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Title: Smoldering Thoughts: Sifting through the memories 1/

Smoldering Thoughts: Sifting Through the Memories

by Murdock's Crazylady, Susie and Red


Rated: PG-13

Summary: "Attention all patients. CK and Sky have flown. That is all."

Warning: Torment to all patients, including the real team, whom is running this VA, and to all clones (but mostly Face and Hannibal, hehe)

Disclaimer: I don't own the team. Not that I wouldn't mind having Dwight for a big brother though, I do own CrazyKid and Melly, they are my true child side, and Melly is a friend of mine. I sorta own Sky, but Susie owns half too, since it's loosely based on her as a kid.

Copyright: 2001 Murdock's CrazyLady (MCL)

Author's notes : PLEASE send comments. This is my first story of this nature. I know there isn't a real childrens ward at the VA, but in my version, there is. Please bare in mind that this is a fun story and that I am in no way, I mean well...just read it!! (please?!)

This is the sequel to Melly and CrazyKid: The 2 youngest patients/Terrors






Part 1 - Mission accepted. Save Melly commencing.


CK woke up 2 hours later. She yawned and got out of bed. Murdock and Face were still gone, and CK was glad for that as she pulled herself together for what she had to do. Pulling on her Jansport backpack, she gave the room one last look, sighed, and ran out.


As she ran blinded by thoughts down the hall, CK kept telling herself she'd be okay, that things would all pan out.


CK was so busy talking to herself mentally that she didn't see the person walking down the hall ahead of her. CK ran right into her, and fell down, startled out of her thoughts.


The lady stood there and watched CK as she shook her head. "Are you okay?" she looked down at CK and asked. CK held her head a second and looked up.


"I fine. Why doncha look where you goin?" CK asked rudely as she stood back up.


"You ran into me!" The lady replied. CK scowled, mumbling something under her breath. "DID NOT!" CK replied aloud. The lady was shocked.


"Rude, aren't we?" She asked. CK smiled proudly.


"Yes I is, Oh, an cool wings." CK said as she pushed her way by and ran off.


The unknown butterfly winged lady just watched as CK ran down the hall and disappeared.


"And there better not be any dirt on my cape or else!!" She yelled after CK. CK never heard her.




Sky stood by the janitor's closet waiting, with a small backpack on. She had a huge flashlight in her hands, clicking the power on and off in her face when CK ran over to her.


"C'mon." CK said leading Sky back the hall and into the hide spot where the lap top was.


"WOWIE!! how'd you do dis?" Sky asked as CK shoved the laptop's lid closed and pulled out the battery charger's cord from the outlet and shoved it into her backpack.


Shoving the laptop in too, CK got up and went back over to Sky. She hadn't heard the comments about the special room CK and Melly had made in over 3 days time.


"Us gotta get outta here. I gots a map, an I gots a copy of it on my hard disk." CK said pointing to her temple. Sky giggled.


"Hard dwive? dat funny." Sky replied as she gave CK a nod and followed her back out into the hall.


CK lead her to the front of the VA, now only lighted by the security, or burguler lights. It was fairly dark, and when CK and Sky made it to the front desk and hid, Sky clicked her flashlight on and stared at it a few seconds.


As Sky hugged her flashlight, CK pulled out her laptop and plugged it into the desk computer. Seconds later, hacking prevailed and a light beep made Sky jump.


CK smiled at the door codes working and she looked at Sky. "C'mon. Door's open." CK said grabbing Sky's hand. Sky quietly followed behind CK, as they opened the door, went out and ran through the darkness hand in hand.




Murdock, meanwhile, came back and saw CK was gone. He sighed and shook his head, plopping down on his bed. He took off his blue hat and said,


"CK when will you listen to me? When it's too late? I know mom and dad messed you up, but god CK, you're not doing a bad job of doing that to me!"


Murdock's conscience told him his chances of seeing CK again were at the moment, slim and none. And that really hurt, it hurt alot.


Face walked in a few minutes later, and found Murdock with a glazed look on his face. Thinking it was just a moment of 'panic' Murdock sometimes had, and telling Murdock he was there and that he wasn't alone, he helped Murdock lay down.


