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Title : Don't you just hate this

Don't You Just Hate This

by Susie

with  some help  from  Nadia


Rated: PG

Summary: Response to Nadia's Fee Challenge. A bad guy unbeknown to him hires the A-team

Disclaimers: Don't  own them  

Copyright 2001

Author notes: This will  be written  in the bad guy and Murdock  point of view. Sorry it was over  500 words. Face it  I can't write 500 words. Hope you like it





The bad guys point  of view


Man I hate  days like this. Nothing goes right. I mean I did  a real  stupid  thing last week. I hired the A-team. Yeah you  heard me right the A-team. But wait I am rushing things. Let  me start from the beginning.


My name is Harold Carter and I own a whole bunch of hotels, well any way I wanted this one piece of land. But some idiot name  Peter Walker own it and I decided to put  him  away. But I didn't want  to get my hand dirty. Know  what I mean? So  I decide to hire someone to do it  for me. I looked up a name in  a magazine where mercenaries were located at and found a prefect  team. Max the Bear  and  his group of cubs. The write up said:


Don't let our name fool you. We are the best .


We will kill anyone you want, no questions asked. As long as the price is right.




Yes they were my  kind of guys based on the description. I mean I could paid them easily $50,000. So I called them and told them to come over to get their fee and give them the location and time for the killing. Well the man I thought was Max the Bear was actually Murdock the A-Teams pilot talking about bears.


Well I am jumping ahead of myself again. Any way  I decided instead to send my  men  Ralph and Kenny  to go  and get  them. I waited till  they return. With three of the four men fitting  the descriptions of the A-team you think I would know better but I didn't. I mean well they are wanted men. But I was so  much  in a hurried to  get rid of Walker  I paid  no attention.


The one I thought was Max the Bear the big guy was not, he was known as Sugar Bear and the white hair fellow was Papa Bear and the blond was Honey Bear. Max the Bear was the tall  skinny guy wear a bear hat and claws. I guess that made  him  feel  like a real bear. I told them  what I wanted them  to  do  and then  Max the Bear suddenly went bonkers on me I mean he went  nuts. He was growling and snarling and raise his claws like he was going to  tear  you apart. The one called Honey Bear  calm him  down  with Honey and Papa Bear  saying  he  was in charge of  details listen to what I had to say. Now I sit here  in  prison wondering 'Man why didn't I paid attention?'



Murdock point of view.


Hey muchacho! It  happened again to us. What? Oh what am I talking about? Well some dirtballs mistook us for a group of mercenaries. Just like the last time. Any way last time I was mistook for Insane Wayne but this time it was some dude called Max the Bear. I mean how silly is that. I mean just because I had my bear hat and claw on big deal I was protesting the slaughter  of innocent bears. I was just sitting there in the diner telling  the guys about the bears and giving them each a bear name. Hannibal I called Papa Bear  because hey he  is our papa. Face, Honey bear because of his blond  hair and he is a honey. BA, Sugar Bear because of  his sweet  nature and attitude. LOL. When  in walked these two guys.


They walked  right over to us and called BA Max the Bear. "Hey I'm Max the Bear " I protest. "He's Sugar Bear." BA turned and growl at me. "See he just said hello."


The two  men  stared from  BA to me and back  again. One  of  them  then  spoke.


"Uh well  Mr. Bear. Our boss wants to see you and your cubs."


I watch  as BA growl  more and stood up facing  the men. "I ain't no cub."


The two  men  back up. "No  no  of course  your not."


Hannibal  then  stood up. "I'm the  leader of these cubs so  if  you  got any  business. You got it with me."


The two  men  nodded and Face just rolled his eyes. So the men  talked to  us told  us that their boss wanted us to  take  care of someone. Get rid  of him. You know what  I mean. Any  way  we got  into the bear van  and followed those guys. Till we  came to  a big house I mean  it  was big huge .



We were greeted by the boss I went into my  bear act really freak  him out.


Well to make a long story short. Yeah short. We help Mr. Walker and it didn't cost  him  a thing. Mr. Carter paid for it. LOL. Now he's in jail. I love it  when the bad guys pays  for our services. Don't  you?







Don't You Just Hate This? by Susie Owens



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