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You Just Never Know You Just Never Know
by Nethveste

Rating:NC-17 (thought the first few chapters are only PG) Warnings: Violence, Angst, Mental and Physical Torture, Discussion about Abuse of a Minor, Rape, and Death of some Characters (not any of the guys) Disclaimer: I do not own the A-Team and I neither make, nor intend to make, profits from this story. Any resemblance to real life stories is accidental.

Chapter One The First Time

Christmas 1984, Las Vegas


That is the first impression Face gets of her. How short she is. Later he would appreciate how well filled out her silver gown is, how shapely her legs, and how kissable her mouth seemed. Following that would be the realization that her smile never quite reaches her eyes, and how out of place she should be at the poker table. But all he could think of now is how short, small, little, even minuet she is compared to the others sitting at his table.

There were five of them playing that night and with the exception of her, they were all regulars at the Wednesday night game. Kit Valdez, the lawyer, was in his usual spot closest to the bar and the booze. Reginald Clay, the accountant, sat nervously fingering his cards, having once again lost more than what he brought to the table, and Gene Tompson, the banker, sat with his cards face down on the table and his fingers clasped in front of him. Kirk Jackson, the linebacker, was taking up almost half of the table and Face wonders if he hits as hard as his size stated he would.

Face shakes his head and returns his eyes to his cards. "Three Kings," he thinks and then mentally tallies the pot and smiles inwardly. "Just enough to build the new play-ground at the home. The kids would be ecstatic with their Christmas present."

"Your bet. " Face hears from Jackson. "I raised to $500."

Face smiles, "I'll see your 5 and raise you the rest of my holdings. That will be $2500 in all. Your turn, Ma'am." He turns to the woman on his left.

"I meet that bet, sir. Show your cards." Her voice flowed like honey from her lips, containing an accent he didn't recognize. And like all the other times she had spoken that night he felt she was speaking only to him, and the smile, well it curled his toes.

"Too rich for my blood. I'm out." Kit states as he throws his cards down and takes his last swallow from his beer.

" That puts me out, too." Reginald stands and puts his coat on. "Got to head home guys tell me who won the pot, and I'll bring the IOU money for them next week. It was a pleasure playing with you, Ma'am." With nods and smiles from the rest of the table he turns and leaves the bar.

" I'm out as well." Tompson grimaces.

"Me, also. Guess it just the two of you." Jackson was getting a kick out Face's position.

Face just smiles as he lays out his cards, actually feeling a little guilty about the amount of money he was taking form the unknown woman. But, he reasons she knew the risks when she placed the bet.

The woman frowns when she sees the three Kings and sighs as she says, " Oh, Damn. Three of a kind, huh. That's all I've got, too."

Face just smiles sympathetically as he reaches for the pot.

" Of course mine are all Aces, " she smiled as she places the cards, face up, in front of her.

Face is actually shocked. He had never before walked away from this table with less than he started, and tonight he would be walking away with nothing not even his starting cash. He looked closely at the woman who had cleaned him out with one hand. She sat quietly stacking the cash; making sure every president was facing the same way and that all the denominations were left to right and largest to smallest. She looked up when she was done, gives him a wink and scoops all the cash into her large purse, with a little laugh.

Face rose when she did, held out his hand and said to her, " I have never enjoyed being beaten so very much. May I at least know who it is that won?"

She ignores his hand and replies, " I got the impression you never enjoy getting beat, sir. And yes you may know who it is that won." Then she turns and leaves the bar with out once glancing back. Face follows.


Outside the woman hails a cab with a female driver. Face makes a note of the plate number belonging to the cab that carries the woman away. He lights a cigarette takes one puff and drops it to the curb lit. He pretends not to notice the black and red van that follows the cab from the bar; he then goes back inside to talk to the team's latest target, Gene Tompson.

The cab drives to an all night coffee shop. Hannibal watches her buy a paper and a coffee through the binoculars from his position at the end of the street. He never sees the piece of paper she leaves lying on the counter top. She climbs back into the cab and they head north.

The woman directs the cabby to drive around town for three hours. When satisfied that the van, which had followed her from the bar, had gotten lost she directs the cabby to a rundown sleazy motel. She pays the cabby out of the money filled purse and stumbles tiredly into a rented room, only to grimace at the snoring coming from next door. Three AM was the time her flight left the airport, and it was one already. Shaking her head she wriggles out of the too tight dress and steps out of the too tall heels as she heads to the bathroom. She is not surprised at the freezing temperature of the shower.

After having washed off all the makeup the woman slips on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, Puts on some running shoes, and throws the rest of her belongings in the tiny suitcase on the floor. She puts on a pair of silk gloves then wipes every surface of the room with a set of cloths and puts the cloths in her purse.

She leaves the door unlocked and with out removing the gloves drops the key in the night drop box. She climbs into a gray Ford Taurus and drives to the Airport. There she repeats the procedure with the car and drops it's keys off at the all night return desk. She then walks to the end of a tarmac and climbs aboard a small two-engine plane. With out a word the pilot taxies down the runway and flies her out of Las Vegas.

Chapter Two -- Perfect Timing

The team was in Las Vegas to collect evidence of counterfeit money laundering. After arriving, they had learned quickly that Mr. Tompson was a poker player and that every Wednesday he played with a regular group. Hannibal quickly surmised that Tompson would use the game to pass off the currency in exchange for good bills. This put Face as the point person since he was the best poker player.

