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Title: My Mary-Sueish wedding

My Mary-Sueish Wedding

By Georgia Bentz


Rated: G





I am standing next to my soon to be husband. He's wearing a

kilt.  He's got Thurm with him and Herman too.  Face and BA

are the groomsmen, and Hannibal has just given me away.


We're standing in a little chapel I'm of course wearing a

long white wedding gown, and a lacy veil covers my face.  My

friend Amy is next to me and so is my other friend Maggie. 


The preacher gets done saying his vows and soon he introduces

the new couple Mr. and Mrs. HM Murdock. 


Everybody applauds and we go off on our honey moon.  A week

long vacation that includes our getting to fly an airplane by ourselves.


Afterwards we both climb back into our honeymoon bungalow,

and snuggle for what seems to be an eternity. 


We snuggle in front of a roaring fireplace and are wrapped in a

huge blanket.  No words are needed.  We're just in love.



The End.



My Mary-Sueish Wedding by Georgia Bentz



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