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And Then the Morning Comes

And Then the Morning Comes

by  Major Brat a.k.a kre17


Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine. No infringement intended here, guys.  Don't sue, I'm saving all my money for Florida.

Author's Note: Title belongs to a song by Smash Mouth.  I couldn't think of a better one than that. LOL. For Glenda, who wanted romance.  For Cath and Meryn too.  All three of them deserve credit, without them I wouldn't be writing.

Summary: Morning confessions.

Warning: SLASH. m/m sex.






Sunlight streamed through the window of the spacious apartment, casting a golden glow throughout the room.  The rays of light gently splayed out on the carpet, reaching into the enclosed space, causing a small rainbow pattern of dots to appear on the edge of the bed from a suncatcher hanging in the window.  Little dots of color on a simple white satin bed sheet.  Face wiggled his toes, watching as they changed his skin color to various shades.  He closed his eyes, feeling the warmth of the sun finally beginning to caress across his body.


It was still way too early to get up.  The sun was just waking up from it's own nightly slumber.   Unusual for the blonde Lieutenant to rise so early.  He enjoyed being able to sleep in when they returned from a mission.  Just lazing about in a soft comfy bed, long uninterrupted sleep until the afternoon hours weaved their way into the room.  Or until nature called him into the bathroom.  But this was a first for him, awakening in the early light with another warm body beside him.  Not just the usual one night fling, instead someone he truly cared about more than anything in the world.


He let his eyes wander along the form beside him, taking in the long well-muscled legs that were stretched out above the sheets.  His eyes wanted to linger further up, but he was covered mid- thigh to navel.  He watched as the stomach slowly rose and fell in the midst of sleep ridden breathing, chest expanding and deflating in rhythm.  Strong hand draped across his belly, fingers twitching slightly.  He had waited patiently for weeks to get him here, hadn't pushed or forced himself in anyway.  Didn't want his true love to feel the least bit pressured or awkward.  And now that he was finally here, they had only snuggled together last night.  Enjoying the feel of being together with no hurries, skin against skin, and soft sweet kisses and affirmations of love and trust.


"Mmmm."  Quiet moan from Murdock next to him.  Moving ever so slightly in his state of rest.  Face leaned in closer to him, letting his head rest slightly against Murdock's shoulder.  He was enjoying this moment.  He had heard Murdock dream many nights and early mornings, but it had never been in intimate circumstances like this.  It carried a whole new rush of sensation.  Instead of worrying if it was a nightmare or just a normal dream, he was hoping it was about the two of them entwined in some exotic location acting out their deepest desires in unbound amounts of passion.


He let his fingers run down the length of Murdock's arm, taking in the feel of warmth.  Every inch of skin was precious to him.  Just touching him in these unguarded moments of the morning was enough for him now.  Anything else that followed after this would only add more icing to the cake.  He listened to sound of Murdock's breathing.  Watched with the fascination of a child as Murdock's lips parted slightly and he sighed in sleep.  It was such a wonderful thing to see.  He wondered why he had waited so long to say anything to Murdock in the first place.  It was obvious to everyone else but him how much Murdock cared for him.  He was always backing Face up, catching him when he fell, listening when he needed a sympathetic ear.  The love he had always wanted was lying right here next to him, not a fantasy anymore but real flesh and blood.  Tangible and real in every way imaginable.


He pressed his body tighter to Murdock's, letting his whole frame settle against his love's side.  This was how it was suppose to be, no outside word to bother them.  No Decker, no police, no one but them, like this.  Alone but together.  Quite the contradiction in terms.  But then, when hadn't they been a contradiction?


More mumbling reached his ears and he smiled.  He heard his name amidst a few inaudible words that were spoken.  He nuzzled into Murdock's neck, enjoying the feel of Murdock's pulse against his lips.  This was what life was all about.  Had to be.  Face gently began to lay kisses on the skin, enjoying the sight of the slightly reddened mark he had left there last night.  He had wanted to go further, but for the first time he could remember in his life, he had balked.  He wanted to wait, wanted to just explore the feelings their first real night together.  Murdock hadn't complained in the least, had been very vocal about enjoying just making out with him.


