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Title: On the Run 1/

On the Run

By Susie Owens


Rated: R

Warning: nothing yet

Summary: Face helps Murdock though the night and The A-team gets shocking news.




Part One


That night Face had managed to find a place to rest. It wasn't much, nothing like he was used to, but right now it was shelter. He had been trying hard to bring Murdock's feverdown. His friend was drenched in his own sweat. Face had put a cold cloth on him but it didn't seem to help. He cursed himself for taking Murdock out of the hospital. He sat on thebed and wrung the cloth out again, placing it on Murdock's forehead. Murdock tossed and turned. He slowly opened his eyes and stared at Face and a tear ran down from his eye to his lips.


"Face, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, they hurt you. I begged them to take me. Please don't leave me Face. Please don't die. Face! Face! Please open your eyes!Don't leave me! Hannibal! He's not breathing!"


Face felt the tears running down his face. He knew that Murdock was having a nightmare about the day he had died in the death camp. Face hadn't remembered dying that day but one night after a big fight with Murdock the whole thing came out. How he had died and Murdock had gone over the edge or would have if Hannibal hadn't taken action. Face knew what he had to do to help Murdock through this nightmare.


All night long Face stayed with Murdock as the fever raged on. Face began to even place ice in the cloth, hoping that would help. Murdock tossed and turned. He screamed, the nightmare tearing him apart. Face held him all through those nightmares. It was morning before the fever finally broke. Face heard a moan, as he looked down he saw Murdock looking at him.


"I had a dream Face."


"I know."


"Can I have a drink please. I'm so thirsty."


Face nodded his head and went and got the water. He lifted Murdock's head and helped him to drink. When Murdock had enough Face placed his head back down on the pillow.


"I'm sorry Murdock. I never should have taken you out of that hospital."


"It's okay Face. I just need to rest."


Face watched as Murdock closed his eyes again. Face stroked his hair.


"You rest Murdock. I'll be here when you wake up. I promise."




BA pulled the van up in front of the house. Jill came running out.


"How's HM?"


Hannibal shook his head. "We don't know, Face took him and ran. I don't think he was crazy about the idea of leaving Murdock behind."


"That's dumb, H.M was hurt, why would Face do such a thing?"


"I don't know, Mrs. Murdock, but I'm going to find out." Hannibal replied as he walked into the house. He turned back to her.


"Don't worry we will find them. But one thing you should know, if we do we are not coming back. I'm sorry but we will let you know everything is all right when it is."


She only nodded her head. BA watched Hannibal go in with Jill following him; he was going to follow when suddenly the phone in the van rang. BA picked up the phone.


"Yeah, what you want?"


"BA this is me."


"Faceman where are you?"


"I'm not saying BA. Just tell the Colonel Murdock and I are fine."


"Hey man, Hannibal is really worried about you two."


"BA, I just can't bring Murdock back only to lose him because of Stockwell's so called proof Murdock killed Morrison."


"Face we don't know that for sure, even Murdock doesn't. He may have killed Morrison. Morrison set us up."


"He's sure he didn't do it BA, and I believe him. I feel so ashamed signing that damn piece of paper. It was like saying he was guilty. We were all ready to leave him behind."


"I know man, but we were protecting him."


"Were we BA? I think we were protecting our precious pardons."


BA was quiet for a moment, he didn't know how to answer that.


"BA, I got to go, Murdock may need me. Tell Hannibal we are fine."


"Face, please tell me where you are. We can help."


"Sorry BA. I can't. It's not that I don't trust you or Hannibal, I don't trust Stockwell."


"Faceman you need us."


"Bye BA."


The phone went dead. BA went to check on the tracer but it didn't work. Somehow, Face had jammed it.


BA hurried into the house. He found Hannibal talking to Lyle.


"Hannibal, Face just called."


Hannibal jumped up. "When BA?"


"He just hung up. He said they were fine."


Hannibal smiled. "Good, did you trace the call?"


BA shook his head. "I couldn't."


"Why not?" Hannibal asked in anger.


"Face jammed it somehow."


Hannibal sat down on the chair. He knew Face was clever and if he didn't want to be found he wouldn't be.


"BA we are going to look for them. I'd just like to know why Face took Murdock and ran."


BA looked at Hannibal, surprised.


"You don't know?"


"BA, is there something I should know?"


