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Title: Faceless Truth

Faceless Truth

by Cathay


Rating: R

(c) 2001

Disclaimer: I don't own them. Not clear who does, but I don't.

Warning: Allusion to m/m consensual relationship.

Summary: Murdock in the VA, thinking.

Notes: Thanks to Kristy for all her encouragement.




Faceless Truth



Excited voices, frenzied motions,

White noise to my senses,

Insisting they are the reality I shun.

Faceless, I drift in my own thoughts,

Not wanting to see or hear or feel

Anything but the time when you were with me.


Faceless, I still feel your arms around me,

Your fingertips stroking, your mouth seeking.

All of you moving against all of me

In a dance we know so well.

Sensation building, striving together;

I don't want to feel, if I can't feel you.


Faceless, I still hear your voice in my ear,

Your words calming, your breath exciting.

Private whispers through shared darkness

In a place we know so well.

Words cascading, impelling us on;

I don't want to hear, if I can't hear you.


Faceless, I still see you before me,

Your body beautiful, your smile encouraging.

Innocent, knowing cerulean eyes locking with mine

In a dream we know so well.

Looks intensifying, driving us deeper;

I don't want to see, if I can't see you.


The white coats are back with their needles and pills;

Jackets, medications, and IVs make up my days;

Reality infringes on truth.

They don't talk to me anymore,

Knowing I don't want to see or hear or feel;

I don't want to love, if I can't love you.





Faceless Truth - Poem by Cathay



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