But now, as he lay here beside him, Face was aching to have him, wanting to show him just how much he truly loved him.  He wanted the ultimate connection: mind, body, and soul.  He wanted to be breathless with desire, feel Murdock more intimately than he'd ever had before.  So much lost time between them.  So many nights they could have been entwined with each other, holding on tight, feeling no longer alone and lost in a world that seemed to want them to never settle down into a normal life.  Face craved normalcy.  He wanted to be able to have a steady job, a house to come home to, someone to welcome him in with open arms.  He had missed out on the Christmas trees and Thanksgiving turkeys, Fourth of July barbeques and Memorial day weekends lounging in the sun at the beach.  But most importantly, he missed falling asleep with the one person he loved and finding them there in the morning when he awoke.


Face let his mouth roam from neck to shoulder, his fingers now gently stroking Murdock's trail of hair above his navel hidden beneath the sheets.  Face felt the muscles spasm beneath his hand as he rained kissed onto Murdock's chest now.  He wasn't content to stay in one spot, wanted to taste every inch of flesh he could reach.  His attentions were getting the desired reaction.


Murdock was breathing harder now, still caught in sleep, his mind taking the emotions and creating wonderful dreams.  He was swimming in the ocean, bluest one he'd ever seen.  And there were lots of fish, all brightly colored and swarming around him.  Tails and fins brushing against his skin as they jumped up and skimmed against his chest, his arms.  In his dream, he closed his eyes and fell back into the water, letting it close over him, hold him in this wonderful feeling. 


The dream was fading fast now, consciousness tugging at his brain, his mind screaming for him to wake up.  He tried to cling to the dream plane, but his mind slowly allowed him to realize what was going on.  He reached out to grab a fish and found his hand holding tight to something soft and silky.  He moaned as he realized his body was being bathed with Face's own tongue and his hand was grasping the conman's blonde locks.


Face pulled back as a whimper bubbled out of Murdock's throat.  He smiled up at him.  "Morning."


Murdock shifted beneath the sheets.  "What a way to wake up."  His hands went to Face's shoulders, pulling him up.  "I could get use to this, ya know."


Face laughed.  "Me too.  Do I get a good morning kiss now that you're awake?"


Murdock pulled him down, his hands roaming along Face's spine with light spider's kisses.  His tongue probed along the corners of Face's mouth, asking for an invitation inside.  It was quickly accepted, tongues sliding against each other in slow motion, getting reacquainted once more.  Tickling along the roofs of each others mouths, along teeth, and soft warm flesh.


Face pulled away, kissing Murdock softly on the nose, then his eyes and cheeks.  "I love you, H.M.  So much."


Murdock grinned.  "Love you too, Facey.  Always have." 


Face sighed then, suddenly dropping his gaze to the bedsheet where he was tracing a lazy circle with his finger.  Murdock looked at him with a wrinkled brow.  Then he was sitting up, leaning back against the headboard, watching him.  "Spill it, muchacho."


"Hmm?"  Face let his mind wander back to the present.


"What's wrong?  We were moving along fine and suddenly you stopped, pushed me away.  Equal partners, Facey.  Give and take.  You can't shut down on me and expect me to just let it go.  So tell me what's going through that pretty little head of yours."


Face glanced at Murdock and back at the bed.  "I've never had any trouble getting women in my bed..."


Murdock held up his hand. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on..."


"You wanted to know.  Did you change your mind all of a sudden?"


Murdock turned away.  "I wasn't expecting to hear stuff on your past conquests, Face.  But I'm guessing this has a good point to it."


Face nodded.  "Again, I've never had a problem getting women in bed with me.  I mean everyone knows that I was a womanizer.  Take her home, make love, and leave in the morning light.  But last night, I've never really just enjoyed being with someone like that.  Just enjoying each others company, no pressure to do anything more than just hold or be held.  I thought it was because I didn't want to rush you."


"You thought?  So what is the real reason now, Facey?"  Murdock's eyes searched into Face's for the answer.


"I-I'm afraid if we do have sex, that one of these days I might do the same thing to you, walk out and never come back."  The sentence hung in the air for minutes, with Face trying hard not to look in Murdock's general direction at all.


Murdock reached out and grabbed Face's hand.  "There's a big difference here, Facey.  I won't let you just walk out.  I'm the resident nutcase, I can play the role.  I'll hunt you down until I find you.  But the main thing is even when we weren't a couple, you had every chance to get away from me.  I'm not exactly the perfect picture of stability and I know that's what you want.  But you stuck by me through everything.  You didn't turn your back and take off because you really care.  That's the difference between love and casual sex.  And another thing, how the hell do you know when we've never even made love yet?"


