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Title: Protected


by Glenda


Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Slash of course

Disclaimer: I own none of the guys, Wahhhhh

Copyright: 2001

For Brat (Kristy) on her birthday. Sorry it is a little late to the list but I wanted to at least make it a semi-enjoyable experience for you all.





            "That was a very stupid thing to do Murdock," complained Templeton Peck as he dropped his lover on one of the beds in their room. "All you had to say was watch out, Face. I would have moved; but no, you decide to step in between me and the goon and get yourself whacked with the baseball bat. You know you are damned lucky to even be alive," Face was talking a mile a minute and his voice was getting louder with anger as he undressed his partner, getting him ready for bed.


            "Hey, Facey, could you keep the noise down? I don't know what you're complaining about, I'm the one that got his head rearranged," moaned Murdock, rolling away from the hands of his lover who was trying to

remove his shirt.


            Face dropped his hands to his side and stalked away before he could say something he would regret later. He walked over and pulled the curtain back. There wasn't much to look at in the little town of Christiana. All Face could see was the glow from the large neon sign advertising free cable in the hotel and cold beer on tap in the bar.


            "Face," sobbed Murdock.


            "Yeah, what do you want?" asked Face hostilely, still looking out the window.


            "I think I'm gonna be sick," came a muffled voice from a mouth that was being covered by a hand as Murdock tried to rise from the bed.


            Face sighed as he headed over to take his lover to the bathroom. He didn't feel like cleaning up a mess tonight.


            "Oh God," whimpered Murdock as he proceeded to lose his supper, lunch and possibly breakfast from the whole past week.


            Peck tried to remain mad and detached but finally his heart gave out and he began to rub his friend's back to try and help with the dry heaves which seemed to be all that remained from Murdock's concussion that he suffered at the hands of the bad guys.


            "Facey, why are you mad at me?" asked Murdock.


            Face shook his head. "Come on, let's get you off this floor and into bed." Face bent down and lifted the sprawling pilot up by his arms. Once he was sure that Murdock wasn't going to hit the deck, he grabbed a cool cloth and wiped the sweat away from his lover's visage.


            "I'm not mad," reassured Face as he handed Murdock a glass of water to rise out his foul-tasting mouth.


            "Humph," mumbled Murdock as he rinsed and spit. "Tell me another. You haven't said a civil world to me since we left Swanson's hideout."


            Swanson was a wholesaler who had sold his customers tainted meat. The Team had been hired by a few of the local grocery store owners to get proof. Without the evidence, the owners were looking at some very hefty payouts to their clients who had gotten ill.


            Face and Murdock had been sent in undercover to gather some information, but during one of their meetings with Hannibal and B.A., Swanson had followed them. During the battle, one of Swanson's men tried to strike out Face's head with a baseball bat but Murdock stepped in front of the swing. The pilot had been able to deflect some of the force but he was still left with a ringing headache and a concussion.


            Face wanted to deny it, but he knew Murdock was right. He had been cold towards his lover all day, but he had his reasons.


            As he looked at his lover's eyes, Face began to have his doubts about those reasons.


            "Come on, let's get you to bed," ordered Face, steering Murdock out of the bathroom and towards the beds.


            "Oh Facey, you say the nicest things," purred Murdock rubbing his chin against his lover's ear.


            Face had to fight to keep his body from reacting to the nearness of his lover. He wanted his lover, in spite of his anger at Murdock's earlier stunt in the day, but he didn't think either of them had the strength to fool around. Face quickly undressed Murdock all the while having to keep his lover's roaming hands busy.


            'Fool around'.  The thought of that made Face smile. It made them sound like teenagers. But the truth was what they had was mind-blowing sex; but even that wasn't right.


            What they had together was so much more than that. Somehow when they came together during sex. No, thought Face, when they made love, they filled each other's soul; they became one person.


            As Face gently laid down Murdock onto the bed, he came to a strong realization that without this man in his life he would have very little to live for. He had never felt that about another individual. It was scary, but also exciting, how much he depended on the crazy pilot. But after Murdock's little stunt at Swanson's compound, he wasn't sure his heart could take much more though.


            Face bent down and placed a kiss lightly on the already-sleeping Murdock's furrowed brow and pulled the blankets up to cover his lover's lean body. The conman then flopped over on the other bed; he was trying to get the energy to get up and get his pajamas on but he was failing miserably. Just five minutes, Face said to himself as his heavy eyelids closed.