Face didn't know what was wrong, but soon the whole VA would.


BUT it would already be too late.





CK was having to drag Sky behind her as Sky's fear of the dark over came her. CK soon clicked on the flashlight, and a few seconds of seeing it, Sky came back to life as the dark faded away. Sky ran with CK again, and they were soon 2 blocks away from the VA.


CK stopped and saw a cab coming. Seeing her hail it, Sky nearly lost it.


"A cab?! CK, are you nuts?" Sky asked as the cab stopped, CK opened the door and shoved Sky in.


"Yes, I is Sky. Duh. Mr, we needs the airport." CK said to the driver as she climbed in and closed the door. He nodded and drove them off.


"You never telled me where we was goin, CK." Sky said.


"I'll splain when we get our plane, otay?" CK said in a whisper. Sky reluctantly nodded.


25 minutes later, the cab pulled over at the front doors of the airport and CK paid him, as they got out.


He drove off and CK noticed a look from Sky. She ignored it and walked inside, and got their tickets, she saw that look again. "What?" CK asked as they walked towards the gate for their plane.


CK showed the lady at the gate their tickets and she allowed them to go on down the walkway to the plane.


Sky was quiet, but giving CK that scowling look until they found their seats. "ooh! window! dibs! dibs!" CK yelled, climbing into the window seat.


"Where didja get the money, CK?" Sky finally asked. CK gave her an evil grin.


"Stoled it from grampa's wallet. Where elsed?" CK replied recalling the day before.


Sky gasped. "Dat's bad CK!" Sky said and CK giggled proudly.


"Me knows it!" CK replied.


Minutes later the plane took off, and CK smiled. Sky swallowed, she'd never flown before, so CK held her hand.


Once they were up in the air, Sky went to playing her Pokemon games on her Gameboy, while CK pulled out her laptop and sent a special message to her computer at the VA.


She hacked into her own computer, and stuck a blinking message on her desktop. Afterwards, she put the laptop away and pulled out her CD player.


Putting her headset on, CK took out her Gameboy and played Pokemon with Sky. An hour after playing, Sky fell asleep, still holding her Gameboy.


CK smiled and gently took the toy and saved her game, and then turned it off and put it into Sky's backpack.


Sighing, CK cranked up the volume on her Everclear CD. She wasn't the least bit tired, and she felt like what her song was saying. All F***ed up.




BA trudged down the hall towards W-47, regretting having to do rounds on this hall at all. He sighed and opened the door, utterly shocked that all the lights were out, and everything dark except for the blinking of what he thought was a screen saver on CK's monitor.


BA did a double scan of the room, and saw why it didn't look right. CK's bed was empty, she wasn't on the computer, and nothing even remotely weird or prankiness had happened all day. He gasped and ran for Hannibal's room, where he'd gone to sleep.


BA took a deep breath and opened Hannibal's door. He walked over to Hannibal's bed and shook his shoulder. Hannibal woke with a start. "What now, sergeant?" Hannibal asked. BA told him, and cursing, Hannibal got up and trudged down the hall to W-47 with BA.


Hannibal opened the door and slapped the light on. Face sat straight up in bed, startled by the sudden light shining in his eyes. Murdock just lay there, that same glazed look on his face. He hadn't blinked since Face had helped him to bed.


"What is it, Colonel?" Face asked, as he stole a glance at Murdock. Face yawned sleepily. "CK is missing Lt. Know anything about it?" Hannibal asked, and Face was about to reply when nurse White ran over.


"Hannibal, Sky is missing. We've looked everywhere." She replied.


Hannibal looked at the sleepy LT, and then to BA.


"Well, it looks like we've got two missing Va'ers. BA, call Worf at the NY VA, and tell him what's up. He can keep an eye out, I have a feeling that's where CK is headed." Hannibal said BA nodded as he walked off to make the call.


"New York? Colonel? How would a 4 year old get to New York?" Face asked yawning again.


"She's CrazyKid Murdock, that's how. Get some sleep LT, you'll need it for the trip tomorrow." Hannibal said and Face didn't argue, he went to lay back down when he caught on to the trip part.


"Uh, trip?" Face asked.


"Yeah. A flight to New York, you and me." Hannibal said and Murdock suddenly sat up.


