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I've got a new story I'd like to submit

Don't Leave Me Again

by jenben


Rated: NC-17


Summary: Dougie Kyle kidnaps Murdock to get Face.

Well, the boys don't have much fun, but it has a happy ending (of course).  There is some very descriptive torture (no non-con, friends); one main, really bad thing.  I mean, really bad thing.  You'll know it when you read it.  Just be aware and don't hate me.



Don't Leave Me Again


Murdock lay quietly in Dr. Richter's office.  He looked drawn and haggard.  He hadn't been sleeping well, he wasn't eating, and he spent all his time laying in his bed petting Billy.  With such unhealthy behaviors, Dr. Richter had felt the need to see his most unusual (and favorite) patient.


 "Why aren't you eating?" Dr. Richter asked with concern.  "You haven't had trouble eating a meal in ages.  What has you so upset?"


 Murdock pondered the question.  He knew why, but how could he explain that to Richter?  It wasn't like he could just say "I had a fight with Face—who, by the way, just happens to be a fugitive."  But it had been a pretty bad fight.  Actually, that was an understatement. 


Murdock, I don't want to talk about it.


Faceyman, I thought you were gonna hit Hannibal!  I saw your hand form a first, Muchacho—I know you.  I know that look you had on your face.  What's got you so upset?  It can't just be Hannibal; you've never had that much trouble with criticism.


I told you I don't want to talk about it.  Can't you just leave it at that?  Do you have to be such a nag, Murdock?


I'm not a nag.  I just want to know what's wrong.  I'm your friend; let me help you.  Come on, Chiquita, get the turkey off your chest!


Turkey?  What the hell are you talking about?  Just leave me alone.  You're always bugging me about every little thing!


Faceman, I just want to help-


Yeah, but you never do.  Murdock, why would I want to talk to you about a problem?  You've got more than you can handle; you're crazy!  I wish you'd just leave me the hell alone.  Go bug B. A. or Hannibal.  I don't know why we even bother getting you out of the V. A.  God knows it doesn't do us any good.


Murdock opened his mouth to respond, then closed it.  He blinked back the tears that were trying to force their way down his cheeks.  He swallowed hard, whispered an "okay", and walked away.  He had rarely felt that bad.  Wiping the tears away, he found Hannibal and asked to be driven back to the V. A.  They left without a word to anyone, drove in silence, and departed without a goodbye.  Still, Hannibal's mere presence had made Murdock feel more secure.  Not better, but not completely alone.


The pained captain decided to disclose a limited amount of information to Richter.  "I had a fight."  Yes, that was definitely limited.


"A physical fight?"


"No.  I had a fight with a…friend.  Can I go now?"


Richter shook his head.  "Tell me more about it.  I'm concerned for your health; if this problem isn't resolved or you don't start eating and sleeping normally, I'll have to give you something very strong at night for sleep and an IV for food.  Do you understand?  Are you willing to talk more about the fight?"


"I—I'll—I don't know.  Can I just go back to my room right now?  I'll eat something if you let me go back to my room."


The doctor smiled a little.  At least he could get Murdock to eat.  "What'll you have?  I know of a few twinkies down in the kitchen."


"That's good.  Can I go now?"


"You may.  Jim'll take you back to your room.  Remember that you're gonna eat that food.  I'm taking you on your word."


Murdock just nodded and got up, then let Jim, the orderly, walk him to his room.  He ate one of the two twinkies and gave the other to Billy.  Sighing, he lay down for a restless nap.



Face sat outside of the cabin he had scammed for Hannibal, B. A., and himself.  He liked the peacefulness that nature had to offer; he stared out at the still water that held the reflection of the setting sunning.  Hannibal sat down beside him.


"What're ya thinkin' about, kid?"


Face sighed.  "You know what I'm thinking about.  And it isn't a what.  It's a who.  It's Murdock.  I'm a jackass, Hannibal."


Hannibal cracked a smile.  "Well, you're right.  I can't imagine many other things that would have made Murdock feel worse than what you said.  Why'd ya say 'em?"


