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For We All Have Family Somewhere
For We All Have Family Somewhere
by Anita Squires

Rating: PG
Summary: Takes place in an AU looking at what might have happened if Hannibal had a family try to hide some of the major events that impact on him that he can't share with the people closest to him and how the Face and BA finally become enlightened.
Disclaimer: I don't own them but I did want to play please don't sue.
Warning death of a few minor characters.
Unbeta'd so I really do need lots of feed back if something is wrong or right please drop me a line
Part 1
Colonel John Hannibal Smith was sitting in his tent staring at the piece of
paper bearing the words that made him want to scream 'it couldn't be so,
make it no So!' when his favourite pilot walked in. Murdock knew immediately
something was terribly wrong with the colonel. "Colonel sir it's captain
Murdock can you hear me?" at first the colonel didn't react, it wasn't until
Murdock got closer and tried to take the paper from his hand that something
happened. Dropping the paper he grabbed onto Murdock's arm his eyes not
focus on anything inside the tent. Murdock carefully freed his arm from the
vice like grip and bent down to retire the fallen items. There was a
telegraph and a photo. Murdock read the message feeling sick as he did.
I wish I didn't have to tell you this. Richard was killed in action
yesterday. Our blue eyed boy sacrificed himself to save his men.
Don't blame yourself I don't
The photo was the typical family group shot, Hannibal shoot in the middle
his arm round the waist of a very attractive brunet. On the left a blond
hair young man stood in a pressed Lt's uniform his arm round Hannibal's
shoulder. Murdock could easily see the strong family resemblance between
father and son. In front of Hannibal stood a very young girl her mothers and
fathers arms draped protectively over her. On the back was written Me,
Mary-Margaret, Richie and Peach Blossom and a date. Murdock was shocked no one knew the colonel was married much less had a family
Hannibal was still trying to take in the words. His only son was dad, it
just wasn't possible Richard was the ultimate cat with nine lives. He's
fallen out of the tree-house and walked away without a scratch, he'd
totaled his first bike in a run-in with a fast moving car and only taken
the skin off his nose. He was always getting into scrapes and schemes only
to come out smelling of roses. They were planning to spend the day together
next week. It was the first time they'd managed to get leave in the same
place at the right time. They we're going to celebrate Richard's promotion
and he was finally going to get to show off his wonderful son to the team.
He'd asked Murdock to come over so he could arrange to have Richard flown in
so they could spend more time together. Now one piece of paper and a few
words hand brought that whole plan to a mind-numbing conclusion. He was
never again going to see those sparkling blue eyes that had twinkled with
life from the moment he had been placed in his fathers arms. Hannibal
finally let out an unearthly wail before collapsing in an unresponsive heap
reliving the past 21 years of his son's life.
Murdock watched his commander crumple onto the floor as he started at the
picture of the happy family and the telegram telling of one member's ending.
He hadn't really thought about his family though all his flights into
combat. What would his family think and do on receiving a telegraph telling
them of his death. He guessed they would mourn his passing but nothing like
the way the Colonel was reacting now. He helped Hannibal up off the floor
and over to his bed. He turned away deciding to get a medic to see the
Colonel. "I'll be back in a moment Colonel." He wasn't expecting the hand to
reach out and grab his arm. "Murdock please don't tell anyone about this."
The commander's voice cracked with emotion his eyes pleading. Murdock let
out a reluctant sigh before settling himself down next to the colonel. "Ok I
won't say anything as long as you explain why you called your daughter Peach
Hannibal's eyes lit up "Actually she called Penelope. When she was very
small the whole garden was covered in Peach blossom, she loved to crawl
through it so we renamed her Peach blossom. She's going to be 10 in a few
weeks." Hannibal past across a whole sack of paper covered in pictures and
symbols. "Those are her letters to me it's so if they fall into enemy hands
nobody will be able to translate them." Hannibal continued to talk about his
daughter and her letters for the next half an hour. Murdock was fascinated
to learn about the colonel's secret family and amazed at how artistic his
daughter was. After than Murdock held him while he cried himself out over
the loss of his son. Hannibal finally fell asleep in Murdock's arms. He
carefull6y stashed the letters along with the telegram and photo back into
their hiding place and walked out of the tent. Almost walking into their
newest Lt the blond hair blue eyed Templeton Peck going to see the colonel.
"Come on Templeton the colonel is busy at the moment let's go grab a beer."
He carefully lead the young man away from camp wondering what sort of effect
having someone who looked so like his son around everyday would have on
Murdock was pleasantly surprised to see how the colonel adopted his new Lt
it seemed to do both men some good in healing the wounds. In quieter times
when Murdock was alone with the colonel they got talking about his family
and how they were doing. No-one looking at Hannibal would know the terrible
pain and heartache their colonel was carrying around.
VA Hospital
"Captain Murdock, there's a Mrs Mary Margaret Smith asking to see you. Can I
bring her through?" Murdock instantly looked up form his book, Hannibal wife
wanted to see him. Maybe she had news about the rest of the team. "Please
show her in." Murdock tried to straighten out his rumpled shirt and comb his
hair. He didn't wan to look like a crazy person who my scare the nice lady
"Captain Murdock?" the soft accent made Murdock turn towards the door an
instantly recognisable figure wearing a pretty flora dress stood nervously
on the threshold of his room. "Yes. Please come in Mrs Smith." Murdock
gestured towards the only seat in the room.
"Thank you and please call me Mary."
"Ok but only if you call me Murdock." Murdock tried to tide up a bit more of
the room stuffing some of his clothes into the wardrobe. "I'm sorry for the
mess I wasn't expecting company and the staff don't normally bother me."
Murdock eventually settled on the edge of the bed.
