock fought to keep

the chopper steady, ten feet off the ground.  "Gettin'

hot, Colonel!  Gotta go, gotta go..."  He glanced over

his shoulder.  Hannibal grinned at him.  "See you at

the LZ at 1800 hours, Captain."  He tossed down his

cigar, and jumped.


K is for…


Face stared at Murdock increduously.  Hannibal

chuckled.  BA shook his head.  Murdock put his hands

on his hips and struck a rakish pose.  The edge of his

kilt fluttered in the breeze.  "I'm ready, Face," he

said.  "Ready for what?" Face asked.  "Ready for da

funny farm," BA growled.  "Ready for our scam,

muchacho."  Face flung out his arms.  "Hannibal, what

am I supposed to do with this?"  Hannibal touched a

lit match to his cigar and smiled around it.  "You

wanted him to help, Lieutenant."  "This is not

helping," Face said.  He put his hands on Murdock's

shoulders and looked into his eyes.  "We're scamming

people named Scott, Murdock.  Not Scottish people."

Murdock grinned unrepentantly.  "I kinda like it,

Face.  Do you think I should dress like this all the

time?  An' I could learn how to play the bagpipes..."

Face and BA and Hannibal all said "no" at the same



L is for…


Murdock held up his toasting stick, and the flaming

marshmallow on the end of it lit up the small camp.

He waved it around a little, watching the orange

tracers it made in the dark.  Face, lying next to him,

turned his stick a millimeter clockwise and watched as

his marshmallow puffed out and turned golden brown.

Above them, an owl hooted softly and sparks from the

fire rose up into the starry night.  Murdock popped

his sooty, black marshmallow into his mouth and sidled

closer to Face.  "Love is two sleeping bags zipped

together," he said.  "And marshmallows, and thou."  He

leaned down and pressed his lips to Face's lips and

they shared a sticky, marshmallow kiss.


M is for…


Hannibal paused.  Face was sitting on the floor by the

half-closed door, peering through it.  Hannibal moved

up beside him and looked out into the front room of

the small apartment.  Mama was sitting on the

davenport.  BA was curled on his side, with his head

on her lap, fast asleep.  Mama's eyes were closed, but

she stroked BA's temple with her fingers.  Hannibal

could hear her humming softly.  Hannibal patted Face's





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