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by Jamie Kawasaki

Summary: After ten years, Hannibal gets to see Maggie.
Rating: PG

Its been ten years since I'd seen her. Never thought itd come to this. Ten years. Ten long years. Working for ourselves, helping those who needed help, working for Stockwell to get our pardons. Why couldnt none of us see what would happen to the four of us when we had all gotten our pardons? Why wasnt there any thought as to how our lI'ves would be affected when we reached our ultimate goal? Something weve been trying to get for over thirty years? Couldnt any of us sense that things would never be the same again? Were we wrong to want pardons so badly? DI'd everything become unreal to us the day Stockwell told us the day we would be getting our pardons was near? How could we have just gone on like that?

When I met her, she was a doctor in Bad Rock. Dont know what shes doing now. The minute Stockwell snatched us up, there was no one called Maggie Sullivan in Bad Rock healing the sick and tending the wounded. Stockwell made sure of that. But I remember.

We had started off on the wrong foot, but that quickly changed. Her sparkling blue eyes, fair-skinned face, rose-colored lipsI never met a woman like her before or since. She could have been the one. Damn Stockwell! Damn him!

I get up to turn on the radio. I need something to distract my mind. To distract me from all thoughts of Her and what couldve been. A song ends just as I flick on the knob and another soon follows:

Sure I think about you now and then
Now and then? Seems I think about you every minute of the day.
But its been a long, long time
Sure has been.
I've got a good life now
Only, with you here I know itd be a better one
Life would go on
It has for the past ten years. Dont see why it would change now.
So when you crossed my mind
You never left, Maggie, ever.
I try not to think about what mightve been
But Im never successful. My mind wanders
Cuz that was then
Only if it was now, I know I'd make it work for us
And we had to take a different road
You to lI've life in a lie, and me, to go and work for a man I wouldn't
trust to take out the garbage.
We cant go back again
Aint that the truth?
Theres no use giving in
I wouldnt have to if I just knew where to find you
And theres no way to know
But theres always a way
What mightve been.
But what would be is still a possibility.

I get up from the couch I plopped down on. Not even turning on the radio can get my mind off of her. Every word the song says, every song the station plays has some trigger-effect where everything comes flooding down on me with the thoughts and memories of her. I want it to stop. Im going nuts thinking about her and I want it to stop. I am starting to get obsessed over a woman I met twice ten years ago and I want it to stop! I just dont know how to make it stop. And the song keeps playing:

We can sit and talk about this all night long
Only if you were here to make that possible
Wonder why we dI'dnt last
I know why we dI'dnt last. And it was neither of our faults.
Yes, they might be the best days we will ever know
That was the best day I have known
But well have to leave them in the past
Why cant it continue into the future? Why?
So try not to think about what mightve been
Dont you understand? I dont have to try it just happens!
Cuz that was then
It shouldve continued!
And we had to take a different road
I could kill Stockwell for that!
We cant go back again
Only because we dont know where the other is.
Theres no use giving in
Vietnam taught me NEVER to gI've in!
And theres no way to know
I just have to find you.
What mightve been.
Then well be able to know what our futures hold for us together.

I get up to turn off the radio. Its too much. I walk over to my bed, crowd under the covers and fall asleep. In the morning, I might feel better.

Morning comes, and I still feel lousy. I make some toast, wash it down with some coffee and get back under the covers. At least when Im asleep my mind isnt filled with the thoughts and memories of Maggie or so I thought.

I mustve fallen asleep again because I woke up with a jolt, sweating profusely by a dream I had about her. She had come alI've. In my sleeping moment, she had come alI've and was more vivI'd than any mental picture I had of her while being wI'de awake.

I went to the kitchen for a glass of water. Then, the telephone rang. I walked over and picked it up, not eager to talk with anyone.

What do you want Stockwell? Weve done our job. We dont work for you or the government anymore.
Hannibal, is that a way to greet a friend?
You're no friend of mine, Stockwell. Scum, maybe, but not a friend.
I'd be careful of the tone you use before I tell you the reason I called, Colonel.
I dont answer.
I called you for a personal favor, Col. Smith. I've got someone who hasnt seen you in a very long time and would like to see you. Her name is Jessica Yearwood. So if you could come down to my plane and
You can stuff personal favors, Stockwell. And just for the record, I never had any association with a Jessica Yearwood.
Colonel, I think you might know her better by her original name Maggie Sullivan.
I almost dropped the phone out of my hand. Stockwell had Maggie?
Colonel, Colonel?
Im here.
I suggest you come to my plane.
GI've me half an hour.

It was the longest half hour of my life, just to go from my place to Stockwells plane. When I reached his office, I was a bit weary of the place, and all sorts of questions kept popping into my mind. Why now, of all the years, dI'd Stockwell want me to see Maggie? Why was he being so kind in setting me up to see her? Why dI'dnt I ask him to let me hear her voice during the phone conversation? Why? Ignoring my unanswered questions, I went up the plane stairs and insI'de where I was greeted by Maggie.

Well Colonel, I believe you two have a lot to catch up on. You should head home so you could get comfortable

I just got here. BesI'des, therere some questions I want answered, Stockwell.

Whats that?

Why dI'd you keep her away from me for all these years? Why change her name and send her off? Why bring her back now after so long? Why

Colonel. Hannibal, I had my reasons. And they shall remain mine. I've always saI'd the A-Team will be taken care of if things were done my way.

I just stared at him. Even after all these years, I still had my suspicions about him. He was up to something. Now Colonel, why dont you two go home and relax? I saI'd nothing, but took Maggies hand and headed for my car. On the rI'de back, neither one of us saI'd anything. It was an awkward feeling. Maggie flicked on the radio.

The same old look in your eyes
Shell always have the same old look in her eyes. Thats what I like about her.
Its a beautiful night
The stars are out, the night is warm and Maggie is by my sI'de.
Im so tempted to stay
I hope she is too.
Too much time has gone by
And we have so much to catch up on
We should just say goodbye
Goodbye to our past
And turn and walk away
Walk away together into the future.

I look at her. She looks at me. I hope shes having the same thoughts as I have as I stop and pull over, close my eyes, and lean in to kiss her. She meets my lips part way as the song continues:

So try not to think about what might've been
Cuz that was then
And we had to take a different road
We cant go back again
Theres no use giving in
And theres no way to know
What mightve been

No we'll never know
What might've been

No, we may never know what might have been, but we definitely will know what will be. And as the moon and the stars in the sky watched over us, I drove us home.


Note: I dont know who sang this song or what the song title is, but all credit goes to the singer and songwriter.

The Love Of My Life by Jamie Kawasaki



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