            Face's eyes flashed open. There had been some kind of noise that had woken him. He looked around; the lights we still on in the hotel room but there was no evidence of what woke him up.


            Finally Face decided it must have all been in his own head and started to get off the bed so that he could get himself cleaned up and ready for bed. It had been a long hard mission. He wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed and curl up next to his lover. Most of his anger at Murdock had been slept away. He was still mildly put out with the pilot for thinking that he couldn't look after himself. After all, Templeton Peck was a professionally-trained soldier, a fucking green beret and how dare some skinny pilot think he couldn't look out for himself.


            Speaking of which, Face walked over and carefully brushed his fingers over the large bump that was on his beloved's temple. There was no doubt that Murdock was suffering from a concussion. He was showing all the signs. Face knew that he needed to wake up his sleeping beauty.


            "Murdock, come on, wake up, then you can go back to sleep," said Face, trying to break through the fog. He was getting a little concerned. If H.M. didn't wake up he was going to have to get him to a hospital and that brought along another set of complications.


            A quiet moan was the only response, but it was a start, thought Face.


            "Wake up, Baby. I need to see those big brown eyes of yours," ordered Face sharply.


            Peck sighed in relief when he saw those warm eyes glow with recognition, and caressed his best friend's cheek. "How are you feeling?"


            "Face," came a small voice from the bed. "Don't you love me anymore?"


            Face froze his hand, still on Murdock's face. "What are you talking about, H.M.? Of course I still love you. Why wouldn't I?"


            Face waited for the answer but none came. "Murdock," called Face, concerned with the sudden quiet. "Why wouldn't I still love you?"


            "Why were you sleeping on the other bed?" asked the pilot as he turned to look at Face.


            Face knelt beside the bed so that he could look Murdock in the eyes. "I just nodded off." Peck could see the disbelief in his lover's eyes. "Honest, Murdock. Now what brought this on?" asked Face as he slipped in beside Murdock.


            "Well, you were pretty mad at me yesterday," Murdock admitted softly.


            Suddenly it all came together in Face's head. "Murdock, aren't you the one who is always telling me that being able to get mad at each other is a good sign in a relationship?  And aren't you the one that is always telling me not to keep things bottled up inside me?" Face crawled up to sit by his lover on the bed.


            Murdock nodded; it had taken the pilot several months to convince Face that it was ok to show his true feelings, whether anger or love or his favourite, passion.


            "But Facey, you ..."


            "Murdock, I'm sorry I yelled and acted badly towards you, but you scared me, and I didn't like that feeling," confessed Face, trying to get off the bed.


            "Hey, wait on there, Muchacho," demanded Murdock as he placed all his weight on Face. "You can't just lay that on me and walk away."


            "I'm sorry, H.M."


            "Stop with that, Face, and tell me what it is that I did that got you so angry, so I won't do it again."


            "How can you not know?" said Face angrily, pushing Murdock off of him and heading back towards the window.


            "I didn't think I did anything differently," said Murdock, approaching his lover.


            "That's the point; you and the rest of the guys are always stepping in the way. You don't think I can look after myself, none of you do. Not you or the Colonel and certainly not B.A.  You guys all hover around me like I'm some little china doll that is going to break. I can look after myself; I have been doing it for a long time. I did it before I met you and I'll be doing it long after you've all left me."


            Face stopped; he couldn't believe he said that out loud. Damn it, he had to learn to control his mouth better. Those were thoughts that only came to him late at night when he was alone, but he had been spending more time alone since he and Murdock confessed their feelings.


            It was strange but he never felt more complete then when he was with Murdock but he never felt more alone when he was without his lover.


            Face turned when he felt a gentle touch on his shoulder but, when he tried to turn back again, Murdock put both hands on him to hold him in place.


            "Face, please look at me."


            Slowly Face turned his eyes up so that he could look out from under his eyelashes.


            Murdock sighed but it was the best he was going to get. He could feel the tension in his lover's body, and one wrong move and Face would retreat. Maybe not physically, but mentally, and it could take a while to get Face back from wherever it was he would disappear to.