"Please don't fuss I didn't mean to make you nervous." Mary suddenly started
to rummage around in her bag producing several comics laying them carefully
on the table finally she produced an envelope and handed it over. "John
wrote to me from jail, he asked em to take care of you until he can stop
by." There was the twinkle in her eye so evident from the photos Hannibal
had shown him. She obviously didn't think Hannibal would stay in jail
regardless of the verdict. "Is there anything I can get you?" Murdock looked
around his room, he'd been there about a month it was slowly looking more
homely. He didn't really want for anything materials wise what he did miss
was companionship. For the last two years he'd lived with the team 24/7 to
suddenly have long periods where he saw nobody was quiet disturbing. His
family was long gone and the next best thing was locked up unable to be with
him. "I would love to meet Peach blossom and know more about Richard the
colonel spoke about both of them when we were alone. He took great delight
in all her letters."
Mary's laughter was a delightful sound filling the room with light and air.
"Ah Peach blossom, our celebration child." Murdock's face creased with
confusion but before he asked the question Mary continued. "After I had
Richard I lot two children, one miscarried and the other was a still birth
we decided not to try again. John concentrated on his career and I restarted
mine as his secretary. Finally after eight years hard work John made
colonel. We got a little carried away with our celebrations, nine months
later much to our delight Penelope Ann Smith better know as Peach blossom
arrived. Richard couldn't have been happier to have a little sister."
"Can I ask where did you meet Hannibal? I've been trying to place your
accent but you've got me and I'm usually really good at that." The soft lilt
and lack of distinct speech patterns puzzled him.
"I met John when he was stationed in England after the was. I feel in love
at first sight with the blond hair steel eyed over confident captain Smith.
We've moved around so much over here I picked up a general American twang my friends from England always tell me but it never fully developed."
Murdock's curiosity was fired he continued to ask more questions about her
life in England and later life with the colonel. She was full of silly
stories including dressing up as a major so she could surprise Hannibal in
his bed at 2 in the morning. The nights they would hire a babysitter take
off and make out like teenagers under a blanket somewhere. The night they
were spotted by a sharp eyed MP trying to slip off base without a pass and
having to climb a six-foot wall to escape. Such stories had Murdock roaring
with laughter for the first time he could remember. Neither of them noticed
the passage of time until a nurse came to inform them Mary would have to
leave because they were locking up for the night.
"So its agreed then Murdock I'll bring Peach to see you next week and I'll
call in on Thursday to tell you how the other's are getting on." She hugged
him and kissed him on the cheek before floating out of the room. Murdock
felt as if I great weight had been lifted from him settled down to read the
comics Mary had brought.
1 Week Later
Murdock finished running the comb through his hair and checked his
appearance in the mirror he'd changed his T-shirt three times already but
still wasn't happy with it. He was nervous at meeting the apple of
Hannibal's eye. He wondered how like her father Peach was. A soft knocking
on the door heralded the end of his nervous wait. Mary entered first leading
a breath taking stunning young girl following her. Peach was striking not a
classic beauty she had too much of an angular face for that. Her eyes
immediately drew his attention. One was steel grey like her father, the
other was dark brown, both possess an unearthly twinkle. She was tall
willowy for her age. Mary brought him back from his wandering with a touch
on his arm. "Murdock are you alright. You look a little pale their."
"I'm fine Mary I guess I just wasn't expecting her to look so like her
father." She had a ghost of a smile just like Hannibal always had just
before he came up with a plan. Obviously more sure of herself Peach stepped
further into the room and extended her hand on greeting to him. "Captain
Murdock I'm Penelope Smith my father spoke of you often it's a pleasure to
meet you." She shook his hand before reaching in to her mother's bag and
handing a pocket size bear to him. "This is Rupert his twin Samuel went to
war with Richard he'll keep you safe." Murdock took the plaid bear with a
red bow around it's neck. He carefully put the bear in his pocket patting in
on the head absentmindedly as he did so. "Thank you he's perfect." He looked
up quickly at Mary just as surprised at her daughter's action. "Peach are
you sure you want captain to look after Rupert."
"Richard sent Samuel back so I still have him I want Rupert to look after
Captain Murdock, he's never been flying before. You don't mind taking him
flying do you captain?" Murdock was completely lost for words he already
knew unless he was fit he might never fly again. "When I get to fly I
promise to take Rupert with me." TO his relief that answer seemed to appease
her and she wandered off to a corner of the room examine the photos and
other pictures on the wall.
"I'm sorry Murdock I won't have let her come if I'd known she would upset
you." Mary looked across at the little girl now carefully examine a kit
plane. "Don't worry Mary I'm touched by her kindness. I've never been around
a more perspective child. She has a lot of her father in her. Does she know
what's happening to him at the moment?" Murdock noticed Mary flinch slightly
before answering.
"Yes unfortunately it's very hard to hide anything from Peach so I just tell
her everything I know." Mary continued to fill Murdock in on how the trail
was progressing and what was gong on in general outside the wall of the VA.
He noticed at some point during their conversation Peach had moved from the
corner and was now listening very intently to them. Their conversation had
wandered on to Richard and the telegraph that Mary sent to Hannibal about 5
minutes previously, Murdock immediately tried to change the subject to spare
Peach any shock of hearing about her brother death. "It's ok Captain I
already know Richard is dead he was shot by a sniper aiming for his colonel.
He got a Purple Heart of his act of bravery." Peach showed no outward signs
of grief over her brother's death but physically pulled back when he tried
to take her hand.
