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Title: The Long and Winding Road

The Long and Winding Road

by Alanda


Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Slash; Language; Could get a little sappy

Disclaimer: I don't own them; Title comes from the Beatles song-don't own them either

Copyright: August 20,2001






Murdock sat up in bed, and looked around. He was sweating profusely and having trouble remembering where he was. 'Oh. That's right. I'm with the guys.' A minute ago he had been at the VA. The thought made him shudder. He looked around the room to make sure no one was watching. He really liked the house Face had scammed. Everyone had their own bedrooms. That made it nice. He smiled as he got up to get a glass of water. 'At least there are no locks on the door', he thought to himself. He stumbled to the kitchen and took a glass out of the cabinet. He drank the water fast, and stood there looking at the empty glass. The hand holding it was shaking. 'Dammit. I use to never shake that much.' He put the glass in the sink, and wandered into the living room. He stopped at the fireplace mantle and looked at the pack of cigarettes on top. He looked around like a little kid about to do something wrong, and grabbed the pack and stepped out onto the deck. He lit a cigarette and took a long drag. He let the smoke filter through his lungs and he let it out slowly. He looked at the awesome view before him. Face had found this house out near Malibu, and the ocean was breathtaking. He looked around and realized it had to be near midnight. The whole team had went to bed early that night. The last job had really taken it out of all of them. Murdock ran his hand over his head. He couldn't believe they had shaved his head. They had never shaved his head. He felt like he was back in the service with his hair so short. He knew the rest of the team was wondering what had happened, but he was offering no explanations, and they weren't asking.  He supposed they wrote it off as another one of his insanity escapades. He lit another cigarette and stood there silently looking at the

ocean. 'What the hell do I do now?', he thought.


Hannibal wasn't sure what had woke him up. He went into the living room just in time to see Murdock go out onto the deck. Just as he was about to open the sliding glass door, he stopped. Stunned. 'My God, I haven't seen him smoke a cigarette since the breakdown.' The thought surprised Hannibal. He rarely thought about Murdock's breakdown. It usually reached from behind and grabbed now. He stood watching the captain, and thought about his behavior lately. 'Very strange. Even for Murdock.', he thought. He stood there for another minute and watched his movements. 'Wonder why he went back to a buzz cut.' As he watched him smoke the cigarette, it occurred to him that he thought Murdock had forgot he smoked. 'Looks like he just quit.' That revelation made him think of other things he had been sure Murdock had forgot. 'I wonder just how much he does remember.' He turned around and walked back to his room. He noticed Face's door was ajar, and he looked in on the man. Face was standing at his own sliding glass doors, spying on Murdock. 'What a bunch of snoops we are.' That thought amused Hannibal. He was about to turn around and continue to his room, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to find B.A.'s eyes on him. They moved quietly down the hall so Face would not hear them.


"Do you think crazy man remembers?", B.A. asked softly.


"I don't know B.A. I used to think he didn't, but now- I honestly do not know." Hannibal took a deep breath. "But I do know one thing."


"What's that?"


"Face does."


B.A. nodded and both men went back to their separate rooms.



Part 2


Face stood looking out the sliding glass doors. 'I should not be doing this, I should not be doing this, I should not...' He dropped his head and sighed. 'God, he's beautiful.'


Murdock had went outside in nothing but a pair of dark green silk boxers. He stood on the deck smoking a cigarette, looking out over the ocean. Face wondered what Murdock was thinking about. Face knew what he was thinking about. The bulge in his boxers made that plain. If he could only open the door and let time slip away... 'Stop it Face!' he thought angrily to himself. 'You promised you would not think about that. You can't think about that. You can't remember his touch, his kiss, the way it felt to be wanted. You can't remember, because he doesn't.' That last thought sent a pain through Face. He closed his eyes and sighed again. 'He doesn't remember.' Just for a moment, he let his thoughts drift back to another time, another place.


"Hey Face! Here comes that pilot we were telling you about. Captain Murdock sure is crazy, but he can fly better than anyone I've ever known."


Face had looked up from the clipboard in his hand, and he felt his heart drop. Coming towards him was a tall, lanky man. He had on fatigue pants, a green army issued t-shirt, and combat boots. He wore a blue baseball cap turned around backwards, and the aviator sunglasses the pilots were so fond of wearing. As he came closer, Face noticed he was smoking a cigarette. He got within about ten feet of Face and took one last drag off of it, and flicked it away.


