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As Long As You Love Me So

As Long As You Love Me So

By:   emmastark      


Rated:          NC-17

Warnings:    Slash, language.  More slash.

Summary:    It's really cold outside.  It's really cold inside.  Murdock and Face must cuddle up to keep warm.

Notes:  Title is borrowed from the song "Let It Snow."  Posted with much regard for the always inspirational Reverend Roadkill... <g> 



As Long As You Love Me So



It was cold.  Real cold. 


Ice coated the cabin's windows (on both sides), making the weather outside a dark blur.  Wind howled down the chimney and made the fire (small, struggling thing that it was) flicker and snap.  


The four men inside breathed out small gusts of white.


It was cold.


Murdock stared up at the ceiling, wondering if the snow on the roof was heavy enough yet to make it fall in on them. 


Probably not.  Cabin had been standing for fifty years.


Probably wouldn't be much colder if it did.


He shivered and pulled the stocking cap (borrowed from the big guy) down over his ears. 


He could hear Hannibal's soft, steady snoring.  He and Hannibal were both in front of the fire.  Face had got the bed (being the one who'd been tossed in the lake by the bad guys, earlier on).  BA was keeping watch.  More over Face than anything else -- if they hadn't already taken care of Fleetwood's goons, the weather would have stopped them.  Cold.


Murdock shivered again.


He could see BA on the other side of the room, tipped back in his chair and wrapped up in a blanket.  Next to the bed.


Murdock missed Face. 


The other side of the room was way too far away when it was this cold.  The other side of the room was way too far away when Face had fallen through the ice earlier (even if they'd fished him out right away and it seemed like he was okay).  The other side of the room was just too damn far away.


He took a breath (that felt like frost in his lungs) and wriggled out of his sleeping bag. 


The mittens protected his hands as he lifted the pot off the fire and poured coffee into a mug.  He added a couple spoonfuls of sugar and swirled it around a little, then breathed in its warm steam. 


Coffee sloshed over the sides of the mug as he hurried (shivering) over to where BA was sitting.  Damn.  Burning and freezing at the same time.   He set the mug down on the rough hewn nightstand and pulled his soggy mittens off.


BA gazed up at him from out of his blanket cocoon.  "What you doin' up, fool?  S'posed to be sleepin'."


"My eyeballs were freezing open over there, big guy."


"Wouldn't freeze if you shut 'em."


Murdock stared wistfully at the lump of covers on the bed.  "How is he, BA?"


There was a small snuffle from underneath the pile of blankets.  "Cold, miserable, alone..."


Murdock's face lit up in a grin.  "Facey!  You're feelin' better!"


BA harrumphed.  "You both crazy."  He grabbed the coffee off the nightstand and took a tentative sip, then scrunched up his nose and set it back down again.  "Murdock, what you do to mah coffee?"


"Jus' tryin' to sweeten up that disposition of yours, big guy."


BA let his chair tip back to the floor and stood up. "You gonna keep an eye on Faceman?"


Murdock nodded.  "Ain't gonna let him out of my sight this time."


BA pulled his blankets around his shoulders like a cape and walked across to the fire with them trailing behind him. 


Murdock took a quick sip of coffee (which was just right), then rapped his knuckles gently on the lump of blankets.


The blankets lifted just enough for him to slide in, and he wasted no time.  He ducked under them, then snuggled up close to Face.


It was too dark on the far side of the room (under the covers) for Murdock to see Face.  But he could feel Face's breath on his cheek (warm in the cold air) and feel the rough flannel pajamas (standing in, temporarily, for silk) he was wearing.  He reached up and felt Face's forehead.


"I don't have a fever, Murdock.  I'm okay."


"You're still a little cool, muchacho."


Face sighed and snuggled into Murdock's side. "Couldn't Fleetwood have tried to take over a business in Miami?"


Murdock grinned and kissed Face's temple.  "Not many ski lodges there, Facey."


"He could have tried to take over a nice water ski rental place."


Face lay back and Murdock pulled off a few layers of clothes, then wrapped himself around his lover.


Face tucked his cold nose into Murdock's neck and kissed him there.  Tucked his hands down the back of Murdock's long underwear. 


Murdock sighed happily.  He sang softly (as Face's hands made slow circles down his back and over his ass).  "Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful...  As long as you love me so, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."


Face giggled.  "Shhh!  You're going to wake up Hannibal."


Murdock rubbed his nose against Face's nose (Eskimo kisses).  "How you gonna shut me up, darlin'?"


Face pressed his lips against Murdock's.  Hard and wanting and yielding at the same time.  Sweet coffee kisses that left them both gasping in cold air. 


Murdock rolled up on top of Face.  Kissed him on the forehead, then the lips (sweet breath).  He pushed away the thought of Face's pale, blue-tinted skin and how he'd shuddered with the cold when they'd drug him out of the lake.  How he'd laid there, limp, while they tore off his wet clothes and dried him off.


Murdock kissed Face's cheek, and his jaw.  He kissed the hollow of Face's throat.  He unbuttoned the flannel pajama top and kissed the middle of Face's chest (burrowing deeper under the covers), then pressed his ear to the comforting warmth of Face's steady heartbeat.


Face pulled off Murdock's stocking cap and stroked his hands over the wild, dark hair. 


Murdock kissed his way down Face's ribs (feeling the breath beneath, steady and sure), then gently pulled down on Face's flannel pajama bottoms.


Face lifted up a little.  Sighed happily (tiredly) as Murdock's lips closed over his cock.


Heat radiated between the two of them, now.  Murdock curled up around Face's legs (in their little love tent of musty blankets) and breathed Face in.  Sucked gently on Face's stiffening cock and let his tongue tickle the underside.  He slid one hand underneath Face and stroked his fingers carefully against the sweet place there.


Face moaned.  Threw back his head.


Murdock took Face's cock deeper into his throat.  The slippery salt taste of Face slid along his tongue and he reached up and stroked Face's balls. 


He slid a finger up into Face (Face was breathing hard now), and stroked the tip of it against Face's prostate. 


Face gasped. 


Murdock ran his mouth up Face's cock, then slowly, tantalizingly down... 


Face's hips lifted and his entire body jolted with orgasm. 


Murdock's mouth filled with sweet warmth and he swallowed it down.  He rested his cheek against Face's hip. 


Face shifted, and Murdock let his finger slide out of his lover. 


Face sighed softly.  "Come up here."


Murdock kissed his way back up Face's body.  Cuddled against him, wrapped himself around him.  Rubbed noses again.


Face moved a little (trying to reach down for Murdock, reciprocate). 


Murdock pressed Face's hand back into the blankets. "Go sleep, baby."


Face kissed Murdock (even tired, Face could take his breath away).  "Don't want to leave you out in the cold..."


Murdock let Face settle his head on his shoulder.  Smiled up into the dark and watched their breath rise white by firelight.  "I'm nice an' warm now, Facey.  Long as I got you."





As Long As You Love Me So by emmastark



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