            "Face, you know that we are never going to leave you, at least not by our own choice. And you damn well know nothing is going to drag me away from you short of aliens beaming me up to the mothership."


            Murdock slowly slid one hand from Face's shoulder along his neck until he reached the slightly fuzzy chin of his lover.  He could feel some of Face's tension melting as he began to calmly stroke his partner's jaw.


            "Face, what are you really upset about?" asked Murdock quietly, not wanting to upset the mood.


            "I told you, already," argued Face, trying to slip out of Murdock's strong grip.


            "No, you didn't," informed Murdock sternly. "You started off with some song and dance about being mad at me for treating you like a china doll and then accused me of leaving you. What the hell are you really pissed off about?"


            "I don't know. I'm just feeling a little confused I guess," conceded Face as he finally let himself give into the comfort Murdock's arms were offering.


            "Confused about what?" questioned Murdock, steering Face to the bed.


            "You, me, and the Team, I suppose. I know Hannibal said that he is cool with you and me, but he also said that he didn't want it messing up the Team and you getting yourself killed because of walking into a baseball bat that was meant for me might be the epitome of messing up the Team."


            Murdock pushed Face onto the bed and straddled his hips; it was more to keep him from getting away than anything romantic in nature.


            "Ok, I am sorry about that. It wasn't my intention to get walloped; it just sort of happened," admitted Murdock, hanging his head in shame. He only wanted to protect Face; that's all he ever wanted to do, but he somehow still managed to hurt him.


            "A simple duck would have been sufficient. But it's been happening a lot lately. This case, the last one in Bakersfield with those drug dealers..."


            "He was going to break your hand in that door," reminded an outraged Murdock.


            "So instead he breaks your ribs," said Face, struggling to get up.


            "I can handle a sore chest but you wouldn't be a very good pickpocket with a broken hand, now would you?"


            "Ok, I can see that point. How about last month in Baltimore?"


            "Hey, that was B.A. and Hannibal getting in the way there."


            "Only because you were tied up in the back of Cardston's trunk. Whoever heard of a big black guy or an old man as a cocktail waitress?"


            "Face, you would have been dead if the Team hadn't interrupted your little meeting with that crooked politician," said Murdock holding Face down by the shoulders.


            "You don't know that, H.M. I was in control of the situation but how can I know for sure what I can handle if whenever I turn around I have you and the rest of the guys following me? I can't keep relying on you being there all the time." 


            Face raised his eyes to the ceiling and sighed. It was a sad enough sound that Murdock thought his heart might break.


            "Why can't you, Face? I'm not going anywhere and you know B.A. and Hannibal are in for the long haul."


            "In spite of what you say, you aren't always around, are you? You are in your ivory tower in the VA. And Hannibal is off with his movie monster friends and B.A. has his children's centre. And what do I have? Nothing. I have me in an empty apartment and nothing else." Face cringed; he felt ashamed of the way he felt. He loved Murdock more than anything but sometimes the loneliness got to him. He was so used to having someone around at all times; with one phone call he could have any woman he wanted but he didn't want any woman, he wanted a loony from the Westwood VA. Dating a mental patient sucked the big one.


          "Are you sorry that we began this," asked a wary Murdock?


            "No," said Face in anger. "How could you think that? No, I'm not; it's just I wish things could be different than they are. I don't want to have to sneak the person I love more than anything in the world out of a hospital so that we can spend a few hours together. It makes it even harder to go back to wherever it is I'm staying at the time."


            "But at the same time, if it's the way it has to be I don't want the same person trying to get themselves killed before we can have that life we keep talking about. Does any of this make sense?" asked Face desperately.


            "Yeah, it does," reassured Murdock, laying his head on Face's chest. Slowly the pilot slipped his hands under Face's shirt to rub soothing circles along his lover's abdomen.


            "Then you have been in therapy for too long," joked Face as he could feel himself relaxing under Murdock's careful ministrations.


            "No, it's not that. I just know you pretty well after loving you for almost 15 years. You want the simple things out of life."


            "I do?" asked a surprised Face. "I guess that's true. I always want the best."


            "No, that's not it," said Murdock, pinching some of Face's skin around his belt line.


            "Yow, that hurt," whined Face.