"Peach Blossom I need a minute alone with Murdock would you mind waiting me in the car." Murdock noticed Mary didn't touch her either in-fact from the
moment she had entered the room besides the handshake she hadn't touched
either of them and been very protective of her private space. Murdock turned
back to Mary expectantly. "I'm sorry about her reaction its nothing
personal. Peach was very ill a few years back in order to find out what was
wrong she was hospitalised they ran hundreds of test most requiring the
insertion of needles, drips and constant prodding and poking. After she came
out she hated anyone touching her when she wasn't expecting it." Murdock
didn't know how to respond to that Hannibal had never said anything about
Peach being ill. "I didn't know is there anything I shouldn't do around
"No just act naturally she likes you already." Mary smile reached her eye's
Murdock saw genuine affection direct towards him. "Now I'd better go and
catch up with her or she'll have re-tuned the radio to the most terrible new
music. I'll ring you in a few days to see how things are going." Mary kissed
him on the check again before she left depositing more new comics on his
desk. Murdock patted the bear absentmindedly on the head and set him on the
edge of the desk.
The team's first mission
As Murdock was about to leave the room he turned back grabbing Rupert from
the desk. Mary had been so excited when she phoned to tell him of the escape
and he was really looking forward to seeing them all again. As he climbed up
into the van Rupert fell from his pocket Hannibal immediately picked him up,
there was an unspoken question as he handed Rupert back. Hannibal obviously
recognised the bear. "He's called Rupert and I promised to take him flying."
BA muttered something about not ever wanting to fly again. Hannibal just
caught his eye understanding finally drawing. "Just be careful he doesn't
get lost." That was as close to acknowledgement as Hannibal could make,
Murdock easily heard the unspoken statement and acceptance of the situation.
Murdock carefully tucked Rupert back into the jacket patting his head for
Part 2
8 years later
Murdock was enjoying a quiet afternoon watching an old Cary Grant movie just
as he got to the point where he kisses the girl and walks out when a news
flash cut in. "We interrupt your regular viewing to bring you breaking news
of a 25 car pile up on the main LAX turn off. We now got live to the scene
with out reporter Ken Healey." Murdock was about to change the channel but
something on the screen behind the reporter caught his eye. Murdock looked
closer at the number of the car sticking out from under the jack-knifed
truck that had caused the pile up. Murdock suddenly felt the whole world
reduce down to nothing more than that number plate. He'd reached for the
phone and was dialing the number of Hannibal's latest flat before he
realised. His heart almost stopped when BA answered the phone. "BA where's
"He's in the kitchen. What do you want foo'?
"Hannibal I need to speak to him right now please BA just get him for me."
Murdock was getting frantic as the reporter announced there was at least 1
fatally injured at the scene and four more people seriously injured one was
being flow to hospital as the reporter continued to drove on about delays
and alternative routed. BA must have heard his panic and summoned Hannibal
complaining about the dam crazy fool. " Hey Captain what's so important you
had to call me away from lunch."
"Sorry Colonel no time to explain turn the TV on see if you can find
something on a pile up at LAX I saw Mary's car in the wreckage. They've
taken the injured to hospital. I'll meet you there." Murdock put the phone
down pulled on his jacket and started walking towards the front door feeling
in the pocket for one of the many forged day pass Face had made up for him.
He flashed it as he walked past the reception not stopping even to
acknowledge his fellow patients trying to determine the quickest way to the
hospital. He walked round the corner from the VA and hailed a passing taxi.
"LA County General and don't spare the horses." Murdock sat back trying to
prepare himself for the worst case scenario wondering how Hannibal was
copping with the news.
Across town in the new apartment Face had scammed for them BA was staring at their leader. He handed the phone over after the foo' had asked but stayed
close by as Hannibal had started frantically flicking through the TV news
channel suddenly he stopped the colour draining from his face and the remote
slipping form his hand. Hannibal easily picked out his wife distinctive car
number plate and the sticker under it proclaiming "I may be insane but its
better than being mad." Peach's addition to the car when she past her
driving test and was allowed to borrow the car for the first time. She had
never said anything but he was sure it had come from Murdock and he had
accompanied her on her maiden trip.
Hannibal felt as if a black hole had appeared in the floor at his feet and
he was being pulled down into it. In all his despair a clear crisp voice
broke through. "Our Peach still needs you John. You can't fall part now my
love." Hannibal shook his head and the black hole disappeared. He carefully
set his face before turning back to BA and face who had been summoned from
his room. "Ah face I was just about to call you through. I need to borrow
the 'vette." He waited impatiently for the very bemused Lt to hand over his
keys before going to his own room to pull out his going home disguise.
Checking his moustache was straight one final time he packed his overnight
bag and headed out." "I'll be back in a few days check in with Mr Wong if
you have any problems." Without waiting for a reply he shouldered his bag
and walked out. BA and face exchanged bemused looks staring at the TV hoping
it would provide the answers but the story that had sent Hannibal running
for the car had long since been pasted over for a more interesting bank hold
up somewhere downtown.
Murdock took just over 20 minutes to reach the hospital that was surrounded
by reporter's trucks and Ambulances ferrying the less seriously wounded in.
Murdock paid the driver adding a generous tip, his eyes quickly skimming the
crowd for any sign of Hannibal. He couldn't see the colonel so made his way
inside to wait for him to arrive. Murdock easily spotted a very ruffled
looking Hannibal 10 minutes later trying to weave though the crowds. Murdock
grabbed his arm pulling him towards the reception desk. "We're here to
inquire about Mary and Penelope Smith. Have they been brought in here?" the
receptionist immediately looked up ignoring everyone else she moved towards
them. "Are you family?"
"I'm H.M. Murdock a very close friend and this is John Smith husband and
father." Murdock replied for both of them as the receptionist gestured to a
nearby doctor. "Would you two gentlemen please follow me." Murdock and
Hannibal followed the doctor into the lift as he selected a floor then
turned back towards them. "I'm taking you up to our ICU the doctor there
will be able to give you an overview of Penelope's condition and speak to
you about Mary."
