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My response to the Mary Sue Week proclaimation

A Meagan Sue Wedding

by  Jenny


Rating: PG

My response to the Mary Sue Week proclamation. 

I, too, have been hesitant to write the type of relationship I truly wanted for

my fave character, Face.  I feared the label of Mary Sue.  But this seemed the

perfect week to try out my inner visions (man, how scary is that?!) and see if

the list thinks of Meagan as a Mary Sue or not.  Some of you may recognize the

characters from my FFs, "The Right Choice" and "A Handful of Choices 1-3".  So

read, and let me know. is Meagan a Mary Sue, or just an OFC?






Meagan Burkes stood near her bedroom window and looked at the activity going on

in her backyard.  The recently constructed rose arbor was perfect.  The

latticework was filled with roses of white, red, and pink.  The fragrant

flowers, in all stages of bloom, abounded and the wind had already strewn

multicolored petals all along the path she was soon to descend.


Hannibal stood to one side with Father McGill, observing and supervising the

finishing touches of the wedding preparations.  At his side, Natalie hopped up

and down, her own white lace dress floating around her ankles.  The child's

face glowed and occasionally, she tugged on her 'grandpa' Hannibal's hand and

asked yet another question.  She was thrilled to be part of her mother's



Meagan chuckled quietly at the antics of BA and Murdock as they struggled over

where to put the table that was to hold the three tiered wedding cake, all the

while desperately trying to keep their new black tux's clean and neat.  Temp

was nowhere to be seen, but Meagan wasn't worried.  She knew he loved her as

surely as she loved him and that today was going to be the first and the best

day of their rest of their lives together.  Nodding and speaking quietly to

herself, "Yes, this is perfectly right."


"I'm glad you agree."  The warm voice sounded just inside the bedroom door.


"Temp!  You aren't supposed to be in here."  Meagan ruefully shook her head at



"No?  Well, I just wanted to make sure you were ready and. sure about all

this." He waved his hand toward the window.  He stood, loose and easy, propped

against the doorframe.  Comfortable in his tuxedo, he appeared to be without a

hint of the nerves that Meagan herself felt.


"Am I sure?"  Meagan gathered the skirt of her gown and approached him.  "Of

course, I'm sure.  I love you and there is no way that you are getting out of

this one, Faceman."


Grinning at his nickname coming from her lips, Face sighed deeply.  "Good.

Because if you'd said no, I was going to lock this door and torture you until

you changed your mind."  Straightening, he ran one finger over her lightly

tanned shoulder, exposed by the spaghetti strap of her bodice.  The lone digit

continued its journey, stopping just short of dipping into the bodice to caress

her breast.


Sucking in her breath at the jolt of his touch, Meagan shook her head.  "Not

necessary, I'm totally convinced."  She stared into his eyes and felt the

connection they shared burn brighter for the moment. 


A high-pitched squeal floated up from the window and Natalie's voice was heard

to proclaim, "It's time, it's time!  We're going to marry Daddy!"


Meagan smiled tenderly and spoke, "Well, you heard her.  It's time."


"Yeah."  Putting a single finger under her chin he angled her face up and

pressed his lips against hers.  Scant seconds later he pulled away and spoke.

"I love you, Meagan.  I love both of you, so much. And even though this may not

be legal, we won't be able to file a marriage license or tell the world, please

know how much I mean every word we are about to say.  It doesn't matter what

the government's law says.  After this, God's law decrees that we are one and

that we belong to and with each other."  Face smiled and winked and swiftly

turned and walked down the hall to the stairs.


Watching him go, Meagan swallowed the lump his words had put in her throat and

thanked God that she had him, that she and Natalie had him.  They had to be the

luckiest two females on Earth.  Turning to gather her bouquet and her mother's

lace handkerchief, she caught sight of her reflection in the mirror. 


The white satin gown shimmered in the afternoon light.  The simple, tight

bodice with its spaghetti straps fit her perfectly and fell to a slightly full,

yet unadorned skirt.  Her hair rested atop her head in a soft pile, the

shortest pieces falling out to frame her face.  No veil to obscure her view of

this day and the man who awaited her, a crown of tiny white flowers and baby's

breath circled the shiny brunette curls.


From behind her, her father spoke gruffly, "Megs?  You ready?" 


Turning to smile at him, she nodded.  "Oh yes, Dad.  I'm so ready."


Wallace Burkes took his daughter's arm and escorted her to the stairs and down

to the back garden area.  "You look beautiful, baby. I know, I've not been

exactly supportive of this wedding. or of your choice of husbands. but well, he

makes you happy.  Even I can see that.  And he takes such good care of you and

Natalie and well, I guess I'm trying to say that you have my blessing, even

though I know darn good and well that you don't need it."


"Oh thank you, Daddy.  That means more than you will ever know."  She kissed

his cheek and sighed deeply.  "I'm ready." 


"Well, then by all means, lets go."  Wallace hooked her arm more securely into

his and began to walk with her down the rose strewn aisle to the smiling man

who awaited her and would love her for the rest of her life.  






A Meagan Sue Wedding by Jenny



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