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Carla watched as the car drove off, and grinned at herself. She knew she'd done an evil thing, but she didn't care. She was glad that she'd hired that man to mess with the brakes in the rental car.


The reason she'd done so, was all because of Fritz. He'd been asking for her to come away with him to Paris. At first, she'd thought that Borneo would be ideal, but she couldn't see herself living in some godforsaken jungle. So Fritz had said, that they'd be able to live in Paris to change identities......




Frankie and Stockwell were in the rental car, and going to meet the Team in the mansion. Frankie had just been on an

undercover mission, and Stockwell had met him at the airport. Stockwell not wanting to drive, since he was used to getting everything done for him, told Frankie to drive..


Frankie slid into the driver's seat. No one spoke. No words were necessary. Stockwell was a man who would rather talk when he was lording stuff over you, and Frankie just didn't have hardly anything to say. As they approached the red light, Frankie pushed on the brakes.


But nothing happened. "Santana would you mind stepping on the brakes?" asked Stockwell crisply. "I am General. They've decided to not work." Complained Santana through gritted teeth. Just then without any warning the car turned sideways and plunged into a brick building, glass shattered everywhere. Sadly there were no survivors.


The owners found the two in the car the next morning, and called the funeral home. The funeral home contacted Carla. Carla told them to dispose of the bodies as they saw fit. She didn't care about them at all. She even paid the bill of wreckage that the owners of the building placed on the car.




The Team was pacing, and wondering what the hold up was. Stockwell had radioed them and had told them that once he got back, they were going to be debriefed. "Where is he?" complained Face. "He'll be here Muchacho, the man's probably doing something really sneaky, to get us all killed", answered Murdock.


"Don't say that", interrupted Hannibal. He was secretly thinking the same thing, but he didn't want it voiced out loud. "I agree wit' Murdock", intoned B.A.. Before anything could happen, there was a knock on the door. It was Carla. She had a slight frown on

her face, and she said,


"Gentlemen, you may need to sit down for this bit of news." "What is it Carla?", asked Hannibal. "Yeah Carla?", questioned Murdock and Face at the same time. B.A. just stood and growled. Carla took a deep breath, and said, "The General and Santana were on their way to meet with you, from the airport and the brakes were messed up. The General and Santana careened into a building and were killed instantly."


The others, except for Hannibal, totally missed Carla's self satisfied gleam. He decided to make her think she'd gotten away with Stockwell and Frankie's double murder. There were sighs of sorrow, and suddenly Murdock spoke up. "But Frankie? I kinda liked him. He played PacMan with me." "Well, yeah.... But Stockwell?" asked Face in puzzlement. "Now we're never going to get our pardons."


"That is part of why I'm here." Said Carla. "These were found in General Stockwell's last will and testament." The four's jaws dropped, as she handed Hannibal, Face, and B.A. their pardons. Carla turned to Murdock and said, "Mr. Murdock, you too were also given this." She handed a fat envelope to him, and he opened it, and threw it to ground.


"I am not takin' his money." Said Murdock. Ferocity in his voice. "I won't take anything with me, except my friends. And that's final." Carla protested, "But that was his last wish Mr. Murdock....Won't you please at least respect his last wishes?"


"NO!!" Exclaimed Murdock. "He didn't like me in life. What makes you think I'm gonna take his money after he dies?" Finished Murdock. Everyone looked at Murdock in surprise, he very rarely spewed venom.


But seeing he was serious, Hannibal took Murdock aside, and had a little talk with him. Everyone else watched, as Murdock said something, and gestured around wildly. Finally, the two were finished speaking, and rejoined the group. "Okay Carla, you can have the money." Said Hannibal finally. Eyeing the captain to make sure that's what Murdock really wanted to do. Murdock nodded his head in consent. She turned to leave, and said, "Gentlemen you may leave any time you wish. Good evening."


On her way to her quarters, that she'd lived in for at least fourteen years, she sighed and smiled. Nobody suspected, and now

she'd be able to go on with her plan. Be with Fritz forever in elegant Paris. A part of her liked the general as a boss, but the other part wanted to be with Fritz in France. They'd met on a cruise, when Carla had first become involved with Stockwell's Company.


Fritz wrote her every day, and she'd written him back. She'd promised Fritz, that if anything happened to Stockwell, she'd join Fritz in France. She'd actually get to do what she wanted to do, and having Fritz by her side made it all worthwhile. She called Fritz, and told him all that had happened.


Fritz got really excited, and told her he'd meet her at the airport down there. However, he also had ulterior plans of his own, and

hearing Stockwell had been rubbed out, would make it go smoother.


He was just using Carla for his own use, and she had no idea. Meanwhile, Carla paid the thug who'd messed with the brakes. Then she went back to Stockwell's living quarters, and grinned. She hurriedly packed. And looked around at her quarters. No, she certainly would not miss this place. "Good riddance....", she murmured.




