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Title: Aluminum Bellies

Aluminum Bellies

By Fingers & Val


Rating: R

Original Concept: WallyGator

Warnings: SLASH - not too graphic

Disclaimer: We don't own 'em

Special Thanks: To WallyGator for inspiring us to write it, and to "Mr Val" for providing the inspiration for Face's pseudonym. ;-) He doesn't quite know that though. <veg> and to Rita G for betaing ....

Summary: Things go wrong when Face decides to exercise his way to riches.





"C'mon, Facey, where's the popcorn?" Murdock asked.


Templeton Peck sighed and produced a tub of the buttery snack his friend requested.  "Here, Murdock," he said resignedly.


"Great, now I'm ready to see this masterpiece of yours."


"For what it cost us, it had better be a masterpiece," BA growled.


"I'm sure Face wouldn't waste our money again...not after that last scheme," Hannibal said with a sly look at his lieutenant.


Peck rubbed his hands nervously.  "There were a few minor problems with the filming but I think we've overcome them.  I think you'll be satisfied with the results.  I really don't know why you even need to watch it."


"Problems?  Like what?" Smith asked, latching on to the rushed words.


"Er, nothing worth mentioning now.  Why don't we all take a seat and watch the video.  Murdock, you sit there; BA, your seat is over here; Hannibal, you can take this one."  He pressed the button to start the showing.  He started to take his own seat when Hannibal motioned for him to come closer.


"Why don't you sit by me, Lieutenant?"


The video started up with typically energetic intro music, followed by the opening titles.


"Aluminum Bellies, starring Russell Woolfe "


"Russell Woolfe?  Who's Russell Woolfe?" Murdock asked with a grin.


"I thought Dick Porter was going to be the star.  Didn't you say we needed a star to get people's attention?" Hannibal asked.


"Er, there were a few problems in the negotiations so we had to use a substitute," Face explained, pressing the stop button on the projector.


"More of these mysterious problems," Hannibal noted as Murdock made appropriate spooky noises in the background.


BA just glared at Peck and growled.


"I'm, ah, sure the substitute will be just fine.  You really don't even need to watch this.  It'll just be a waste of time."


"Better not be a waste of money," BA snarled.


"I'm sure it won't be, BA.  It's a very minor substitution.  Happens all the time in show business."


"Well, let's see the results," Hannibal ordered.


Face turned to Hannibal and said, "Hannibal, the distributors have seen it already.  You don't need to see it."


Hannibal sighed, "Face, our money went into this, we're going to watch it. Roll 'em."


Peck reluctantly pressed the play button.  The video started playing once again.


"Aluminum Bellies, with Russell Woolfe" ran across the screen once more.  BA harrumphed again and glared at the lieutenant.  The voiceover began.


"Hey, wait a minute!" Murdock exclaimed.  "That voice sounds awful  familiar!"


"It certainly does, Lieutenant," Hannibal echoed.


"Well, I had to step in at the last minute.  Dick Porter refused to cooperate, we had the studio already paid for and no one else to do the video."


"Now I can see why you were so anxious for us not to see it," Hannibal observed.


"Aw, it's just an exercise video.  There really is no reason for you to have to watch it.  They're just basic exercises, really.  Nothing to it."


"Keep playing the tape, Lieutenant."


Murdock laughed as he watched his friend go through the introduction to the workout on tape.


"What happened to your hair, Facey?  It's so dark!" Murdock asked with a laugh.


"We had to dye it.  Dick Porter has dark hair so the producers were expecting someone with dark hair."


"If you think it's going to help disguise you when the military see it, you're wrong.  It's still obviously you."


The warm-up part of the video began after the introduction.  Murdock shrieked with laughter as he watched.  "Aw, c'mon, Facey! You can do better than that!" the pilot howled.  "Your leg's supposed to be straight when you do that."


BA and Hannibal just glared at the conman who shrank down in his seat, wincing as he did so.


"What's the matter, Face?"


"Nothing.  I think I pulled a muscle filming this thing."


Murdock almost fell out of his seat laughing.


"Thanks for the sympathy, Murdock."


Murdock continued the running commentary throughout the showing of the video.  Hannibal finally started cracking a smile after a few minutes, although he was careful not to let Face see it.


Finally the show finished.  BA left without a word, pushing past the cringing blond without a word or a growl.  Face stared after the retreating back for a few minutes.


Hannibal sat back and lit a cigar, causing Face to jump around and say, "Hannibal! No smoking is allowed in the theater!"


Hannibal took a long puff on the cigar and said smugly, "Don't worry Face - I won't tell anyone."


Face opened his mouth to say something but he sighed and clamped it shut after he decided it was too late anyway.  He silently watched the clouds of cigar smoke reach the low ceiling of the theater.  Face sighed when the alarms went off and water started spraying over the three men. He commented acidly as the three men calmly got up and moved out of the theater, "Arnie had automatic sprinklers fitted last week. He's going to charge me for the clean up, you know."