"Because I'm a moron."


"We've covered that, Lieutenant."


Face sighed again.  For the past week he felt that all he did was sigh.  Big, deep, sad sighs.  "Please, Hannibal, I'd rather not talk about it.  It's in my past.  I'd like to leave it there."


"You don't have to talk to me about it."


Face looked up in surprise.  "You mean, you aren't gonna make me tell you why I hurt Murdock and why I nearly punched your lights out?"


"Of course not.  And you would hardly have punched my light out.  No, you don't have to tell me anything.  The only person you have to tell is Murdock.  You owe him that much.  I know he's already forgiven you, but he at least deserves to know what sent you off the deep end.  Besides, he's been there plenty of times himself.  Maybe he can give you some pointers."


There was a long silence.  "This couldn't wait until I feel like less someone who stuck a knife in his best friend's back, could it?"  Hannibal shook his head.  "I didn't think so," Face muttered.  He stood up and pulled his keys out of his pocket.  He strode toward the vette.  "I really am the biggest jackass on Earth, aren't I?"


Hannibal smiled and shook his head again.  "Maybe right now.  Give it a few hours; I'm sure the polls will have changed by then."



Murdock lay in his bed with Billy.  The dog cuddled close to Murdock, nestling into the nook of his arm.  He didn't sleep—he just lay there, comforting Murdock in ways unimaginable by sane people.


"Maybe Face is right," he whispered in the dog's ear.  "Maybe they shouldn't take me out of the V. A.  Maybe I don't do them any good.  I know B. A. would like it.  He wouldn't have to fly and I wouldn't be there to bug him…I really do bug them.  Billy, I really am bad for the team!"


A lump formed in Murdock's throat.  He fought back the tears but didn't succeed and wound up getting Billy's head wet.  He sobbed into the dog for fifteen minutes, holding it tight against his chest.  Murdock suddenly realized he was squeezing the life out of Billy.  He let go immediately and looked the dog over.  "Have I hurt you?" he asked in a husky voice.  His head and throat hurt from crying so hard.  "I haven't been bad for you, have I?"  When Billy whined softly, Murdock began sobbing again, harder than before.  "Thank God," he murmured, petting Billy gently and obsessively.


The door to Murdock's room opened and Murdock could hear a man thank a nurse and then dismiss her.  The man walked into the room and closed the door behind him.  Quickly, Murdock rubbed his eyes on his pillow, trying to make the tears go away, though his red, puffy eyes were telltale.  "Face?" he asked hoarsely.  He hadn't expected any visitors.


The tall man turned around and smiled.  "Not exactly," he replied.


Murdock's eyes went wide and his mouth fell.  He could barely manage the word.  "K-Kyle?"


"Bingo.  One point for Captain Murdock—whose just been crying.  What're the tears for, Captain?  Did they tie your straight jacket on too tight?"


Murdock moved off his bed and headed to the opposite side of the room, away from Dougie.  "What are you doing here?"


"I came to see you, Murdock!" he exclaimed, reaching into a pocket and pulling out a syringe.  Murdock backed up as much as he could, but hit the wall.  Kyle stepped forward.  "You see, I know that you and Peck are real close buddies.  Like brothers, even.  You'd do anything for him and he'd do anything for you.  Wouldn't he?"  Kyle took a few more steps towards Murdock.  "In fact, that's what I'm counting on.  Now be a good boy and just stand still.  The needle isn't going to hurt.  You'll just go to sleep.  It won't be bad."


"I'm crazy, not suicidal!" Murdock yelled, diving for his bed and trying to roll over it.  If he could get past Kyle and towards the door he could yell for help from the nurse.  It didn't work very well.  Kyle lunged towards the bed and pinned Murdock to it.


"Stop moving around so much!" Kyle commanded, wrestling with the captain.  He got Murdock arms above his head and held them down with one hand and all his weight.  With the other hand he put the syringe to his teeth and pulled the cap off the needle.