Hannibal smiled when he hear Murdock's cheery voice, but he was really troubled, Carla was going to get what was coming

to her. He'd seen a mysterious stranger go into Stockwell's house, and had followed the man inside.


He'd listened outside of Carla's quarters, and had heard her talking to him. "For your good work." She'd said. "Thanks for doing

this eensy weensy favor for me Jonesy." 'Jonesy' had apparently pocketed the money, and Hannibal'd flattened himself against the wall. Jonesy bypassed Hannibal without even seeing him.


Hannibal had raced back to the A-Team's residence. Keeping everything he'd heard in mind. Carla was in trouble. With a capital "T".




"Good Riddance." Cheered Murdock. "We're free, we're free, we're free to be we!" Murdock continued. As he packed. "Oh

yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah." Chimed in Face grinning too. At times like these he didn't care if he sounded crazy or not. Hannibal smiled as he packed. His Team seemed much more alive.


They seemed to have had forgotten that they'd ever argued. He whistled as he packed. Then he heard B.A. singing something as well. He'd never heard B.A. do anything but growl, and scowl. "Nice singin' B.A." Called Murdock from the room, across from B.A.'s. "Shut up Foo' and keep packin'." Came B.A.'s gruff voice.


"Oh B.A., you're sooo cuuutteee when you're angry." Crooned Murdock. "I SAID TA SHUT UP AN' KEEP PACKIN'." Shouted B.A.. "Well if that's how you want it.... Can I help you pack then?" asked Murdock excitedly. "I'm all done with my packing." "NO!!!!", said B.A. again. "All right. Hey Colonel?" Called Murdock. "In my room", called back Hannibal. "Can I help you pack then?" Asked Murdock. When he had reached Hannibal's room.


"Well all right." Consented Hannibal. "You know Murdock, one of these days B.A.'s going to turn around and slug you one. For shooting your mouth off one too many times." "He won't either Colonel. It's just a game we play. You know that." Murdock added in conspiratorial tone.


"Well just be careful." Said Hannibal habitually. "Oh I will." Answered Murdock, as he handed Hannibal a folded shirt and some pants. "Thanks." Said Hannibal. "Welcome." Returned Murdock. Soon everybody was packed and ready to go. "We leave bright and early tomorrow." Said Hannibal.


"We turn in our pardons, which Stockwell signed before he died. Then we do what the majority wants to do. Either split up and go our own ways. Or we stay together, and do what we'd been doing when were on the run. Fight bad guys and help people.. Only this time, no Decker, or Stockwell will be in our way. You think about it overnight and let me know." Said Hannibal.


The three others nodded, and fell into peaceful slumbers. Murdock knew exactly what he was going to do. He would stick with Hannibal. And he was pretty sure, B.A. would too. They knew nothing outside of being soldiers of fortune, or just soldiers in general. But Face was a different matter.


He'd probably want to leave the first chance he got....With that thought in mind, Murdock threw the covers off threw a robe over himself, and padded to Face's room. He slowly opened the door, and shook Face awake. "Huh? Wha'?" Asked Face groggily. "Oh good. You're awake then." Said Murdock cheerfully. "No I'm not." Complained Face, putting a pillow over his head.


Grabbing the pillow off of his friend's head, Murdock spoke. "Now now Muchacho you're only going to be able to get back to sleep, when you've answered my questions." Knowing he'd get no sleep, if he didn't listen to what Murdock needed to know,

Face sat up in bed. "Your hair's stickin' up all over." Grinned Murdock.


"Thanks for noticing." Said Face wryly. "What's the matter Murdock?" Asked Face worriedly. "What's eating you?" Face asked again. "I just want to know somethin'." Answered Murdock. "Are you gonna run out on us Facey? I mean without even telling us?" Murdock asked worriedly.


"Well you know, that I would've done that as soon as I got my pardon. I wouldn't be here. And you know it." Answered Face. "I could've disappeared. And not shown myself around for a long time. But you know what?" Asked Face. "What?" asked Murdock in return. "I'm stickin' with you guys." Said Face. "Wherever Hannibal leads us, I'm going with. You guys would still need a con man for this operation." Smiling with relief, Murdock clapped Face on the back, and went back to his room to sleep. The next morning the four again met in the living room.


They set their packs down, and waited for further instructions. "We're all headed back to LA to turn in our pardons, and then we'll see what happens afterwards." Said Hannibal. Nodding in agreement, the Team headed out the front door, without so much as a backwards glance. "Goodbye stuffy old house." Called Murdock from over his shoulder. "I Shall Miss Thee. NOT!!!" Murdock said again. "Git goin' Foo'." Said B.A. grabbing Murdock's shoulder. "I'm coming, I'm coming", replied Murdock.


He was practically dragged to the inside of the van. Hoisting his duffle bag, he dropped it alongside everyone else's luggage. Murdock sighed contentedly. They'd done it. They'd actually done it. They were free. All of them, and nobody had been hurt.