Hannibal had a glimmer of hope that maybe Mary hadn't been in the car at
all. Maybe she was just in shock after hearing about the accident. The lift
glided to a halt as he clung onto that notation. The doors open onto a floor
filled with the sound of ventilators and monitors humming and beeping. The
doctor gestured fro them to proceed him ushering them towards a room in the
corner. "please will you wait in here a moment I'll just get Dr Jenson for
you. There's coffee or tea in the corner please help yourselves." The doctor
closed the door behind him. Hannibal collapsed in to the nearest chair
folding up into the space. Murdock hovered next to him desperate to break
the silence but unsure what to say. Eventually it was Hannibal who spoke
first. " I forgot to tell you how grateful I was you called I might never
have heard otherwise." Hannibal was trying in his head to rerun the last
couple of hours. How could a day that had started so ordinarily end up with
Murdock and himself sitting in a small airless room waiting for a doctor to
appear. Before Murdock could say much more than your welcome the doctor
entered the room. Instantly the walls seemed to close in around them. "Mr
Smith, Mr Murdock I'm Dr Jenson I've been monitoring Penelope since she came in. she suffered serve crush injuries to her chest and pelvic regions plus
impact injuries to her head and neck. Overall she has come through quiet
"Excuse me Doc you just listed some pretty major injuries how can she be
quiet well with all of that." Hannibal was trying to picture how is baby
girl would look with all those injuries
"I understand your distress Mr Smith but besides a collapsed lung, whiplash
and some minor lacerations to her face and arms her worst injuries are some
very colourful bruises. We have her in ICA at present due to server shock
and the collapsed lung meant we had to ventilate her for a while." The
doctor went on to show them x0rays of fractured ribs and a few other
interesting shots explaining the more complex problems she could be facing
long term. He mentioned in passing something that had happened on the scene
that had caused the paramedics to sedate her before they could cut her out.
Both Murdock and Hannibal let a out a deep sigh. "Doctor my daughter suffers
from a very pronounced phobia of people touching her. The only person she is
really comfortable with is my wife Mary." Hannibal was confused why hadn't
Mary explained all this and more to the point where was she at the moment.
The doctor was quickly flicking though his notes looking for a location on
Mary Smith, the answer was at the foot of the site notes. "Mr Smith is your
wife Mary Margaret Smith. He showed Hannibal his wife's driving license.
"Yes that's my wife's license. Where is she and has she been informed about
Penelope's condition already." Murdock was running through the silent mantra
'please don't say she was in the car please god don't say it' but in his
heart he knew the only way the doctor could have her driving license was
from her purse and she never went anywhere without it. The doctor took a
deep breath he hated giving more bad news on top of what he'd already
delivered. "Mr Smith I'm very sorry your wife was pronounced dead at the
scene." He watched the already upset man become distort with grief, his
friend didn't appear to be faring much better rocking himself on the seat.
"I'll go and get an update on Penelope conditions for you." He left them in
private to grief for Mary Margaret while he informed the nursing staff of
the complication that could arise from Penelope's phobia.
Hannibal almost called the doctor back to confirm what he had just said. His
wife the most important women in his life for the past 30 years was dead. He
wanted to laugh, cry and scream all at the same time. But he pushed all that
down he had to be strong Peach blossom was still alive. He needed to hold it
together for her sake. He looked across to the bed his daughter lay in. not
seeing a young woman but the little girl he rocked in his arms when she
screamed the boogie men where coming to take her away. The little girl who
had a mysterious illness that had no toot cause or possible cure.
Murdock was in shock at the news of Mary's death he retreated to a corner of
the room wrapped his arms around himself. Mary was so full life you couldn't
just stop someone like that. No more home baked bread and butter pudding or
the latest Spiderman comic absentmindedly left on his desk. The weekly
visits full of gossip and laughter that filed his small room and made the
walls vanish for a few short hours. Tears welled up spilling down his check
at this great loss. The world would be a lot quieter without Mary Margaret
in it.
2 Weeks later
The wintry sun gave all of its weak light to the three figures standing
silently round the open grave as the vicar read from his bible. "We
committee the body of Mary Margaret Smith to her final resting place. Ashes
to ashes, dust to dust." The coffin was slowly lowered as the two men stood
to attention the woman look on tears falling freely from odd coloured eyes.
The vicar finished and closed his bible. The two men stood at ease one
offering the young woman his handkerchief.  She accepted it wiped her eyes
and moved nearer the opening throwing in a bunch of fresh flowers along with
a handful of dirt. "Thank you for everything vicar it was a beautiful
service." Her voice was soft shaking slightly her eyes still firmly fixed on
the hole in the ground. "Your welcome Penelope your mother was a well loved
figure round her she will be sourly missed." He ambled away muttering about
the sad loss and even sadder graveside arrangements. He wished Penelope
hadn't been so insistent that the grave side reading only be attended by
herself and the two other gentlemen. He'd held a memorial service mid week
to a packed church Mary Margaret had been a pillar of the community always
ready to lend a hand to friends and strangers alike.
Hannibal moved closer to his daughter as the vicar moved off removing the
fake moustache and bread he'd been wearing. He put his hand gently on her
shoulder throwing a rose into join the other flowers. He felt every second
of his age as he looked down at the coffin. The last two weeks had been
rough on all of them. Hannibal and Murdock were constantly having to lie to
face and BA about where they were. Eventually they'd concocted a story about
MP's suspicious about Murdock so Hannibal was moving helping him to generate
a new set of cover stories about where he went when he broke out. They had
accepted that explanation without further questioning. He'd devoted all his
time to looking after Peach. She had almost screamed the hospital down when
she was told over her mothers death and refused to stay in hospital another
minute despite still having the chest drain in and the doctor refusing to
take it out. If Hannibal and Murdock hadn't been there they where sure she
would have just walked out tubes trailing behind her. They had convinced her
to stay just for another night they promised to stay with her. If he was
being honest she shouldn't even be out of bed let alone standing in the cold
watching the earth cover over the coffin. She looked so frail a faded yellow
bruise still visible down her right cheek and dark bags under her eyes. He
couldn't say he looked much better himself and Murdock's fragile mental
state had also taken quiet a beating. Suddenly Peach lost her icy front
she'd been putting up since she was told of her mother's death and broke
down in his arms. He held her close stroking her short dyed hair, his eyes
met Murdock's over her bowed head. "Come on Peach its time to go home."
