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Author: Rosebud

Shadows of the Morning

by Rosebud


Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own them.

Summary: M/M not blatant. Face getting angsty over Murdock!

Author's note: Another tiny piece for those who requested a sequel (you know

who you are thank-you very much!) I hope this is what you wanted.



Shadows of the Morning


I awake and look to the figure sleeping next to me. Breathing softly in the

morning light, she has an empty beauty. This moment should be full of joy at

her presence but the moment too is empty. I walk to the window, watch the

sunlight turn the dust into golden galaxies in flight.


Why should I wake to this sunrise and find the moment sterile, what am I

missing? But of course I know. You are missing. It seems like my soul has fled

to look for you and I am left bereft because I can not follow.


I can not speak to you.


I am terrified of you.


Your eyes will trap me in star deep desire, your lips will tease and each

brotherly embrace will scorch me to the bone. Truly this is hell.


I shake inside with you, I worship in hushed awe before your beauty and step on

air because you are my friend. And I hate myself for every night I spend trying

to forget you in someone else's flesh


Soon the girl will wake, sooner I will be gone. No bitter scenes. No

recriminations. I do not want to hate her, because was not you. I will not

leave even a shadow of my real self, to make a memory. This too, this I keep

for you.


For I am forever lost in you. I can not live within you, I can not live without

you. So I wake sobbing silently at the hollow light of dawn.


This sunlight should be shadows, so I can hide my face.




Shadows of the Morning by Rosebud