Except for Face, who'd been shot in the restaurant.


But other then that, they were none the worse for wear. They arrived in LA a few hours later, courtesy of a well placed

2x4, and a plane big enough to carry the van in its cargo hold. Murdock was driving the van, when all of a sudden, B.A. woke up. "You Put Me ONNA Plane." Growled B.A.. Then he did something nobody expected him to do.


He smiled, and said, "An' it feels great ta be in ma van. Especially when I wake up...." "You aren't mad at us B.A.?" Asked Murdock. " 'Course not. Said B.A. in a more softer tone. "BUT I WANNA DRIVE MA VAN. SO PULL OVER." B.A. growled, in his usual manner. "Okely dokely", answered Murdock. He pulled over, and B.A. got into the driver's seat. "You know, you really ought to get those blackouts checked out B.A." Said Face from the backseat.


"Ain' Blackouts, you guys put me onna plane wit'ou' ma permission." Growled B.A.. "I'm onta you guys." B.A. finished. "Well I'm sure you are B.A.." Said Hannibal. He winked towards the other two. "Uh-Huh." Said Face. "Righty-O." Agreed Murdock. "You'll know when we knock you out next time." Promised Hannibal, crossing his fingers behind his back. B.A. only growled in response. He kept driving along, until he heard Hannibal tell him to stop.


They were in front of a huge building. The four trooped in, and B.A. scared all the people. "You should be happy today of all days B.A." Said Murdock. "I AM HAPPY. Scowled B.A. "Don' I look Happy?" Continued B.A. again. "Oh sure, you look really happy." Answered Murdock, rolling his eyes. "But doesn't bein' happy call for a frown turned upside down? And more teeth showin'?", Murdock continued.


"Shut up Foo'. We theah." Answered B.A. in response. The four took a collective breath and entered the door. "Right this way, the General is expecting you." Said the pretty secretary. Face flashed her a smile, and the four entered the spacious office. "Take a seat Gentlemen. While I look over your, uh, pardons." Said General T. Andrews. "By all means." Smiled Hannibal. Handing General Andrews his pardon. Face gave the general his pardon as well, and B.A. did the same.


"Mr. Murdock?" Asked the General. "Well I can explain why I'm here. I've been insane for the past 20 years. So I got acquitted of the only thing I was accused for.... Which I'm not sorry for even now.... Aiding and abetting my friends." Murdock said proudly. "I'm proud today for 'em too. For gettin' their pardons, an' becomin' free men." Said Murdock again.


Finished with his little speech, Murdock leaned against a wall, and watched as the General went over the pardons. "Well Gentlemen, they all seem to be in order. Here you go, and may I be first to congratulate you." Said the General shaking Hannibal's hand. Then he shook Face's hand. When he got to B.A., he was about to shake B.A.'s hand, but B.A. growled So he bypassed B.A. Then shook Murdock's hand.


"May I inquire what your plans are now that you're free men?" Asked General Andrews. "You might." Smiled Hannibal, as he lit up a cigar, and handed Face another cigar as well. "Truth be told, we haven't decided just yet." Hannibal said around the cigar. "When we do decide, you'll be the second to know." Answered Face.


"I bid you good luck on your future lives Gentlemen." Said the general again. "Good luck, and Godspeed...." The four about faced, and headed out of the building. As soon as they were outside, they decided to split up for a week, and meet at a local park. B.A. was looking forward to working at his daycare as a free man, Face was meeting up with an old girlfriend, and Murdock had some unfinished things to tie up, before he was really free from the VA.


They'd all decided though, that B.A. should have full ownership of the van, and that Face would keep his 'Vette around. Hannibal

was going to Bad Rock to see Maggie....All was arranged. Murdock Hannibal, and Face, caught cabs to their special places. As soon as Hannibal arrived on Maggie's doorstep, she threw open the door, and asked, "Hannibal is that really you? Are you really free?"


She threw herself into his open arms. "I'm a free man Maggs. After 20 years I'm free....." He entered her house, and they spent a wonderful week together. Face's old girlfriend was shocked to see him. He knocked on one Amy A. Allen's door, and she opened it. "Face?" She asked in bewilderment.


"Amy." He smiled. You see the two used to be together, but an argument broke them up, and he hadn't seen her in over six years. "I'm a free man Amy." He grinned. She stared at him in shock. She hoped for his sake he wasn't trying to con her.


But by the look of his eyes, he was telling the truth.... "Can I come in?" Face asked. She invited him in, and he pulled his hands from behind his back. There were flowers in them. They were her favorite flowers. Lilies. "Oh you remembered." She said. "Yep, and this...." My lucky quarter with the hole in the middle. She said again. He reached out and kissed her.....


Meanwhile Murdock was again at the VA. "May I see Charlotte Manchensen?" He asked. "She's not here Sir. She's been transferred." Said Nurse Emerson. "Where?" He asked. His voice getting desperate. "I'm sorry Sir. That information's classified." Murdock sighed.