"Hi.", he said with a southern drawl, "My name is Captain H.M. Murdock. I'll be your pilot today."


And Face had been lost.


He had loved Murdock from that first moment, and to his surprise, Murdock had returned that love. For three of the happiest years of his life, they had been inseparable.


And then Murdock had his breakdown. He had never even acknowledged that he and Face had once been together.


And Face thought his heart would never stop breaking. Even now when he looked at Murdock, he could feel his heart break all over again. He silently choked back a sob as he watched the pilot in the hear and now.


'Well if this is all I have, then by God I'm going to enjoy watching him.' Face stood silently at the doors, praying he wouldn't be caught.


Murdock leaned on the rails and smiled to himself. 'You know, it's amazing even after all these years, I still know when he's watching me.' He grinned to himself and debated on having a little fun with the lieutenant. The smile slipped a little as he thought about this. 'God, he had been nothing but a kid when we got together. Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing. Convincing him I had forgot. Murdock had lit another cigarette as he thought about this. 'Easy boy. You're going down a road that may turn rough.' He closed his eyes and dropped his head, deep in thought. "What the hell.", he muttered. "All he can do is laugh in my face, beat the shit out of me, and end our friendship." He took a deep breath to steady himself and turned around. 'Hope I remember how to do this.'


Face was nailed to the floor. He was convinced of this one fact. That was why he didn't move when Murdock turned around and looked right at him. They stood and looked at each other for a long minute. Face thought he would die of the suspense if Murdock didn't do something, anything, soon. Murdock leaned lazily against the rails, his back now to the ocean. Face's eyes widened at what he saw. "Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh...shit."


Murdock looked at Face, flicked the cigarette away. He motioned to him with one finger and mouthed the words Face had waited so long to hear. "Come here lover."


Murdock thought the sliding glass door was going to break with the force Face put on it. Face walked across the deck and stopped in front of Murdock. Murdock spread his arms, and Face walked into his embrace.


He couldn't stop the tears streaming down his face. "Murdock, oh Murdock." he whispered. "I missed you."


Murdock kissed the top of his head. "I missed you, too." he murmured. "Oh Face, I am so sorry. I thought I was doing the right thing letting you go. I am so sorry."


"I'll forgive you if you kiss me." Face responded looking into Murdock's eyes and grinning.


Murdock growled low. "Come here."


Face sighed. The whole world had re-opened for him. Nothing could go wrong now. He was complete.


Murdock smiled sadly to himself. 'Now if he doesn't notice the shaking, I'll be alright.'



Part 3


They stumbled into the bedroom and fell across the king size bed. They were afraid to let go of each other- to afraid the dream would end. Murdock looked at Face and softly whispered, "God, you are so beautiful. How in the hell did I ever get you?"


Face smiled. "Luck on my part." He stood up and went to the bathroom. When he came back, he placed a tube of lube on the bedside table. He looked at Murdock lounging on the bed...his bed...and smiled nervously. "It's been a while since I've done this."


"It's been a while for me too. You were the last."




"You are the only one I have ever loved. I wasn't about to replace any of those memories with another."


Face laid back down on the bed. "Why didn't you say anything? Why did you toss me aside?" He didn't even try to keep the hurt out of his voice.


"Oh Facey, I figured the last thing you needed was the burden of having a lover locked up in a mental institution. You had enough problems. Besides, I was scared that this was something you didn't want to continue. You know, sort of like desperate times call for desperate measures. And then with the camps..." Murdock let the rest of the sentence hang in mid-air.


Face let out a shaky sigh. "I haven't forgotten the last time we did this was before the camps. I'm over that Murdock. Well, as much as I'll ever be. I want this."


"Are you sure?"


"Very. You were my first. I loved you. I love you still."


Murdock smiled. "Well, it was apparent I was your first. I do have to thank the woman who taught you what you did know."


Face looked a little uncomfortable. "No. You don't understand. You were literally my first."


Murdock's eyes widened in shock. "You had never...with anyone?"


Face silently nodded.


"Oh shit. Oh baby, I didn't know. Why didn't you tell me?"


"Well, as I recall it didn't come up that night. I already had the rep of being something of a lady's man, and then later I didn't know how to tell you."


