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Author: Stiney

Bad Moon Rising

by Stiney


Rating: R

Summary: Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Murdock's afraid of the big bad wolf.

Disclaimer: The boys don't belong to me. Took the title from a CCR song.

Warning: Slash, cussing, um, weird monsterness.

Author's Note: Thanks to Snowy for helping me straighten this story out. And my dad for scaring me so bad I had to write something to ease my mind.





      Murdock sat sprawled all over the couch in Face's newest apartment, reading through the newspaper.

      "Whoa, Facey, check this out! The drive-in is having a double feature tonight, 'The Howling' and 'An American Werewolf in London'. Come on, let's go."

       Face walked out of the kitchen and looked at the pilot.

       "Murdock, I hate the drive-in; plus, I don't like taking you to see scary movies, you'll have nightmares for a week, and it will be all my fault," he said sitting down on the couch next to his friend.

       "Aw, Face, come on. I won't have nightmares. And look, if the movies are bad we can always just make out." Murdock grinned as he turned and laid his head in the blonde's lap.

       Face looked down at his lover who'd gone from smiling to pouting because he knew it would get him what he wanted.

       "Alright stop it, we'll go."

        Murdock sat up and quickly kissed Face before pulling him off the couch.

        "Hurry up. Don't wanna be late. This is gonna be great!"


        'Real great,' Face thought to himself an hour later. They weren't even halfway through 'The Howling' before Murdock made his way across the center console and into his lap. Face shook his head, watching him peek at the movie through his fingers.

        "Hey, if the movie is this scary why don't we go home? There's still another one left, and as much as I love you I don't think I'll be too comfortable with you in my lap for another two hours."

       "Ok, I'll move, but we gotta stay. I've never seen the other movie. 'Sides, if we stay I promise I'll find something for us to do during intermission," the pilot said kissing his partner.

        Face laughed, and then pushed the other man slightly.

        "Deal. Now get up, my legs are killing me."


         That had been two weeks ago, and now they were in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming. They'd just finished helping Amanda Douglas keep her land from greedy land developers. When she suggested that they stay and rest a few days, they happily told her yes. Face couldn't help but laugh when Hannibal led the lovely lady back into her house. 

         After dinner Murdock got Face in the kitchen to help with the dishes.

        "Hey, Muchacho, I think I saw a river down the road when we came up here. Wanna go for a walk?" Murdock said, running his hand down the blonde's jean clad backside.

        "That sounds good. Gimme a kiss, quick." Face said pulling the pilot to him.

        "You guys didn't have to… Oh, um, sorry," Amanda said, walking into the kitchen catching the two kissing.

        The pair jumped away from each other and looked at their hostess guiltily. Face cleared his throat.

        "We're done with the dishes. Sorry about the ah… could you not say anything to Hannibal?" Face had a feeling their C.O. already knew what was going on between them, but they hadn't been warned to stop so he thought it better not to press their luck.

         Amanda held up her hand.

         "I didn't see a thing. I just came in here to tell you boys thank you for doing my dishes." She smiled at them, and then walked out.

         Murdock slumped against Face.

         "Oh, boy, that wasn't funny. I'm really ready for that walk now."

         "Yeah, let's go. But maybe we should ask Ms. Douglas how to get down there."

         "Alright, I'll go ask. Meet me outside, and get a blanket from the van." Murdock said, walking out of the kitchen. 


         In the living room Hannibal was talking to B.A., and Ms. Douglas was finishing with the dinner table.

         Murdock walked up beside the short brunette and asked quietly, "Ms. Douglas, is there an easy way to get to the river from here?"

         "Yes, there is, but I'll only tell you under one condition."

         Murdock looked at her, puzzled.

         "Ok, what's that?"

         "You quit calling me Ms. Douglas. Call me Amanda. My mother is Ms. Douglas."

         Murdock laughed. "Ok, Amanda."

         "Thank you. Now, there's a path behind the house that leads right to the river. It's really nice out there, especially tonight, it being a full moon and all." She winked at him knowingly, and went to sit in the living room.

         "Where are you going, Captain?" Hannibal questioned as Murdock started towards the front door.

         "Um, going for a walk, Colonel."

         Hannibal looked at the pilot.

         "Well, don't go by yourself. Take Face with you in case some of Richards' men are still around out there."

         "Alright, Col." Murdock said, walking out the door. 


         Walking out onto the porch, he looked at Face leaning against the van then glanced up at the sky and couldn't believe how bright the full moon was.

         "Murdock, what's wrong?" Face asked, looking at the pilot who had stopped on the steps.

         "Nothing. Just looking at the moon; it's full."

         Face held out his hand and chuckled.