He'd promised Charlotte that once they made it out together, he'd marry her. But he'd made it out first, and he had been unable to carry out his promise. He slumped his shoulders, and was about to turn away. Suddenly a soft voice caught his attention. "Murdock?" Asked a stunned voice. He turned around, and there she was. In civilian clothes.


Her auburn hair in a bun at the nape of her neck, her bright blue eyes lit up as soon as she saw him. She ran towards his now open arms. "Charl." He said. She started to sob into his shoulder. He kissed the top of her head. "Hey ya Charl. He soothed. How are ya?" He continued speaking. "Not too bad. I'm sane now...." She smiled, and he smiled back. "Hey you want to come with me?" He asked.


She nodded. He then led her out of the hospital forever. "Well?" She asked. "Well?" He returned. "You've been missing for six years, I get declared sane. Now you've come back. Then we get in your car, and you're asking me how I am?" She asked. "Where have you been all this time?" She again asked. "Around." He answered simply. "Though my boss did get killed. That's all I can say." He said. His eyes apologizing to her. She smiled and accepted his explanation. "So what are you going to do now?" She asked.


"Well I don't really know...." His voice trailed off. "I've only got a week to get decided." He answered. "I think though, my buddies and I are still going to be Soldiers Of Fortune." He continued. "Would that bother you any?" He asked. She shrugged her shoulders. "You promised to marry me." She answered simply. "I know." He said soberly. "Not that I don't want to...."


His voice trailed off again. "But if you want to continue to do what you'd been doing for most of your grownup life.... Who am I to stop you?" She said. "But we've got to find a place to live." She planned. "We?" Murdock asked. She continued without

seeming to hear him. "That way after all those jobs, you can have somewhere to recuperate. And I'll be there to help you



She offered. He grinned. "Sounds good to me." They went in search of an apartment that very day in Murdock's rental car. They finally decided on a two bedroom apartment. It had a kitchen, a living room, and a sort of den. Taking the money he'd withdrawn from a secret bank account, he paid for the first month's rent right then and there.


The owner smiled, and drove away in his car, whistling and counting his money. Since it was already furnished, they decided to spend the night indoors. They watched the night traffic, and then decided to head for bed. The week seemed to go by really fast, and soon it was the day for all the men to re-group and decide their future/futures.


"Well?" Asked Hannibal. "Well?" returned Face. "Have you all decided?" Asked Hannibal. "I for one am not ready to just become a senior citizen. I have some good years, and good plans to still spring on unsuspecting scum of the earth." "Well I'll stick with ya Colonel. If ya don't mind." Answered Murdock. "Me too." Affirmed Face. "Me too" Said B.A. simply.


Crossing his arms. "Well it's what I've been hoping for." Grinned an on the Jazz colonel. "I was hoping you guys would stick with me a few more years, and this time it's really going to be simplified. No military watching our every move. No Stockwell....." Hannibal's voice trailed off, and he noticed that the others' eyes gleamed.


"Isn't it great?" Enthused Murdock. "I've been waiting for this moment for years", admitted Face. "Yeh", growled B.A.. "I can just sense your joy." Said Murdock. "Shut up, an' get in thu van Foo'." Said B.A.


"I'm gettin' I'm gettin'." Grinned Murdock. "First order of business." Announced Hannibal, their first day back as 'The A-Team'. "What is it?" asked Face. "We've got to find Stockwell and Frankie's murderer." Said Hannibal. "How?", asked Face. "I've got an inkling." Answered Hannibal.


"Would you please explain?" asked Face impatiently. "He's getting to it Face", answered Murdock, watching Hannibal's face. "I know who killed both Stockwell and Frankie. At least I know who planned it. Then who actually carried out the deed." Answered Hannibal sucking on a cigar.


"Oh really?" Asked Face. "Yeh Hann'bal, who killed Frankie an' Stockwell?" Asked B.A.. Crossing his arms and growling impatiently. "Carla planned the whole thing. Then a thug called, get this, "Jonesy" carried out the whole thing...." "You're kidding right?" asked Face.


"Carla isn't that devious", protested Murdock. "Oh she was quiet when she was around Stockwell..... Or have you all forgotten?" Asked Hannibal. "There were probably a few devious things going through her mind."


"We've got to go back to Virginia, and look through Carla's quarters." Continued Hannibal. "You think she actually left any clues behind?" Asked Face incredulously. "I'm confident she did." Answered Hannibal. "She's going to have to get what's coming to her." Hannibal continued.


"I don't want to go back", complained Face. "Yeah Hannibal. Charlotte and I just got reunited." Said Murdock. "Well save the reunion for later." Replied Hannibal.


"We're flying to Paris." Said Hannibal again. "I ain' Flyin'." Grumped B.A.. "Oh you big baby. Why can't you try to get over your fear of flyin'?" Asked Murdock. "I ain' 'fraid of flyin'. Jus' don' wanna do no flyin'." Protested B.A.. "Well how else are you gonna get to Paris then?" Asked Murdock. "By boat", B.A. retorted. "Sorry no can do." Answered Hannibal. "We're flying B.A.." Hannibal continued.


