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Title: Mr

Title: Mr. & Mrs. Templeton Peck, Part 1

Author: Facefreak               

Rating: NC-17

Summary:  Sequel to Deserved Payment.  Face and Christina after the wedding.

Warning:  Very explicit sexual situations between a woman and man. 

The characters from the series ‘A-Team’ and any other characters used from television and film belongs to their relevant owners and is used here only for pleasure (and what sweet pleasure it is!) and not for profit. The same applies to any song lyrics used in the stories. Any similarities with real life characters or situations are unintentional and coincidental (and wishful dreaming!).  Christina Duke and Christopher are creations of the author of this story.   Characters are used from Simon & Simon, Dukes of Hazzard and The White Shadow.  The Monkees are used out of love!


Mr. And Mrs. Templeton Peck


Now that the wedding was over, the wedding night and honeymoon was yet to come.  Face and Christina were very excited.  They had decided to go on a cruise to the Bahamas.  Murdock drove them to the port in San Diego where they were to board a huge cruise ship and set sail for 14 nights.  When they arrived, they had their luggage sent to their cabin.  They now had to say their goodbyes to Murdock.  “Murdock, thanks for driving us here.  We’ll see you in fifteen days.  We’ll miss you” Christina said as she put her arms around Murdock and hugged him goodbye.  “Faceman, you take care of her.  She’s special” Murdock said to Face.  “Don’t worry, Murdock.  She’s in the best of care.” Face assured him as they hugged each other.  They waved goodbye to Murdock and boarded the vessel. 

The ship was huge.  “I’ve never seen anything this large before.  It’s so beautiful,” Christina said.  “Yeah.  It is, isn’t it?” Face smiled.  They found their cabin and walked to the door.  “Aren’t we going in?” she asked.  He grinned and opened the door as he gently grabbed her arm.  “I want to carry you over the threshold”.  She smiled and let him pick her up.  He cradled her in his arms and took her into the room.  She reached behind him and shut the door as he walked over to the center of the room and placed her on her feet.  They kissed passionately.  They looked around and Christina was amazed.  “There’s got to be some mistake.  This room is huge.  I’ve always heard about how small the rooms were.”  She started looking around.  There was a separate bedroom, a bar, whirlpool tub, grand piano and a private veranda.  “There’s no mistake.  This is the Royal Suite.  There’s only one per ship and it’s the largest cabin aside from the Captains’.  Nothing is too good for Mrs. Templeton Peck”.  She cocked her head slightly and said, “Say that again”.  “Mrs. Templeton Peck?” he asked.  She smiled and said, “I love the sound of that”.  “Me too” he said as he kissed her ever so gently.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and touched her wedding rings just to make sure it wasn’t a dream. 

They unpacked their luggage and started to explore the ship hand in hand.  They found a secluded corner on the top deck and looked out over the ocean.  Christina stood behind the guardrail as Face stood directly behind her with his arms wrapped around her waist.  The wind was gently blowing her hair back onto his chest.  He leaned down and gently nibbled on her right ear.  She leaned back into his embrace and wished that this moment could last forever.    “Thank you, Christina,” he said.  She turned around to face him, still in his embrace.  She tilted her head slightly in confusion.  “For what?  I haven’t done anything.” She replied.  He smiled as he gently pushed her hair out of her eyes.  “You’ve made me the happiest man on the earth by becoming my wife”.  She smiled and then kissed him with much passion.  She looked into his eyes and saw so much love that she could not imagine life without this man ever again.  “Let’s go back to the room and finish what we’ve started,” Face said.  He took her hand in his and led her back to the cabin. 

Once inside their room, Face placed the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the outside of the doorknob.  Christina had disappeared into the bathroom to change.  While she was gone, Face poured two champagne glasses with Dom Perrion.  She came out of the bathroom wearing the most beautiful baby pink nightgown with a deep low cut neckline.  Face turned around to face her as he heard her footsteps on the carpet.  When he saw her, he nearly dropped the glasses.  She walked over to him and took one of the glasses from his hand.  He never took his eyes off of her.  She brought the glass up to her lips and took a small sip and then placed the glass to his lips.  He took a sip and then reached for the glass.  After he sat it down on the table, he took her into his arms and kissed her.  She looked into his eyes and softly whispered.  “I’ve always thought that it was important to give yourself to the person that you intend to spend your life with.   That’s why I’ve saved myself just for you.  From this moment on, I give myself to you wholly and completely”.  He was awestruck by what she had just said.  She saved herself just for him.  No one had ever cared for him in that way before.  He wanted her first time…their first time, to be very special.   

“I’ve loved you from the moment I met you and every moment since” Face said as he looked deeply into her emerald green eyes.  She slowly unbuttoned his shirt as her fingers shook with nervousness.  He noticed her shaking and took her hands in his and kissed them.  “Relax.” Face whispered.  She quietly took a deep breath and slid his shirt off of his shoulders.  She ran her hands up and down his chest as he kissed her ever so softly.  He lightly licked the side of her neck and she felt herself becoming more comfortable.  She let out a small gasp as he continued down her neck and onto her shoulders.    Her hands found their way to his belt and she managed to get his dress pants down to his ankles.  He stepped out of his pants and then slid the straps of her nightgown off of her shoulders.  He was amazed at how soft her skin was.  He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bed.  They kissed as he laid her down on the bed.  He then completely removed her nightgown and stared at her.  “You’re so beautiful.  I can’t believe that you’re my wife.”  She closed her eyes as he kissed every inch of her body.  Her soft and fragrant skin captivated him.  She smelled just like honeysuckle.  All she could think about was how much she loved this man and how happy he was making her.  ‘So this is what true love feels like’ she thought to herself. 