Murdock leaned over and took Face in his arms. "You were perfect that night. Knowing you trusted me with that part of you makes me love you even more."


"Then shut up and kiss me."


Murdock gently started kissing Face. He ran his hand gently up and down his sides. Face moaned at the soft touch. He turned over and Murdock kissed down his back. He slowly started removing the boxers that Face was wearing. He took his finger and traced down to the spot that he knew would drive his lover crazy. He knew he was right when he heard Face moan again. "You're killing me sweetheart."


"Turn over. I think the front of your body is getting jealous."


Face complied and softly laughed. "I have waited so long for this. I haven't felt this good in a long time."


Murdock didn't say anything. He kissed down to the spot he had missed for so long. Face gasped when he took him in his mouth. The hot breath on him was better than any other experience he had had. He gripped the sheets and tried to buck his hips. Murdock firmly held them down, and kept sucking, going deeper each time. When he felt he had driven his lover to the edge he softly murmured, "turn over". Face flipped so quick he thought he would laugh out loud. He moved up Face so the con man could feel his erection on his back. He reached for the lube and warmed it up between his fingers. He moved into position and whispered, "are you ready?" Face could only nod. "Good. Relax, baby. Just relax."  He slowly worked one finger into him. When he felt Face relax again, he gently inserted another finger and started scissoring to stretch the hole. Face was having trouble keeping still. He wanted Murdock. He wanted him so bad. "Oh Murdock. Please take me. Please take me now." He knew he was begging, but he didn't care. He just didn't care anymore. He knew what he wanted. For the first time in a long time, he knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted this man.


Murdock smiled and raised into position. After lubing himself, he started easing into him. Every time Face tensed, he would stop and wait for him to relax again. Soon he was all the way in. He sighed to himself as he thought how right this felt. He laid there for a minute, just enjoying being this close to Face after so long. Soon though he found a rhythm, and Face raised up slightly. He reached around and grabbed him. He was determined for them to come together. He found Face's sweet spot, and felt him jump beneath him. Soon Face was coming all over the sheets, and Murdock followed soon afterwards. They lay like that for a long time, neither one wanting to move. Finally, Murdock eased off of him and gathered him in his arms, gently kissing him on his face and head. Face sighed contently, and snuggled closer to his soulmate. "I love you."


Murdock smiled and softly whispered, "I love you too."


He was just drifting off to sleep when the jerking started.



Part 4


Face had drifted off to sleep when he felt Murdock jerk. His eyes popped open and he laid there in the dark. Listening, waiting. Soon Murdock jerked again.


He was wide awake now.


He turned over and in the moonlight he could see Murdock, straight as a board and his body clenched. Face watched in horror as he jerked a third time.


This was not good. He leaned over the pilot and softly whispered his name. "Murdock?"




"You o.k.?"




"Then why are you jerking?"


"I'm not."


"Don't lie to me."


There was silence as they stared at each other. Face watch as another spasm overtook Murdock.


"Murdock, what is going on? Why are you jerking? I haven't seen you jerk that much since..." he let the sentence hang as realization swept over him. "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Tell me they didn't. Please tell me they didn't shock you again."


"They didn't shock me again."


"Tell me another one."


Murdock rolled away from Face and curled up in a ball.


"Hold your hand up."




"Dammit Murdock! Don't play these games with me! Hold your fucking hand up!"


Murdock did as he was told. Even though Face expected it, he was still shocked to see the way it was shaking. "What the hell is going on?"


Murdock sighed and turned back over towards Face. "Do we have to discuss this right now?"


"Oh yes. Right now."


"Fine. Dr. Richter went on vacation for four months about 6 weeks ago. Another doctor named Johnston took his place. He called me into his office about two days after Richter left and told me that after reviewing my file, he thought I could benefit from EST."


"Didn't he see in that same file where that was tried before, and the effects it had on you?"


"He didn't care. So the next day, me and the machine had a meeting for the first time in about seven years."


"They shaved your head, didn't they? So the nurses and orderlies would know."


Murdock nodded.


"How often are they doing this to you?"


"Every day." Murdock said it so quietly Face thought he had imagined it.


"Every day? They're giving you shock treatments every day? What the fuck is that guy's problem? Is he trying to kill you?"


"Face, why are screaming at me?"