"Aw Man", grumped B.A., crossing his arms and growling. Getting their things together, Murdock told Charlotte where he was going. "Back to Virginia? Then on to Paris?" she asked.


"Yeah, sorry Sweets", he answered. "It's okay." She sighed. "Just don't fall in love over there." She continued. "Or I'll have to....." Her voice trailed off. As Murdock grabbed her face and kissed her lips very deeply. "You know better then that." He replied, when he let her up for air. "I'll always be true." He said. "I'll write home every day. And I'll send all my lovin' to



He continued. "You promise?" She asked. "Yeah I promise. Now I have to get packed and ready to go, we're leavin' today." Said Murdock. He went to their room, and grabbed his already packed duffle bag. Soon he was out the door with Charlotte waving him goodbye. With tears streaming down her face.


He waved from his rental car, and met the guys at B.A.'s van. Which was parked in front of McDonald's. "I'm all ready." Announced Murdock. "Good." Answered Hannibal. "Let's get into the van, and head for the airport. Step on it B.A." Said Hannibal around his ever-present cigar.


B.A., however, decided to be difficult. When it concerned planes, nobody could make him see the error of his ways. "Can you hurry it up a little?" Asked Hannibal. "No Man, I ain' gettin' on no plane. An' I tol' ya I ain' gettin' on one." Said B.A.. "Well then pull over, and let me drive." Said Hannibal.


Seeing B.A.'s murderous glare, Hannibal turned to Face with a look that read "You reason with him".


Face cleared his throat, and said, "Pull over and let us use the phone to call the boat company. We'll see about using a boat to go to Paris." B.A. growled, but he pulled over, even though he didn't believe Face at all. He pulled onto the side of the road.


Then he watched as Hannibal picked up the phone and pretended to dial. Turning again to the backseat Hannibal glanced at Face and mouthed, "Do you have B.A.'s nighty-night juice?" Face silently nodded. "Good." Mouthed back Hannibal.


He started talking into the phone. Hannibal asked into the phone, "Uh Hello, is this Safari Travel Agency? Good. Can you answer a few questions for me?" Asked Hannibal. Hannibal nodded and pretended to write down something.


Careful not to let B.A. see a thing. Slipping the hypodermic needle into place, Face wiped some rubbing alcohol onto B.A.'s neck. "You're not going to feel a thing Big Fella", whispered Face. Face whispered low enough so that B.A. wouldn't hear him. He poked B.A.'s skin, and soon B.A. was out like a light.


His head typically hitting the horn with full force. With Face grabbing B.A.'s shoulders, and Hannibal grabbing the feet the two put him down on the floor.


They got to the small airstrip and scammed a plane. Murdock of course, howled and they were soon back in Virginia. They found the thug quite easily. Jonesy sang like the stool pigeon he was, and they were soon on their way to Paris. They were going to see that Carla was brought to justice.




Carla paced up and down, Fritz was late again. Where was he? Fritz had seemed all nice and sweet when she'd first arrived, but he'd drastically changed. His attitude, and mannerisms around her were different. He frequently snapped at her, and occasionally he'd hit her. She shivered, and paced up and down the living room floor.


"Where are you Fritz?" She whispered. Soon he appeared inside the house, with his entourage of lackeys and henchmen. She flew to him, and wrapped her arms around him. He turned to her then roughly took her hands off of him. He then sent her away.

She ran all the way to her room, and went to sit on her bed. She had to get out of that place.


If only she hadn't murdered anyone, but she was sure that she'd be found out and that the Team would see that justice was to be done. Her personal assistant and friend was sitting on at the desk, and as Carla entered she turned around. Moniqa asked,

"Sent away again Carla?" She regarded her friend with a look of sadness.


Carla sniffed a little then nodded. She was tired of this life. She wanted to actually feel like a human being not an object. "Come on Moniqa we're sneaking out of here. We're going to the Parisan Ritz. Get your bags packed and meet me at the back entrance." Moniqa nodded and the two ladies hurriedly packed. Soon they met at the back entrance and sneaked out the door. They were home free. The two took a cab....


Meanwhile The Team Had Just Gotten Into Paris.... They arrived at a hotel called the Parisan Ritz. It was fancy. Face went inside to scam some rooms. They all waited by the van. Thankfully nobody else was with them. Hannibal was pacing and he had a lit cigar in his mouth.


Murdock was trying to impress BA with his gymnastics ability and was doing cartwheels. BA growled and scowled. Meanwhile Face was having a tough time selling his story. "I'm telling you Mumu Adabi's here. He's waiting right outside. If you'll just get me some service I'll show you...."