"He left because we signed those papers to go back with Stockwell so he wouldn't turn in the proof he had of Murdock killing Morrison. Face and me signed them because you did and we always follow you. Only this time, Face thought you were wrong."


Hannibal got up and began pacing the room. Lyle and BA watched.


"Damn I need a cigar. I can't think."


"Well I don't have any," snapped BA. "Face and the fool are gone because of you."


Hannibal swung around in anger. "Don't you dare blame this on me. I did what I thought was right."


"So does that mean you think Murdock killed Morrison?" BA asked.


"No, BA, I don't think that. I need a way to prove Murdock didn't do, it and the only way was to pretendthat Stockwell had us. I didn't think Face would run. I thought you two knew me better then that."


"Oh man. Hannibal I'm so sorry."


"Yeah well what's done is done. Come on we've got to find them before Stockwell does."


Suddenly Abner came in.


"I think you guys better see this. It's the news and they are talking about you."


Hannibal and BA went into the room. There they saw a general talking to a newsman on the news


Newsman: "This is Guy Madden live from the Pentagon. We are here with General David Sherman. General what is this late breaking news about the A-Team?"


General Sherman: "All charges against the A-Team have been dropped."


Newsman: "Dropped? You mean the bank robbing and the murder of Colonel Morrison?"


General Sherman: "Yes. It would seem that Double Agent Captain Murdock was the master behind this whole thing. He made Morrison give the A-Team the orders and when Morrison wanted to come clean he killed him."


Newsman: "So the A-team is free."


General Sherman: "Yes. They are. Smith if you are listening to this, I have given the orders for Captain Murdock to be shot on sight."


Hannibal looked at BA. "Come on BA we've got to find them. Lyle you too."


They both nodded their heads and followed.




Face sat on the chair watching the news. Tears steaming down his face.



Part Two


Face sat by the black and white TV staring at the screen. He hardly even noticed that now Stockwell was

being interviewed.


"What's Stockwell doing on TV?"


Face turned around to see Murdock coming into the room. He quickly turned to set off and went to him.


"Murdock?What are you doing out of bed?"


"I feel fine Face. Now turn that back on I want to hear what's going on."


"Murdock, It's nothing."


Murdock reached up and wiped a tear from Face. "It's something or you wouldn't be crying."


Face turned away from his friend.


"Face, please turn it back on."


Face didn't move so, Murdock walked past him and turned it on himself and sat down to watch and listen. To the reporter and Stockwell.


Reporter:General. Is it true that Templeton Peck ran away with Captain Murdock?


Stockwell:No. We believe that Captain Murdock took LT Peck by force, and we believe that LT Peck's life is in danger."




Murdock jumped from the chair and ran into the bedroom. He threw himself into the corner of the room holding his ears and rocking back and forth.Face came running in. He slowly came up to Murdock who was just sitting on the floor. Face sat down beside Murdock.


"Oh Murdock, I'm sorry I yelled."


Murdock looked at Face. "Face what's going on? Stockwell acted like I was a mad man."


Face looked at Murdock. "Do you really want to know."


"Yes, Face please tell me."


Face looked at Murdock and took a deep breath and began.


BA Baracus picked up the TV and threw it against the wall smashing it to pieces. Everyone stared at him.

Hannibal walked over and placed a hand on his friend.


"Calm down BA. We are going to find them."


BA looked down at his shoes.He spoke in a shaking voice, "Hannibal, Stockwell is telling lies about Murdock."


"I know BA. I know."


Hannibal reached into his pocket and took out some money. "I'm sorry about the set. This should cover it."


He turned to BA and Lyle. "Let's go you two.'


Lyle shook his head."I'm not part of your team Mr. Smith. I don't think you can make me come. Right now my family needs me."


Hannibal walked up to him. "I want you to come."


Lyle didn't back down."I 'm not coming . I'm needed here."


Hannibal placed his hand on Lyle."You have to come. The army has been given the order to shoot Murdock on sight and they are not going to ask if you are Murdock."


Lyle sighed. "Okay I'll come but don't expect me to obey your orders. I stopped obeying a long time ago."


Hannibal nodded his head.They soon were on the road. But they had no idea where to look. Hannibal looked out the window.


"Any ideas where Face might take Murdock?"


"The beach?†† Face likes the beach."


"I don't think they have beaches in Texas BA, Lyle what do you think?"


"How should I know I don't know Face?"


