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Title: Driving By Moonlight

Driving By Moonlight

by Alanda


Rating: PG-13

Warnings: A little language; I do want to add this warning- what I am about to write about is VERY stupid to do. Don't attempt it. Don't even think about attempting it. I was lucky I was not killed a few times doing this little stunt. There. You've been warned.

Disclaimer: I don't own them.

Copyright: August 30, 2001





The job was going well. They had been hired by a farmer in north Alabama to help him keep his land from some developers who wanted to buy cheap, and turn it into a subdivision.


The last afternoon the team was standing around talking to the farmer when he mentioned he had something in the barn that might be of interest to the men. With a twinkle in his eye he led them out to the barn and took an old cover off of a car. He looked at them and grinned. "How do you like that?"


Face looked at the others. Apparently there was something special about the car, he just couldn't figure out what.


"Oh dear God! A 1969 Plymouth GTX!" Where did you get this?" Murdock asked excitedly.


"I bought it about two years ago. It's in mint condition. The motor purrs better now than it did when it came off the line."


B.A. had already popped the hood and was looking at the engine. "This is a fine piece of machinery."


Hannibal grinned at his men huddled around the car. Sometimes he forgot how young they could be. "Come on B.A. We have to get the van ready to leave tomorrow."


"O.K. Hannibal." B.A., Hannibal and the farmer walked out of the barn.


"I can't believe he has this! It looks great!" Murdock was still looking at the car like a kid in a candy store. He turned to Face, "Isn't it great?"


"Yeah. It's nice."


"Nice? Nice? Face, what is wrong with you? This is one of the fastest cars to ever hit the road! This was every boy's dream when I was growing up! Murdock got a far away look in his eye. "This car would have been great for DBM on the weekends."




"Driving by moonlight."




Murdock turned and looked at Face. He noticed Face was staring a hole in the ground. "Something wrong?"


"'ve just never understood guys' fascination with cars. That's all."


"You never drag raced or anything?"


"No." Face sighed and finally looked at Murdock. "It wasn't until I was at college that I learned to drive."


"Are you kidding?"


Face shook his head slowly.


"Oh." Murdock turned and looked at the car again. "Well...that's too bad. There is nothing like tearing down some dark country road on a Saturday night with the radio blaring your favorite songs, parking by the river, drinking down a six pack of cheap beer, and talking to your friends about the future." He turned back to Face. "I'm sorry you missed that."


Face grinned slightly. "Yeah. Me too." He turned and walked back towards the house.


Murdock watched him go and then turned to take one last look at the car. He ran his hand gently down the side and suddenly grinned, a plan forming in his head.


Murdock pretty well avoided Face for the rest of the day. 'Who can blame him?' Face thought bitterly. 'I guess this is when he realizes we really do have nothing in common.' The thought depressed him. Some of his happiest times had been with his best friend. Lately though, Murdock had been acting strange towards him. 'Did I let it show?' He thought back to the past few months. 'No. I'm pretty sure I haven't.' He groaned inwardly. 'One day I'll work up the nerve to tell him how I really feel. But not today.'


Face was sitting at the desk that evening doing some paperwork. He had even had time to come up with some sound investment opportunities for their client. Murdock came and stood beside him, grinning big. Face looked up at him.


"What is it Murdock?"


"You have some free time?"




"Good. Come on. I have a surprise for you."


Face sighed and followed Murdock outside. There sitting in the driveway was the GTX. He looked at Murdock suspiciously. "What is this doing here?"


"Thought we'd take it for a spin."


Face looked up at the farmer who was standing on the porch grinning big. "You two boys have a good time tonight." With a last wave of his hand, he went back in. Face sighed and started to get into the driver's seat.


"Uh...I don't think so Facey. Tonight you're a passenger."


Face slid into the passenger seat and sighed again.


Murdock laughed and took something from the backseat. "Oh quit sighing like that. Here. Loosen up and have a beer. Oh. And uh...buckle that seatbelt." Face glanced at Murdock and felt fear slice through him. Murdock looked like he did when they were about to fly. "Oh shit!" Face thought to himself. He had just opened his beer when Murdock took off out of the driveway, fish-tailing and spinning gravel.


"This thing is awesome!" Murdock shouted. Face was too busy saying prayers and drinking his beer to respond. He sneaked a peek at the speedometer and immediately wished he hadn't when he saw the needle inching towards triple digits. Murdock was laughing like a maniac, having the time of his life. Soon, Face was laughing right along with him. He wasn't sure if it was because he was getting use to Murdock's driving, or the fact he had just popped open his third beer.