Face smiled a little.  "I guess I don't really give myself enough credit, do I?"


"Only way to find out if you're gonna leave is to put my theory to the test."  Murdock leaned in and pressed a kiss to Face's shoulder, his hands wrapping around his lover's waist pulling him closer.  He stared into those never-ending deep blue eyes.  "And I've been wanting to make love to you for years now.  So don't be afraid that you're pushing me into anything.  If I didn't want it, you'd know."  Murdock's hand traveled beneath the sheet to find Face's rapidly hardening cock.  "I guess the question is do you want this to happen."


Face nodded.  "Yes, I want this.  Want you."  Face wasted no time and kissed his lover in a passionate frenzy.  How could one person do this to him?  He'd never wanted anyone so badly as he desire Murdock.  And it just wasn't for right now, he wanted him forever and always.  He shifted his hips as he felt Murdock's hand slowly working his cock.  Long, slender fingers touching him in all the right ways.  He moaned loudly into Murdock's mouth, his hands grabbing for something to cling to so he wouldn't get swept away.


Murdock's free arm pulled Face on top of him.  He wanted Face to take the lead, wanted Face to realize he could have him whenever he wanted him.  He released his hold on Face's erection, smiling as Face moaned at the loss of contact.  "Got better things in mind, Facey."


Murdock thrust his hips upward, rubbing his cock against Face's, nearly losing it right then and there at the sensation.  He felt his whole body tremble, and watched in happiness as Face gasped.  "Again?"


Face grinned, grinding his hips downward, hands intertwining with Murdock's.  "And again and again and again..."  A sweet mantra now from Face's lips as he rocked into Murdock, eyes dark with passion.  He lifted Murdock's hands over his head, placing them on the wrought iron headboard.  "Hold on tight."


Murdock did as told, sweaty palms grasping the slender posts hard as Face repeatedly bucked his hips against him.  Screamed out Face's name as his lover's mouth began to tease a nipple.  Tongue and teeth, sweat and flesh.  He wanted to stay here like this forever.


Face pulled back.  "Gonna love ya until you can't see straight, Murdock."  Face's mouth moved south, licking seductively around Murdock's belly button.  Tongue dipping inside and cool air being breathed against him.  Murdock wiggled under the intensity of it all.  Face's hands gripped his hips, forcing him still.  He nipped along the light trail of hair down towards Murdock's shaft, carefully avoiding any contact with it.  Face smiled as Murdock spread his legs a little wider, allowing him more of the body he had longed to have for so long now.


Face slipped his hands along the inside of Murdock's thighs, loving the silky feel of him.  He let his fingers walk down his lovers legs, slowly bending them up so that Murdock's feet were flat against the bed.  He stared at the sight.  Murdock, there for the taking, all his and so willing.  He leaned forward, gently nuzzling his nose along the base of Murdock's cock.  The smell of arousal was thick in the air.  Face drank it all in as he slid his tongue from root to tip, slowly tasting the length.  His other hand was gently rolling Murdock's sack, and the sounds coming from his lover's mouth were tantalizing. 


"F-faace...killin' me..."  He yelled out his pleasure when Face's hot mouth closed over the tip of him.  He fought the urge to buck upwards.  Murdock grabbed harder on the headboard, pulling it forward and banging it back against the wall. 


Face sat up and gave him a quizzical look.  "You're gonna bang a hole in the wall."


Murdock grinned evilly.  "You told me to hang on."


Face returned the grin.  "Hang on to something else then."


"Okay, Facey."  Murdock's hands threaded through Face's honey blond hair.  "You can go on now."


Face smiled and closed his mouth over Murdock's erection again, feeling his lover's hands urgently pressing on him to go further.  He did, taking Murdock down the back of his throat, sucking hard on the hot organ.


Murdock was chanting his name now, hips slightly moving up.  Face pulled back some, then engulfed him again.  He started bobbing his head in time with Murdock's movements until he felt hands pulling him up.


"Facey...c' plan."  Murdock was panting hard now.  Sweat glistening on his trim body.  "Want you inside of me."


Face smiled and moved into position as Murdock reached over and rifled through Face's nightstand.  He found the lube and uncapped it.  Face reached for it, but Murdock held it out of his reach.  "I would like to participate to ya know."  He squeezed a fair amount on Face's outstretched fingers and sighed with bliss as Face brushed the cool gel against his opening.  His fingers worked the pucker slowly then pushed in gently inside.  Face watched in rapture as Murdock sighed and wiggled on the intruding digit.  A few more minutes and Murdock was eagerly wanting more.


