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TITLE: Mary Sue Plays The Game

Mary Sue Plays The Game

by Kat



DISCLAIMER:  Cannell didn't want them, Mad Cow has them and you alllllll know who I'd like to have!  I make no money, receive no recognition.




     The small, late model Saturn turned off the paved roadway, ran up and over the curve and began its journey across the bumpy grass-covered field.

     "Are you sure this is the way to go?" Face inquired skeptically.

     The driver turned to him, a slightly disgusted "mom" look on her face. "I've driven up here to park for games five times a year for three years. We'll be fine if I can just miss the tackling sleds...OOOPS! Almost hit that one! Wish the moon was a tad bit


     Face involuntarily cringed when the vehicle barely missed the second sled. He was unable to stop the sigh of relief as Kat swung the car around and backed into the deep shadows thrown by the trees.

     "If the moon was brighter, I'd probably get caught planting these bugs," he pointed out.

     "I know. You're right. I'm just, well, worried, you know? I've hardly ever been involved in breaking and entering."

     Face's mouth opened, but he decided to file the "hardly ever" comment for later discussion. Noiselessly, he donned the black knit commando hat and picked up his nylon equipment bag.

     "Is the dome light off?"

     "Yes. Want to see?" Kat grinned a trifle nervously.

     Face groaned to himself. 'Amateurs!' Impulsively, he leaned down and lightly kissed her. "For luck!" he teased her, smiling widely, and disappeared soundlessly.

     Kat, wide-eyed, watched his shadow as he made his way to the high school field house.




     The four members of the A Team looked up with horror as Kat entered the pizza place the next day at 1:00. Following her were two men, on in a policeman's uniform, the other in a tan County Sheriff's uniform.

     Kat held both hands out in front of her, in a "Stop" command. "It's OK, guys, really," she told them soothingly.

     Kat took a seat on the opposite side of the table from the Team, and the officers sat one on each side of her.

     Seeing tension written in every line of their bodies, Kat decided she'd better talk fast. "Hannibal, Face, Murdock, BA, these guys are, well, kind of relatives of mine."

     "Kind of relatives?" Hannibal queried, curiosity getting the better of him.

     "Yeah. See, Leroy here," indicating the Sheriff's deputy, "Is the uncle of my nephew-in-law. And Jim, here, he's Chief of Police in town, by the way, he's my sister-in-law's son from her first marriage."

     Both men smiled, friendly-like, at the Team.

     "If you have these kind of connections, why didn't you go to them first?" Hannibal asked, wishing he could light up a cigar. 'Damn the No Smoking In Public Places policy!' he thought sourly.

     Kat sighed. "This guy is an INSTITUTION here in town. He wins a LOT of ball games! Football is important. It would be his word against my son's, and I wasn't going to let my kid take the flak if we went through the normal channels. This way, the way YOU have it worked out, he's just one kid on the football team."

     "But, won't people be suspicious with you eating lunch here with the cops?" Face asked.

     Kat shook her head. "No. we meet for lunch at least once a week to keep in touch."

     Jim said, "Yeah, us and the fire chief and the mayor, and Chris, the patrol officer."

     Murdock grinned. "You related to ALL of them, Kat?"

     "Just the fire chief. He's my first cousin's son. Oh, and the manager here, Becky?"

     The Team looked toward the counter, where the pretty blond in her late thirties smiled at them.

     BA groaned, "She's your niece, right?"

     Kat nodded vigorously. At the incredulous looks she was getting, she only shrugged her shoulders. "Hey, what can I say? I come from a large family, it's a small town, AND we've been here a lonnnnng time."

     Hannibal exchanged wide-eyed looks with Face. As Becky walked up with two pizzas, the Colonel leaned back in his chair and said, "OK, how can you help?"




     The plan worked perfectly. Almost perfectly. But BA didn't really mind that a kid (one of the forced-to-sell kids) tried to take him out. And Murdock was happy he'd gotten away with only skinned elbows when he'd had to roll out of the way of the proposed getaway car. Hannibal was only a little surprised that the head bad guys ended up being the offensive receivers coach and chemistry teacher.

     Face, to his surprise, was just a bit dismayed that only twenty-four hours had passed and they were finished with the job of cleaning up this little nest of scumbags.

     So, they could leave at any time. And Mama WAS waiting for them in Chicago, just four hours down the road. After all, the whole idea was to get done fast and get gone BEFORE the local cops knew they were around. But, the local cops KNEW they were around, and were looking the other way. Really, the A Team had caught the drug dealers (a meth lab in the chemistry

department, for gosh sakes!) AND, more importantly, saved the Head Coach's reputation. Now the football team could go on to win the state championship, just like in all those movies.

     Face waived the guys away. "I'll catch up with you back at the motel," he insisted. "I'll catch a ride with Kat."

     Hannibal took out a cigar, allowing Face to light it for him. "Face, she's married. AND, she is NOT your type."

     Face started to protest, then simply answered quietly, "I know." He watched the van drive off, them walked over to where Kat stood with the Chief.

     Her smile lit up her rather plain face. "It WORKED! You guys are GREAT!" She hugged him enthusiastically.

     "So, you have enough evidence, without the wiretap?" Face asked Jim.

     Jim coughed. "Actually, we have a court order to tap them dated noon yesterday."

     Face bit his lip. After a minute, he asked Kat, "What, your brother is a judge?"

     Kat squirmed a little, turning a slight pink color. "Actually, he's an ex-boyfriend."

     Face nodded in acceptance and smiled at her. "I can see where he'd be willing to help you. You're pretty special, you know."

     The pink turned darker. "Not really. I'm just a typical mother, who was blessed with a wonderful son, and I love him with all my heart."

     "That's what makes you so special," Face said softly. "Say, could you give me a ride back to the motel?"




      The van was waiting in the parking lot, already packed. Hannibal, Murdock and BA were leaning against the side.

     Kat pulled the Saturn up in the next parking space. She walked over to Hannibal, reached up and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you so much for saving my son."

      She kissed Murdock and again said, "Thank you."

     In a Bogie imitation, he answered, "You're welcome, schweetheart."

     BA blushed a bit when she kissed his cheek. "Take care of yo son, mama. He's a great kid. C'mon foo', get in the van. And make that invisibal dog of yours lay down."

     Kat reached up to kiss Face's cheek. In a move that Hannibal thought earned the Kid a 10 for smoothness, the Lieutenant turned, and managed to turn the peck on the cheek into a sweet kiss.

     "Nice, Kid," Hannibal chuckled. "But we have to go. We're burning daylight here."

     Face gazed a moment into Kat's eyes and started to say something. Instead, he smiled longingly at her, then turned and entered the van.

    The last Kat saw of him, was as he closed the van's slider. At the last second, he winked at her.

     The van pulled out, and they were gone.





Mary Sue Plays The Game by Kat



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