Finally succeeding with his scam, Face triumphantly made his way outside. He whispered to Hannibal. "Pretend you're a rich American who's just arrived from Iraq. Your name's Mumu Adabi. Here put these sunglasses on and this turban. BA you can be the body guard, and Murdock can be the Health Assistant. Where is Murdock anyway?"


Hannibal pointed to a nearby field where Murdock was intently teaching Billy how to hunt for quail. "Murdock Get Over Here." Said Face exasperatedly. Murdock looked up from what he was doing, and looked over his shoulder. He picked up Billy and jogged over to Face. He listened while Face outlined the scam. The scam, as usual, went perfectly.


They secured a huge suite. Soon they were all situated in the room, then they sat down to strategize their plan.....Soon they retired....




Carla and her personal Assistant Moniqa Fontenot arrived at the Parisan Ritz. Carla was nervous she thought for sure Fritz would catch her as soon as she'd gotten into the building. She sighed as she paid for the one room for she and Moniqa to share.


She paid for the room with one of Fritz's credit cards. The clerk smiled and asked if Fritz would be along later. She absently nodded. Soon she and Moniqa were settled into the room. After a while Moniqa decided to get some ice, she took the bucket from the room and while Carla napped she took the key then she tip-toed out of the room.


She was filling her ice bucket and soon she heard some footsteps come up behind her. She wasn't naturally clumsy but she did something unexpected. As soon as her bucket was filled she backed up and bumped into the person. Causing her to fall on her backside and her ice to fall out of the bucket and all over the floor. The person apologized then offered to help her up.


She put out her hand to be helped up and she looked up into the most amazing, the most darkest brownest eyes she'd ever seen.

The top of the head was adorned with a navy blue baseball cap.


The shoulders were covered by a leather jacket. Which was strange since it was nearly Summer. He coughed nervously and soon gently pulled her to her feet. He apologized profusely for making her ice spill. Her face reddened and she glanced down at the floor. Normally Moniqa was poised and self confident.


Being around this handsome stranger made her, for some reason, leave all her senses. She picked up the bucket and he gently pried it from her fingers. "Let this bumblin' fool get this for ya. After all I did make you fall and spill your ice." He filled up

her ice bucket, then he filled his own bucket.


He asked her name she told him, then he introduced himself. They shook hands then went separate ways. Moniqa upstairs and Murdock downstairs and through a long hallway. Moniqa was practically glowing. She could hardly believe that the person she'd just met was hardly anything less then an angel. He was very gorgeous looking.




Murdock was smiling himself. He was thinking of Moniqa, he did feel guilty about thinking about another woman other then Charlotte, but Moniqa seemed so mysterious, so unique. She was actually quite beautiful. Her reddish brown hair seemed to glow her gray eyes seemed extra sparkly.... She just seemed so bubbly. Not that Charlotte wasn't bubbly either.


But Moniqa seemed to have struck a chord with him. He was laying with his back on his bed and was smiling widely. He had his hands behind his head and was gazing up at the ceiling. Soon Face entered the room. He'd gone to make a few phone calls. Mainly to Amy. Hannibal had gone to call Maggie, and BA had gone to call his Mama.


So the other two were gone. Face looked over at Murdock's bed. He saw the grin on Murdock's face and sat down at the foot of the bed. "So give already. What's the grin for? Did you call up Charlotte yet?"


At the mention of Charlotte's name, Murdock's face immediately took on a guilty look. Face crossed his arms and glanced at his best friend quizzically. "Oh I see. What's her name? Where did you meet her?"


Murdock tried to laugh it off. "Who says it's another woman? 'Sides only woman I got at home is my Darlin' Charlotte." Face unconvinced spoke again.


"Uh-huh. Riiiight. And I suppose the next thing you're going to do is sell me the moon? Believe you me the moon's been sold

too many times to count. So tell me. What's her name? What does she look like? You'd better tell me or I'll have to beat it out of you." Murdock sat straight up and sighed. He could never lie to Face, and vice versa. Face could never lie to him.


He couldn't lie to the rest of the Team either, but Face couldn't lie especially to Murdock, because Murdock knew him so well.. "All right. All right. You caught me Faceman. It's another woman. I met her while I went to fill up the ice bucket. She literally bumped into me causing her to spill her ice...." He went on and on about Moniqa....


Meanwhile In Carla and Moniqa's Room.... Moniqa was all aglow thinking of Murdock. She hadn't noticed any wedding ring on his finger. So her chances seemed to be all for the better. But suppose he had a girlfriend? She shook the thought away. But she couldn't shake the image of Mr. H.M. Murdock. It was impossible to get the man out of her head.


He was just sooo memorable. She grinned widely again, and was about to go and check the restaurant downstairs to see if she could catch a glimpse of him. Carla awoke though and Moniqa quickly whipped her head around.


She had a sheepish look on her face for a little bit. But it quickly transpired back into a grin. "Good to see you awake Ms. Carla. Hope you had a pleasant sleep." Carla hadn't had a pleasant sleep. Her dreams had been invaded by Fritz and the Team, coming to get her. But she nodded anyway that she had indeed had a pleasant sleep.