Murdock squeezed some lube on his own fingers, gently stroking it onto Face's cock, watching Face as he did it.  He enjoyed hearing those little moans that Face made when he touched him.  Loved to watch Face with his eyes half closed, just concentrating on the feel of Murdock's fingers touching him with intimacy.  So long, waited so damn long for this moment.  He gave a gentle squeeze to get Face's attention. 


Face grinned wickedly, pulling Murdock's legs tightly around him now.  He leaned forward, kissing Murdock quickly before gently pressing into him.  It was all heat and tightness at first, Murdock's body refusing the intrusion.  After a few minutes, he pushed in further, allowing the muscles time to adjust to the intrusion.  He felt so connected now.  So sure that this was where he belonged for the rest of his life.  Here, in this bed, inside of Murdock, loving him always.  Another push and he was buried deep inside his lover's willing body.


Face shifted forward a bit, changing the angle of penetration, moaning loudly at the intensity of it all.  This was nice...very nice.  He began to move in and out slowly, letting the sensation slide over him.  He knew he was doing something right as Murdock groaned and clutched at Face's forearms.


"Oh, god."  Murdock was panting.  "Feels so good, baby."  Murdock pushed his hips hard into Face.  "Mmmm...more."


Face was happy to oblige.  He began to increase his speed.  Bodies gliding together in earnest.  Slippery sweat and sliding flesh.  Skin to skin, eye to eye.  Face let his hand more up to gently tug on one of Murdock's nipples.  He smiled as Murdock hissed long and loud.  Then he quickly bent to capture the nub with his teeth, grazing it softly at first.  Followed with intense suction.


Murdock was writhing against him now, wanting more of Face inside of him, needing to feel him for as long as he could.  He drew his lover down for a long sensual kiss, sliding his tongue against a very receptive one.  It was getting closer now, not much time left before it would all be over for them both.  He cried out in shock as he felt Face's cock brush against his prostate.  Electric shocks of pleasure running directly to his brain.  And it kept coming in waves, Face was hitting that sweet spot with every stroke now.  His blonde hair clinging to his forehead in darker shades from the sweat.  His face flushed with exertion, but his eyes were alive and brilliant pools of stormy blue.  Murdock watched as Face slid his tongue over his lips in concentration, trying desperately to bring them both to orgasm.  It made it all the more hotter for Murdock, his hands moving to pull Face down onto him, bucking his hips in urgency to draw more of Face inside of him.


"Please, baby, please, baby, pleasepleasepleaseplease..."  Murdock was beyond caring that he was begging at this point.  He needed Face, needed him so badly.


"Yesyesyesyesyesyes..."  Face answered in his own desperation.  He kissed Murdock quickly then thrust harder into him, no longer denying the strong urge.  It was hot, it was passionate, it was crying out to each other in the heat of the moment.  Once, twice, three times and Face was throwing his head back and holding himself deep inside of Murdock.  He'd never felt anything like this before, this intensity, this deep connection.


Murdock was practically sobbing into Face's shoulder as his own orgasm struck.  He jerked a few times beneath Face, feeling the sticky but pleasant warmth against his own belly.  Tremors still running through him, he rolled them both onto their sides.  He watched as Face smiled at him, eyes open and honest, holding no regrets.


"You gonna run away now, Facey?"  Murdock brushed a lock of hair off of Face's forehead.


"No, and if I wanted to I wouldn't have the strength."  Face moved in closer, snuggling up to Murdock's shoulder after pulling out of his lover.  "I don't wanna leave this bed for the rest of my life."


"You wanna be the one to explain that to Hannibal?"  Murdock laughed, kissing the top of Face's head.


"Hmm..sure."  Face was fading fast now.  All energy completely gone.  "I'll...tell..him..."


"Tell him tomorrow.  Sleep now.  You gonna be here when I wake up."


"Uhm-hmm.  Gonna do this...again."  Face yawned and stretched himself along Murdock's side.


Murdock watched as Face fell asleep, content in watching him like this for a bit.  Right before he fell asleep himself, he heard Face whispering in his sleep.  "No place like home, no place like home..."



The end.


And Then The Morning Comes by Major Brat a.k.a. Kre17



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