"Help me!" Murdock yelled furiously.  "For God's sake, help-" Murdock was silenced by an elbow to the face.


Kyle quickly rammed the needle into Murdock's arm and thrust the plunger down.  "Shut-up!" he seethed.  He tossed the syringe to the floor and used both his hands to keep Murdock pinned down.


"Let me go," Murdock whispered, feeling the drug take over his body.  His ability to struggle was quickly wasting away and his eyes were starting to roll around in his head.  "Let me…go…"


"Just let it take over," Kyle soothed, a little psychotically.  "You can't fight it, Murdock.  It's gonna win.  Let the drug do its job."


Murdock's eyes closed and his body went limp.  "No," he breathed out just before losing consciousness. 



Face walked solemnly out of the elevator.  He stopped before the nurse's desk and waited until she looked up.  He put on his lady-killer smile.  "How do you do, Nurse…"


"Adams.  Ruth Adams."


He turned his smile up to maximum stun.  "Ruth.  That's such a lovely name.  I'm here to see Captain H. M. Murdock.  I have some questions to ask him."


Nurse Adams pursed her lips.  "I wish to heck you people would at least call before you come to see Captain Murdock; the man gets more visitors than President Reagan!  If you had called before you came I could have told you that someone has already seen Captain Murdock and left with him."


"What?" Face asked in surprise.  He kept himself abreast on every appointment Murdock had and there was no appointment that day.  "Who took Captain Murdock?"


The nurse flipped through her papers.  "Well, he showed up claiming to need Murdock for some questioning on behalf of Colonel Decker, but of course neither he or Colonel Decker called ahead!"


"The name!" Face begged.


"All right, already!  Lemme see…Major D. Kyle."


It took Face a minute to recognize the name, but when he did he thought he was going to be sick.  He took a step away from the desk and raced to Murdock's room.  He peered through the window but found no Murdock.  "Where'd he go?"


The nurse's brow furrowed.  "He left with Major Kyle.  He had some sort of fit and the Major was prepared with a tranquilizer.  They left nearly an hour ago.  In fact, Major Kyle left a note for anyone who may have come looking for Murdock."  She handed him a note.


H. M. and I are going out for some fun.  Come join us.  –Dougie.


Face shoved the note in his pocket and ran for the elevator.



Murdock awoke feeling groggy and disoriented.  Then again, that was nothing new for him.  He didn't even have to wake up in order to feel disoriented.  Of course, what he was not accustomed to was waking up hanging off the floor.


"Good morning, Murdock," Kyle said casually.  He sat in a chair only four feet away from the pilot.  "I trust you slept well; that drugs packs quite a wallop.  I hope you don't mind the whole hanging by your straightjacket thing, but it seemed easier than shackling you to something.  Peck never comes to me so well prepared."


Murdock's head was swimming.  It took him a few moments to realize what Kyle was talking about.  Kyle had put a straight jacket over Murdock and belted it tightly—to the point of constricting the pilot's breathing.  Then used a chain to string Murdock to the ceiling via the belts in the back of the jacket.  Typical Dougie Kyle.  "What do you want?"


"I'm glad you asked, although the question is a little redundant since I always want the same thing.  I want Peck."


"Than why'd ya take me?" Murdock demanded.


"Because you are the easiest way of getting Peck.  I know he's your friend—damn good friend.  He'd do anything to rescue you from the clutches of evil Dougie Kyle.  So I got you, left him a note, and am expecting him in the near future."


"I'm bait."


Dougie smiled.  "You catch on fast for a lunatic."


Murdock's eyes narrowed and he glared at Kyle.  "I'm not the only lunatic in this room.  Besides, Face won't come get me; we had a falling out.  And why do you even want Face?  What is your obsession all about?"


"I don't know.  I guess it's the psychopath in me."


"Hey, wait a second!  You are not a psychopath!  A psychopath doesn't know what he's doing when he does it.  You know that you've kidnapped me and that you've been trying to kill Face.  You're a sociopath.  Get it right or don't have a mental illness!"


