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Title: Goldilocks


by Face's New Flame


Rating: R

Warnings: slashy and requires rose tinted glasses

Summary: Murdock spends a lazy day chez Peck. no lot, but, umm. not much anything else either

Comments: lol, ok then...

Notes: One request for fiction of atonement for virus traumas caused! a romantic story-lette featuring a basket of towels warm from the dryer. Erm.. not sure it *quite* qualifies on either count, but it's as close to romantic as I do! Anyway, experimental and short.




Face's ass was, reflected Murdock, a work of art in its own right. The way

it defied physics to pack itself beautifully into unfeasibly tight pants.

The way it moved when Face walked; not *swaying*, no, it was definitely a

very masculine movement, but the shifting of muscles, tightening, relaxing.

Murdock loved the summer; no jackets obscuring his view on a good, hot day;

sometimes an occasional treat, shorts, allowing him to watch the defined

thighs working, watch Face bend and stretch and pull the fabric real tight,

so that Murdock could see the exact place at which the backs of his legs

became buttocks.


There wasn't any logic to it. The Colonel had quite a nice butt too,

objectively speaking; BA's was a little *too* big, the muscles

overdeveloped; but Face's, like the baby bear's porridge, was just right.


Yeah, summer was pretty good. And on the rare occasions when he could

manage some free time at the same time as Face, there was also sunbathing.


Face's vanity was delicious. He'd lie on the roof top, baking in the sun,

for hours. Drifting between sleep and wakefulness, he could be watched

intensely, and yet be oblivious to it. Deliciously naked. No tan lines for

Face. And, if Murdock was very quiet, and didn't talk too much, Face let him

stay on the roof and keep him company. And asked him to help him with the

sun lotion. And then Murdock was allowed precious minutes caressing the

objects of his affections, gliding his hands over them, massaging a little,

then firmer, until Face began to breath heavily, and then...




From behind his sunglasses, Face could sneak little looks at Murdock, and

not be seen. He liked being watched; at least, watched by his lover. He

liked being wanted. He liked the teasing game they played, both knowing

where things were going, but holding back as long as they could bear it.


For him, it was Murdock's touch; the instant Murdock's fingers were on him,

he was helpless.




Today, though, the sky was overcast; the sun, Murdock's partner in crime,

hiding from him. Not that he was complaining. Face woke up drowsy as ever,

and vulnerable to attack. He was already moaning with want by the time he

realised what Murdock was doing; stroking, moving in small circles, the

plump pads of his fingers warming every inch of Face's butt; licking,

tasting his lover; biting small mouthfuls gently between his teeth.


Face tried to roll over, but Murdock pushed him back down, revelling in the

small, involuntary gyrations of the hips his attentions were causing.


'Want,' said Face. But no; not today. Plenty of occasions for fast and hard,

when all they had were stolen hours, sometimes only stolen minutes, so

little time in which to express so much. Today, Murdock had the luxury of

time. Today he was going to drive Faceman insane. He took pity on him a

little, though, and let him roll over.


Mussed up dirty blond hair, trying so hard to be golden, not quite managing;

and sleepy eyes; just how Murdock liked him best.


'Back in a minute,' he said, sliding out from under the sheets.


When he returned, he was carrying a tray with two mugs of steaming hot

coffee, creamy and well sugared (in case Face needed more energy), and a

bowl of strawberries. He set the tray down on the side table and, once it

was safely in place, allowed himself to be dragged back into the bed.


'You're too good to me,' murmured Face, guiding their lips together.


The coffee was freezing by the time they were ready for it.




Timing was the key to it. He got Face into a hot bath and left him for a

moment to turn the dryer on, so that the towels would be ready and warm and

fresh when he got out, with each soft fibre fluffed to perfection, and that

clean, pure smell.


His thoughts, however, were far from pure. He loved the way his soapy hands

slid over Face's skin; the way Face's back arched when he ran his

fingernails down his spine; having access to every part of his lover under

the semi-legitimate auspices of bath time.


Days like these, he wanted to last forever.




Being looked after. It was the best thing. Having someone arrange for things

to be brought to *him*. Someone pampering and protecting him. No; not





Even if the coffee was cold, and sickly sweet, and over-creamed, it was the

best damn coffee he'd ever had. The strawberries were all the sweeter eaten

from the lips of his lover. The bed was suddenly not too big after all; the

bath, when he persuaded Murdock to get into it with him, was suddenly just

right, too.


Those big brown eyes, looking into his with complete trust, complete

adoration. The thick dark curls covering Murdock's chest, so pleasing to the

eye, so soft to the touch. So tall, so masculine, so muscular.


And, damn it, with such a fine ass.


He sighed contentedly as Murdock wrapped him up in the warm towel and

started rubbing him down, provocatively slowly, knowing that by the time he

was done, they'd both need a shower, and after a shower, they'd both need to

sleep. He could manage quite happily with Murdock, a fridge, a bed and a

bath, he thought. Life's essentials.




And they both lived happily ever after!



Goldilocks by Face's New Flame



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