The three men slipped through an emergency exit door and found a discreet corner in which to shake the water off themselves.  As Hannibal watched the fire crew depart after being placated by the building manager for the false alarm, he muttered to Face, "I think we ought to discuss this in a little more detail, lieutenant."


Face looked up from wringing his jacket out. "Yes Hannibal, we ought to! Do you know how much Arnie's going to charge me? We're going to have to make more sales now!"


Hannibal contemplated his soggy cigar and then looked at Murdock who matched his gaze.  "Let's get to the safe house and then you can tell us how exactly you think you're going to market a video, a 'not' very good video..."


"Aww Colonel, it wasn't that bad.  I mean those skimpy shorts that Face wore certainly do take your mind off the exercises...." Murdock drawled.


Hannibal smirked as Face flushed.  Rolling his cigar in his hands, Hannibal agreed with Murdock.  "Well, I guess you're right there, Captain. What gave you that idea, Face?"


Face blinked at the two men as he searched for an explanation.  He finally whispered, "By the time we realized Dick Porter wasn't going to turn up, I didn't have time to go and get my gear so I had to use his."  Face jumped as a light hand caressed his bottom.


"So you and he are the same measurements on top but you are a little …er…larger around the waist?" asked Murdock.


Face whirled and looked at Murdock from under his lashes and commented archly, "Well actually I don't think it was the waist measurement that was too small, Murdock."


Murdock smiled back at Face and stated just as archly, "I noticed you didn't have any room for any underwear, muchacho!"


Hannibal, who had let his two subordinates continue the conversation while he watched the parking lot, hissed, "C'mon you two.  The police are here."


Face and Murdock instantly switched their gaze to the parking lot. Face flushed again.  Murdock caught his reaction. "What's the problem, muchacho?"




Hannibal hissed at Face, "You haven't paid Arnie any money yet?"


Face anxiously bobbed his head from side to side and said, "Well..."


Hannibal gritted his teeth and said, "C'mon let's get out of here.  We'll discuss this later!"






Murdock banged on the locked bathroom door.  "Face, are you okay in there?" He stepped back as he heard the bolt click and the door swung open.  Murdock sighed as he saw the forlorn expression on his friend's face.  "You okay, buddy?"


Face limped past him wordlessly, a towel wrapped tightly around his waist, his clothes clutched tightly to his chest.  Murdock sighed as he read the tense, depressed mood Face's body language signaled  He kept pace with Face down the hallway to Face's bedroom, "BA will come around, it's just that you know how keen he was on getting his share of the profits for  the child care center and Hannibal, well, he thought it might be a way into the production business." A small sound interrupted Murdock's stream of consciousness speech.  He prompted, "Say something, buddy?"


"I know, Murdock, and I messed it up as usual."


Murdock tipped his friend's face towards him and looked sympathetically into the depressed blue eyes.  "Hey, things go wrong sometimes."


Face shook his head and moved out of his friend's grasp. "Well, everything seems to be going wrong at once right now. Can't even do an exercise video without hurting myself.  Should have known better." Face limped into the bedroom and shut the door behind him.


Murdock sighed and hesitated in front of the shut door.  Finally deciding to leave the con man to stew overnight, he touched the door and whispered, "'Night Facey."  But before he could move away, the door opened and Face stood there, still wrapped in his towel. Murdock's eyes strayed involuntarily to the towel. He stammered, "Need a massage?"


Face queried, "What?" He shifted uneasily, aware of Murdock's scrutiny.


Murdock clarified his question, adding, "Your leg; you're limping pretty badly. Thought it might need loosening before you go to sleep."


Face shifted again on his feet. "Oh yeah, thought the long soak might ease it." He changed the subject.  "Hannibal gone out?"


Murdock nodded.  "Yeah, he's gone out with BA.  Did it?"




"Ease it? The leg."


Face moved backwards into his room.  "Not really;  a massage might help.  It hurts, Murdock."  He tried not to whine; he knew how the Team hated it when he whined.


Murdock frowned. "How bad is it, muchacho?" Invited by Face's motion, he stepped over the threshold to his room.


Seeing that Murdock was following him, Face turned and led the way to his bed.  "Bad enough."


Murdock tutted under his breath and asked, "Can you run?"


"Just barely." He saw Murdock's alarm and amended his whine. "A few days' rest and it should be fine."


Murdock relaxed when Face assured him that he wasn't completely incapacitated. Sitting down next to the blond on the bed, he commented, "You did look pretty good in the video, muchacho."


Face sighed. "No I didn't.  Camera angles were all wrong."


Murdock smiled to himself as he thought that the camera angles were just fine.  He asked, "Why didn't you go for a second shoot.  Didn't you see the rushes?"


Face sighed and admitted, "Didn't get to see the video until just before you, Murdock. Is Hannibal mad?"


Murdock shook his head.  "Not really."