Kyle simply shook his head his rolled his eyes.  There was a part of him that enjoyed Murdock and his insanity.  Then again, there was the bigger part of Kyle who wanted nothing more to hurt and destroy.  That part always won out.  "Peck will come for you and you'll even be the one to bring him here."  Murdock's gave Kyle a questioning look.  "You're going to call Peck on that phone in his car," the madman explained.


"I'm thinking…no.  How about if you call him?  Oh, that's right!  You don't know the number, do you?" Murdock laughed scornfully.  "I guess we have a problem, huh?"


Kyle's eyes narrowed and Murdock could feel the hairs on the back of his neck rise.  "You're the one with the problem.  I'll give you one last chance to agree to call Peck and then I'm going to beat you into submission.  Got it?"


H. M. took a shaky breath.  "I've got it, but I'm not going to call Face.  You can do whatever you like; it won't change the fact that the last person to dial your phone for Face will be me.  Got that?"


"I'm so glad you said that.  I was afraid we were going to have to do this the easy way and I hate doing things the easy way."  Kyle rolled his sleeves up and opened a cupboard.  He pulled out two brass knuckles and fitted one on each hand.  Murdock paled considerably.  "Any particular place I should stay away from?"


"My body," Murdock answered meekly.


Kyle laughed and pulled back his fist.  He sent it into Murdock's chest and both heard a rib crack.  Murdock yelled out but was silenced as Kyle knocked the wind out of him with a blow to the stomach.  "Somebody's gonna be supporting the aspirin industry soon," Kyle laughed as he hit a kidney.



Face's tires squealed as he pulled into a hotel.  The paper the note was written on had the words Happy Oaks Hotel written on the top.  With that clue he had nearly flown to the hotel to get whatever information he could.  He knew he needed to go see Hannibal, but with Dougie Kyle, time was of the essence. 


Face approached the front desk.  "Seen a scary looking, beady-eyed guy lately?"



Kyle looked at his watch.  A good thirty-five minutes had past since he had used the brass knuckles.  He had gone on from there with a cattle prod, an intricately used razor (and salt water), a lit cigar, and a cane.  After nearly forty minutes, Murdock had screamed, begged, cried, vomited, and passed out  (in that order).  He had not given any phone numbers.  Dougie doused Murdock in ice water.


"You're a stubborn son-of-a-bitch," he admitted.


"Thanks," Murdock said, then regretted it.  Even opening his mouth hurt.  In fact, there was very little that hurt on his body.  "What's that?"


Kyle looked up from the small box he had gotten into.  He smiled casually and pulled out a syringe and drug bottle.  He filled the syringe and squirted out the air bubbles.  Somehow, he managed to do it menacingly.  "What's that?" Murdock repeated, his voice very shaky.


"This is sodium penethal.  You probably know it better as truth serum.  I realize I could have used this to begin with, but where's the fun in that?  Now be a good little boy and take your medicine."


Murdock didn't even have the strength to struggle as the needle went into his skin.  It stung terribly, but as the drug worked its way to Murdock's head, he found himself relaxing.  The pain subsided a little and although four or five ribs were broken, he could breathe a bit easier.  "Ducks."




Murdock repeated himself.  "Ducks.  Ducks, ducks, ducks, ducks, ducks.  Crackers.  Pickles.  Yellow.  John Lennon.  Axel Rose.  Water.  Dr. Richter.  Bologna.  Oscar Meyer."  The pilot kept yelling out random things.  Kyle looked on in confusion until he realized what Murdock was doing.  He laughed.


"That isn't going to work, Captain.  For a few more minutes you might think you can resist me, but the drug is just going to work harder and harder.  Before you know it, you'll be spilling your life story and Peck's number.  I love medical science!"


It was the truth.  After only two minutes Murdock's eyes had glazed over and he looked like a zombie.  Kyle smiled and pet Murdock.  "You're gonna be a good little pilot, aren't you, Murdock?"


Murdock didn't say anything but looked straight ahead.


"Let's work up to the big question, shall we?  Are you a member of the A-team, Captain Murdock?"


