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Title: Someone Cares (Poem)

Someone Cares

by Murdock's Crazylady


Rated: G

Disclaimer: Yes I wrote it, it's mine.

Copyright: 2001 Murdock's CrazyLady (MCL)

Author's notes : PLEASE send comments. This is my first poem, it's really a few paragraphs of my emotions, but I wrote it down. I thought I'd share, even if it doesn't have anything to do with the A-Team.




Loser, Failure

you hear these words

they echo in your ears

for what seems like years

You hear it from your family,

and all but a handful of your peers,

Sick of hearing it, You fight back

cover your ears, wanting to scream

Until you can't anymore and your throat bleeds,

But you can't, must not make a sound,

Must not cry when they are around

Mistake, Accident

These you hear next,

Painful words that make you snap your neck

Try to leave, to get away

Too many obstacles obstruct your way,

You can't, you're stuck, feet won't move

All you hear is those words in your ears,

headache sets in, breathing labored

Suicide looks to be your only flight out,

Slapped, you ring you're own neck,

Don't dare think that, someone cares

They have to, you try to say, make yourself see

Pain in your heart worse than the pain in your head

Someone cares, you scream, not caring who hears

Frustrated feelings bringing out pent up tears

Angry screams display held in fears

Emotions run wild

Your body shivers, you feel weak

Teeth chattering, cold sets in

Again you see the hand of death,

Pills you can down to make your end

You reach, you want out so bad,

Even if it means you're own death,

Someone yanks you back, life's warmth touches you again

You open your eyes, those words ringing in your ears

Hatred's clouds leave your heart, Love's sun rises once more

A tight feeling inside, and you begin to cry,

that was your only way out, they made you miss your train,

Tears fall like rain, while you refrain from screaming again

That word, that sentence, your brain reminds,

Someone cares, Someone cares, The truth is here

Open your eyes and see, it flashes it's words bright

You fight again, past the words and the pain,

Seeing again, vision blurry

Someone cares, you hear it once more

Your name being called, someone squeezing you tight

The hug you feel opens reality's eyes and you squeeze back

The voice saying, 'good girl, you've survived, now don't let it happen again'

Your tears of happiness fall, so glad to be alive,

Promise not to try suicide ever again, you cry

Squeezing you as tight as they can. that one who was all along there,

Looks at you, eyes filled with grateful tears

Running a hand over your hair,

You listen as that voice says,

Someone Cares



Someone Cares - Poem by Murdock's Crazylady



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