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Indecent Proposal 1-2

Title: Indecent Proposal

Author: Jasmine

Rated: R

Warning: Some swearing.

Summary: The team must decide if a proposal is worth it. Timeframe: Season 1

Disclaimer: The general story is borrowed from the movie of the same title but this story has a twist. I have not seen that movie so any similarity to it (other than the basic plot) is coincidental. Absolutely no money is made off this so don't sue me. Credit goes to just about everyone BUT the author.



Indecent Proposal


By Jasmine



Part 1


Hannibal felt the hairs tingle on the nape of his neck. This wasn't an ordinary case but he didn't know why. Their potential client had told Mr. Lee that he wanted to meet with the leader of The A-Team alone, explaining that he had a proposition and preferred to make it only to Colonel Smith. Normally he would have shunned the invitation as solo missions were no longer something he entertained, but there was something about the unknown that intrigued him, and since the client's credentials checked out and he wasn't affiliated with the military in any way, he decided to just hear what the man had to say; after all, there wasn't any harm in listening. And that is why he was alone, standing in the lobby of a restaurant, looking past the maitre'de towards the dining rooms.


After several minutes, Hannibal spotted the distinguished looking gentleman sitting in a large booth near the rear of the room. After several quick glances that ensured the man was alone, he walked over and slid in, saying, "I understand that you requested to meet with just me. Why?"


The gentleman was startled at the sudden appearance of the white haired man, but upon recognizing him as Colonel John Smith of The A-team, he managed to say, "Yes, that's right. I'm John Danbury and as I told Mr. Lee, I have a proposition for you." After noticing that the silver haired man made no moves and gave away nothing in his expression, he politely asked, "Would you like a drink?"


"No thank you. What's your proposition?" Hannibal was polite, but also to the point and not much interested in small talk.


"Well, I need one," Danbury said, referring to the drink. He called the waitress over and ordered a shot of whiskey.


Hannibal sat pensively watching him, thinking that if he needed a drink, he hid it well. The man remained poised and confident, displaying designer cuff links on a fitted white shirt inside a tailor-made European cut gray suit; Face would have definitely approved. Even his hands were obviously not the hands of a workingman with their finely manicured nails and smooth appearance. Ironically, Hannibal thought, this type of man was usually the enemy in their line of work.


When the drink arrived, Mr. Danbury calmly picked it up and tipped it, emptying the contents in one quick and, by his expression, painful swallow.


Hannibal had waited long enough and could feel his patience running thing, but just as he was about to say something, Mr. Danbury cleared his throat and said, "I have a proposition for you to consider."


Expressionless, Hannibal said, "I'm listening."


The man cleared his throat again, appearing confident in what he wanted to say. Making steady eye contact, he softly said, "I want to buy Lieutenant Templeton Peck."


Hannibal was completely taken off guard by the statement. "You want to what?"


"I have a 'use' for him, you might say," Danbury smugly added.


Hannibal had heard many a proposition in his day but this one had to rank among the strangest. He felt like he was staring disbelievingly at his table companion but in reality his expression had barely changed.


Danbury couldn't tell what the silver haired man was thinking so he continued, "This Lt. Peck possesses certain talents that I need, and I just figured that if you no longer wanted him that you might sell him to me."


Hannibal realized that this man was serious; he had come here today fully expecting to buy Face. When the absurdity of the request registered, he silently chastised himself for having been intrigued with Danbury's case, it was obviously turning out to be a waste of time. Being hungry himself and not wanting to give this man any more of his time, Hannibal scooted towards the end of the bench to exit, and sneered, "He's not for sale."


Not quite understanding the new tone that the Colonel had taken on, Danbury added, "I will pay you very well for him, Colonel."


"Forget it!"


Hannibal was halfway out of his seat when Mr. Danbury protested, "I'll pay you five million dollars!"


Hannibal stopped dead, half out of the booth and half in. He slowly turned and glared at Danbury trying to decide if he'd heard the figure correctly. If he had, then what kind of a man could produce five million dollars and, more importantly, what would Face have to do to get it?


Mr. Danbury raised his eyebrows and allowed the slightest of curls to reach his lips. "You heard me right Colonel Smith, if that's what you're wondering. I'll pay you five million dollars if you give me your lieutenant."