Carla then noticed how Moniqa looked. She looked very happy, and Carla was pretty sure she was glowing. Carla smiled in return at Moniqa's grin and started to speak. "So Moniqa what's the grin for? What's his name? What does he look like?" Moniqa crossed her own arms. "How do you know it's a guy? How do you know I'm not just going to take a walk?"


Carla replied. "Because if it wasn't a guy and you were actually taking a walk you'd not be practically glowing or your eyes shiney. Heck you wouldn't have put on any makeup." Moniqa sighed.


"Fine. Yes it is a guy. He's soooooo amazing. I met him while I was filling up the ice bucket." Carla nodded for her to go on. And Moniqa related every detail. When she got to the part about the navy blue baseball cap and the leather jacket, Carla tried not to let her fear show.


Carla shook the feeling away about the Team being in the same hotel as she. After all there were many men that fit Murdock's description roaming the streets of Paris. However, Carla's practical side won out. So The A-Team was in the vicinity. She would have to be careful not to be seen.


She would hide away in the room, while Moniqa got the meals and things. As soon as Moniqa was finished speaking Carla outlined her plans for the evening. Carla was staying inside.....


Meanwhile In The A-Team's Suite....


Murdock paced up and down. He had to call Charlotte. He just had to. He'd promised. So to keep his promise he raced down to the lobby and went straight for the pay phones.


Charlotte answered right away. They talked for a long time soon Murdock hung up. He stepped out of the booth and ran smack into someone. "Hey! Watch where you're going Mister." Said the feminine voice. Suddenly she gasped. "Oh Mr. Murdock I apologize. I am sorry I didn't mean to yell at you. In fact I was on the look out for you."


Grinning sheepishly Murdock glanced at the woman who was two inches shorter then he was. "Well I seem to have a habit of

runnin' into people M'lady." He tipped his hat to her. Then he asked, "You said you were lookin' for me?" She nodded.


Trying to find her tongue again. She just couldn't tear herself away from his eyes. She gulped, swallowed and tried to speak again. She asked, "Would you....Could you....Oh heck, would you have dinner with me tonight?"


Murdock looked thoughtfully at her and said, "Well I'll have to think about it. I'm really here for business not pleasure. Maybe tomorrow?" He stepped out from the front of the phone booth, and she got in pretending to make a call.


She watched as he went down to his suite. She grinned, she could watch that behind all day. She was then awakened out of her daydream by a person wanting to use the phone. Hanging the phone receiver limply and not even close to where it was supposed to hang, she dazedly left to go back to her room.


No doubt about it she was going to find out more about this H.M. Murdock. She grinned a little bit more, and was met by Carla. Carla was trying to warn her about Murdock. "He's with the A-Team you know. They're coming after me, because I killed my boss. If they knew you were my friend, they'd come after you too. Thinking you were in league with me. Which you practically are anyway...." Her voice trailed off as she noticed that Moniqa wasn't listening to her. "Moniqa I'm serious. You're going to be in big trouble with these guys. They're famous for coming and getting what they want. And what they want is me. I'm a murderer. Well practically a murderer I brainstormed the whole idea and all because of Fritz." She scowled at the thought.




Fritz was on a rampage. Carla was missing, and without Carla his plan was not going to go ahead. He scowled and called all his associates as well as the maid, the butler and the cook, and the new assistant that was assistant to Moniqa.


He made them stand in a row and he paced up and down the floor in front of the row. He stroked his chin and furrowed his brows. All he needed now was a cigar and he'd look like a small train. The staff snickered. Until he straightened up and gave them all a stern look. But nobody knew anything until he reached Moniqa's assistant Leanna Romero.


She trembled slightly and he called her to him. She stood meekly before him, and his eyes bored into hers. "Where Is She?" He bellowed. "Whom Sir?" She questioned back. "My Fiancee' and Moinqa Fontenot. That's whom. I want answers and I want them now." He glared at Leanna and she trembled again.


"Th-They went to the Pa-Parisan Ritz Hotel Sir. They were going to h-hide out until Carla could get completely away from you." With that Leanna burst into tears and fled from the room. But Fritz's eyes gleamed. He knew where to find her now. He grinned a little and called in the chauffeur and his body guards, he was going to bring Carla home.


He knew exactly what he was going to do with her when they got back to his house too. He then led the way to his car and everybody hopped inside. They sped away towards the Hotel.




Murdock decided that he would go out to dinner with Moniqa. After all it would ONLY be one dinner date and he wasn't IN

LOVE with her, it was only going to be dinner. He decided to see what room she was in, and once he found the number he

went to the room.