"I'm not. I'm just angry, that's all. I'm angry at the whole fucking system." Face suddenly looked at Murdock. "Oh dear God. I broke you out. What are they going to do to you when you go back?"


"I don't know. I don't care. I wouldn't have traded tonight for anything. I'll cross that line tomorrow when I go back."


"Like hell you are. I'm not taking you back."


"You have to."


"No, I'm not. I am not taking you back until we reach Richter and he puts a stop to this. Where is he?"


"Somewhere in Europe."


"I'll call the VA tomorrow and find out where in Europe Dr. Richter is. Then I plan on giving him a piece of my mind and telling him to get his ass back here. Now." He stopped and looked carefully at Murdock. "Have they done anything else to you?"


Murdock turned over and didn't answer.


Face flicked the bedside lamp on and put his hand on his lover. "Turn over."


Murdock turned over, but kept his head turned towards the wall away from Face. Face slowly pulled down the covers and was unable to cover his gasp. "Oh shit." Murdock was covered with bruises. From what Face could tell it was apparent that some of the injuries were quite fresh. His wrists and ankles were nothing but raw skin. "What is that from?"


"The restraints. They tend to do pull them a little tighter these days."


Tears welled up in Face's eyes as he looked at his broken lover. It occurred to him how much he must have hurt Murdock in their lovemaking earlier, and the man had never said anything. He went to the bathroom and came back with the first aid kit. He wiped the tears from his eyes as he cleaned Murdock's wounds and put antiseptic and bandages on them. "I am going to kill Johnston."


Murdock continued looking at the wall. Face gently turned his head towards him. "Don't you dare shut me out."


Murdock looked at Face with tears in his eyes. "Just take me back Face. I don't deserve you. You don't deserve this. Just take me back and forget me. I don't want you to have to deal with this."


Face straightened and closed the first aid kit. "I'm sorry. I can't do that. I can't walk away from you."


"Why? Why would you want to do this for me?"


"Because I love you. It's as simple as that. I love you, and I will be damned if I lose you again."


Murdock looked at Face and said gently, "You have to take me back. I'm out of meds, and I'm starting to go into withdrawals." He grinned slightly. "And you know it's not a pretty site when I do that."


"Dammit Murdock, this is not funny."


"Tell me about it."


Face sighed. "Fine. I'll take you back. But you have to promise me that you will call me every day."


"I promise."


It had been two weeks since Face had heard from Murdock. Two weeks since he had taken him back. To say he was worried would have been an understatement. He finally broke down and told Hannibal everything.


Hannibal's eyes narrowed in thought as he asked, "Have you tried calling? Finding out what is going on?"


"Yeah. No one is talking."


"Then we make them talk."


Face walked into the hospital with an air of confidence he didn't feel. He looked around and noticed the staff had changed again. That always helped with these scams. New staff meant they wouldn't recognize him.


"May I help you?"


"Yes. My name is Dr. Scott Allen. I'm looking for a patient who is assigned to this ward. His name is Capt. H.M. Murdock. He was recommended to me for a study I'm doing on the long term effects of pilots who have been in combat battle. I have the release papers here."


The nurse looked over the papers. "Fine. Everything seems to be in order. This way please." As an afterthought she added, "although I don't know how much good he's going to do you in the condition he's in right now."


As they walked down the hall, Face could feel his heart dropping. He tried to prepare himself for what he might find. As the nurse opened the door, he flinched.


He didn't prepare himself enough.



Part 5


'This is not Murdock. This is not Murdock. This is not...' Face could only repeat the sentence over and over in his mind. "This cannot be Captain Murdock."


"Yes sir. It is."


Face stepped up to the bed and looked at the broken figure before him. Murdock was strapped to the bed tightly with wrist and leg restraints. There was an I.V. in his arm, and the pilot looked as if he had lost about 15 pounds since the last time he had seen him. He had his eyes closed, but Face could tell he was not in a peaceful sleep.


"Where is his file?"


"Right here."


"Please make a copy of his entire file for me. I will also need his meds and a list of how much he has been taking and when."


"Yes sir."


"Why is he on an I.V.?"


"The captain stopped eating about 10 days ago. It became necessary for him to survive. Even though after his suicide attempt, I don't think he's too interested in surviving."


"What do you mean his suicide attempt?"