Hannibal sat back down and stared at the distinguished looking man. The proposition was absurd, and so as it crossed into the area of absurdity, so too did it cross into the area of curiosity. "Exactly what do you plan to do with him?"


With guarded language, he replied, "He'll be used to satisfy some of my clients."


Hannibal narrowed his eyes, using body language to command the man to continue.


Feeling a little awkward under the scrutiny, Mr. Danbury elaborated, "I've had several of my clients drop very strong hints about wanting to be with Lt. Templeton Peck… famed member of The A-Team… con-man extraordinaire… and an extremely handsome young fellow." He paused, hoping he still held the silver haired man's interest.


The information being supplied wasn't anything Hannibal hadn't already heard before and it certainly wasn't enough for him to entertain the proposal. His response was a narrow-eyed glare.


Feeling uncomfortable under the glare, Mr. Danbury realized that Smith wasn't a person to toy with. Concluding that bluntness was the best approach with a man like this, he took a deep breath and said, "Sex, Colonel Smith. I want him to sexually satisfy my clients."


The idea was so absurd that Hannibal couldn't help but laugh. Shaking his head, he started to leave again, smirking, "Lt. Peck is NOT a gigolo, AND… he's not for sale¾"


Knowing he had to prevent Smith from leaving, Mr. Danbury blurted, "It won't be forever, just for a week! One week of his services, Colonel Smith, and you're five million dollars richer!"


Hannibal stopped dead, again. This time, he leaned back in his seat and in a deliberate show of control, he folded his arms across his chest. Before he responded, he allowed his thoughts to wander back over the past month: Face had spent almost every night with a different woman, all were beautiful, and most were rich. Having a different lady each night of the week was a lifestyle his lieutenant was accustomed to, and now he was hearing that Face could get paid five million dollars for doing what comes completely natural to him? Hannibal did all he could to control his amusement, "Let me get this straight…. You want Lt. Peck to meet the needs of a few sexually frustrated women, and you'll pay him five million dollars IN CASH to do it." Thinking this was too good to be true, he added, "What's the catch?"


Mr. Danbury hesitated and Hannibal caught it immediately. "What's the catch, Mr. Danbury?" he toned, deepening his voice and deliberating each syllable.


Almost inaudibly, he answered, "My clients are not all female."


Hannibal's expression dropped and his mood changed.


Clarifying his request, Danbury quietly added, "There are several men who are very interested in him."


To Hannibal, the conversation was over and he didn't need to respond to such a preposterous idea. Very fluidly, he glided out of the booth. Over his shoulder, he could hear Mr. Danbury yell out, "Ask him, Colonel Smith! Ask your Lieutenant what HE would do for that kind of money! You know where to reach me if you change your mind!"


Part 2


"We gotta case Han'bal?" BA grunted from the driver's seat of the van while his colonel was getting in.


"We sure could use one," Face lamented while looking at a notepad and calculating figures. "If we don't get something soon, we're going to have to get legitimate jobs."


BA turned slowly and smirked at his blond haired friend, "You sound as crazy as that foo' Murdock!"


Using his hands for emphasis, Face explained, "I don't mean we'd have to get real jobs, BA. But we are going to have to supplement our income soon." Turning his attention to Hannibal, he reiterated BA's question, "So, what is it this time? Rescuing a damsel in distress? Or protecting a small business from a large corporate takeover?"


"Not quite," Hannibal answered. Normally, he would have simply reiterated the conversation, his teammates would agree that the proposal was absurd, and they'd leave, never to see or hear from Mr. John Danbury again. But his team was anything but normal and with Face's unpredictable ways, he wasn't sure of the best way to go about telling them what Danbury had wanted. After some consideration, he decided he wouldn't mention anything yet; instead he thought a vacation would be nice. "I don't think this one's gonna work out for us, but I was thinking that we could use some time away."


"What!" BA and Face both exclaimed.


Face elaborated, "Hannibal, we've been doing nothing for the better part of six weeks! And you want us to continue to do nothing? Quite frankly, we can't afford to sit around much longer, if we don't get a case real soon, we're going to be robbing banks for real!"


"I just think we could use a break from Lynch. He's been getting a little too close lately and I want to throw him off course a little. Besides, I have some thinking to do about this case."


"I thought it was no good!" BA grumbled.


"I just have to give it a little more thought. Face, spring Murdock and meet us at the Center. I have the perfect place in mind."


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