            "Good. Now listen. What I meant was that you may show the rest of the world this shallow conman who only wants material things but the truth is that I know, as do Hannibal and B.A., that the truth is that you want a simple life full of people to love and who love you back. A world where you don't have to fight every day to survive, where you aren't in danger or where those that you love aren't in danger. I guess the three of us have been doing the same by trying to protect you. Without you this Team would fall apart, and knowing that you are here in the real world gives me the strength to try and get better."


            Murdock moved his mouth until it was an inch over Face's. "So you see I all have lots to protect."  And before Face could argue Murdock moved the inch and began to thoroughly inspect his lover's warm mouth.


            Murdock started at a slightly turned up corner of Face's lips and ran his tongue firmly across to the other side. He then headed back towards the other side but stopped in the middle and pushed his tongue opening the way to Face's warm mouth.


            Face returned the kiss with all the passion he could muster. He caressed the intruding tongue with his own. He could feel his teeth being counted and his tonsils tickled.


            Finally the need for oxygen broke them apart.


            "Murdock, this won't solve all our problems," reminded a breathless Face


            "I thought you were one for living in the moment," said the pilot as he began to strip the Lieutenant of his clothing starting with the t-shirt that Face was wearing.


            "I am or was until you stole my heart. Now all I want is a future with you," answered Face helping Murdock to get rid of the offending garment.


            Murdock smiled and bent down to bathe one of Face's nipples. He slowly ran his tongue along the pink nub, gently biting it until it formed a peak. Murdock smiled as he heard a soft moan rumble from Face's throat. He then moved over to the other side.


            Looking up at his lover's eyes. "I don't want this guy feeling lonely," stated H.M. as he gave Face's other nipple the same treatment.


            The murmur of pleasure was louder, but Murdock was determined to hear Face scream in ecstasy; it was the least he could do after causing his lover so much grief.


            "Murdock, baby, you have to promise me something," begged Face as he was losing himself in all that he was feeling.


            "What Face? I'm kind of busy here," complained Murdock jokingly, looking up from his task.


            "No more. No more taking stupid chances. You have let me fight my own battles. If I can't handle it, I'll ask for help. I promise."


            Murdock moved back up to capture his lover's lips. "I'll try, but that's the best I can do."


            Face nodded. "Ok and I'll try not to let my fears get in the way of enjoying what we have right now."


            Murdock smiled; he knew how hard it was for Face to let go of things. Even the offer was enough for right now.


            "Now. Where were we," questioned Murdock?


            "About here," said Face pulling H.M. back down to his lips.


            "Oh yeah, I remember now," laughed the pilot bring his lips to bear on the conman.


            Slowly Murdock made his way down his lover's body, stopping every once in a while to worship a particular spot that only he knew about. A spot that would bring a grown man to his knees, even a green beret.


            "Oh God," sang Face as he felt Murdock's teeth, tongue and mouth doing their best to reduce him to a pile of mush.


            Success, thought Murdock as he continued his exploratory on his favourite subject. There was that spot around Face's fifth rib and then there was his belly button. Oops, there is that pesky belt buckle.  Have to get rid of that, H.M. said to himself as he started to undo it.


            "Face, lift your ass up," said H.M. interrupting the conman's pleasure.




            "Lift your ass up off this bed so that I can get these damn pant off of you," ordered Murdock.


            Once he finally understood, Face lifted his back end up and sighed with great relief as he felt his pants and briefs slide past his now straining erection.


            Once the pants were off, Murdock tossed them on the floor and began to explore his lover yet again.


            "What are you trying to do to me, H.M.," demanded Face? He could feel Murdock nuzzling around his erection but the pilot seemed to be determined not to touch it. It was sheer torture for the conman.


            "Relax, Face. I just want to know every part of you."


            "You already know every part of me, Babe, but there are some parts I would like you to know more than others," said Face, lifting his hips up in the air.


            But Murdock was having none of it and gently place his hands on Face's hips and pushed them back down onto the bed, and continued his investigation of his soulmate's body.


            Murdock kissed along the inside of Face's thighs gently nipping at the occasional spot. With each mew of pleasure and delight and each sob of frustration Murdock could feel his resolve growing along with his own hard-on. He only hoped he could last to the end.


            The pilot continued down. Face's thighs were well developed from years of exercise, and from army training. He saw the scar on Face's leg where he had been shot during the war. In the same maneuver that had gotten him shot down near Khe Sanh. He gently caressed the scar with his lips and continued. First down one leg and then the other, until he reached Face's perfect feet.


