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“Scotch Anyone

Scotch Anyone?

By Carl from Covina


Rating: G

Summary:  Short newspaper blurb on the game of Scotch.  (Hope y'all like.)

Warning:  Spoiler for Murdock's and Face's discussion of Scotch in "The Big Squeeze."

Disclaimer:  All rights . . .Stephen J. Cannell.  Don't know who owns the Associated Press either—but name only borrowed. No profit, probably couldn't make one if I tried.




"Scotch Craze Sweeps America"

            An Associated Press Article


Less than a year ago when asked what Scotch is, one would answer "A light,

blended whiskey."  Not anymore.  Scotch has become a wildly popular card

game.  The game seems to have first appeared in Las Vegas, Nevada.


According to reports there, an unidentified man began combing the casinos in

search of dealers who hosted games of Scotch.  Much to his dismay of not

finding the game, the man would set up his own table outside of the casino,

inviting others to play with him.  Several arrests later, his quest became

fruitful as a dealer stepped up to his table.  Fascinated with the game, the

dealer took Scotch into her casino.  Before long, Scotch overran Las Vegas

and the rest is history.


Today we have Scotch houses flourishing with their Scottish highland themes.

  Many of these houses claim that on slow nights, the unidentified founder

saunters in to make an appearance, play a few games, and disappear into the

mists.  Perhaps you've seen him—a tall, lanky, charismatic man always

wearing a navy blue baseball cap and a brown bomber jacked with a tiger on

the back.  His appearances reminisce of Elvis.  Is this mysterious man

figment or fact?  We may never know, but may his game live on in which

kings, queens, jacks, and numbered cards are wild.  The only card that is

not wild is the three of spades, which is removed from the deck prior to the

deal which renders that particular card useless.





Scotch Anyone? by Carl from Covina



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