He nodded his head.  "Yes."


"Good, good.  Are you truly insane, or are you just faking it?"


"I have a psychological disorder that truly exists."


Dougie raised an eyebrow.  "You have quite a nice vocabulary for someone who is supposedly so unintelligent.  Tell me, Murdock, do you know your IQ?"




"What's your IQ?"




Dougie raised both his eyebrows.  Murdock was smart.  Storing that information away for a later time, Kyle posed the question at hand.  "What is the number to Templeton Peck's car phone?"




Kyle wrote down the phone number and then lowered Murdock to the floor.  The straight jacket was burned and cut and had to be removed.  Dougie replaced the jacket with a pair of handcuffs he attached to solid water pipe in the room.  He locked the door behind him as he left to call Peck.  Murdock passed out.



"Hannibal, we've got a huge problem," Face said from the phone.  He was speeding down 66 and an hour away from the cabin and the team.


Hannibal took the cigar out of his mouth.  "What's wrong, kid?"


"I went to see Murdock and when I got there I found him gone.  A Major D. Kyle had taken him.  He drugged Murdock and took him out of the V. A."


"Kyle has Murdock?"  There was rumbling in the background and Face heard B. A.


"Kyle has Murdock?  Dougie Kyle has Murdock?  How'd he get dat foo'?  We gotta go save him!"


Hannibal quieted B. A. and returned to questioning Face.  "Do you know where they're at?  Do you know what Kyle wants with Murdock?"


"I don't know where they're at.  I stopped by a hotel that I thought was a lead but I was wrong.  And you know what he wants, Hannibal: me.  I don't know why that guy is so psychotic but I wish he'd stop directing it my way!  Hannibal, I've got to get Murdock back.  I can't believe I hurt him so badly and then he got kidnapped by the likes of Dougie Kyle.  You know what Kyle is doing to him?  That man is Satan incarnate-"


"Lieutenant, I know what Kyle is capable of and I agree that we need to get Murdock back as soon as possible.  But what happened wasn't your fault and you aren't responsible.  Just get back here and we'll plan to rescue Murdock.  How fast are you going?"




Hannibal shook his head.  "In the 'vette?  You could be going at least a hundred.  Speed it up, Lieutenant.  Just don't get caught."


"Hannibal…I hurt him.  I really hurt him this time."


"I know that, but don't dwell on it.  We need to act.  Fast."


The colonel hung up and Face pushed the gas until the car went past 100.  He was white-knuckling the steering wheel and lost in thought and self-pity.  When his phone rang he nearly swerved off the road.  "Colonel?"


"Not quite, but give me some time."


Peck felt his throat constrict.  "Where is Murdock?"


There was a soft chuckle.  "He's with me, Peck, and he's just fine.  Okay, maybe fine isn't the right word; he was in a lot of pain from the intense beating I gave him, but the truth serum knocked him out.  How are you?"


"I'm going to rip your throat out, Kyle."


"I doubt that.  If you don't haul your ass here I'm going to beat Murdock.  To death.  You wouldn't want that on your conscious, would you?  Now why don't you just drive your car to 8th and Nomena Dr. in Santa Ana county so we can discuss our mutual friend.  And his life."


Face ran a hand through his hair.  What I wouldn't give to change the last two days!  "I can be there in an hour."


"Make it half an hour, Peck."


"What?  It's at least forty-five minutes away!  There's no way I can make it in half an hour.  Be reasonable."


On the other end of the line, Kyle smiled ruefully.  "I don't have to be reasonable; I hold all the cards.  Besides, according to Captain Murdock, I'm a sociopath.  That means I can do whatever the hell I want.  Hurry up, now.  The clock's ticking.  Tick.  Tick.  Tick."


Face slammed he phone down and sped up the car.  105, 110, 115.  Tick.  Tick.  Tick.



B. A. and Hannibal sped along the highway in the van.  Face had called them and in a frenzied voice told them to get to Santa Ana as fast as they could.  As quickly as he had called he hung up. 


