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Welcome Home

Welcome Home

By Black Fire


Rated: G

Summary: Response to Twisted Challenge.



1 lava lamp

fuzzy bunny slippers

a nail file

a cement mixer

a pigeon

the Twist

a person gone walkabout


1 remote control




Face breathed in the cool morning air. He was enjoying

his walk, his solitude on this morning. He was still

aching, after all, it was his first day back home from

hospital after he had been shot in the Italian

restaurant. And he had only be allowed to leave under

one condition: that he remained under surveillance

just in case...Especially Murdock and Frankie were

constantly around him, hovering, scrutinising...When

he woke up extremely early, and noticed Murdock asleep

on the sofa, ready to jump up and follow his friend

around, Face decided to get some fresh air and space.

However, during his walk he noticed that he was a lot

weaker than he had thought, and the pain, usually only

a dull ache, had become worse. He found the shortest

way back to the house. When he got closer, he saw

Frankie standing in the doorway, and heard someone

running towards him. Murdock was at his side and put

his arm around him for support. "Hey, Muchacho...let

me help dare you go walkabout like that? We

got up and you were should at least have

taken Billy with you. Or Paul." "Paul?" Face managed

to say. He was really exhausted now. "Paul the Pigeon.

He's on my shoulder right now." Face smiled. This was

more like the Murdock he knew and loved than anything

he had heard or seen in the months before he had been

shot. A new invisible pet.

Hannibal looked at him sternly, and BA growled as Face

was led into the living room and to the sofa by

Murdock. "Good morning, Lieutenant." "Good morning,

Colonel, BA, Frankie...I-uh..." he tried to explain

himself. "Just don't let it happen again." Hannibal

cut into his explanation. "What's for breakfast?"

Frankie asked. "Sardines, anyone?" asked Murdock,

offering them one single tin. "I was so busy taking

care of Face, I forgot to go shopping. There's some

coffee, though." He explained. After everybody had had

at least one cup of coffee, and Frankie and Murdock

had recovered from the shock of having to look for

Face, Hannibal explained that they were going to go on

a surprise party-for it was Tawnia's birthday. Before

anybody could complain, he sent Frankie and BA

shopping for some food and a present for Tawnia…

 Murdock sat down next to Face and observed him

closely, while telling both Hannibal and the

Lieutenant about how he had met his new pet, Paul the

Pigeon, who loved to dance. As he went to the kitchen

to get more coffee, Hannibal used the opportunity to

have a short chat with his Lieutenant. "You shouldn't

have gone out on your own. You're still too weak. Next

time you need some space, tell me, and I'll get them

to give you some more space. Why don't we go for a

walk together tomorrow morning? They won't worry so

much and I can keep an eye on you…Everything is going

to be back to normal in no time..."



It was a long drive to Tawnia's home. They hid the van

and walked up the driveway, Hannibal leading the way,

Face behind him, Frankie and Murdock on either side of

him, and BA at the back. When Tawnia opened the door,

the whole team could barely contain their laughter:

she was in her dressing gown, a pair of fuzzy bunny

slippers, her hair was dishevelled and she was holding

a nail-file in her hand like Norman Bates handling the

knife in Psycho.

"Oh!" was all she managed to say. "Happy Birthday!"

the team said, and Frankie handed a parcel to the

surprised woman. She opened it, and once again said

"Oh." "It's a lava lamp, and I'm Frankie." Mr. Santana

explained. "Oh. Thank you!" replied Tawnia.

The team were still in the driveway, staring at her in

disbelief. Absently, she waved them in. "I have got a

pigeon in my shower and a cement-mixer on my

porch...Some builders just dumped it there, and I

don't need it and it's full of fresh cement...And my

husband's away, and I am THIRTY today..." she

stammered, close to tears. Hannibal smiled, briefly

patted her on the back and nodded to his men. After

Murdock and Frankie had made Face sit on the couch,

handed him the remote control to Tawnia's TV and had

instructed her to stay with him and watch him, they

went to chase the pigeon. Soon,  they re-emerged from

the bathroom: Murdock chatting happily with the pigeon

on his shoulder, BA chasing him furiously, and

Hannibal smiling quietly. Frankie tried to calm BA,

who kept repeating "He's doing it again. The fool' s

still crazy-I knew it all the time...." Murdock went

out onto the porch, and the began to do the Twist with

the pigeon on his shoulder, knocking over the cement

mixer, and spilling the cement all over BA's golden

sneakers. BA began to chase after Murdock...and a

frustrated Tawnia left her house in her ridiculous

outfit, slamming the door and leaving the guys to

celebrate her birthday without her...everything was

back to normal, and Face felt that, after a long time,

he had returned home.






Welcome Home by Black Fire