"Captain Murdock tried to commit suicide a few days ago. He took the I.V. needle from his arm and slit his wrists. We found him just in time. That's when Dr. Johnston ordered the restraints at all times."


"Has he been violent?"


"No sir. Just the opposite, actually. Very apathetic."


"Fine. I will be taking him now."


"Shall I get a gurney?"


"No. Please take out the I.V. I plan on carrying him out. I just came in my car. I wasn't expecting this. Is he sedated?"


"Heavily." The nurse quickly and efficiently removed the I.V. She lingered for a moment and looked at Murdock. "He didn't deserve this", she said softly. "Please take care of him, Lieutenant Peck. I'll keep trying to reach Dr. Richter." With that she walked out, leaving Face in stunned silence.


Face drove back to the house in Malibu. Hannibal and B.A. were waiting for him when he got there. Hannibal opened the passenger door and B.A. moved to pick Murdock up.


"No! I'll carry him!" Face said sharply. He looked at B.A. immediately with an apologetic look. "Please. Just get his meds out of the trunk."


B.A. nodded and moved to the back of the car. Face lifted him up as carefully as he would a baby and moved up the stairs with Hannibal and B.A. behind him.


Murdock woke up and looked around him. Face was sitting on the edge of the bed holding his hand.


"Murdock? Sweetie? You're safe. You're with me now. Nobody will hurt you."


Murdock nodded and struggled to sit up. He fell back on the pillow. He didn't have the strength to do it by himself. Face moved forwards and helped him into sitting position, making sure to put plenty of pillows behind him to hold him up. Murdock sighed and looked around the room. "Are you real?" he asked softly.


Face smiled. "Very real. I should have never taken you back. That is the last time you talk me into something."


"Can I touch you?"


"Most definitely." Face moved to the side of the bed and laid down beside him. Murdock traced his face with his finger. "Facey?" he asked with a broken voice.




"Hold me."


Face took Murdock in his arms and rocked him back and forth, murmuring words of love as Murdock sobbed.


A few hours later, Hannibal knocked and entered the room. He found Murdock sitting up in bed and Face dressing his wounds. "I heard from Richter."




"He is to stay here. I don't think I have ever heard him that angry. He said he is sending a doctor he knows. A psychiatrist that he says can be trusted. She's coming from a hospital in Alabama. She's hopping the first flight out and will be here soon. Richter said she is familiar with our situation and will keep quiet."


"Fine. I'm not leaving him."


"I don't recall asking you to." With that Hannibal slipped out leaving the two lovers alone.


Face turned his attention back to Murdock. "Why did you try to kill yourself?" he asked softly.


"He told me you were dead. He told me I would never see you again. I couldn't go on without you. You're the only thing that has kept me alive all these years."


Face took Murdock in his arms and silently cursed Dr. Johnston again.


Later that evening, Hannibal was awaken from a light sleep by a knock on the door.


He opened it to find a woman standing there in tan cargo pants, a long sleeve blue t-shirt and birkenstocks. She was carrying a black medical bag, and a leather backpack over her shoulder. Hannibal was shocked at how young she looked.


"Colonel Smith?"




"I'm the new psych doctor. I was sent here by Dr. Richter. Where's the Captain?"




He led her to Face and Murdock's room. He watched as she approached the bed and looked at her new patient.


"Captain Murdock?"




"My name is Dr. Savanah Morrison. I believe you knew my father. I was sent by Dr. Richter to help you." She turned and looked at Face. "I need to examine him. You will be staying won't you?"


Face was too stunned by her name to say anything. He just nodded.


"Good. It helps the patient relax when there is someone they love with them. You did a fine job on these wounds."


"Thank You."


"Captain Murdock, the first thing I am going to do is try to get you off some of these medicines. I will take you off of them slowly. One dose at a time. That will help with the withdrawals. Now, you have to help me. You need to eat. Can you do that?"


Murdock nodded. "Good." She opened her bag and took out a syringe. This is a light sedative. I'll make you a deal. I will never give you anything without telling you what it is first, o.k.?"


"I don't want a sedative."


"Then you don't get it." She put the medicine back in her bag. She turned her attention towards Face. "He needs you. It's obvious you two love each other, and I will do nothing to him without you knowing it first, understood? I'm here to work with you, not against you. Face nodded.


"Are you Sam Morrison's daughter?"