"I gotta go with him, colonel. CK's my sister, my responsibility. I told her to knock this stuff off. Now she's gotta deal with me." Murdock said and Hannibal nodded.


"Face, you and Murdock leave at 7am. Use the company plane, and Murdock, fly careful. Don't let worry or fear cloud you, okay?" Hannibal said to Murdock, knowing both emotions were running HM into a frenzy.


Murdock nodded and lay back down. Hannibal left and Face slammed his face into his pillow. He hated mornings, and 7am was going to come bright and early.



Part 2 - The New York VA and the 2 escapees


A long 4 hours later, CK was in New York, with a sleepy Sky behind her, rubbing her eyes. "Now what? What now?" Sky yawned as she asked. CK took her hand.


"Now we gets a cabbie an gets ta the VA hopsical, dat what now." CK said, as she took Sky with her through the airport terminal. It was pretty much empty, on account of it being almost 2:30 am.


"Ckkkkkkk..." Sky whined. "What?" CK asked as they were nearly to the front entrance of the airport.


"I sleepy!" Sky said, rubbing her eyes again. CK nodded, opening the door.


"We be o-tay. You can saleep in the VA. Jus tay awake till we gets there, o-tay?" CK asked as she saw a cab coming towards her.


Yawning, Sky nodded as CK hailed the cab, he stopped and they climbed in.


"Where to kid?" The driver asked.


"The VA hopsical, please." CK said, and the driver nodded and drove off.


After what seemed like forever later, they pulled up at the NY VA. CK and Sky climbed out, and CK threw 2 fifties into the passenger side window at the driver, seeing them, he didn't ask any questions and drove away.


As he left, CK and Sky hid in the dark. CK pulled out her map from her backpack, and smoothed it out on the wet grass. Reading it, CK knew where to break in.


Shoving the map into her overalls and grabbing Sky's hand, CK took Sky to the other side of the building where a thick pipe ran along the side of the wall.


Looking up at the pipe, CK smiled. Sky looked at CK and shook her head. "NO CK, NO!! NO way!" Sky said, and CK nodded yes.


Sky was soon climbing the pipe ahead of CK, all the way up to the roof. Once there, Sky was near tears as CK used her lap top again to break the door lock codes.


A beep and they were in!


Now calmed down, Sky quietly followed CK, now wide awake. Somehow, she'd decided not to be sleepy.




BA called Worf, but was merely able to leave a message, told by a snobby fat heifer of a nurse that he was too busy to be bothered by unnecessary phone calls.


BA knew Mel must have had another attack. It was the only time Worf refused to be bothered. BA said okay, and left a message for Worf to call him ASAP.


BA put the phone down and sighed. CK was one hell of a kid.




CK and Sky ducked behind linen barrels and hid when orderlies came by. Sky was beginning to get even more afraid, and CK realized it when she heard her mumbling something about Christmas lights.


CK looked up at the door across the hall from where they were hiding, and read the door number. She was about to tell Sky they had to turn around when a hand came down and grabbed the back of CK's overalls!


Sky jut stared as CK dangled in the air, yelling profanities at the 6 foot 2 orderly. He shook his head at her, and turned to Sky.


He nodded for her to come along too and Sky got up, and followed him as the orderly carried CK down the hall like a smelly sock.


"You better putted me down wight now, for I kicks you wight squawe in duh nuts!" CK screamed as she swung at the laughing orderly.


Sky just walked, not saying a word. They were soon on the CW, and Sky's eyes nearly bugged out of her head. Worf was standing out in the hall, talking with a nurse.


CK didn't take notice, and kept yelling. Worf's ears picked up a yell in the distance, one that sounded familiar, and he turned around.


He saw the orderly carrying an angry, swinging child, and saw he had another one walking by his side.


Worf squinted and knew. "CK? Sky?" Worf asked, telling himself he couldn't be hearing right. He excused himself from the nurse and walked over.




Worf's eyes widened and then went into slits as he heard the last comment. He knew it was them now.


"CK! You stop that vulgar language, right now!" Worf yelled. CK stopped and looked at Worf, now speechless.


