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by Cabaret


Rating: G

Disclaimer: Well they aren't mine

Summary: It started off a poem, but on reflection it's more like a stream of consciousness, except for it's not written in the language of the Murdock, you could look at it as Murdock's let Hannibal down, Hannibal told him off and this is a third person account written in the first person of him collecting his thoughts. I guess you could see it a lot of ways though. (Oh and it's supposed to be two voices melting into one but keeping their opinion)

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Maybe I should be a psychopath, then it wouldn't hurt.

Without emotion, how can you breath?

Maybe suffocation will blanket their knife,

Their knife or yours?

I dunno anymore, would you be here without feeling?

Simple answer being in the negatory Captain,

Don't go, I can't live without you or the rest of the


Then you can't live a psychopath or the music goes to


But it still hurts 'n I can't drown that out.

Then live that hurt and be a laughter inside your


I think they're losing faith in me, I can't laugh with


Not again, grounded once by a force of air, you just

needed a second chance.

I could have proved myself, if they just kept me high.

You're pity in their eyes, Thunder claps a multiple


He's my pity? I thought he carried me?

Only to yourself, there's so many more, just give them


I used to name the birds, they never lost faith in me,

You never let the birds down, even when they took your


But they hurt me, now he hurt me, I let him down when

the debt's all mine,

He guided me, kept me religious where uncle lost


Sam's playing daddy now, looking after you, at least

for the physical.

It's an empty family now, I don't think they'll ever

chance you second.

Hold me closer, pull you together? I need to be


We'll be strong for you, prove you to the colonel, he

deserves that.

Thanks guys. But what if he's singing with Sam now?

Then howl baby howl 'til he hears you, I can prove


Keep the stitches tight guys, wire me up 'n put me out


A patch up for the field? Yep, to last just a lifetime

in the field.

Just enough to get back to the sanctuary of the sky,

There it wouldn't hurt so bad.




"Hannibal, don't you think you were a little harsh on


"Just keeping him in line Face, He's solid but

sometimes you gotta force him to realise that. He'll

come round soon"



Eavesdropping by Cabaret



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