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Title: Torn Apart

Torn Apart

by Dana


Rating: PG

Warnings: Character hurt, Character death, thoughts of suicide, and angst to the max.  Tissues may be needed.

Summary: A bomb changes the A-Team forever.

Disclaimer: Stephen J. Cannell owns the A-Team and all associated characters.  I claim anyone else.





Part 1


"Face, Frankie get out of here!"  BA yelled looking at the timer on the bomb once again.  Ten seconds. 


Murdock and Hannibal were outside somewhere while BA, Frankie, and Face were stuck in a building with a bomb.


Frankie headed for the door but Face stopped.  "Come on BA!"


BA looked at the timer again.  Three seconds.  He pushed Face out of the way and took the full brunt of the explosion.


The force of the explosion sent Face directly into Frankie. They both hit the wall hard. Both lost consciousness and fell to the floor.



Face coughed as he came to.  He opened his eyes and blinked.  Then he tried rubbing his eyes but that didn't help either.  He knew what the problem was.  He heard moaning from underneath him.  He pulled himself up and off of Frankie.  "Frankie?"


"Yeah.  Anyone get the number of that truck?"  He asked as he started to pull himself up and frowned.  Then he tried to move his legs but that didn't help.  'No this isn't happening.'  He thought.  "Face are you okay?"


"I can't see but other then that fine."


"I can't walk and you can't see.  Us getting out of here should be interesting."


Face gave him a smile.  "Do you see BA anywhere?"


Frankie looked around and finally found BA.  "Yeah.  He's got debris all over him so I'm not sure if he's all right or not."  He didn't mention all of the blood.


Face started to smell the air and frowned.  "Do you smell smoke?"


"Yeah I do.  But I don't see any flames."


"We need to get out of here."


"How are we going to do that?"



Part 2


Face sat up straighter when he heard noise coming from somewhere not too far away.  "Hannibal and Murdock are here."


"It'll take them awhile to get in here.  This whole place is a mess."


"Tell me truthfully.  How's BA?" 


"He doesn't look good Face.  I can't get to him to check him though."   They stopped as they heard drilling.  "Keep your head down Face.  Rubble's flying everywhere."  Face did so.  "Oh no." 


"What?"  Face asked.


"The fire's coming closer.  Hey guys you need to hurry there's a fire."  He yelled to whoever was trying to get to them.


"We're going as fast as we can Santana.  You three just hang in there." 


Frankie grimaced.  He'd been trying to spare Face from finding out about BA until they got out of there.  He wished he were blind right now. 


Face frowned wondering why he hadn't heard Hannibal or Murdock's voices.  He thought that he'd hear Murdock trying to reassure them everything was all right and trying to keep their minds off the problem.  Or Hannibal ordering whomever it was that was trying to get them out to move faster.  There was something wrong. 


"Keep your heads down!"  Another voice yelled about ten minutes later.  "We are close to you but we still need to move a lot of the remaining wall that's between us and you."


A few seconds later Face heard the sound of bricks hitting the ground and people running near him.  "Are you okay Peck?"  Someone asked crouching down next to him and touching his shoulder.  Abel 7 gasped in realization as Face jumped.  "Can you see?"


There had been several Abel's with them on the mission but they had stayed in the background.  But Face didn't hear Hannibal or Murdock. Where were they.



Part 3


Face heard another voice saying they'd need a stretcher for Frankie. "How's BA?"  He asked Abel 7.


There was a long pause.  "He's dead."


Face fought to hold his tears back.  "Can you walk?"  The Abel asked.


"Yeah I think so.  Where's Hannibal and Murdock?"  He asked as Abel 7 helped him to his feet.


"We haven't seen them since the bomb went off.  But we're looking for them."  He said as he grabbed one of Face's arms to keep him steady. 


Abel 5 joined him and grabbed Face's other arm.  "There's an ambulance waiting outside." 


Face was helped out of what was left of the building.  He still didn't hear Hannibal or Murdock.  He was helped over to a waiting ambulance and instructed to lie down.  "I'm okay guys.  I don't need an ambulance."


"It's faster this way."  Abel 5 moved out of the way as the paramedics loaded Frankie's stretcher into the ambulance. 


Face sat up.  "We can't just leave Hannibal and Murdock."


"Don't worry Peck.  We're looking for them.  We don't think they were in the building when the bomb went off."  Abel 7 said.


"What hospital are you taking them to?"  Someone else asked.


"Thomas Jefferson University Hospital."  Someone said from next to them.  What he had said made sense.  Their mission had been right outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania.


Face felt hands holding his eyelids wide open.  He guessed they were shining something in his eyes.  "No reaction."  He heard the paramedic mutter.


"No kidding."  Face said sarcastically.  "I can't see."  He heard Frankie chuckling next to him. 


The medic ignored them.  "No sign of a concussion."  He noted worriedly.  "How's the other one doing?"


"He's doing all right.  But he hasn't started feeling anything in his legs yet."


"We're almost there."  Someone else said.  Face guessed it was the driver.


'Good maybe Murdock and Hannibal were waiting for us.'  Face thought.  He needed them more than anything right now.  He was scared.


The ambulance came to a stop.  Face's stretcher was pulled out of the back and then followed by Frankie's.  they were taken into separate examining rooms.


In Face's examining room, someone again held his eyelids open.  "Mr. Peck, my name is Dr. Quint Sheldon.  We are going to take you to have tests done."  A male voice said.  It was the one who had been holding his eyelids open.  Face just nodded.  "Hang in there." 