Worf told the orderly to put CK down and he did, and Sky hid behind her. CK stood quietly, not believing she'd gotten caught already.


"Dammit!" Ck said, looking down. Worf made a face, reached over and took CK by the ear. CK followed, not daring to cuss while he had her ear.


Sky followed, giving Worf an afraid look. He didn't snarl at her, but he did give her the look that meant they were both in serious trouble.


The nurse Worf had been talking to looked at the newcomers. "You know them, Worf?" She asked. Worf nodded as he kept his grip on CK's ear.


"Yes. it seems my phone call was more urgent than I thought. These two are from the Los Angeles VA." Worf said as he glared at the scowling CK.


"How in the world? How did you get here?" She asked both girls. Sky couldn't take it anymore. Rubbing her eyes, she began to cry.


"I wanna go night night, wight now!" Sky yelled, and the nurse felt sorry for her. She took Sky's hand as she gave Worf a nod.


Worf gave a little smile and nodded back as he watched the nurse take Sky into a room. Once Sky's crying had stopped, Worf took his hand off of CK's ear and put it on her shoulder. She rubbed at her ear and looked up at him.


"You and me are going to call the VA and then you are going right to bed, if I have to make the nurse sedate you, you will go to sleep. Understand?" Worf said, and CK stubbornly nodded okay.


Worf walked her to the nurses station and sat her up onto the counter. Worf dialed the number, got BA, and after a minute or two, he handed the phone to CK. CK took it and was soon teary eyed and speechless.


Worf watched, and he'd had no idea who'd said what, or what they'd said, but he knew it had to be bad. Otherwise, CK's eyes would be dry, and a proud smile would replace the quivering top and bottom lips.


CK handed the phone back to Worf and BA was on the line. He was asked to keep an eye on CK, and Worf said he would before hanging up. He got CK down, and she led the way back down the hall.


Worf turned the corner and knew the nurse that had Sky was down there somewhere. He found her and knocked on the door. She opened it and saw CK now speechless, with Worf. "Is there an extra bed?" Worf asked.


She nodded and pointed behind her. Worf walked CK in and put her into the bed. CK took her backpack and shoes off, and lay down.


Worf covered her and reminded her about staying in bed. CK rolled over with her back to him and Sky, ignoring him. She had worse things to worry about. Worf and the nurse left, turning out the lights and closing the door.


Once they were gone, Sky rolled over facing CK's back. She heard CK's sniffling and knew she was crying. "CK?" Sky said very quietly. CK didn't answer.


"What happen?" Sky asked again. "I...don't...don't...wanna...go..go home." CK replied as she quietly cried. Sky heard her, and she knew what ever had happened must have been bad, or else CK would never ever cry.


Sky swallowed, closed her eyes, and went to sleep. CK followed her an hour later, after crying herself out.




BA let Face knew about the phone call, and he was relieved that he and Murdock didn't have to leave. Worf was going to bring both of the girls back with him the next afternoon when he returned. Face wasn't happy to hear the rest, like the reason miles away, CK had cried herself to sleep.



Part 3 - Oblivious to the world


7am found CK, Sky and Worf on a plane back to LA. CK had been informed of Mel's death that morning, and she was so shocked, she hadn't cried or even talked since. Sky was busy sleeping, plus she hadn't known Mel like CK had.


The whole 4 hour flight, CK was quiet and hardly blinked. Sky even slept through the landing, and then Worf woke her up to leave the plane. Worf took both of them from the plane, out of the terminal, to a car in the airport parking lot.


During the drive, CK and Sky, now wide awake, were quiet. The final stop in the VA parking lot made Sky gasp. she was holding in tears as Worf helped her and CK out of the car. Sky was ready to grab his leg, but she took his hand instead.


CK merely stood by the car, then followed when they started off towards the doors.


Inside, everyone was waiting for them in Hannibal's office. Worf had been asked to meet there when they arrived. With a nearly crying Sky, and a blank faced CK, he went into the office.


Worf felt Sky squeezing his hand, and looked down. She was staring right at Hannibal, whom was behind his desk, looking at them.


"What, no. What in the hell did you think? Did you honestly think you could bring him back here? What in the world..I can't even talk..What do you have to say that might, might, save your hides?" Hannibal asked, while everyone else was quiet, including Murdock, whom was looking at his sister.