"I'm gonna kill Kyle," B. A. hissed.


Hannibal fingered his gun.  "Get in line."



Kyle had forced Face to drive them both twenty minutes out of town where they dropped off the 'Vette and picked up Kyle's nondescript black Pontiac.  He knew that Face had called B. A. and Hannibal and he wanted to take no chances.  Kyle drove them to his hideaway and deposited Face in Murdock's room.  Murdock's eyes went wide as Face and Dougie entered.


"I brought you a roommate, Murdock.  Play nice with each other and don't do anything stupid.  I'll be back shortly, but I have to run some errands.  Here," he said, bringing a dog into the room.  He sat it next to Murdock and undid the pilot's handcuffs.  "I'd like you both to know that I've rigged the door with explosives, so if you even touch it, it'll explode.  Have fun."


With that, Kyle left.  Face looked around while Murdock reached out and pet the dog.  Like all other animals, it bonded with him immediately and cuddled him.  The dog, which Murdock named Rob, licked the human's chin while it snuggled it his arms.  "Rob wants to know if you're okay," Murdock said.


"Of course I'm okay, dammit!"  Face paused and took a deep breath.  The concern he felt was overwhelming.  "I'm okay, Murdock.  How badly are you hurt?"


Murdock nuzzled the dog.  "I'm all right, I guess."


He didn't look all right.  There were bruises everywhere.  Both eyes were black, his lip was cracked and his nose and chin still had remnants of blood.  There were circular burns on his face, hands, and arms.  Deep razor cuts peppered his skin, as well, though they looked surprisingly raw and painful for razor cuts.  Face feared to find out what was under his shirt.  He moved slowly and sat down.  "I went to the V. A."


"I wasn't there."


A few minutes of silence went by.  Face couldn't find the courage to talk about what had happened earlier, so he did the next most difficult thing: he assessed the damage to his friend.


Face carefully removed the dog from Murdock.  Without giving Murdock a chance to protest, he lifted his shirt up and looked at the damage.  There was a lot.  He felt the bile rising in his throat.  Murdock reached up and pulled his shirt back down.  "S'okay, Faceman; nothin' that some ice-cream can't heal."


"Murdock, you've got to have five or six broken ribs, internal bleeding, and I know that some organ has been severely damaged!  And what's with the burns?"




Face felt himself turn green.  "I'm going to kill him."


"No you're not," Kyle admonished.  He sounded like a man talking to a little boy who said he was going to beat up the local bully.  "Killing me would be kind of difficult since you're the prisoner.  Now, tell me something, Murdock, do you like the dog?"


Murdock grabbed the dog and held him protectively.  "He's a nice dog."


"That's true, but he's also a very expensive dog.  It's so hard to take care of him and so time consuming that I just need to get rid of him."


"I'll take care of him!" Murdock said, his brown eyes large.


Kyle dragged a large barrel into the room and put on a pair of gloves.  "Murdock, you can't take care of a dog because you're going to be dead very shortly.  Hell, if I don't kill you outright, that beating I gave you sure will.  Besides, haven't you always wondered what would happen if you dropped something live into a tank of liquid nitrogen?"


Face and Murdock gasped; Face threw a protective arm around Murdock who had tears running down his face.  He held the dog tightly in his arms until Kyle approached with a gun.  He pointed it a Face.  "Give me the dog or I'll shoot both of Peck's knee caps." 


After a moments hesitation, Murdock handed the dog over.  Kyle walked the puppy over to the barrel and pet it.  He cooed at it.  He held it over the barrel.  By that time, Murdock was openly sobbing.


"You're sick!" Face yelled, jumping up.  Kyle shot the ground right next to Face.  He jumped back and watched helplessly.   


Kyle dropped the dog into the barrel.  For a moment, everything in the room stood still.  There was no sound and no movement.  Then Kyle reached in and pulled out the dead, frozen dog.  He let it fall to the ground.  "Oops."  It shattered.  The dog shattered into pieces.  A piece of dog hit Murdock and he began vomiting, though there was nothing left in his stomach to retch except blood, which came up in droves.  When he was finally done throwing up, Murdock fell against the cool wall, his chin coated red.


