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Title: Parental Instincts

Parental Instincts

by Adalia


Rating: G

Disclaimer: I don't own any A-Team characters, they're not mine, I'm just borrowing them, so please don't sue me.

Warnings: BEWARE: Silliness ensues . . .

Summary: A potential client uses a rather unusual method of contacting the team, managing to both frustrate and impress Hannibal, embarrass Face, surprise Murdock, and annoy BA. All at once.

Comments: Pretty, pretty please? This is my second posted fic, and I can't wait for the comments . . . I love comments . . . feed me comments . . . yummy!

Author's Notes: I really don't know where this came from . . . but hey, it's a plot. I'm grateful. I may eventually turn it into an 'epic' . . . but for now one epic-in-progress is enough. And this was just too funny to keep from posting it! Enjoy!

Copyright 2001, by Adalia



"Hannibal, if you pace past me one more time it's going to drive me sane!" Murdock complained from his seat on the couch.

Hannibal glared at him half-heartedly, but humored him and sat down next to Face at the table. Face handed him a glass of brandy, watching him as he took a sip.

"I give up," he said, sipping his own brandy.

"Give up what?" Hannibal asked.

"Trying to guess what it is that you're trying to convince yourself you want to tell us," Face replied with a grin.

Hannibal looked irritated. "Fine. You want to know what it is? Something's been bothering me for the past week, but I don't know what "

" it is?" Face finished. "One of those, huh? Bummer."

"Bummer?" Murdock silently mouthed to BA, who was sitting next to him on the couch with his feet propped up on the coffee table. BA, of course, was drinking milk. They exchanged amused looks and shrugged. Face was, after all, a native Californian. People say all kinds of weird things in California, Murdock thought to himself.

"No, no," Hannibal replied. "I know exactly what it is, that's not the problem. I'm just not sure what to do about it!"

"Oh, okay. One of those, then," Face made an attempt to salvage what he'd hoped was going to be the first

successful attempt all week to make the Colonel talk. Hannibal glared at him, and he decided to shut up for the moment. He watched in silence as the older man swirled his glass, absentmindedly staring down at the dark liquid.

Hannibal put the glass down with a scowl. He fidgeted for a moment, tapping his fingers on the table and glancing around the room. Then he suddenly bounced up out of his chair, catching the full attention of the entire team.

"Argh! I can't take it any more!" Hannibal shouted in frustration, whirling around to face the large bay window and pointing in front of him at the curtains that ran from the ceiling to the floor. "You, behind the curtains!" he spun around to face the couch, his arm still pointing in front of him "You, behind the couch!" he spun again, so that he was pointing down the front hallway "And you, in the closet!" they heard a muffled thump and curse from that direction "Yes, you! I want all three of you to come out here right now, and so help me, if a single one of you so much as looks like you're going to pull a gun..."

He let the unspoken threat hang, crossing his arms expectantly as the other three members of the team gaped open-mouthed.

There was another muffled thump from the general direction of the closet, then silence. Murdock carefully leaned backwards over the couch to take a peek at whoever Hannibal seemed to think was back there. He saw a shadowed form, but it was too dark to tell any details. "Ah!" he shouted in surprise, leaning forward again. Nobody but Hannibal had noticed anyone else in the room, apparently. BA just shrugged and growled. He was annoyed that someone had pulled one over on them, but whoever was back there didn't scare him, Hannibal was angry and they were going to get the beating of their lives if they weren't careful, whoever they were . . .

"I said now! Don't make me come get you!" Hannibal ordered, and the others watched in amazement as three figures emerged from the hiding places Hannibal had so theatrically, and correctly, identified.

They came to the center of the room and stood in a line in front of the Colonel. The first looked sheepish but triumphant, the other two looked scared, then looked at Face, and then looked wistful.

What caused the younger members of the A-Team to collapse in a helpless fit of laughter was the fact that all three of them were teenage girls.

Hannibal stared at his men in consternation, understanding completely why they thought this was funny but still not appreciating the laughter. Especially since the joke was on him.

None of them was coherent enough to get out a complete sentence, but it was no matter. They all wanted to say the same thing, and knew it, so each one supplied a phrase.

"So, Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith, fearless leader of the notorious A-Team " BA began, before giving in to the laughter.

" has been frustrated almost out of his mind for an entire week " Face added, almost falling off his seat.