Face lay back on the bed, the towel parting a little where one end was tucked into the other.  "I've been trying to think of a way to recover the whole mess.  I had 300 copies made."


Murdock gulped at his friend's admission.  "300? When you hadn't seen it?"


Face sniffed and put his head in his hands.  "Yes, 300! Roger, the director, assured me it was so good that we'd sell out easily."


Murdock shook his head.  "Oh man!"


The blond turned over and buried his head in the pillow.  "BA and Hannibal are gonna kill me when they find out."


Murdock paid little attention to the muffled statement, his attention caught by the sight of the towel slipping down over his friend's rounded buttocks. He ran a hand lightly over the material.  "Still want that massage?" He felt rather than saw Face nod his agreement.  "Which leg was it?"


"Left," came the muffled reply.


"Want a dry or oil massage?"




Murdock smiled and got up off the bed.  "K.  Still keep the oil in the bathroom cabinet? Be back in a minute."


"Make sure it's warm this time!"


Murdock smiled, "Course; isn't it always? I'll be right back."




Murdock padded back into the bedroom a few minutes later and smiled as he saw that Face had turned off all the lights apart from the one by his bed. In the dim light Murdock also saw that the white towel was now beneath Face. He silently slipped to his knees by the bed and placed his supplies on the nightstand.  He paused as he caught sight of the peaceful expression on the face before him.


"I'm not asleep. What took you so long?"


Murdock placed a hand in the small of the back before him, "Had to warm the oil, make sure the perimeter was secure, and check in with Hannibal."


"They going to be back tonight?"


Murdock shook his head. "No."


Face opened an eye and said, "Good.  Gives me time to think of..."


"An excuse, muchacho?"


Both blue eyes opened and widened in injured innocence. "Of course not! Time to think of more outlets for the video."


Murdock rolled his eyes.  He said playfully, "That's only if you have the time, muchacho."


Face looked at his friend and said, "Oh?"


"First I'm giving you your massage and then you're going to sleep." Murdock poured some of the warm oil into a cupped hand and then started to ease the strained muscle.  The only noises that marred the silence that reigned in the room were small grunts from Face as Murdock's expert hands found the knots in Face's strained muscles.


Murdock kept his gaze fixed on the thigh he was working.  As he felt the last knot dissolve underneath his fingers, he asked gently, "Face?"


"Yes?" came the sleepy reply.


"Want some more time to think tonight?"


"Would be nice.  Do you want to check out camera angles?"


Murdock let his hands creep up to work on the buttocks presented to him. "Sure. I know them already though."


"I guess you do. Won't hurt to check them out again though.  Think I might have strained a groin muscle, too."


Murdock tutted as the blond turned over, "Didn't you warm up?"


"Not like tonight."


Murdock moved to straddle Face.  He asked, "Not sure whether you deserve it."


"How can I convince you that I do?" Face asked, slipping a hand underneath Murdock's tee.


Murdock closed his eyes as the familiar tingle began to spread out from the blond's touch.  "Ummm that feels good, Facey. More like that would convince me."


"Really? Convince you to do what?"


Murdock brushed Face's lips with his and said, "Stop talking, Faceman." Murdock followed up his words with a gentle exploration of the mouth of his sometime lover.  He didn't stop as two hands pulled open the fastenings of his jeans and slid them off.  He broke off for air and then began to move his mouth around the blond's face.  Murdock wiggled his hips to aid the removal of his shorts. He grunted in appreciation as skilled hands began to massage his groin and murmured into the blond hair, "Oh baby, that's so good!"


Face slid his hands under Murdock's tee and slipped it off his lover's body. Once Face had discarded the tee, Murdock raised his head from the blond hair.  He looked into the blue eyes for a long moment and  then said gently, "Let's make you feel better."  The blond answered with a grateful smile, full of love.  Murdock lifted his body up and reached over for the lube.  He turned back when he heard a small grunt of pain.  "What's the matter?"


Face grimaced and rubbed his thigh.  "Cramp." He began to turn over, "It's okay."


Murdock stopped the blond.  "Hey, didn't we decide we liked doing it face to face?"


Face rolled onto his back and sighed, "Yes but..."


Murdock stopped Face's words with a kiss to his mouth.  After breaking contact , Murdock grinned.  "Well Facey, I think there's a solution to that."  The Texan took Face in his arms and rolled them both over so that he was lying on the towel with Face atop him. Murdock grinned, "Now Face, you don't have to raise your legs."


Face eagerly took the lube away from Murdock's unresisting hands and began to prepare Murdock.  Murdock closed his eyes and sighed deeply as the short fingers found their way past Murdock's sphincter.  Murdock thrust down as the fingertips stroked his prostate.  He wrapped his legs around his friend and used them to pull the unresisting man closer.  Feather light lips brushed his as the fingertips were withdrawn and replaced by something much larger.  Murdock's last conscious thought as he was sent over the edge was that the camera never lied.



Aluminum Bellies by Fingers & Val



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