"You don't look very good," Kyle observed.  He turned to Face.  "Come with me, Peck.  I think we need some alone time.  It'll give Murdock a chance to rest—and he needs it." 


Face stood up but before following Kyle he reached down and smoothed Murdock's hair back.  He took off his coat and wiped the sweat off Murdock's face and the blood off his mouth and chin.  Face touched Murdock's cheek gently and then left.


"I can't even begin to tell you how much I like Murdock," Kyle began.  They were sitting at a table, though Face's hands were cuffed behind him.  "He's so childlike and innocent." 


"Yeah, he kind of makes you look like…Satan.  Then again, so could Charles Manson.  Let him go."


Kyle laughed.  "Let him go?    But my dear Lieutenant Peck, he'll be dead in a short while.  Honestly!  And they call me the crazy one." 


Face closed his eyes, trying to hide his pained expression.  "Please let him go, Dougie.  You can do whatever you want with me—I won't fight you—if you'll only let Murdock go.  Please!"


Shaking his head, Kyle stood up.  "No, Peck, I can already do what I want with you.  Besides, it's so much fun to see you squirm at the thought of what nasty thing I can do next.  So let me give you a hint: it involves you and a hot dog and some liquid nitrogen.  Boy, what you wouldn't give for a muscle relaxant now, huh?" 


Face blanched and wobbled in his seat, all strength gone.  He had been through many difficult times—difficult being the understatement of the century—but the last few hours were the worst. 


"Aw, don't get that damned resigned look on your face, Peck; it takes all the joy out of tormenting you.  I like it when you fight back.  It gives me the opportunity to break you." 


"I don't have it in me," he whispered.  "I can't take this."


Kyle turned and took one step towards the door then stopped.  "What's in the cup, Murdock?" he asked nonchalantly.   


Face twisted his head to see what was going on.  Murdock stood raggedly in the doorway of the room holding a large drinking glass.  He had the sleeve of Face's jacket wrapped around the glass.  That meant only one thing.  The cup held liquid nitrogen. 


"The glass," Murdock rasped, "has that stuff you hurt the puppy with.  Just move over there and take out the key and throw it at Face.  If you pull out anything but the key I'll throw this stuff on you.  If you don't think I'm serious, let me tell you that I heard what you said you were gonna do to Face.  At the moment, I'd kind of like to kill you."


Kyle, stunned, moved to the side of the room and cautiously opened his jacket.  He reached inside, slowly pulled out the key, and threw it towards Peck.   It took Face a minute just to pick up the key because his hands shook so badly.  While Murdock watched his friend struggle, Dougie casually put his hand behind his back.  His fingers wrapped around his gun.  The sudden movement caused Murdock to throw not just the liquid, but the entire cup at Kyle.  His gun clattered to the floor.  Screaming, he followed it, clawing at his burning face. 


Face didn't bother taking off the handcuffs but slipped the key in his pocket and darted towards Murdock.  "I can't believe it," he said softly as the stared at Kyle.


"We need…to…go."  Murdock wavered and passed out into Face's arms.  Face slung his injured friend over a shoulder and ran to Kyle's car.  He hot wired the engine and slammed on the gas.  He was never so happy to leave a place. 



Face met Hannibal and B. A. at the junkyard where he had been forced to leave his Corvette. 


"Are you okay?" 


"Where's Murdock?"


"Where's Kyle?" 


Face waved his hands at their questions.  "We need to get Murdock some medical help fast.  Kyle beat him something awful and if he doesn't get a doctor he isn't gonna make it."


B. A. looked into the car, saw his l'il brother, and immediately pulled Murdock gently out and carried him to the van.  Face was going to get into his 'Vette when Hannibal laid a hand on his shoulder.  "We can get that later.  You need to be with us now." 


The lieutenant crawled into the back of the van and cradled Murdock.  "How did you guys know my car was here?"