She turned back to Murdock. "Yes, I am. Aren't you glad I look like my mother? Good. A smile. I like that. No wonder you love him Peck. He's very handsome. Oh, I made you both blush. I am not going to put any restrictions on you two. That's not my job and I feel you two have been through enough. You both know your limitations." She shut her medical bag and stood up. "Now. I am retiring to bed. I'm tired. I have had a rough trip. I will see you all in the morning." As she walked out of the bedroom she turned around. "By the way, I also sit on the board of psychiatric medicine. As of this afternoon, Dr. Johnston can't even diagnose a cold. I love power." With a grin she walked out the room.


"At least she got her father's attitude."


Face laughed out loud for the first time in weeks at Murdock's remark.



Part 6


Savanah stood on the deck watching the sunrise. She took another drag off her cigarette and thought of the night before. Despite her claim of getting some sleep, she hadn't slept any. She took another drag off her cigarette and watched the dolphins play in the water. It was beautiful out here. She thought of the shocked looks on the team's faces the night before. They had walked on eggshells around her since her revelation of being Col. Sam Morrison's daughter. The thoughts of her father sobered her a little. If she closed her eyes she could still see the casket being lowered into the ground. If she listened carefully, she could still hear the guns' salute. She let her thoughts drift back to that time.


It had started out as a normal day. School. Homework. Then that evening a knock at the door. The telegram every family feared. She remembered helping her mother with the guests after the funeral. There had been so many of them. She remembered her mother's insistence that she go to the library to study. "It will do you good to get out of the house for a while." When she returned that evening, she had seen the police cars in the yard. Apparently her mother had decided it would do her good to stick a gun in her mouth and join her husband.  That was the day she officially became an orphan. God, she hated that word. Maybe that was why she sympathized with Face. He was an orphan, too. She had seen the worried look in his eyes. Worried that the happiness he had finally found was going to be taken away from him. The one person who loved him for everything he had been, everything he was, and everything he could be.  Must be hard, having to hide something that pure from the world. She gathered from the other's remarks the two had just got back together. She would leave that to them to work out. She had never been that interested in digging into someone's personal life that much. She would leave that to Dr. Richter. She had called him last night and told him what she had found. He agreed to her diagnosis and assured her he would be back soon. She took another drag off the cigarette and let her thoughts drift again. 'He better be back soon. I have got to get back to Alabama.'


Hannibal stood at the doors and watched Savanah. 'Not bad.', he thought, 'Not bad at all.' She had dark brown shoulder length hair, brown eyes that turned hazel if you looked at them just right, and a nice figure. 'She's not what is considered thin, but she's not fat either.' He grinned. 'Morrison, you old dog. I wonder what other secrets you were keeping from us.'


"See something you like?" Hannibal jumped slightly at Face's voice.


"Cute. Real Cute. How's Murdock?"


"Sleeping peacefully."


"Good. I don't think our houseguest got any sleep last night."


"She came in and checked on Murdock a few times. I think she was checking on me, too. She offered me a sedative to help me sleep."


"Did you take it?"


"Yeah, finally. She can be very convincing when she wants to be."


"Good. I see a little of Morrison in her every once in a while."


Face smiled at that. "Isn't that the truth?"


Savanah turned around and came back in the house. "I'm hungry," she announced. "Can ya'll cook?"


Hannibal smiled at her southern drawl. "We were hoping you could."


"Perfect. I go to college for eight years to cook for some men on the run." Even Face could hear the teasing in her voice. "Well, if ya'll want me to cook breakfast you'll just have to eat what I like." She walked to the kitchen and started taking out pots and pans. Soon, they could smell breakfast cooking and Savanah humming softly.


Murdock came slowly down the stairs. "Do I smell country ham?"


"Yep. Gentleman, your breakfast is served."


They all walked into the kitchen and gaped at the food. "Good God, what all have you cooked?"


Savanah laughed. "Why Face this is nothing but a genuine southern breakfast. I made eggs, grits, homemade buttermilk biscuits, pancakes, hash browned potatoes, bacon, country ham, sausage, toast, and there's some fresh squeezed orange juice and some milk. Now eat," she ordered.


Murdock grinned widely. "Yes ma'am."


"Now look, don't go turning that Texas charm on me. It won't work. Turn it on that blond haired, blue eyed man over there."