            They weren't too narrow or too wide. The toes were just the right length as far as Murdock was concerned. Starting with the largest right down to the baby, they just flowed from largest to smallest.


            Murdock placed a kiss on each instep and then expertly flipped his lover onto his stomach with one move.


            Face was starting to get incredibly frustrated as well as painfully turned on.


            "Murdock, would you please stop whatever it is that you are doing and get up here and finish what you started before I combust," whined Face.


            But Murdock wasn't listening, he was too busy noticing a tiny scar along Face's calf that he had never seen before.


            "Where did you get that from?" asked H.M., fingering the crescent-shaped mark.


            "Murdock, this is not the time nor is it the place for this."


            "Come on, Face, tell me," begged Murdock


            "If I tell you will you please hurry up and take me?" demanded Face breathlessly.


            Murdock weighed the options; he wanted to learn his lover's body better but then his curiosity had always been his downfall.


            "Ok, it's a deal. Now give."


            Face buried his head in the pillow and sighed. The story was a little embarrassing.


            "Murdock, are you sure you want to hear this?"


            For his answer Murdock playfully ran his hand up the back of Face's leg and stopped just before reaching Face's hip. "What do you think, Facey?"


            Face moaned. "Ok, I was about 9 years old and I was fascinated by how birds flew. I was convinced that if I could get up high enough I could fly too." Face shook his head. He could feel his cheeks turning red with the embarrassment of youth.



            "Go on, Facey," encouraged Murdock as he lightly caressed Face's backside.


            Face wanted to quit but his hormones were having nothing to do with that.


            "So I climbed the big elm tree in the orphanage's courtyard and . . . " Face sighed, "jumped. I flapped my arms as hard as I could but all that happened was that when I landed I came down on a stick that got stuck in my leg. There, are you happy now?"


            Murdock smiled and placed a kiss in the middle of Face's back. "Yes, I am. I want to know all these things about you, Face."


            "For God's sake, why?"


            Murdock moved up and gathered face in his arms. "Because this is part of sharing your life with someone. I want to know all that there is to know about you. And now I know you and I both share a love of flying," smirked the pilot.


            Face buried his chin into Murdock's shoulder. "What if it is bad stuff challenged?" Face sadly.


            "I don't care. It's all a part of you. Do you understand?" asked Murdock gently, kissing his lover's warm pink lips.


            "Nope, but I'm beginning to," answered Face returning the kiss.


            Murdock ran his hand down his lover's body but unlike last time he couldn't avoid Face's growing erection as the conman's hand captured his as he was trying to gloss over it.


            "You promised," hinted Face placing the pilot's hand directly over his cock.


            "Yes, I did. Grab the lube. It was in my night case."


            Peck jumped off the bed and after rummaging through Murdock's bag he found his treasure. He quickly grabbed the tube and headed back to the bed.


            "Here," he said anxiously handing it to Murdock and throwing himself onto the bed. He turned to lie on his stomach.


            Murdock put the tube aside and gently massages his lover's back.


            "Hey, no more looking, it's time for taking."


            "I don't want to take Facey, I want to share."


            Face had to bit his lip so that he wouldn't cry. No one had ever shown him this kind of care. Most people were quick to take what they wanted and throw away what they didn't need, which most of the time was his heart, but this wasn't the place for bringing up the past. Here he wanted to celebrate his future.


            "You ok, Face?" asked Murdock suddenly alarmed at the quiet.


            "Oh yeah, Baby. I'm perfect. You planning to share with me tonight?"


            "Yeah," whispered H.M. softly in Face's ear.


            Murdock moved until he was directly over Face's hips. He ran his hands lightly across Face's back, and down until his hands were resting on his lover's ass. 


            Murdock began to firmly kneed the soft fleshy orbs of his partner.


            "Oh H.M., that feels really nice, but I know something that would feel even better," said Face as he began to sink into the bed.


            "I'm sure I can guess what that is," joked Murdock, grabbing the tube of lubricant.


            "You don't have to guess," answered back Face waving his ass in the air.


            Murdock laughed as he squirted some of the cool gel onto his hand and began swirling it around with his fingers, trying to warm it up a bit.