Three men sat in silence. Where did Face take Murdock? Hannibal spoke up.


"Well we better find them before the army does."





Murdock stared at Face when he was done. Then got up and walked back into the living room. Face quickly followed him. Murdock was pacing back and forth shaking his head. Face started towards him but Murdock backed away.


"Face this is your chance to be free so why are you here with me?You should leave just tell them you escaped from me."


Face approached Murdock and pulled him to him. "There is no way I am leaving you don't you ever say that again. Do you understand me?"


Murdock looked up at Face with tears in his eyes. "Please Face, I don't want you to die. They may kill you too. Please, for me, go." Face shook his head and held Murdock closer running his fingers through his hair. "I won't leave you. We will go far away where no one knows us and start a new life. How's that sound?"


Murdock mumbled something.


"I didn't hear you."


"I said where? Never -Never land?"


"I don't know Murdock but somewhere. We will change our names and everything. "


"Change our names?"


"I know it will be hard but there's no other way."


Murdock looked at Face. "There is another way."


"Murdock, I am not leaving you now that's final. If we both die then so be it because if anything happened to you I'd be dead anyway."


Murdock nodded his head. "Okay, Face, I'll do what you say. Where are we going?"


Face smiled at him."Don't worry Murdock. Everything will be fine, tomorrow I'll go into town and get everything we need and then we will head to Switzerland."


Murdock nodded his head. "Okay Face. Whatever you say.I'm going to bed. Good night."


"Good night Murdock see you in the morning."


That night Murdock got up and quietly put on his shoes. He looked at Face who was sleeping on the couch. He knew it was best that he left.


"Good bye Face, he whispered as he slowly left the house. Murdock got into the car and tried his best to started it but it would not start.


"It won't go without this." Face stood there holding the distributor cap. "Murdock where are you going, I thought we were to do this together."


Murdock got out of the car and crumbed to the ground weeping. "Please let me go Face. Please. They will kill you too."


Face came over to Murdock and knelt down beside him and placed his arms around him. Suddenly Murdock lurched toward Face.


"Give me that distributor cap!"


Face took his fist and knocked Murdock out."Sorry Murdock there's no way you are going to be on your own. Not as long as I am alive."


With that Face picked him up and carried him back inside the cabin and placed him on the bed.He made sure Murdock was comfortable and then climbed in bed with him and placed his arms around him, kissing him on the forehead. "Murdock tomorrow our new life begins."



Part Three


The next morning Murdock moaned. Face watched him as he slowly opened his eyes.Murdock rubbed his chin where Face had struck him.


"You sure pack a good one Face."


"I'm sorry Murdock. I just couldn't have you leave. You would not survive on your own right now. We need each other."


Murdock nodded his head."Okay, fine, Face, I'll stay with you. Do you know of a way to get out of the country?"


Face smiled at him and reached into a bag he had with him. "As a matter of fact I do."


He pulled out a Swiss miss outfit, blond pigtail wig and all."Murdock, meet Heidi."


Murdock stared at it as Face gave it to him. It was his size. "Ah Face, where did you get this."


"In town. I got it last night while you were asleep."


"You mean unconscious don't you?"


"Yeah. Murdock we are using the husband and pregnant wife scam to get a free trip to Switzerland. Do you remember what to do?"


Murdock looked at the outfit and nodded his head. He went into the bathroom soon returning disguised as a pregnant Swiss Miss. His braids were down past his back and he looked so radiant. Face smiled as he took his hands.


"Murdock you make a great pregnant woman and I am so proud to be your husband."


Murdock smiled a little at Face. "I wish we didn't have to do this. I wish we didn't have to leave."


Face nodded his head."I know Murdock but this is the only way.Without Hannibal and BA we are on our own."


"We wouldn't have to be. We could get them to help."


"I will never trust Hannibal again. He signed those papers to leave you behind."


"As I recall so did you."


Face was stung for a minute.Murdock's words hit hard."Murdock I'm sorry."


"Face I forgave you. I wish you would forgive Hannibal. He may had a reason why he did it."


Face said nothing so Murdock changed the subject, "So how are you getting pass the MPs, Face?"


Face nodded his head; "I'll be right back."


He went into the bathroom and soon came out with a full beard on his face. Murdock stared for a moment. "What is that supposed to be?"


"My disguise. You like it."


"No! I wish Hannibal and BA were here."


