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Title: Following Orders

Following Orders

by Laura H.

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Rating: G

Disclaimer: The members and premise of the A-Team don't belong to me, and I'm not making any money by using them in a story.

Summary: During a phone conversation, BA finds he must get some (unwanted) help.

Notes: Written in response to the 100 words Scamming Challenge. (Okay, so I go over by 5 words... :) Enjoy!





"He's gone to all three places without a tail, huh?"


"Yeah.  And I tailed him back to a hotel each time, and there weren't no one else there but him."


"Alright.  Set up one last meet.  You and Murdock will have to go and talk to him."




"Listen, BA, we don't have a choice.  Face won't be back for another two days and I'm stuck on location.  You have to get Murdock out of the VA."


"Hannibal, I don't need that crazy fool..."


"Just get him out, Sergeant, and that's an order!" BA growled, hung up the phone, and set off for the VA. 





Following Orders by Laura H.