Finally the tears seemed to wash themselves out. With a brief look back they
walked towards the car his arm security round his daughters waist.
The drive back to the house was thankfully very short Murdock sat in the
back with Peach who had refused since leaving hospital to sit in the
passenger seat. Hannibal was trying to formulate a plan he knew he couldn't
stay away from BA and face for much longer without them asking awkward
questions. He didn't want to leave Peach she needed him now more than ever.
There was so much to sort out and she was in no fit state to do most of it.
Murdock had already offered to stay and help out which he was very grateful
for. Murdock for being insane had been his anchor though all of this helping
to sort out and make the arrangements for Mary Margaret. Talking to the
police and sitting with Peach when he couldn't. Murdock had just brushed it
off saying it was just his way of being useful. Hannibal promised himself he
would talk properly to Murdock that night just to see how he was really
holding up. He pulled the car into the drive still no closer to a plan. He
almost missed the MP's car a few doors away.
Murdock was bubbling inside he didn't know what to do or say to make the
pain any less so he choose to stay quiet and watch the scenery go by. He
almost screamed in rage when he saw the MP's car and the two soldiers
waiting at Peach's front door. "Err colonel just let us get out and drive
away." It was the only course of action Murdock could think of. He tried to
keep his voice steady and emotion in check as Peach agreed with his plan and
promised to call her farther as soon as the coast was clear. He could see
Hannibal really didn't want to leave. Murdock understood, he'd always known
Peach to be quiet and reserved but the last two weeks had seen her become
even more introverted avoiding anyone trying to touch her or long
conversation about the crash and her mother death. The MP's turning up now
and arresting her father could send her over the edge. He got out of the car
first to distract the MP's and give them a piece of his mind. "See you soon
"Gentlemen may I be of any assistance?" Murdock's voice dripped with sarcasm
and resentment directed at the interfering army.
Hannibal's attention was drawn to the army regulation car and the two MP's
standing impatiently outside the house. 'Why now couldn't they have waited a
few more days?' Hannibal was still pondering that question as Murdock barked
out his command for him to just drive away. Hannibal was frantic he wanted
desperately to stay around but inevitably accepted that was impossible. He
was left alone with Peach. Before he could say anything more Peach started
to speak. "Dad I'm so grateful for any time we spend together. I don't know
what I would have done without you here. I'll call you next week." Hannibal
was never more proud than at that moment of the way his daughter was holding
up. He knew she was still in a lot of pain. He clasped her hand tightly
"Peach take care of yourself I'll never be far away." She nodded in
He watched her straighten her shirk and jacket as she strolled towards the
group by the door. They were looking back at the car again he knew it was
time to move. He drove the car back to the apartment he was sharing the
longest most convoluted root he could find. Finally he was convinced there
was no one following him he pulled the car into the apartments parking bay.
He wearily reached to get his bag from the back, he remembered he'd left his
bag at the house. Instead his hand found the hat Peach had worn at the
graveyard. He sat in the car staring at his find for a further 30 minutes
before tucking it back where he found it composing his features as he'd
watched Peach do earlier and walked towards the apartment. "Well guy what
have you been doing with yourselves while I've been away." He shouted as he
walked into the flat smiling his best I've just had a great time smile
hoping his act was bought.
Part 3
Peach wanted nothing more than too curl up on one of the huge leather sofa's
with a mug of something hot and slightly alcoholic. Her father sat on the
other one a glass whiskey in his hand and a cigar in the other, the whole
room filled with the smell of it. Him and Murdock making her laugh by
swapping silly mission or the outcome of Face's latest scam. Instead she was
contemplating killing the two uniformed men in front of them impatiently
waiting for her to find her keys and open the door. Her fingers where numb
like the rest of her, Murdock eventually took the purse from her and found
the keys. He gestured for them to wait in the hall. "Thank you." She
squeezed Murdock's hand. She pushed down all her exhaustion letting her
anger drive her forward. "Please make yourselves comfortable I'm sorry I'm
not in a position to be much of a hostess but I just buried my mother."
The ice he heard in her voice and the daggers shooting from her eyes shocked
Murdock. All aimed at the soldiers, who were looking more uncomfortable with
every passing minute.
One of the soldiers who could stand the silence no longer spoke. "We're very
sorry to intrude at such a sensitive time but colonel Decker wanted us to
check in just to make sure your father didn't try to contact you."