Unlike most of them, the plan this time was fairly simple. Face was to play in the weekly game, collect some of the money, and turn it over to the FBI who will pickup the banker. Face was also to identify the person to who the money was passed so that BA and Hannibal could follow him to his drop off point.

Face had worked his way into the weekly game by flashing large amounts of money about Las Vegas. It took three weeks for their target to take the bait. It had been another three weeks while Face waited for some of the funny bills to be used in the game. Tonight should have been the last night he had to play. Tompson had started passing the counterfeit money from the first hand.

Face closes the door behind him and sighs inwardly at the thought of the young woman being a member of the enemy. He then walks to the bar where Tompson is nursing a beer to Tompson and says, "She's pretty good. What's her name?"

Tompson looks up from his beer, frowns and replies, "I have no idea, I thought you brought her."

From the wild look in Tompson's eyes Face realizes that whom ever the woman was she was not Tompson's contact. This worries Face as he has sent the rest of the team to apprehend her. However, Face is intrigued by the woman who worked her way into the private poker game with out letting anyone know her name. Every one of them believes someone else had brought her.

Through out the entire conversation Tompson looked nervous and uncomfortable. Finally he burst out, " Well I think we should be more careful, I don't like losing that much money to just anybody." He drains his beer and stalks out of the bar.

Face leaves shortly after, only Tompson had gotten upset about the woman's treachery. The others, while sad at the loss of the money, had thoroughly enjoyed the game and found the encounter to be rather funny. Face walks several blocks to the corner he was supposed to meet Murdock at. Thinking over everything he had learned about tonight.

Face walks to a black and white cab and climbs in. As the car starts to pull away from the curb, the driver, Murdock, greets him. "Hey Faceman what's got you looking so blue?"

Face sighs the guys would never let him forget he lost poker to a woman. "I lost Murdock. All the counterfeit money went to a strange woman who joined us tonight."

Murdock smiles, "Tompson's contact? I thought we had Valdez pegged for that?"

"No Murdock she was just a new player tonight. But I don't think Mr. Tompson's employers are going to care that she wasn't supposed to get the money. They are going to find her and get it back. To make matter's worse I sent Hannibal and BA off to get her. I didn't know she was a civilian until too late."

"Oh dear. I'll call in, maybe they haven't picked her up yet." Murdock reaches for the fancy cell phones Face had scamed for the team.


Hannibal picks up the phone on the second ring, "Kit n Pooch 24 hour Pet supply store, How may I help you?"

"I'm sorry I was looking for the church? Do you know the number?"

Hannibal replies, "I believe that number is 1037 same prefix, but they won't be open till 9:45 am."

"Oh thank you. I'll try at that time."

Murdock hangs up the phone and glances at Face in the mirror. "Hannibal says things are fishy with the woman. He's going to tail her anyway. We'll meet up at the secondary Hotel at 5:00 am and he'll fill us in."

"Good enough, Know any all night restaurants? I'm starving, all they serve at that bar is peanuts," Face says.

"Sure there is an IHOP near the Hotel we should have just enough time to eat before meeting up with the Colonel."


Hannibal was bothered. It was clear from the hours of driving that the woman knew she was being followed. He finally had BA pull over and Hannibal acquired another vehicle. BA then pulled off their target and an hour later Hannibal followed her to a sleazy hotel. Thirty minutes later she left. Hannibal called BA and told him to check out the room and followed her to the airport. He watched as she wiped the car inside before returning it at an all night desk. She then walks to the end of tarmac where she boards a small plan that immediately takes off.

Hannibal goes back to the rental she had and checks it out. Though impressed at her thoroughness, he is a little disappointed that he finds nothing. He takes his "borrowed" car back to it's parking space and wipes it clean. He then hails a cab to take him to the Hotel.


At 5:00 am Hannibal sits on the end of his bed in their hotel suit with a lit cigar and listens to his men's reports. Face relates the loss of the game and the individual reactions of the other players. "Personally, Colonel if she was Tompson's contact he didn't know it. Or so it seems to me."

Hannibal takes the stogie out of his mouth and says, "BA, you find anything at the room?"

BA replies, "Man that room has never been cleaner. She wiped everything and even took the cleaning stuff with her. Not even so much as a spec of dust or a partial fingerprint."

Before Hannibal can make his own report the phone rings. Hannibal looks at the rest of his team, which shake their heads, non-of them had given out this room. To Hannibal that mean's only one person could be calling them, Stockwell.

Hannibal picks up the phone, "Fish 'n Chips, How may I help you? ... Yes I understand. ... No problem. ... We were glad to help."

Hanging up the phone, Hannibal turns to the team. "Well who ever she was no longer matters. Our employer just thanked me for getting Thompson arrested by the FBI."

The other team members look first at each other and then back at Hannibal with confused expressions.

Face says, "We didn't send the FBI after him."

Hannibal stands up and says, "Well someone did. They picked him up this morning. He's been singing like a canary since about 4 AM according to the client. Any way he said good job, and if we ever need parking ticket fixed to please call. Looks like our case is over."





You Just Never Know by Nethvester