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Title: The Way to California

The Way to California

by Danielle


Rating: PG-13

WARNING: Suicidal thoughts and Frankie!!! 

Comments: PLEASE!!!

Summary: Frankie thinks about his life.




I like it up on the roof, although sometimes I don't know why.  It gets so damn hot up here.    A few weeks ago, one of the guys noticed I was missing and came up to look for me.  Found me passed out.  Who'd have thought the heat could make you pass out so quickly.  Who'd a thought they would have come looking for me?  I think the reason I like to roof so much is because it doesn't feel like the house it's on.  I can sit up here and pretend that I'm out…I'm free.


One of these days I'm going to step off this roof and fall back down to California.  Back to my dad.  The vests are  his.  He gave me all his vests when he moved into the home.  Said that he wasn't a man anymore so he didn't need to look like one.  I tried to make him keep them, at least one, but he wouldn't.


The others, they have the memories of close to a decade of being together.  I've just got my dad and someday I'll just have his vests.  I know they think of me as some hot shot kid, some punk who just happened to be there.  And I know I make them mad, always saying I have the answer when even I know I don't.  All I want is to fit in, to feel useful.  All I want is for them to trust me.  All I feel is that I'm responsible for this whole thing.  And when I feel that, I think I should leave.  Maybe if I was gone, Murdock would move in and take my place and they would be the A-Team again. Maybe I'll take that trip to California soon.



Most probably The End


The Way to California by Danielle



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