Face was intently studying something on his plate. "What the hell is a grit?"


They all laughed at Face and sat down to eat. After sniffing the grits, Face took a bite and decided they weren't half bad. He grabbed a biscuit from the basket and asked Savanah, "Where did you go to college?"


"Why the University of Alabama, of course. Is there any other?"


Murdock took interest in the conversation. "How's their team looking this year?"


"Not bad. I've seen better, but ole Bear Bryant will pull it off." She swallowed her bite of food and looked at Murdock, her eyes twinkling. "They'll still kick Texas A&M's ass."


"Like hell they will. We've got the best starting offense we've had in years."


"Whatever. Our defense will run ya'll down, steal the ball, and score before your starting offense get their heads out of those cows asses you have down there."


Hannibal, Face, and B.A. sat amazed at the animated conversation going on before them. "You pull for Texas A&M?" Face asked Murdock.


"Of course he does. He got a degree in aeronautical engineering there, didn't he? You have to stay true to your school."


This really floored the rest of the team. "Why didn't you ever tell us?" Hannibal asked Murdock. "And how in the hell did you know?" he asked Savanah.


"There is a lot of things I know. Remember that." She got up and got some more juice for them. Just then the phone rang. She grabbed it on her way back to the counter. "Hello? This is she. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. No. I said no. Because I'll be back in a few days, maybe sooner." She rubbed her eyes. "Fine. Bye." She hung up the phone and sat back down at the table. She looked up to see four pairs of questioning eyes looking at her. "What?"


"Something wrong?"


"No B.A. Everything's fine. Just work."


"Who do you work for?"


"The Company."


She could have heard a pin drop. "You work for the CIA?" Murdock gasped.


"Well, of course I do. Well no, I don't. Well, indirectly."


"Which one is it?" Hannibal asked.


"Indirectly. I work for someone who works for the company. I do jobs for him every once in a while. Do ya'll want some more eggs?" and with that she made it clear the subject was closed.


Later that morning, she talked to Murdock privately. When she came out she looked better. "Well, I'm off."


"Where are you going?" Hannibal asked surprised.


"Home to Alabama. Dr. Richter landed in L.A. about an hour ago. I left him some notes, and Murdock should be fine. He's knows how to reach me if he needs me."


"How do we reach you?"


"Here's my card. I have to pack. My plane leaves in an hour." With that she turned to leave the room. "Face, could I talk to you for a minute?"


Face followed her out of the room. When they got to her room, she turned and looked him in the eye. "I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Murdock. Ya'll need to get into some kind of couple's therapy. Now don't give me that look. Richter is willing to work with ya'll, and he can be trusted. I promise. Also, and this is the same speech I gave him up there, if I ever hear of you two hurting each other, I will jump the next plane to where ever you are and I will personally kick both of your asses."


"You like that word, don't you?"


"Shut up and listen to me. You have no idea what all I have invested in the four of you. I promised my father at his grave I would watch out over all of you, and I intend to keep that promise I made. Got it?"


Face nodded.


"Good. Well, take care."


Ten minutes later, she was gone.


"What do you think she meant by she indirectly worked for the company?"


"I don't know B.A., but I have a feeling this will not be the last time we see Dr. Savanah Morrison. Come on, let's go check on Face and Murdock."


"I already did. They're sleeping."


"I bet. Well, let's enjoy the beach."


Savanah barely made her flight. She sat down in her seat and smiled at the stewardess as she thanked her for the Jack and ginger she was handed.


"Did you take care of your personal business?"


"Yes, I did." Savanah answered after she had drank all of her drink.


"Do you mind telling me what was so damn important that you felt the need to drop the mission at hand and fly out here?"


"As a matter of fact, I do. I told you when I would be back, and I kept my word. Unlike most of you agents, I work for you by choice, so that gives me a few more options."


"Don't count on that."


"Shut up, and let your top assassin get some sleep."


With that remark, Savanah leaned her head back, closed her eyes, and started softly humming "The Long and Winding Road" by the Beatles. 'Someday guys. Someday the road will lead you home.' She smiled slightly as she thought to herself, 'Don't worry Daddy. I'm keeping my promise."


She suddenly sat up and looked at her companion, "Who the hell am I being sent to kill anyway, Stockwell?"



The End


The Long and Winding Road by Alanda



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