He knocked on the door. Now Carla had been napping and Moniqa had gone to take a shower, and so Carla answered it hoping it was room service. She put a robe on and opened the door. There stood to her horror, HM Murdock. Murdock's eyes also registered shock but he quickly calmed down and said,


"Must've gotten the room numbers wrong. Didn't know they gave rooms to murderers. I was lookin' for a Moniqa Fontenot. Know who she is?" Carla's eyes had narrowed and she shook her head. "No I don't know any Moniqa and even if I did you think I'd tell you? You must have gotten the room numbers mixed up...."


Her voice trailed off as Moniqa came out of the shower and she caught a glimpse of Murdock. Moniqa pushed past Carla and went up to Murdock. "So you've decided? You are going to have dinner with me?" Murdock looked back at her. How could he have dinner with an accomplice or possibly someone who was indirectly involved with Murder? He didn't know what to do but he nodded his head.


He was too much of a gentleman to just break off a dinner date. He grinned and spoke. "I'll just wait for ya in the Lobby Ms. Fontenot. Carla...." His voice trailed off and he about faced into the lobby. Moniqa hurriedly got dressed and she looked

quizzically at Carla. "H-He knew you?"


Carla spoke. "Yes he's part of the A-Team. He'll tell the others and then all Hell will break loose. If you go out to dinner with him tonight you're going to regret it." Moniqa didn't listen and soon she and Murdock were having a dinner date in the hotel's five star restaurant.


It was lovely but both were uncomfortable with each other. Finally it ended, and Murdock brought her to back to her hotel room, he lightly kissed the top of her hand, and he headed back to the suite he shared with the guys. He found them all awake and

reported his findings.


Hannibal disguised himself as a bar tender, and went down to see if Carla would show herself. She did. Not at first, but Carla was now on the edge. Her worst fears were coming together. The A-Team on one side and a fianc who was dangerously crazy and was involved in drugs and weapons and who knew what else.


Probably owned a string of prostitution outfits. She wouldn't have been the least bit surprised. She practically ran to the lobby. She needed a drink. Seeing that Moniqa was sound asleep, Carla hurriedly dressed.


She went down to the bar. "Bloody Mary on the rocks, followed by some Tequila and a Margarita heavy on the alcohol Bub." Her back was turned to the bartender, but she put her money on the counter. Drink after drink was consumed, until the bartender said, "I think ye've had enough my dear. I would hate ta see a purty lady like you passed out on the floor." Hannibal really was concerned, he'd never seen Carla lose control like she'd done. But she kept ordering drinks. On her tenth drink, she was so drunk

she could hardly think straight.


Her eyes were sort of glazed over and her tongue was decidedly loose. She started mumbling about a guy named Fritz and how he was after her. No sooner had she mentioned Fritz, then Fritz did appear. He spotted Carla at the bar practically falling off her



She still hadn't looked at the bartender, but she was facing the place where Fritz had entered. Adrenaline seemed to rush through her and she leaped from the bar stool to a place where she could cower. Fritz was about to walk over to her, but he was stopped by Hannibal's hand on his shoulder.


Trying to shake him off Fritz started to walk back towards Carla. But she hid very well under a table. Hannibal got between Fritz and Carla's table. He didn't want any bloodshed until he got this mess sorted out. He didn't like the looks of this Fritz guy at all.


He pushed Fritz out of the bar and he went to get Carla. But she'd disappeared already. Muttering to get Carla, Fritz disappeared and went the other way. Hearing Fritz's muttering Hannibal was instantly on the alert.


He found Carla's room number and knocked on the door, Moniqa went to open it, and Hannibal gave her a message. Fritz was after her, and until Fritz was dealt with The Team would protect her.


Sending BA and Face to guard Carla and Moniqa's suite. While Murdock and Hannibal guarded the perimeter. Soon Fritz had formed an attack, and soon he was defeated, but not before BA and Face had had their run in with them. Soon all the bad guys were gathered up, and Fritz had confessed his ulterior motives for wanting Carla to kill Stockwell, he was using her as bait.


Carla had not known he was using her. She was angry and her eyes flashed fire. But she was still going to be convicted of a murder. They took Fritz, Carla and Moniqa to the police station, Carla and Fritz confessed and were soon taken into custody.


Moniqa was an accomplice, and soon the Team's mission was finished. They all returned to Los Angeles, and they all went to their girlfriends' houses. Murdock arrived at he and Charlotte's house, and unlocked the door with his spare key. Grinning he couldn't wait to see her face.


He opened it, and saw her asleep on the couch clutching a picture of she and he to her chest. Her eyes were closed, but he could see tearstains on her face. He gathered in his strong arms, and spoke softly to her. "Honey I'm home. Wake up you gorgeous thing you."


She opened her eyes and again laid her head on his chest. She murmured a little bit. "Hi Murdock, glad you're home. I missed you, and I love you." "I Love you too Darlin'." Murdock smiled and kissed her back.


He tucked her into bed, and that's where they spent the morning. Later he surprised her with breakfast in bed. She got dressed, and soon they spent a romantic day in the park, discussing things but mostly kissing and cuddling.





Car Wreck by Georgia Bentz



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