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By Lacy


Rated: NC-17

Warnings: Thoughts about sex.

Summary: A poem. About sex

Copyright: Loraine Writing INC




The feel of his hands on my skin.

The neediness of his lips.

The feather lite touches of his fingertips.

The waves of pleasure as he enters me.


The rhythms of his hips.

The moans coming from his chest.

The sweat falling from his forehead.

The look of passion I see in his eyes.


The sweet whispers of my name.

The unremembered declarations of love.

I'll remember them,

But he will have forgotten them before the night is over.


The ache that is building.

The need behind every thrust.

The power.

The passion.

The beauty.


Sweet release.

The feeling of emptiness as he rolls over.

The total draining power of this man is amazing.

The comfort as he wraps his arms around me,

Slowly caressing me back to sanity.

The peace I find as I drift off to sleep in his arms.


The feeling of waking up alone.

The coldness that overtakes me.

I look for warmth,

But none can be found.


I replay last night,

Recalling all the words and sounds, the touches.

I know he'll come back,

He always does.

Until then I'll live with my memories.




Memories - Poem by Lacy



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