"Well, they are not here. We are on our own. Get used to it Murdock. There's no team any more just you andme."


Murdock turned away"Only because that's what you want."


Face turned him back around. "It's the only way. Hannibal betrayed us."


"You really believe that?"


Face shook his head."Please Murdock I don't want to fight, we got a plane to catch."


"Answer me Face, do you really believe Hannibalbetrayed us?"


"Yes. He signed those papers."


Murdock threw off the wig. "You signed those papers too. I may as well say you betrayed me. But I know you didn't and neither did Hannibal. So stop acting like Hannibal's the enemy."


Face held a trembling Murdock, he didn't like to see him this way. "I'm sorry Murdock. I guess you are right. I will call Hannibal."




"As soon as you are safe."


"Do you promise?"


"Yes I promise," replied Face with his fingers crossed behind his back.


Face smiled."Don't worry Murdock. It's going to be all right. You'll see."


"Whatever you say Face," replied Murdock as he put the wig back on.


"Murdock got the accent down?"


"Yeah I got it."




Face and Murdock got into the car which Face fixed last night and drove to the airport. Suddenly Face spotted trouble.


"Damn how did they find us?"


Murdock looked though the rearview mirror. He saw that the MPs were following them


"Face let's go it's the MPs."


Face nodded his head but decided not to run .He wanted to see if the disguise fooled the MPs. He pulled over to the side of the road.


A soldier walked over to the car.He tapped the window and Face rolled it down.


"What can I do for you sir? "


The soldier pulled out a picture of Murdock and Face. He pointed to Murdock first.


"Have you seen this man? He's armed and dangerous & he has taken this man hostage."


Face took the picture and handed it to Murdock.


"Heidi have you seen this man?"


Murdock took the picture and studied it.


"No I have not seen this man. I am sorry I cannot be of more help to you sir."


"Thanks. If you see him don't try to take him on your own. He's a very dangerous man."


Face smiled at the MP. "Thank you."


The MP stared at Murdock. "When's it due?"


Murdock looked down and patted himself. "Oh you mean my baby?"


"Yes when is it due."


"Two months. Little Algfernon is due in two months. Isn't that right Algie ?"


Face patted Murdock's hand. "That's right, two months, and we are on our way to the airport to go to Switzerland so Heidi can have our first child in her hometown."


The MP nodded his head."Look folks I'm going to be a father soon too. I don't want anything to happen to you so I will take you to the airport."


He opened up the door. Face stared for a moment. "That's really not necessary."


"Sorry but with a man like Murdock loose it is.Here miss, let me help you to the car."


Murdock looked at Face and mouthed now what. Face mouthed back I don't know. The MP helped Murdock up and into his car. He smiled at Face."I bet you are going to have twins."


Face and Murdock smiled at him as he drove them to the airport. Soon they arrived and the MP helped Murdock out of the car.


"Now you take care of that baby and have a safe trip."


"Thank you kind sir. My baby thanks you too."


The MP soon left. Face signed with relief. "Okay Murdock let's do it."


Murdock nodded his head and sat down on a chair putting his head into his hands and began to cry. Face knelt down beside him.


"There, there Heidi, please don't cry. Everything will be all right."


"Oh Algernon we've been robbed, all our money was taken and we have no way to get to Switzerland. I wanted our baby to be born in my home town."


"I know darling I know."


"I wanted my mother to be there to see her first grandchild and now because of that man it won't happen."


She cried harder as her husband comforted her.That's what it seemed to look like to people who had gathered around. One woman made her way to them.


"Please let me buy you each a ticket."


Face stood up. "We can't ask you to help us."


"She needs to go home. I know what that is like. Please let me help."


Face looked at Murdock, he smiled."Heidi, this woman is going to buy our tickets."


Murdock looked up at the woman. "Thank you so much. This means so much to us. To me and my baby and husband."


They were soon on the plane but not yet safe because the MPs came on the plane. A colonel Face and Murdock didn't know led them.


"Sorry folks but we have to check all planes leaving this area. There may be a dangerous man on board." Some of the people mumbled as the MPs searched. One of the MP stopped in front of Face and Murdock.


"I see you made it to the plane in time. I'm so glad."


"Williams. What's going on over there?"


"Nothing sir. Have a safe trip."


He then moved away from the couple.Not seeing who they were looking for they left the plane. Murdock and Face looked at each other, they were now safe for the moment. The woman sat down beside them. She looked at them. "I think you better stay with me when we get to Switzerland."