"I had B. A. put a homing signal on your car about a year ago.  I figured it might come in handy, and whadya know?  It did." 



Three of the four A-Team members had been pacing the halls of the hospital for a few hours.  When a nurse informed them that Murdock was beginning to wake up, Hannibal pulled Face aside. 


"When he's well enough to leave, I want to take him back to the V. A."




"It would be best for Murd-"


"No, Hannibal.  Right now, Murdock needs to be with us.  With me." 


Hannibal nodded.  He had seen that look on the kids face a few times—almost as powerful as The Jazz—and he knew that he wouldn't win the fight.


The three of them entered the room just as the doctor was getting up.  He gently patted Murdock's hand.  "You're gonna be just fine, Mr. Murdock.  We got you good and patched up and that morphine should keep you from feeling, oh, just about anything."  The doctor smiled at his patient and walked up to Hannibal.  He motioned for the colonel to follow him out of the room.  Hannibal nodded, then turned to Face.     


When Hannibal left, Face and B. A. moved to opposite sides of Murdock's bed.  Murdock's eyes were glazed over and he just stared at his friends blankly.  B. A. was the first to speak.  "How you feel, Murdock?"


"I don't feel real bad.  That morphine—it's good stuff.  I'm just kind of sleepy.  How are you, B. A.?  Don't you feel silly walking around with a parakeet on your shoulder?  I know you look silly." 


B. A.'s brow furrowed and he was about to comment on Murdock's craziness when Face shook his head sadly.  "It's the morphine; it makes him see things that aren't there.  I'm glad you're awake, Murdock.  You had us scared for awhile."


Murdock looked down, ashamed.  "Sorry." 


"Foo', what you sorry fo'; dis ain't yo fault."  B. A. looked over at Face.  "T'ain't nobodies fault."  Murdock and Face each gave B. A. a weak, private smile of gratitude.  "I think I hear Hannibal calling me," he muttered and left the room.  "Hurry up and get better, foo'; I don't like hospitals."


"I-I'm very tired," Murdock said when they were alone.  He didn't want to face his friend.  It was bad enough being crazy without having to deal with excess emotions and, oh, nearly dying at the hands of a psycho.   


Face got on his knees and leaned against the bed.  He put his hand on Murdock's arm which drew the pilot's attention.  Face took a deep breath.  "I am sorry.  You are my closest friend—you're like my brother.  And from a man who has no family, that means a whole hell of a lot.  I never want you to think that—"  He took another breath to collect his thoughts.  "I never want you to think that I don't want you to be around me, because I do.  I never want you to leave me alone and you do help me when I have a problem.  You're the person I go to with most of my problems and you always help me feel better."


Face felt a lump form in his throat and the pain from the lump nearly made him cry, let alone his feelings.  Murdock was no different, though in his state of morphopia, he ignored the lump and just let the tears fall.  "I guess Kyle really helped me to see how much I value you, Murdock.  You really are my best friend."  The tears started to roll.  "Will you forgive me, please?" 


"Yes," Murdock whispered, barely able to control the sobs that wanted to burst forth.  "Of course." 


Face smiled and the salty tears ran into his mouth.  He grabbed some tissue and harshly rubbed at them, ashamed to be crying.  He was different with Murdock, though, and used the tissue to gingerly wipe his friend's tears away. 


"You look so tired, Muchacho," Murdock murmured, the exhaustion taking its toll on him, too.   


"You're one to talk," Face replied with a yawn. 


As carefully as he could, Murdock moved over on the bed.  He grimaced a few times from the pain his wounds caused him, but he managed to make room for his friend.  Face grinned happily and climbed in.  "Let's never fight again, Dah-ling," Murdock said in a husky voice.  Face laughed.


"You really are crazy in a good way."  Murdock settled his head on Face's arm and sighed.  Face's grin widened.  "But I got the best friend in all the world."


"You sure do," Murdock breathed as he fell fast asleep. 


Face closed his eyes peacefully.  "I sure do."



The End

It's done.  See for yourself.  No more words.


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