"I appreciate Colonel Decker's concern but he knows my mother hadn't seen my
father in almost 15 years since the finalised their divorce." Murdock's jaw
dropped. Mary and John divorced they were so much in love. Peach promised to
notify the colonel if her father should show up and quickly ushered them out
of the door. She finally turned the lock slipping down the wall. Murdock
helped her up, she leant heavy on him. "Come on Peach you'll catch a chill
if you sit in that draft." He lead her through to the lounge poured them
both a large whiskey and settled down to hear the story. "How come if your
parents where divorced did they always get em to cover for them so they
could celebrate their anniversary." Peach downed the whiskey and settled
into a more comfortable position. "That was my favourite story, the army
won't let my father command a special forces unit while he had a family with
two young children. So my mother come up with the idea they would get a
divorce. Dad wasn't happy at first but after he was turned down for the
command a third time although he was the most qualified man for the job he
gave in and agreed. He moved out and filed for divorce making a big show of
the whole procedure. He was always a great actor." Both of them laughed as
peach gestured to a framed poster of Aquamaniac signed by Hannibal. "The day
after the divorce was finalised they both went on holiday separately to
drown help get over it. They met up on a little island and remarried behind
the army's back. They never found out and it came in very useful when dad
escaped from Fort Bragg mum simple said they hadn't seen each other since
the divorce, she was very believable. Tears feel unchecked as she remembered
her mother facing down colonel Decker ordering him out and to remember to
wipe his boots if he ever came back again. "I'm going to miss her too
Peach." His arm went round peach's shoulder as he also cried. He felt the
sobs finally subside as they clung to each other, for the first time since
he'd known her Peach kissed Murdock very chastely on the check. "Thank you
Murdock I know how much my mother meant to you as well." She carefully stood up commented on making a cup of coffee for both of them. Murdock was left on the sofa to contemplate life without Mary and the kiss Peach had just given him.
Hannibal took one final cleansing breath as he pushed his key in to the
lock. The door swung open to reveal the normal sounds of BA and Face
carrying on their lives. It was a shock after the quiet somber mood of the
house. He almost turned round and walked out again but Face had already
heard the door and popped his head out from his room to see who had come in.
"Hi colonel everything sorted now with Murdock." Hannibal looked blankly at
his Lt before he remembered the cover story he was suing. "Yes everything's
fine now. How have you and BA been coping?" careful Hannibal he chided
himself don't arouse Face's suspicions or you'll never get any peace. He
half listened as face reported on the last two weeks activity. He had been
checking out a few new cases that looked very promising. BA had been
servicing the van and fixing a few of the neighbours cars.
Hannibal excused himself before Face could ask any questions about his own
time away form them. He locked the door as he entered his bedroom rooting
through his draws he found he package he was looking for. Sitting on the
edge of the bed he undid the ribbon holding it all together and spread the
content in front of him. He selected a piece of cloth inhaling the sweet
rose scent of Mary's perfume letting his mind fill with images of his
beautiful dark hared wife. Hannibal spent the best part of an afternoon
rereading all the letters she had sent over the years including the invite
to their second wedding and photo's of his bride all dressed in a white
mini-shirt and thigh length boots. He didn't notice he was crying until the
tears finally obscured his view. He carefully collected everything back
together again kissing the picture of Mary he laid it on top of the pile,
wrapped it carefully and retied the ribbon.
"Good bye Mary-Margaret I'll never stop loving you."
He splashed his face with cold water starring at his reflection in the
mirror. Would the other two ever guess what had happened? Face shouted from
the main room Murdock was on the phone. As soon a he picked up Peach's voice filled his ears with Murdock pottering away in the background. He talked for about 30 minutes a lot happier when he put the phone down. He knew he could live with the loose as long as he had someone to share the memories of Mary with. He unlocked the door walked into the living room and turned to Face.
"OK Lt what where you saying earlier about our next case?"
Part 4
2 years later
Hannibal almost fell through the door the last mission hadn't gone quite to
plan although that wasn't unusual but it had left him feeling as if he could
sleep for a week. BA, Face and Murdock were hard on his heels. Nobody had
the energy to drive over to the VA just yet. "As your colonel I'm pulling
rank and taking the first shower." There were groans from the other three
the loudest coming from Face but he ignored them and continued into the
bathroom. He allowed his mind to wander to the woman who had so recently
entered his life. Hannibal emerged with a cloud of steam form the bathroom
as the door bell rang. Everyone was immediately on guard as Face moved to
answer the door. "I have a package for Mr J. H. Smith please sign here."
Face didn't get a chance to respond the package was thrust into his hand
along with a pen. The courier moved away and face shut the door. A bunch of
flowers and a strange shape package in his left hand a concerned look on his
face. Hannibal's eyes lit up as he took the stuff from Face. "Don't look so
worried its probably just from Amy." Hannibal brushed off any other
questions excitedly pulling the wrapping of the package off. Inside as he
expected was a punnet of peaches with a beautiful hand written invitation
lying on top. Hannibal picked it up and read it to the other three. "You are
cordially invited to L.A.'s premier art gallery to view the works of the
hottest artist to hit the scene this year 2pm tomorrow." Hannibal put the
invite down trying not to laugh out loud and announce his daughter was the
artist that was being raved about. "A strange way to announce an art show
with a basket of fruit." Face looked over the invitation finding nothing to
raise his suspicions he picked out one of the peaches biting into it as he
walked away. Murdock scanned over the invitation already having a good idea
who it was from but wanting to see a name, he howled with delight as he
spotted it. "Oh we all just have to go its one of my favourite artist."
Murdock continued to jump up and down annoying to them all in his best upper
class accent they would 'just love her'. Penelope was amazing talented and
very beautiful. Hannibal played along wondering if it would be safe, finally
he was won over Murdock's constant reassurance. Face was curious just how
Murdock knew an artist talented enough to have her work in a gallery. "Oh
Facey don't you ever pay attention. Penelope used to visit with her mother.
Her mother was a member of a church who arranged visits to people in
hospitals all over L.A. She always used to paint pictures for me. When she
started Art College she came in to help with art therapy sessions." Murdock
continued to weave this amazing story of how he met and knew Penelope so
well. This explanation seemed to satisfy Face although he did continue to
pump Murdock for a physical description. All Murdock would say she is very
pretty wait and see for yourself.
Hannibal finally claimed he was too tired to stay awake any longer and
excused himself. In his room checking it was clear he picked up the phone
quickly punching in the number for peach's apartment. The phone at the other
end seemed to ring for ages he was just about to hang up and try later when
it was picked up. "Hello." She sounded so much like her mother when she was
slightly out of breath Hannibal almost forgot he was holding the phone to
his ear. "Hello."