Face smiled. "Thank you, but that's not necessarily."


She smiled at him."I think it is Mr. Peck."


Part Four

Murdock smiled at the woman, then at Face. "Looks like we been busted Face."


The woman smiled at Murdock."Mr. Murdock why don't you go to the head and change out of that disguise? My son David will show you the way."


Murdock looked up to a man who was staring at him. "I think I can find it myself, but thanks."


"I think I better show you. This is a big plane you might get lost."

"Well okay, be back Face."

Face watched Murdock and David leave but wondered why did David look so familiar.But he turned his attention back to the woman.

"Okay miss who are you?"

"First of all it's Mrs. Not Miss and my name is Gloria Morrison. Mrs. Jack Morrison."

Face suddenly jumped up, he was concerned for Murdock. "Where's Murdock? Where did your son take him?"

"To the head to change just like I said. I don't believe Murdock killed Jack. But I believed he knows who did."




Murdock felt his head being banged against the wall again and David still had him by the shirt. "I'm going to ask you one more time loser.Who killed my father?"

Murdock shook his head trying to clear it but it was still ringing and he couldn't think straight. "Your father?"

"Colonel Morrison! Who killed him."

Murdock looked confused, his head was ringing. "I don't know "

"Mother said you do and you better tell me now!"

"David, let him go. Now! "

David released Murdock who fell to the floor. Face was at his side in no time. "Murdock are you all right?"

Murdock looked at Face. "I'm fine mommy just fell down and went boom."

Face slowly helped Murdock up. Gloria turned to her son. "David what's the meaning of this."

David hung his head. "I sorry mother. I just lost it."

"Leave and think about what you did. And apologize to Captain Murdock."

"Yes mother. Sorry sir."

Murdock's head was still spinning. "Hey no problem we should do it again sometime."

Face shook his head. "Murdock how many fingers do I have up."


Gloria shook her head. "He better rest. Sherry take Captain Murdock to rest."

"I don't think that's a good idea. Murdock sit right here."

Murdock sat down and looked at Face. "I'm fine Face. Just a little dizzy."

Sherry sat down next to him. "Sorry about David."

Murdock nodded his head.He watched as another manwalked up to Gloria. "Mother, the pilot said our ETA is one hour."

"Thank you Michael."

Murdock looked at her. "One hour, Switzerland's farther then that."

"Yes but our mountain resort is not," replied Sherry.

"Mountain resort?"

"Yes Mr. Peck. This is a private plane, these three people are my children, my youngest son Gary is getting Colonel Smith and Mr. Baracus."



The three men sat in the back booth of the cafe. "So now what? We still haven't found your friends."

"Man, you are getting on my nerves and one of those friends happens to be your brother."

"Hey I didn't ask to be here. "

"That's enough!Both of you! ."

Both BA and Lyle stared at Hannibal. "Sorry,Hannibal."

"Fine BA, just let me think."

Suddenly a man approached them. Hannibal got up and BA followed his move. The man came right up to them.

"Colonel Smith. I would like you and Sgt. Baracus to come with me."He then noticed Lyle. "Captain Murdock what are you doing here?"


Lyle smiled at him. "Hi"


The young man looked confused. "I thought you were with my mother."

Hannibal suddenly grabbed him. "Do you know where Murdock is? Is Face with him?"

The man looked confused, he knew Murdock and Face were with his family. "Yes. At least I did."

BA shook his head. "This ain't Murdock."

"Hey if you are right and I am Murdock's brother then I am a Murdock."

"Hey fool NO. 2 you are not that Murdock."

"Never mind BA. "

Hannibal looked at the man. "How do we know you are telling the truth?"

"Mother said you might want proof," he took out a little black book and handed to Hannibal.Hannibal studied it for a moment.

"This is Face's black book. So help me, if they are hurt in anyway you will be sorry."

"Sir my name is Gary Morrison, Jack Morrison's youngest son and my mother is Gloria Morrison. You do remember her don't you Mr. Smith."

Hannibal nodded his head. "Yes I remember her I met her once. Long before she married Morrison. Then she's taken Murdock and Face prisoner?"


"No, we want your help. Please come with me and she will explain."

"You come with us .You tell BA where to go."

Gary looked at them. "It's a long drive a plane would be quicker."

"I ain't flying man."