" by three " giggle " teenage " giggle-giggle " girls!" Murdock finished. He let out a howl of laughter that was more howl than laughter, and did fall off his seat. He continued to laugh as he rolled around on the floor.

"Well? What was I supposed to do, huh? They've been shadowing me for the past week. They're teenagers, for heaven's sakes! Girls!" Hannibal said, waving a hand expressively at the three of them. He fell backwards into his chair, blindly reached out for the brandy, and downed the entire glass. He held it out to Face to be refilled without taking his eyes off the girls. He nursed his second glass slowly, glaring darkly at the three laughing men, silently daring them to make any more jokes.

Slowly the three of them calmed themselves and the laughter trickled to a stop. Face gulped at his brandy, BA gulped at his milk, and Murdock picked himself up off the floor. The shorter girl crossed her arms, mirroring Hannibal's earlier stance, and waited. The two taller girls whispered to each other and giggled, stealing nervous glances at Face. He hesitantly smiled back with the best grin he could muster, causing even more nervous giggling.

This continued for several moments. Hannibal was obviously too busy sulking to bother questioning them, so Murdock decided to start the conversation.

"So, ladies, who are you, and what are you doing following the leader of the A-Team around?"

The taller girls giggled again and turned to their shorter companion. She shrugged.

"I need your help. I couldn't contact you the normal way for certain reasons I'll explain later, so following him around seemed like the best way to get your attention. These two are just a couple of folks who were helping me do it," she gestured in their direction.

"Exactly," one of them replied. "And now you've contacted them "

" so when do you hold up your end of the deal?" the other giggled.

"Your end of the deal?" Murdock asked, raising one eyebrow.

The short girl frowned. "Mr. Peck? Could I talk to you for a second?"

"Who, me? Sure, I guess so," he answered with a shrug, wondering what was up.

She went over to him and whispered in his ear. The others watched in fascination as Face's face slowly turned several shades darker with what could only be embarrassment.

"You promised them what!?" he stuttered in surprise.

"Oh, don't worry about it," she said. "They both turn twenty next week. Think of it as a birthday present."

As the other girls giggled and nodded, Murdock realized what was about to happen and started laughing again. BA and Hannibal continued to watch the proceedings with a mixture of amusement and confusion. They weren't sure what she had told Face, but if it made him turn that color it had to be amusing.

"Oh. That's different, then," Face replied, valiantly ignoring Murdock as he stood up and straightened his shirt. "Well, ladies, let me be the first to wish you a very happy birthday." Face offered each girl an arm and a charming smile, leading them out through the front hallway.

Murdock restrained himself to almost spastic giggling with some difficulty, and Hannibal looked at the remaining girl, the question obvious in his eyes.

"I met the two of them a week ago on the beach. I promised them that if they helped me tail you for a week I would get the famous "Faceman" Peck to give them each a kiss as a birthday present," she shrugged again. Murdock's laughter picked up again, and Hannibal joined him.

"Faceman's famous?" BA asked.

"With the beach girls, anyway," the girl turned towards him and answered.

Face came back in alone, his features a little less flushed, but still slightly pink. He was smiling happily as he straightened his tie and smoothed his shirt.

"Figures," BA and Murdock said together. Hannibal laughed.

"What?" Face said innocently.

After the laughter had died down again, Hannibal turned to the girl still standing in the middle of the room. "Well, young lady, I must say I'm impressed. I've had kids do everything from try to get us to not help them to outright putting ads in the Sunday paper, but I've never had one follow me around for a week. What's on your mind?"

"So you'll help me?" she asked in lieu of a direct answer.

The guys looked at one another, at the girl (who was displaying her best lost-scared-hopeful-little-girl look), and then back at each other again. They sighed as their parental instincts kicked in, causing them to feel obliged to take in and help this young girl, despite the apparent ease with which she had humbled all four of them. Not to mention that their curiosity was starting to itch.

"I s'pose so," Hannibal replied with a shrug and a grin. The others nodded.

The girl let out a triumphant whoop, during which her quick little mind realized that she had too much of a great chance to give up sitting right in front of her. So she met Hannibal straight in the eye and tossed back at him the one thing she'd heard him say several times over the past week. "I love it when a plan comes together!"



The End


Parental Instincts by Adalia



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