            Murdock reached around and pulled Face up onto his knees. Then he slowly inserted one well-lubed finger, followed quickly by another digit.


            Face could feel his partner gently working his opening. It was all he could do not to cry out in frustration. Sometimes Murdock could be too careful.


            "Hurry up, H.M.," insisted Face as he leaned back on the two fingers he could feel scissoring his hole.


            "Relax, Babe, I know what I am doing."


            "And so do I; you are driving me to an early grave. Now would you please stop treating me like I am going to break and get that wonderfully hard throbbing cock of yours inside me?"


            Murdock sighed; he wasn't sure about this. It wasn't all that long ago that Face still had nightmares about his time in the camps; the pilot was reluctant to bring back those memories.


            "You sure, Facey?"


            "Murdock, this is what I was talking about when I said no more treating me like some china doll. I won't break. I swear," reassured Face as he popped the top on the lube and began to place some on Murdock's erection.


            Murdock sighed but if this was what Face wanted, then he was going to have to believe that Face knew best, as hard as that was some nights.


            "Ok, if you are sure?"


            "I am, for the last time. Stop worrying," ordered Face, positioning himself back on the bed.


            Murdock moved to take his place behind Face. He slowly started to push in but Face was having none if it. Face pushed back as soon as he could feel Murdock moving inside him.


            The Lieutenant had to bite his lip to stop himself from crying out in pain. One inkling that he was hurting, and Murdock would stop. The pain was quick to flee and all that remained was an amazing feeling of oneness.


            "Face, are you ok?" asked Murdock before he would move.


            "Yes, love, I'm fine. Do you think we could continue?" quizzed Face, who thought he would pass out from the pleasure he was feeling, but he knew the best was yet to come.


            Face thought he had died and gone to heaven. After all the complaints and fighting earlier in the day, this is what it all came down to, being with the one you loved more than anything.


            "Oh God, love, that feels so wonderful," moaned Face.


            Murdock smiled but he remembered his promise to himself; he wanted Face to let go, and to scream.


            Murdock pulled himself and Face up off the bed until the conman was practically sitting on his lap. The pilot began to kiss the back of his beloved's neck and his hand wound its way to Face's pulsating cock. Murdock slowly began to move. Gently working them both to a faster-paced rhythm.


            Teasingly, H.M. slowed down his fisting until he could feel Face shaking with need.


            "Please, Murdock," begged Face. "Let me come. Murdock, I don't think I can hold out for much longer," sobbed Face. His cock was aching for release.


            "Then don't. Come for me, Face. Let go. I want to hear you scream," whispered Murdock into his lover's ear as he sped up the pace.


            With those words, Face came hard and fast. He tried to bite back the scream that was forming in his throat but he couldn't.


            Murdock could feel his balls beginning to tighten; he knew he was close but, as soon as he heard Face lose control and felt the hot sticky substance of Face's essence, he came.


            The only thing keeping Face upright was the strength in Murdock's arms.


            "That was pretty fantastic," gasped Face as he reluctantly slipped off his lover and crawled over to the other side of the bed.


            "Yeah, it was at that," agreed Murdock leaning over the edge of the bed to grab a shirt to wipe them down with. Once that was done, the pilot tossed it away and came to rest by his soulmate. Murdock bent down and gave Face a soft gentle kiss on his temple before gathering him in his arms.


            "Murdock, have you really been loving me for 15 years?" asked Face before the sleep could carry him away.


            "Go to sleep, Face."


            "Not until you answer my question," said Face stubbornly.


            Murdock sighed; he knew by experience that Face would stay up all night if he didn't answer the question.


            "Yes, Muchacho, I loved you from the minute I saw you step off the Huey at that firebase, and I will love you until the end of time. Think you can sleep, Facey?" asked Murdock snuggling up to his partner's back.


            For his answer Murdock got a slight snore. "Yep, I guess you can," chuckled Murdock.


            Murdock knew he should sleep too. He was hardly recovered from the baseball bat but he also felt this need to stay awake to keep an eye on what he most treasure in the world. He knew that Face would be upset with him standing guard to protect him from nothing but a good night's sleep, but some habits were hard to break.


            Besides, he could sleep in the van tomorrow. Murdock grabbed a blanket and covered them both and began his vigil.




Protected by Glenda



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