Face gently trailed Christina’s body with delicate butterfly kisses as Christina arched her body to meet his mouth.  His mouth found her innermost spot.  His tongue flicked up and down and darted inside sending shivers over her body.  She heard herself whimpering like a small puppy.  His finger gently rubbed her clit to the point that she was almost thrashing around.  He inserted a finger into her moist canal.  She was amazed at how much pleasure one man could give.  As his finger pushed in and out of her, his other hand gently massaged her breast.  He teased them by lightly rubbing her nipples between his finger and thumb.  ‘This is incredible’ she thought.   

She wanted to please him as much as he was pleasing her.  She gently pushed him on his back and then lowered her mouth to meet his.  Her tongue explored his mouth as her hands slowly slid down his chest.  He let out a small groan of pleasure as her hands caressed his shaft.  She planted tiny soft kisses up and down his manhood and then took him completely into her mouth creating a suction that almost sent him over the edge.  His body involuntarily shivered with delight as his hands ran through her silky straight black hair.  She encircled the head of his shaft with her tongue while gently caressing his sac.  He could no longer take it.  He lowered her on her back and kneeled above her.  With his left knee, he carefully separated her legs to meet his desire.  He lowered himself on top of her and entered her.  She felt a small twinge of pain, but she was so lost in her love for this man that the pain was the last thing on her mind.  His rhythm was slow.  He wanted this to last as long as possible.  Her hands ran up and down his back, stopping every now and then to look deeply into his eyes.  His mouth covered hers and they were lost in each other’s eyes.  This continued for over an hour and then Face felt himself on the verge of climaxing and slowed his pace.  She was just as close as he was.  Together they climaxed and finally fell asleep in one another’s arms.   

When they awoke, it was around 9p.m.  They decided to take a shower together.  Face lathered Christina’s body with soap as he caressed her.  She was very aroused.  Her head slightly tilted back as his hands fondled her breasts.  He let the water rinse her body and then his mouth covered her breasts.  She in turn lathered his chest and kissed him passionately.  He took her in his arms and held her close; not wanting to ever let her go. 

They got dressed and found their way to the dining room for their first romantic dinner as husband and wife.  They had a table all to themselves.  The table was adorned with a formal white tablecloth with a small pillar candle in the center.  Face pulled her chair out for her as she sat down.   He sat down and just stared at her.  He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her.  The waiter came to the table and introduced himself and took their order.  She noticed that Face was still staring at her.  “What are you thinking about?  You keep looking at me like you want to say something, but never do”.  She smiled as he tried to explain.  “I’m still getting used to being married.  I mean, I’m a wanted criminal and I’m taking a cruise out in the middle of the ocean with no escape in sight.  I must be either crazy or madly in love” he said as he held her hand across the table.  “I’d like to think that you were madly in love.  I think we can relax.  I don’t look for Decker to go to this extreme to lock you up.  He is human after all.  I’d like to think that he would understand that we need some time alone, that is, if he knows that we’re married”.  Face shook his head in disbelief.  “I never thought of Decker as human.  More like a leech.  Always showing up at the worst possible time.  If he knows that we’re married, then that makes you as much as a criminal as me.  Aiding and abetting, you know?”  She smiled at that statement.  “Do you think I’ll make America’s Most Wanted list?”  He laughed at the thought.  “We’ll find out when we get back home”.  Their food came and they enjoyed every moment of the dinner.  It was delicious.   

After dinner, they walked around the ship exploring every deck.  They were amazed at how big the ship was.  Casinos, exercise gym, beauty shops, and lots of shops were everywhere.  They entered a lounge and ordered some wine.  They sat cuddled up next to each other and listened to the music that was playing by the live band.  Christina laid her head on Face’s shoulder as he cradled her in his arms and kissed her head.  A slow song started playing and Face asked Christina “Could I have this dance?”  She smiled and placed her hand in his as he led her to the dance floor.  He held her close to him as they slowly danced.  Their eyes were locked on each other and they forgot where they were for a brief moment as they kissed passionately.   

They went back to their room and once again began kissing each other as if there were no tomorrow.  Face was very gentle with her but yet so passionate.  They stood in front of the full-length mirror and removed each other’s clothes.  With only the light from the full moon, which shown through the veranda, they held each other close.  Face lightly traced a trail of wet kisses down Christina’s body.  Christina moaned as she arched her body to meet his mouth.  His mouth enveloped her left breast as his hand caressed her right one.  She let out a small gasp as his hands continued to explore her body.  He watched her lovely body in the mirror beside them.  This excited him and her beauty captivated him.  He cleared off the desk beside them and bent her over, placing her stomach on the now empty desk, where she was now looking at their reflection in the moonlight.  She also watched their movements in the mirror, which now was in front of her.  He slightly parted her legs as his tongue made a wet trail from her neck to the base of her spine.  He then entered her from behind and they both watched as he thrust into her.  His hands caressed her breast and she leaned back into each thrust.  They watched intently every move that was made.  It was very arousing to them to watch their reflection.  Face reached in front of her and lightly rubbed her clit.  She moaned with each thrust that he made.  They made love like this for over an hour and then climaxed together.  They were so exhausted that they showered and then fell asleep cradled in each other’s arms. 

To Be Continued…


Mr. and Mrs. Templeton Peck 1 by Facefreak



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