"Hello my favourite artist I'm just ringing to tell you I'm so proud."
"Dad it's so good to hear your voice. How have you been? Can you come
tomorrow? Are you going to bring anyone?" peach's excitement was contiguous
he was soon jabbering on about the last couple of missions. "I'm really
looking forward to seeing all your work displayed and all those people
confirming just how talented you are." There was a sudden loud knocking on
the door. "Hannibal are you going to be much longer I want to call my mama."
BA's gruff voice resonated thought the door. His voice always made Peach
laugh today was no exception. "I'll see you tomorrow. Love you dad."
"Love you too Peach Blossom." He hung up feeling excited about tomorrow's
event. He fell asleep with the sound of Peach's laughter ringing in his
"Come on Ugly Mud sucker can't this thing go any faster." Murdock had been
jumping up and down since they had got up that morning. Constantly checking
the time and counting down till 2pm and the start of the show. Eventually BA
had threatened not to drive him anywhere if he didn't shut up. Murdock did
tone down but never fully shut up and on the ride over he turned everything
back up full even wondering whether the studio would allow Billy in.
"Somebody such that dam fool up or we ain't gong anywhere."
"Murdock I'm sure Penelope will let you in with Billy but keep it down until
we get there." Hannibal was feeling almost as giddy as Murdock but trying
hard to contain it. He was going to see his daughters crowning achievement.
Murdock finally seemed to take the hint and became very much calmer patting
Billy absentmindedly.
Hannibal was glad they arrived just before 2pm he hoped they would be able
to slip in quietly. Murdock had the side door open and was jumping out as BA
brought the van to a halt. "Come on hurry up we're going to miss the start."
Murdock was hopping from one to the other waiting for everyone to join him
in the pavement. "A little patience Murdock we're not going to miss anything
it not like a movie." Face chided Murdock for his obvious lack of etiquette
knowledge for such events. He'd tried unsuccessfully to pump Murdock for
more information about Penelope but he had been uncommonly tight lipped. All
Face knew she was in her mid twenties, a modern artist and Murdock was very
fond of her. Hannibal finished his cigar crushing it under his heel pulling
his gloves more securely on and checking his appearance in the wing mirror
one final time. "OK guys lets get educated." BA just grunted he'd not been
very keen on coming out but Hannibal had insisted the all attend. He lagged
behind not sure what to expect from the gallery.
Getting in was no problem Murdock simply handed the invite over and pointed
to corresponding names on the list. The doorman looked up almost in surprise
but ushered them all inside. The interior was wooden floors with white walls
and high ceilings. Standing with her back to them deep in conversation with
a couple of removal men was a young woman her voice carried over to them. "I
said that one wasn't to go on the wall it's the reflection of number 7 and
goes on the floor under it. The blank canvass goes there." The two men
ambled off to correct their mistakes but the woman still hadn't turned
round. Murdock did his best stage cough causing her to spin round. Her face
broke out into a smile as he eyes came to rest on Murdock. "It can't be 2
"No we're early. Hi Peach." Murdock allowed a short laugh to escape as he
read the message on her T-shirt. She moved away from the paintings towards
her guests. "Hello Murdock I'm so glad you could make it." He waited to see
if she would shake his hand before introducing the rest of the team but her
hands remained behind her back. He could almost feel the tension radiating
off her. "So you finally get to met the rest of my team Colonel John
Hannibal Smith, Lt Templeton Faceman Peck and BA Baracus."
"Colonel Smith, Lt Peck, Sgt Baracus it's a pleasure to finally meet you all
in person." She acknowledged each of them with a nod of the head.
"Likewise to finally meet you but please no titles here it's just Hannibal."
Their eyes met briefly he knew it felt odd acting like strangers but keeping
up a front was very important, they'd get a chance to talk later he was
sure. BA was the next to speak up still not sure what to think about all of
this. "Do you want a hand hanging that?" He gestured over to the blank
canvass still laying on the floor. "If you won't mind that would be great."
They moved away to hang the canvass BA helped sort out a couple of other
pieces as well. Hannibal, Face and Murdock we're left comparing notes on
what had just happened eventually the broke apart wondering around the room
looking at the pictures hung there. Hannibal stopped in front of a very
familiar family portrait the eyes carefully picked out in sparkling blues
and browns. He felt someone stop next to him he turned his head. "I remember
this one too. Do you like it?" Murdock's voice was a hushed whisper next to
him. "Yes I think I do. She did ask before it was transformed it's very
unique." Hannibal remembered Peach first talking about what she wanted to do
then sitting down and watching it develop. He was fascinated watching her
cut shapes to spray with yellows and reds then so carefully mixing the
colours of the eyes adding glitter to get the twinkle.
BA was looking round all the pieces checking they where hung correctly he
stopped in front of one as he recognised his van and a couple of his
favourite chains. Looking harder he found Murdock's jacket and blue baseball
cap, a cigar and Hannibal's favourite black gloves, a little Aquamaniac. He
almost missed Face's vette and his favourite designer labels. The title also
caught his eye "We are Family" for HM. He continued to pick out things that
were related to team and missions they had been on. Another one that caught
his attention Hannibal had now moved over to. The picture on the wall was a
man and woman in bright colours, the one on the floor was a different man
and woman painted in very dark shades with blurred lines the only shape
lines the shape of a cross and a poem titled 'song for the dead.' "She's
very talented I'm glad you said we had to come."