"Me neither I hate planes."

"Hey maybe you aren't a fool after all."

Hannibal sighed. "Gary write down the directions and BA and Lyle can join us later but I am flying there."

Gary nodded his head and soon they all went their separate ways. Hannibal knew he was taking a chance but he felt, somehow, that Gary was telling the truth.


Face shook his head. "Now look here Mrs. Morrison there is no A-Team.Not anymore," he said sadly.

Murdock smiled sadly at Face. "Please Face. I want to see them again."

Face looked at Murdock. 'I don't know Murdock I just can't."

"Please Face. We need them, Are you angry at Hannibal because you felt he betrayed me or because he's not perfect?"

Face was stung by Murdock words. "Murdock I know he's not perfect. He's just a man. "

"Face to you he was a superman.A superman that lost his strength."

Face felt the tears coming."Oh God, Murdock. Stockwell took Hannibal's strength away.I was so angry

at him."

Murdock got up and held him. "You been angry at him for a long time? Haven't you Face?"


Face nodded his head. Murdock lifted his chin. "Then you need to come clean.Hannibal makes mistakes."

"I don't know if I can Murdock."

"Why don't you try. He's standing over there."


Part Five


Face turned around and saw Hannibal standing there. He wanted to go over to him but he just couldn't. He started to walk away but Murdock grabbed him.


"Face, I forgave you. Please forgive Hannibal."


Face shook his head. "I can't Murdock. Because of Hannibal your life is in danger."


"Not Hannibal. Stockwell. Don't let Stockwell win Face. Talk to Hannibal."


Hannibal approached them slowly. "Please kid we need to talk."


Murdock looked at the two men. "I'm going outside so you two can talk."


"No. Murdock I want you to stay. I want to explain my reasons for signing that paper."


"I know you had your reasons Colonel. But right now you and Face need to come to terms with this. I'll be right outside."


Murdock turned and walked away leaving Face and Hannibal to their selves. For a long time neither of them said anything. They just stood there like strangers.Finally Smith broke the silence.


"Why Face? Why did you run and why did you take Murdock?"


"I took him to protect him from Stockwell and you."


Hannibal was stungby this news. "Me? I don't understand Face."


Face shook his head. "I never questioned you before Hannibal."


Hannibal gave him a look. "Oh really? What about the time when....


"Not when it really mattered. Not when your decision affected one of us. You were willing to sign that paper to leave Murdock behind .You didn't even ask BA and me how we felt. I signed that damn paper because I was following your orders."


"I'm sorry Face. I thought you would know what I was up to."


Face threw up his hands. "Oh now I'm supposed to be a mind reader."


Hannibal shook his head. "That's not what I mean, Face, stop putting words in my mouth."


Face stared at him. "Oh so now I'm in the wrong?"


"Damn kid I didn't say that."


"Well. I don't think you said much at all.You betrayed us and I wouldn't be surprised if you and Stockwell planned this from day one."


Suddenly Face found himself on the floor with Hannibal standing over him. "All right kid if you want a fight you got one."


Face leaped up on his feet and body slammed into Hannibal. Both men falling to the floor. Face's fist struck at Hannibal's face. Hannibal grabbed his fist and caught it, sent his own fist into Face's middle section.


Gary Morrison tried to stop them but his mother stopped him. "Let them go they need to do this."


Murdock walked back in to see his best friend and commander fighting each other. He just stood there and watched. Face was slowly getting up, his nose was bleeding and his mouth was also bleeding.


"Had enough, kid?" asked Hannibal.


Face shook his head, staggered over to Hannibal and punched him in the face again sending Hannibal to the floor."No. I'm not done."


He picked up Hannibal and punched him again. This time when Hannibal fell he didn't get back up. Face looked down at his beaten commander."Now I've had enough."


He looked back at Murdock and said. "Tell Hannibal I forgive him when he wakes up," and then fell unconscious to the floor.


Murdock walked over to Face and picked him up. "You can tell him yourself Muchacho."


He motioned for Gary to pick up Hannibal. "Come on they need to rest."


Gary picked up Hannibal."Follow me."


Murdock nodded his head and followed Gary to the rooms. Mrs. Morrison and her oldest son watched them leave.


"Do you think Murdock really knows who killed Dad?"


"Yes, David, I do and I pray we find out before Stockwell does. Because if he does, Captain Murdock is a dead man."




