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Author: Rosebud

Lonely Nights

by Rosebud


Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own them.

Summary: M/M not blatant. More Murdock getting angsty over Face

Author's note: This little tiny piece is my first foray into prose. Also if I've

missed any warnings/ratings sorry!




These are the nights I miss you most. The long empty hours that should be

filled with the sound of your voice, the whisper of skin on skin. and it's only

me again. I sit in the darkness and wonder, where are you tonight? Are you

thinking of me too?


Some how you feel close tonight. A ghost of your hand touches me. Cold comfort

in the darkness. I shiver, as if you step upon my grave.


But why would you be thinking of me? All those pretty girls, you never sleep

alone. Are you hiding there, behind their painted smiles? What are you hiding

for? They don't know you like I do, not like we know each other. Contrarily I

wonder if you know me at all?


I spend hours thinking of you. Get me through the day my love, just one more

wretched day. These tears refuse to fall. But I fall endlessly. Over and

over. Only for you.


And now I'm smiling, laughing at myself bitter and not quite angry. To be angry

would be to admit to feeling and I don't want to feel any more. I don't want to

hurt like this and I'm so sick of missing something that I can never have. So I

tell my self, 'move on', 'get over it', 'he doesn't need your pain'. But I

don't want to. I want you here by me.


Ha, ha. Tell me I'm not crazy.


But I must be. I can smell your scent on pillows where you've never laid your

head. I can see you standing in the doorway smiling. You're not here. It's just

that shadow dancing on the wall and I'm breaking, breaking into pieces at the

mention of your name.


This pain. It could drive a person sane.


Lonely Nights by Rosebud