"Yes she is I'm very impressed." Hannibal was dying to tell BA about the
picture. The young woman and the man at the top were himself and his
daughter the bottom one was his wife and son. It was the first thing she had
done after her mothers death. He could see so easily the pain she had felt
reflected in the colours she had chosen. It was one of the few times she had
painted both of them in uniform but it was hard to see under all the other
colours unless you knew what to look for. He and BA continued to discuss
what the meaning behind the picture could be and what they knew about the
artist from Murdock and the leaflet that listed all the works and their
Face on the other hand had become far more interested in the artist herself
moving to where she had settled in front of the blank canvass. "I know it
say's don't ask me I just paint them." Face gestured to the message on her
T-shirt "But I don't see how you can ask anyone to buy an unpainted
picture." He almost stepped back as she turned to look back at him. "Well
the painting that was due to go here had an accident so I'm going to paint
something as the show goes on."
"Do you already know what you're going to paint?" Face easily turned on his
famous charm flashing a winning smile. "I have a rough idea but I'm never
sure until paint hits the paper then it takes on a life of its own." Her
eyes were so full of passion as she spoke about her work. Face briefly
wondered what it would be like to have those eyes directed at him. Her
continuing narrative of the picture had face's attention to her lips and
softly accented voice. "The only thing I know so far is what's going in the
middle." She selected one of the large brushes and her palette. Face watched
in amazement, as a vibrant red streak became a silk scarf her hands moving
in hypnotising motions as she selected shades and details. Face allowed his
mind to wander over the idea of his body replacing the canvass he felt his
colour rising and a familiar twitching around his groin. A new high pitched
voice filled the room "Oh Penelope darling you remembered." This was
accompanied by the appearance of a woman wearing a long black trench coat
and the scarf. "The owner. Will you please excuse me it must be show time."
She carefully laid down the palette, ran her hand through her hair pulled
out a small mirror nervously checking her appearance. "You look fine. Knock
'em dead peach." Murdock had suddenly appeared at face's shoulder. "Thanks
I'll try." She flash a last quick smile at Murdock and vanished round the
Murdock had been keeping a close eye on face knowing his friend well enough
to realises the instant interest he'd shown in the very attractive young
woman. Occasionally it was easy to forget what a stunner peach had turned
into until you saw an other man drooling over her.  He continued to watch
Face's progress around the displays. "Don't even think about my friend."
Murdock muttered under his breath as face finally made his way over to where
peach was standing. Murdock watched as face started to work his charms no
woman could resist Templeton Peck he looked round to see Hannibal was also
watching very intently the interplay. "Oh boy Facey your going to be in
trouble." Luckily face was saved by peach become distracted by an idea for
her painting and the gallery owner arriving. Murdock moved silently across
the floor to see exactly what she was painting. Peach was very nervously
checking her appearance in her mothers pocked mirror. He caught her eye in
the mirror and winked before telling her she looked fine. She turned round
smiled at him and walked away. "So Facey what do you think?"
"I think she is very talented and beautiful and you've been keeping her
secret for far to long." Face had got a very telling glint in his eye as he
scanned for her return.
"She is really not your type Facey anyway she's far to caught up in her
painting for anything else." Murdock was now very worried he knew his friend
would see her as a challenge. Oh boy, oh boy face trying to win over 
Hannibal daughter, it would never happen and could hurt both of them in the
process face resembled Richard far to closely.  "Anyway I saw her first you
can have any other girl you want this one is mine." Murdock stormed away
from face towards a quiet corner to collect his thoughts. Face looked after
him stunned it was so unlike Murdock to react that way about anything
especially a girl.
Hannibal had also watched Face hitting on his daughter and the fact she was
more interested in her painting than taking him seriously.  Which in his
opinion was a good thing the whole idea of his daughter dating his adopted
son made him feel rather unsettled. She caught his eye as she followed the
owner into the main foyer she gestured to a secluded corner and mouthed
'meet me there 5 minutes.' He watched part of the exchange between Murdock
and face before moving to the spot indicated. The corner turned out to have
a door that led into a back room he found a comfortable spot on one of the
boxes and waited. He didn't have to wait to long for the door to open again.
"I'm over here." Hannibal called softly as the door shut and Peach came into
view. She passed over a glass of champagne "Dad I'm so glad you made and
brought the rest of the team."
"Of course I came do you think I'd miss something like this I just wish you
mother and Richard could have shared this with us," he out the champagne
down and hugged peach tightly. "Dad they are here in every picture and
looking over our shoulder laughing at how much people are going to pay from
my work."
"I'm so proud of you at this moment peach. I especially like the picture of
Murdock and Billy I just wish I had somewhere to hang one." Hannibal removed
his gloved pushed a stray hair back behind her ear before taking a drink
from the glass. "I thought about that." She handed him a carefully wrapped
package. Hannibal recognised the hand made paper she loved to write letters
on. "Do I open it now or later?"
"Open it later when you get home."
"Peach what was happening earlier between you and Face?"
"Nothing as far as I can remember he was just complementing me on my work.
Are you getting over protective in your old age?" She laughed as he pulled a
"Not at all I'm just making sure my daughter does not fall for an older con
man I've been telling her about for the past 10 years."
"Would that be the same con man you've told me has a new girl on his arm
every week. Anyway he wouldn't be interested in me I'm just a very poor
artist." They both laughed at that image. They very easily slipped into the
general conversation catching up on what they had missed over the last 2
months. "You'll be missed if you don't go back out and meet and greet."
"I guess I'd better catch you later." They hugged again before finishing the
drink and walking back out into the crowd of people now clustered around the
pictures. "Oh Dad love you." She blew him a kiss before returning to the
painting progress. "Love you too peach and don't you forget it."
What both of them had failed to notice as the exchanged endearments was Face
standing with in easy listening distant. He stood shocked at what he'd just
discovered Hannibal had a secret family and at least one member was a very
beautiful young talented artist.
The End

For We All Have Family Somewhere by Anita Squires