         "Come on, babe, I'll protect you from the big bad wolf."

         Murdock rolled his eyes and took Face's hand.

         "Thanks a lot, Facey. I wasn't even thinking about werewolves. But I am now!"

         Walking down the path they came to a clearing next to the river.

         "Oh, man! Face, this is great!" Murdock said, stripping quickly out of his clothes, and making his way to the water. Jumping in without testing it first he let out a screech.

          Face looked up from removing his shoes.

          "Murdock, what's wrong?!"

          "Sorry. The water's cold! Why don't you hurry up and get in, you're so hot the water should warm right up."

          Stepping near the edge of the water, the blonde cautiously stuck a foot in. Looking at Murdock who'd just come up from under the water, Face shook his head.

          "I can't believe you jumped in the water like that. It's freezing." 

          "Well, get in here and share some of that body heat with me, sweetheart," Murdock said, splashing water on Face.

          "Do that again and I'll get dressed and walk back to the house," he said, slipping into the water.

          "Aw, poor Facey, don't wanna get wet." Murdock grabbed the blonde and before Face knew it, he was dunked under the water. Sputtering water, Face grabbed his partner and started wrestling with him. They continued their horse playing until Murdock slid his hand down Face's ass, and cooed in his ear.

          "How 'bout we do a little wrestling up there on the blanket?"

          "Sounds like a good idea," Face said, moving towards the shore. Murdock watched the blonde get out of the water; moonlight glittering all over his wet body. 


          Face lay down on the blanket, waiting for Murdock to get out of the river. He listened as Murdock approached the blanket. He looked up at the pilot standing over him.

          "What are you doing?"

          "Just looking at you, Facey. You're gorgeous."

          Face sat up on his elbows to get a better look at Murdock's long, lean frame.

          "Sweetheart, you're definitely something to look at yourself."

          Murdock got down, pressing Face against the blanket with his own body.

          "Why just look? Right now, I want a little more physical interaction, where's the lube?"

          "I got it, front left pocket," Face said, gesturing to his pants.

          Murdock smiled as he reached for, and found, the tube without taking his eyes off the blonde pinned underneath him. 


          Awhile later Face lay happy and sated underneath the weight of his sleeping lover, kissing the top of his head he gently slipped out from underneath him. He ran his hand down the pilot's back, as he got up and made his way to the river.

          While swimming in the dark water Face looked around and took in the quiet, dark night. Coming up from under the water he was greeted with a howl in the distance. He shrugged it off thinking the howls were coyotes until it came again, louder and closer. Getting out of the water he quickly went over to the blanket and shook Murdock by the shoulders.

          "Murdock, wake up." He watched the pilot open his eyes and smile at him.

          "Hey babe, time to go already?" Murdock's smile faded as he heard the howling, closer to them still. "What the fuck is that??"

           Face looked around, and then grabbed his jeans. "I don't know, and I really don't wanna find out," he said, tossing Murdock his pants.

           "Ok Face, this isn't funny. What's going on?" Murdock said slipping into his khakis.

           "I swear to god, I have no clue. I was swimming and I heard it. Come on, we gotta go now. Leave the blanket, we'll get it in the morning." The pair didn't even stop to grab their shirts as they heard something big trample through the bushes off to their left.


           The path wasn't far from the house, ˝ a mile at the most, but it felt longer as they ran towards the house. Murdock looked back and saw something big and dark dart behind a tree. He glanced at Face whose mouth was hanging open as he caught sight of the thing behind them.

         "Murdock, fucking run faster!" Face yelled as they neared the porch. Trying to open the door they found it locked. They started banging on the door until the porch light came on and Hannibal glared at them.

          "What the hell are you two doing? Where are your shirts?"

          The pair didn't have time to respond before a big, hairy, dark form jumped onto the porch, knocking Face over.

          "Facccccceee!!!!" Murdock screamed as the creature tore at his lover's flesh.


          "Murdock! Murdock!"

          The pilot felt someone shaking him and opened his eyes. There, in front of him, was Face alive and looking thoroughly confused. Murdock grabbed him and pulled the other man tightly to him.

          "What happened, Murdock?" Face asked, puzzled. He'd been drawn out of the water when he heard his partner cry out for him from the shore.

          "Nothing. Everything's ok. Just a bad dream," Murdock said, and then kissed the blonde's shoulder.

          "See, what did I tell you about those stupid movies." Face clucked, pulling away from Murdock to get a better look him. "You ok now?"

          Murdock shook his head. "Yeah Facey, I'm fine." 'Stupid werewolves ain't real anyways,' he thought just as a howl broke from the darkness of the woods. 






Bad Moon Rising by Stiney



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