"Well? CK?" Hannibal asked. CK continued to stare at the floor, with an unblinking stare.


"Sky?" Hannibal asked. Sky hid behind Worf and said something about fast cars being purple and green, and Hannibal knew she was way over due for her meds.


"I were tryin ta hewp CK! not wanna be in twouble!" Sky said from behind Worf. Hannibal looked at Worf as Sky began to mumble about Christmas lights again.


"Take her back to the CW. She's way overdue for her meds. I'll deal with what to do with her later." Hannibal said, and Worf nodded. Sky gave the still blank CK one last look before the door was closed behind her.


Hannibal was the quiet one now, he knew he needn't say anymore because he'd had an earlier talk with Murdock. Murdock stood, took his sister's hand and left the office with her. CK just followed him, and didn't say one word. She was in her own little world, and she didn't have a clue about what was going on around her.


Not even when a few minutes later, she was back in her own room, and Murdock was yelling at her to explain her actions. "CK, you better talk to me!" Murdock said for the third time. CK was oblivious to the world, and couldn't hear him.


Murdock swallowed and bent CK over his knee. He couldn't believe he was doing this. He'd always vowed he'd never do this, but what else could he do? He was hoping she would yell at him, or even threaten him, but she didn't. He raised his hand, and before he would bring it down, he said, "It's your last chance, speak up!" CK didn't move, didn't protest, or nothing.


Thinking she was stubbornly ignoring him, and went ahead. After a minute of complete silence, Murdock stopped. He hadn't even heard her sniff. He knew that normally one hit from Hannibal would have her yelling like he'd killed her.


He just sat there, trying to decide what to do, thinking CK would get up or at least try to, since he'd stopped. But again, she remained where he'd put her, laying there like a lifeless blob. Murdock got scared, and picked her up, looking into her blank, yet watering eyes.


"CK!" Murdock yelled, shaking her a little. To CK, his voice sounded like waves crashing against the beach at high tide. Suddenly, she could hear part of his voice saying, "...Better talk to me right now, I mean it!..." Then her ability to hear him cut out, and then back in just in time for her to catch, "...Or I'll put you right back and.." Her ability to hear went again.


She was right back to where she'd been earlier, when her hearing and feelings came back. Murdock had gone back to spanking her, when he heard a small, low voice say, "Gone." Hearing it, Murdock looked at the back of CK's head, his hand in mid-air.


"CK?" He asked, so glad to hear her voice, even if it was just one word. "Gone." CK repeated, in the same quiet tone. He stood her back up and looked at her.


"CK?" He asked again. Not looking at him, but right through him, CK repeated the word. Murdock was scared, and he didn't understand what she meant. Squeezing her shoulders, Murdock looked back into her disturbingly wide eyes.


"CK, please don't make me spank whatever's wrong out of you. Please tell me!" Murdock begged. A sudden movement of her eyes going back into focus, and CK snapped out of it, crying at the top of her lungs. Scaring him, Murdock grabbed her and hugged her, CK continued to cry on his shoulder.


CK knew her big brother had spanked her. She knew Melly, her best friend, was dead. She knew she'd run away and taken Sky with her. She'd always known, but she had been so shocked and afraid when she heard the news of his death, that it fizzled her out, and sent her to her own world.


"CK, please, tell me." Murdock asked, and CK began to talk again, but in more of a panic than anything. "Gone..gone..." CK replied, crying. Murdock rubbed her back, trying to comfort her. "Who? what? gone?" Murdock asked. "Mel...Melly, HE'S GONE!!" CK yelled, crying louder. Murdock still didn't understand, and no one had told him.


"Gone CK?" Murdock asked. "He maked fire..he died! HE'S GONE!" CK yelled as her voice began to go. Suddenly her legs went out from under her, and if Murdock wouldn't have been holding her, she would have hit the floor.


Murdock pulled her into his lap and held her a second before he put her beside him on his bed. As he kissed her forehead and listened to her short breaths, he wished someone would have told him, told him before he went and broke his most sacred vow he'd ever made to himself.


Murdock stood up and went to his door, where he was met up with Face, who seemingly knew what was going to happen all along.


