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Title : Murdock 's scan 1/1

Murdock's Scam

by Susie Owens


Rated G

Summary: Murdock scam

Author notes: taking on Flame Challenge hehe I hope it a hundred words but it might be more sorry.

Disclaimer: I don't own them

copyright 2001




 Murdock stared at it for a long time. "I can do this I've seen Face do it a million times. It's not that hard what' just talk to the girl and make her melt in your arms."


 Murdock walked up to the young girl. "Hi baby, I'm your dream come true.."


 The girl looked at Murdock and laughed. "Yeah, whatever."


 Murdock was taken back for a moment but caught himself.


 "Oh, wait. You're not Tammy. She used to work here."




 "Tammy Carter. She was suppose to help me today." Now what am I going to do?"


 "What's the problem sir ?"


Well, my friend's birthday's coming up, sweetness, and well, I'd just bought him that Lear Jet, from Tammy. And now she's gone."


 "Do you have the paper work sir?"


 "Well little lady I seen to have misplaced my papers. I know they are at home."


 Murdock flash her his award winning smile. The girl forgot his earlier words and smiled back.


 "Let 's see if I can find anything shall we? What's your name?"


 "Bobby Joe Canster ma'am, from Texas."


 She started looking through the papers.


 "I don't see anything here Mr. Canster."


"There's gotta be something there sweetheart. And my papa is Mr. Canster. You call me Bobby Joe, y'hear? Say, what's that?"


 Murdock pointed.


 "What's what?"


 The girl turned away long enough for Murdock to place the pink slip for the plane where she would see it.


 "There was nothing there."


 "Sorry sweetness must have been a shadow."


 "Yeah I guess. Now where was I?"


 "Looking for my papers to prove I brought that Lear jet."


 "Oh yes of course. Oh here it is. Well Bobby Joe you did buy it but we need to see your papers too."


 "Why don't I mail them to you honey?"


 "Well it 's not really allowed. But okay. On one condition."


 "What's that ?"


 "You and me tomorrow night ."


 Now aren't you the pretty little filly. You got yourself a date."


 Murdock gently kissed her hand . "Until tomorrow."


As he left, walking towards the Lear, Face came out from his hiding place.


 "Did you get it?"


 Murdock dangled the keys in front of him.


 "Yep. I learnt from the best."



The End



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