Part 4


In Face's examining room, someone again held his eyelids open.  "Mr. Peck, my name is Dr. Quint Sheldon.  We are going to take you to have tests done."  A male voice said.  It was the one who had been holding his eyelids open.  Face just nodded.  "Hang in there.  We'll see what we can do about your eyesight." 


"How's Frankie?"  Face asked as he was helped into a wheelchair. 


"I don't know but I will find out for you."  The doctor said.  He watched as the orderly wheeled Face into another room.


He turned around and saw a man rushing over to him.  He regarded the man wearily.


"I'm Hunt Stockwell.  Mr. Santana and Lieutenant Peck work for me.  What are their conditions?"


"I'm Dr. Sheldon.  I can't tell you about Mr. Santana.  Dr. Beard is examining him I believe.  As for Lieutenant Peck, he has lost his eyesight because of the explosion I would guess.  We'll run tests on him to check to see if he'll ever regain his sight or if it can be fixed with surgery.  We'll know by tomorrow.  If you don't have any more questions I need to get back to Lieutenant Peck." 


"No.  Thank you Dr. Sheldon."  Stockwell said and left in search of Santana.


Dr. Sheldon just shook his head before walking in the other direction.



In another examination room, Frankie waited for the doctor to come back with his x-rays.  He still hadn't regained feeling in his legs.  He was wondering what was taking the doctor so long.  He frowned when he saw Stockwell enter the room.


"How are you doing Mr. Santana?"  He asked.


"Okay I guess.  I'm just waiting for the doctor to come back.  How's Face?"


"His doctor said they are going to do some tests to see if his eyesight will come back or if they can fix it with surgery."


"Have you found Hannibal and Murdock?"


"No.  We are still looking."


Dr. Marcy Beard entered the room.  "We've got your x-rays back Mr. Santana."  She paused when she saw Stockwell there.  "Hello.  You are?"


"Hunt Stockwell.  Mr. Santana is one of my employees."


She nodded before putting up the x-rays.  "Mr. Santana these are x-rays of your spine.  There is slight trauma to these two discs."  She said pointing to two of them.  "From what you told me, when your friend hit you it sent you crashing into the wall and that's where the trauma is.  But I believe it's only temporary.  When the swelling goes down you should be able to walk again.  But I'd like to keep you here a few days before sending you to the rehab center." 


Frankie didn't pay much attention after the part that he should be able to walk again.  There was a chance he might not walk again.  All he wanted to do after he got his pardon was go back to Hollywood and continue doing special effects.  Now he might not be able to.



The next day Face was listening to a Walkman that Stockwell, or rather Carla had brought him.  He didn't know if Stockwell had been in the room when she gave it to him but it didn't matter.  The test results weren't in yet on his eyesight.  He pushed stop on the Bon Jovi tape and went to grab a different one when he heard a familiar voice outside.


"I want to see him.  The voice demanded.  Face paled a little.  It was Mrs. Baracas, BA's mother.  "He can answer my questions better then you can Mr. Stockwell."


Frankie looked up from the book he was reading when he heard the angry voice.


"Fine Mrs. Baracas.  They are right in there."  Stockwell said. 


Face smiled.  She reminded him of BA.  A force you had to obey.  Except she didn't have the strength her son did she just used words.  Face heard someone enter.  "Face?  It's me Mrs. Baracas.  BA's mother."  Mrs. Baracas said touching his hand.


"Hi Mrs. Baracas."  Face said trying to hide his nervousness.  'What do you say to a mother who just lost her son?'  He wondered.  He didn't detect any anger in her voice when she talked to him. 


"I just came to check on you.  And ask you a few questions."  She said and sat in a chair.  Face tensed. "Relax Face.  I'm not mad at you.  I just want to know what happened."


"BA, Frankie and I were in a warehouse while Hannibal and Murdock were taking care of some of the people outside.  We didn't see the bomb till it was too late.  None of us had time to get out.  BA told Frankie and I to get out of there.  Then right before the bomb went off he pushed me out of the way."  Face felt tears running down his face and quickly wiped them away before continuing.  "He took the full brunt of the blast."


Mrs. Baracas closed her eyes for a moment before asking her next question.  "Where are Hannibal and Murdock?"  'Why would Hannibal leave his men like that?'  She wondered to herself.


"I don't know."  Face said honestly.


Mrs. Baracas turned and looked at Frankie Santana.  "Do you have anything to add Frankie?"  He shook his head.


Mrs. Baracas left the room and went into the bathroom and cried.



At a warehouse in Camden Pennsylvania, a man was on the telephone.  "Thanks Brad.  Call me when they know for sure about him."  He hung up and looked around at the men.  His eyes fell on one man lying on the floor tied up.


"That was Brad and got the information on the other three men.  One's dead, one's blind, and the other one has temporary paralysis."  He walked over to the man lying on the floor.  "You hear that?  One of your men is dead Smith.  Or is it another?"  He asked laughing and then kicked him.


Hannibal glared at the man as he tried not to show that he was in pain.  He felt guilt wash over him as he heard about the state of three of his men.  Murdock was dead too.  He'd heard the gun go off and saw Murdock go down.  He let everyone down.



"Mr. Peck?"  Dr. Sheldon said bringing Face out of his reverie.  Face looked up to show he had his attention.  "I got the test results back."


"What's the verdict?"  Face asked in a shaky voice.  He knew something was wrong from the doctor's tone of voice. 


"It's not good Mr. Peck.  There is quite a bit of extensive damage to your eyes.  I don't think there's anything we can do."  Dr. Sheldon said.






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