"Why didn't anyone tell me about it? I just hit a little kid that's heart broken because her friend dies, and all because nobody tells me? I had to practically beat it out of her, Face!" Murdock said, angry enough to make a fist at his side, but have tears in his eyes. Face put his hand on Murdock's shoulder.


"Hannibal said not to tell you. He knew it would take drastic measures to get CK to even say it. He knew, well, what you did, would at bring her back to at least her normal reality. You didn't do anything a normal person would do, Murdock. I know you, and you wouldn't hurt anyone, especially your little sister. Besides, you know her, and she probably didn't even feel it." Face said, trying to make Murdock feel better.


"If it helps any, I'm sorry you had to find out that way." Face said, realizing Murdock was crying himself. Face gave him a hug, and slowly, Murdock calmed down.


Murdock asked Face to keep an eye on CK while he took a walk to calm down, and Face gave him his word. Murdock walked away, and Face quietly walked over to the sleeping CK.


He took her shoes off and covered her up. As he stood back up from tucking her in, he noticed a slow moving tear away from her cheek. He sat on his bed and softy said,


"Welcome back, CK."



Part 4 - Butterflies can be healers too



The next morning came, and CK hadn't moved from Murdock's bed. She had her eyes open, but only stared at the ceiling. Everyone, including BA and Face, tried to talk to her. Nothing worked, and she just lay there.


Around noon, Hannibal came to see her. He walked in and sat beside her on the bed. He saw CK's unblinking, shocking stare at the ceiling and looked away.


"CK, I know you have been up since you have been back, otherwise your bed would be soaked. I know you can hear me. Don't think that just because you lay there and play dead that you're off the hook. Because you're not, no, not by a long shot. Running away, stealing, breaking out of this VA, and breaking into the New York VA, dragging another child into all of this." Hannibal said sternly, hoping to get a response.


Face had told him about Murdock, and he figured it wouldn't work, but he decided to try it anyways. CK's eyes didn't move, she was in a place where no one yelled, died or hurt.


The same world she'd been in earlier, with Murdock. She again only heard him in bits and pieces, his voice again like the waves. Seconds of voice meant up with her brain, and then nothing.


CK caught a hold of the "dead" statement, and her eyes moved, watering from not blinking so long. She suddenly was awake to the world again, and she sat up. Looking at Hannibal, she felt hatred for the second time in her short life.


"I not playin dead. But Melly is...he's dead an it all you fauwt! ME HATE YOU!" CK said, shockingly slapping him as she got down from the bed and ran out crying. Hannibal just sat there a second before he got up and stood at the doorway as CK ran to the end of the hall and disappeared around the corner.




As she barreled down the halls, CK nearly toppled into the same lady as before. However, the lady heard CK coming this time, and stepped out of her way. CK ran by, crying as she watched, curious, as CK ran into the Children's Wing. Sighing in boredom, she followed, wondering what in the world was wrong.




"What's wrong, Colonel?" Face asked as he turned his head and saw his stunned CO at the doorway. "Where's CK?" Face asked, peering into the room and seeing she was gone.


"Ran off." Hannibal replied, and Face nodded.


He knew there was more to it than that, but he wasn't about to press for more details. Hannibal turned to Face, and got a smile, sort of.


"Where's Murdock?" Hannibal asked. Face said he was off walking to clear his head again, and Hannibal nodded.




The winged lady followed CK to room W-96, where she stayed in the hall. A minute later, she peeked around the doorway, and watched as the child she'd followed sat in the middle of the floor and rocked back and forth.


She didn't know why, but she felt the strong need to go and comfort the kid in the middle of the room. She walked in and very slowly sat down on the floor beside her.


CK didn't notice at first, and just rocked herself. "Hi." The lady said softly. CK heard and looked at her. CK stopped rocking stared at her.


"Wa..Wings?" CK asked, reaching up towards them. "Yeah. Just got em'." She replied. CK put her hand down and sniffed.


Seeing that she had lost the kid's attention, the lady decided to try and talk to her. She felt the confused emotions running wild inside the child, and she felt how scared they were making the child feel.


