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Title: Just a Boy and his Melon

Just a Boy and His Melon

by Danielle


Rating: G  (warning, written while sick so coherency may be questionable)

Description: Response to Adalia's Throwaway Line Challenge. How did

Hannibal get experience throwing watermelons at bad guy's cars you might ask?  Well…

Disclaimer: I don't own them. I never will. They've just invaded my brain.

So you lawyers can just sue them!





The watermelon was one of the most beautiful things Face had ever seen.

Definitely the most beautiful thing he had ever scammed in the jungle of

Vietnam.  Not only was it round with unblemished skin but it was

perfectly ripe.


"Boy oh boy, are the guys ever going to be happy to see this" he

muttered happily to himself, pausing for a second to hoist the backpack

containing the treat further up on his shoulders as the gunfire in the

distance began to seem closer.  Probably nothing Face thought as he

continues onwards.  Just a little friendly fire. 


Face still had that thought in his mind when Hannibal and B.A. busted

out of the forest in front of him.  For a second he teetered, his

balance tested.  Then the second was over and B.A's strong hand grabbed



"Where ya been?  The crazy fool should be here any minute now"


"Now B.A, are you actually looking forward to seeing Murdock?" Hannibal

questioned, already heading off towards the sound of an approaching

helicopter.   B.A. sneered.


"No, but what I am looking forward to is seeing what Face got for our

money" B.A. glared at Face, his eyes seemingly boring into the backpack.


"Come on guys, plenty of time in the chopper" Face looked up, relieved

to see Murdock's grinning face looking down from 50 feet above.

Gingerly, he began the climbed up the latter.


"So whatdya get with my money Faceman?  Did you get a comic book, did

you?"  Murdock asked with excitement.  Face sighed.


"Once we're out Captain" Hannibal interrupted, pointing at the soldiers

bellow.  With a nod, Murdock began to spin the chopper away.  "What have

we got for firepower?"


"I'm out" B.A. answered. Face nodded in agreement.


"Murdock?" Hannibal asked.


"What we have here is a genuine old style chopper, equipped with

nothing you need to survive the Vietnam War"


"Great" Face mumbled. 


"Well, what have we got?" B.A's and Hannibal's eyes turned towards Face

and the backpack.


"No, nothing in here you can use" Face said quickly.  A little to

quickly, he realized as he saw Hannibal's eyes narrow.


"What's in the back sucker?"  With a sigh, Face opened up the bag.


"It really won't do much good against one of those jeeps that are

bellow us"


"Come on Face, it's the perfect projectile.  Besides, if we don't stop

the jeeps they're going to shoot a hole in our antique" Hannibal's grin

was back.  Face closed his eyes as Hannibal reached into the bag, took

aim, and dropped the watermelon.  Opening his eyes, Face watched it's

decent. Even in death, Face thought to, it is still the most beautiful

thing I ever conned in the Vietnam jungle.


"Hannibal" B.A. grumbled, snapping Face back to reality.  "You missed!"


Face looked back and saw as a second jeep rolled over the watermelon



"Ah guys, prepare for impromptu landing" Face braced himself as the

chopper began to hit the topmost branches of the trees.  The impact

wasn't so startling as he expected.  I'm probably in shock over the

watermelon, he thought.


"Well," Hannibal said as he untangled himself, readying for the run


"Next time I'll have some experience".




Just A Boy and His Melon by Danielle



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