The two men turned down a dark deserted road with trees hanging mysteriously over the road. Murdock had slowed down to about 65. Face had slowed down on his fifth beer.


"This is Wilson Mountain." Murdock said. He stopped the car and glanced at Face. Shall we do a little driving by moonlight?"


"I don't know about that."


"Have I ever let you down before?"




"Well Face, trust me."


Face turned and looked at Murdock. Murdock was staring intently into his eyes, looking very sane. "You just have to trust me." he whispered.


Face nodded and sat back in the seat. Murdock grinned big. "Here we go."


Murdock started off doing about 45 in the car with the lights still on. Face had just started enjoying the breeze through his hair when Murdock suddenly shut off the lights and downshifted. The car burned rubber through the night and took off for parts unknown. By the time it was over, Face was laughing his head off. Murdock pulled off onto the side of the road and watched Face. It had been a while since he had seen the con man this loose. He grinned, turned the lights back on, and headed back down the road at breakneck speed. He turned onto an old paved road that quickly turned into a gravel road. It occurred to him he had found a lot to smile about during this strange evening.


"Now what river is this?"


"The Tennessee River."


"But we're in Alabama."


"That's right."




"Welcome to the South."


Murdock's dry humor had caused Face to double over in laughter. That humor combined with the beer had made him more open. Murdock loved to see Face like this. They had got out of the car and were now sitting on the bank of the river.


"Hey Murdock, is there anything you don't know?"


"Not much. I even know secrets on all the team."


"Oh yeah? Like what?"


"Uhm...Hannibal likes chocolate ice cream, hates cats, and whistles when he's nervous."


"What about B.A.?"


"B.A. likes Mozart, toy trains, and hates dogs."


Face sat there in the quiet for a moment, and then said softly "what about me?"


Murdock continued looking over the water. He took another drink of the beer and said, "You always put your right shoe on first, you're allergic to wool, blue is your favorite color, you prefer vanilla ice cream with a caramel shell, you love old movies and silk ties and..." Murdock hesitated.


"And?" Face repeated.


Murdock turned and looked him in the eye for a long minute and finally whispered, "And you've been in love with me for about 15 years."


Face sat in stunned silence. He struggled to get up and move away from the intense eyes, but a hand on his arm held him captive. Face lowered his eyes as they filled with tears. He was humiliated. The one person he had loved had totally humiliated him. He just wanted to go crawl in a hole somewhere and lick his wounds.


"Face? Face, look at me." Murdock knew Face was embarrassed. On some level he knew he had done that on purpose. He was a little put out with the man for holding this in for so long. Murdock had been through his own agony. It hadn't been until a few months ago that he figured it out. When he had reluctantly spoken to Hannibal about it, the leader had grinned.


"Thank God. B.A. and I thought you would never figure it out."


"Why didn't he tell me?"


"Fear of rejection Captain. Face has had so much rejection in his life, I think he couldn't bear to think of you doing the same."


Murdock nodded as he thought about what Hannibal had just said. He looked him in the eye. "I would never reject him," he had said softly.


"Then tell him." Then Hannibal had walked away and not mentioned it again.


Murdock thought his heart would break when Face finally lifted his head and looked at the pilot. "Murdock, please don't hate me. I'm sorry. I don't want to lose your friendship. I can't lose your friendship. Maybe we should just go home." Face moved to get up, and felt Murdock stop him.






"Look at me."


Face sat back down and looked into Murdock's eyes. For the first time, he really looked into his eyes. What he saw surprised him.


"Do you see that?" Murdock asked softly.




"Do you know what that is in my eyes?"


"No." Face whispered softly. "I've never seen anyone look at me like that."


"That is pure love. All for you." Murdock said the words so assuredly, so plain that Face felt the wind being knocked out of him. Murdock softly ran his hand across his cheek, and pulled him closer. Face took a deep breath just as Murdock gently kissed him on the lips.




'Oh my.'


'Oh...this is love. This is love being returned. This is what I've heard about.'


The thoughts were racing through Face's mind as Murdock deepened the kiss. Face found himself inching ever closer to Murdock, and finally Murdock grabbed him and pulled him to his body.


Face melted.


He couldn't get enough of Murdock. He wanted everything. Right now.


When they pulled apart, Murdock looked at Face and smiled. "Ready to go back?"


"No. Murdock?"




"Hold me."


Murdock laid down on his back and pulled Face to his chest, wrapping his arms around him. Face could hear Murdock's heart beating. As the two laid wrapped up in each other, Face asked one more question.






"Can we drive by moonlight more often?"


He felt Murdock chuckle silently as he was kissed on the top of his head.





The End



Driving By Moonlight by Alanda



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