"What's your name?" She asked, and CK didn't even look up. "C-Tay. CwazyKid Muwdock." CK replied, she felt like crying again, but she held it in.


"My name's Red. You can call me that if you want. Do you, um, come here alot?" Red asked and CK shook her head no as she looked around the empty room.


"No. us used ta meet in us pot nummer 5113. But us not nomore...Us were gweat, but not now..he..he.." CK replied, about to burst. Red couldn't understand, her emotions were so scrambled she couldn't read CK's mind and find out either.


"He?" Red asked, CK nodded yes. "Uh huh. Melly. Him were mine bestest fwiend. Gwampa sended him away an he...he maked fire an locked him him died! him died..." CK replied, as she started to rock again.


Hearing the word 'Fire' brought back memories she rather not think about and quick shook them. Now was not the time to relapse, she told herself.


Red watched as CK rocked back and forth again, something telling her to take a chance. Finally, Red did, holding CK as she slowly calmed down and seemed to feel comfortable in her arms.




Murdock walked and walked. His thoughts were wild like CK's, and he was feeling a bazillion different emotions at one time. As he headed back to his room, he saw someone in his doorway. Wondering what was going on now, he go back and gave Face a 'what's up?' nod.


"CK ran off." Face said, and Murdock quick looked up. "What?!" Murdock exclaimed, but before anyone could answer, Red came down the hall, carrying a sleeping CK in her arms. "CK!" Murdock said, as he turned and saw her with a butterfly-winged lady.


"Shhh..she's asleep." Red whispered to Murdock. Murdock said okay quietly and motioned for her to follow him. She saw Face and gave him a smile as she went past him following after Murdock. He pointed to CK's bed and Red gently bent down to put CK down.


CK felt it and grabbed her neck. Red was surprised, but whispered, "It's okay CK. I'm staying right here." CK must have heard, because she relaxed her grip and Red was able to lay her down. Red smiled as Murdock covered CK and waved her back into the hall. Red gave CK a last look and followed.


"Thanks for bringing my little sister back. She's havin' a bad time right now." Murdock said, and Red replied, "I noticed. I found her in W-96, she told me her best friend died in a fire. Poor thing, no wonder she was so upset." Red looked into the room again as Murdock thought to himself, *yeah, but it's a lot more than just that*. Murdock didn't know what to say.


"I don't feel good. I'm sorry if I sounded rude at all, are you staying with CK, um?" Murdock asked, wondering her name. "Yeah. Oh, I'm Red. I found her and promised her I would be here when she woke up. I don't break promises. That is, if it's okay with you." Red replied, half looking at Murdock, and half looking past him at Face.


Murdock sighed. His stomach had just did a 360, and he felt worse. "Yeah, I can get some sleep without havin to worry then. Thanks Red." Murdock said, as he kissed her on the cheek, yawned, and went back into the room.


He lay down on his bed, and climbed into his covers jacket, hat, shoes and all. Red couldn't believe he'd kissed her, but then she remembered what she'd felt from CK about him, and knew it was just Murdock being Murdock. She watched as Murdock rolled over and was almost immediately asleep.


Then she realized too late that she was staring at Face again, and when Face felt her eyes burning into him, he stared right back into her eyes. Noticing he was looking back at her, Red blushing, quick looked away.


"I'm going to sit with CK. Don't even get any ideas loverboy, I'm here for a great reason too, and believe me, you don't want to find out why. Just a small word of warning." Red said, making like the staring contest had never taken place. Face grinned as he watched her go back into the room and sit beside CK's bed.


Hannibal gave Face one of those Oh-no-not-again-LT looks, and Face shrugged. Hey, could he help it if all women thought he was the goddess's gift to just them??


Red stayed by CK's side while she slept, feeling all the emotions twirling themselves around each other, tightening themselves into a huge ball inside of CK. CK tossed and turned a little, and then was still. Red never moved from her spot.





Worf flew back to New York for the funeral, and then returned to LA the day after. He seemed unusually agitated, so everyone tried to stay out of his way, not even attempting to ask what was wrong.


Only he knew what it was. It was the favor, the one Mel had asked of him only hours before his death. "Please say goodbye to CK for me." Worf still heard it ringing in his ears.


How could he tell CK now?




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