The black van drove along the road. BA was keeping on eye out for trouble.By the direction given to them by Gary, they were only about a couple hours away. Lyle stared at BA.


"Why do you hate me?"




"I said why do you hate me?"


"I don't hate you man."


"You haven't said a kind word to me since we left. As a matter of fact you haven't said anything to me."


BA shook his head. "It's got nothing to do with you. I'm just worry about my friends."


"I'm sure they are all right. Maybe they are even talking."


"Man you don't know Hannibal and Face.I respect both of them and would trust them with my life.But those two are the most stubborn mules I ever met in my life."


Lyle smiled sadly at BA."I wish I had friends like that. But I was raised in the Center and I had no friends."


"Hey man when this is over you have us for friends."


Lyle smiled again at BA. "Can you handle two Murdocks?"


BA grinned"Yeah, I think I can. Murdock's fool one and you are fool two."


"Well we will see, won't we," laughedLyle.



Part Six


Murdock sat on the chair in the room watching his two friends. They both had been checkedto make sure neither one was hurt badly. Now he was waiting for them to wake up.Hannibal slowly opened his eyes.


"Oh my head.Did anyone get the license of that truck?"


"Hi, Hannibal, welcome back."


Hannibal smiled at Murdock, then looked at Face who was coming around.


"Hey, Face, I guess I taught you well."


Face moaned, as he looked at Hannibal."Yeah I got to learn another way to settle things."


Murdock walked over to Face."Now that you got that out of your system, are you ready to hear Hannibal out?"


Face nodded his head.




BA drove along the mountain road. He knew that they would soon be there.He stole a glance at Lyle who had just fallen asleep.How could he look so much like Murdock and yet so different. He noticed that Murdock controlled his temper where Lyle didn't.He wondered what would become of Lyle once this was over. He shook his head.


He told Lyle he could handle two Murdocks but one was hard enough. How could he handle two of them?


BA suddenly saw an MP car following him. He gave the van more power waking Lyle up.


"Hey! What gives?"


"Shut up sucker.The MP are right behind us."


"Hey cool, give me a gun."




"A gun, give me a gun."


"No way I'm giving you a gun sucker.Just hold on."


BA turned his van sharply around the bend sending it hurling though the air. The van landed with a thump at the bottom of the small hill. Lyle grabbed the dashboard.


"Are you nuts?" he asked. "We could have been killed "


"Shut up sucker. At least we lost them."


"Yeah and my lunch too."


BA did a double take. "You better not have gotten sick in ma van sucker."


Lyle smiled."You know your vocabulary is so amazing."


BA clutched the steering wheel. 'Stay calm BA, stay calm.' he thought to himself.


"As a matter of fact who taught you to talk anyway? Your Mother?"


BA suddenly slammed the brakes. "Get out of ma van now!"


Lyle stared at BA.


"I said get out of my van. Now sucker. No one talks that way about my mama."


Lyle looked at BA, he now knew he had hit a breaking point in the man.


"Look I'm sorry."


"Get out sucker."


"Look I'm sorry.Please we are in the middle of nowhere and the MP could mistake me for Murdock."


"Well at least Murdock would be safe."


"You don't mean that. I know you are not the type of person that would wish harm on anyone."


"Then you don't know me that well."


"BA I want to get to know you, please I'm sorry. That crack about your mother was wrong."


"Yeah man it was since you don't even know her."


"I know. Look I said I was sorry. What more do you want?"


"I want you to be quiet for the rest of the ride. I don't want to hear a word from you. I don't want to hear a peep."


Lyle started to say something but BA covered his mouth.


"Not a peep sucker, not one little word or I will throw you from ma van .Do you understand? If you do just nod your head."


Lyle nodded his head and BA let go of him. He sat back in the van and said nothing else as BA headed to where they were going.




The other members of the team walked into a large dining room. Gloria Morrison and her children were all seated at the table waiting, Gloria smiled at them.


"Please gentlemen sit down and join us for dinner."


Hannibal glared at the woman. "What do you want with us?"


"Now. Mr. Smith is that any way to talk to me after I brought you and your men back together."


Hannibal stood his ground. "Gloria I knew you a long time ago and you will stop at nothing to get what you want."


Gloria walks up to Hannibal. "Yes John, you are right, but this time we both want the same thing. Who killed my husband."


Hannibal sat down at the table and Murdock followed him. Face just stood there.Murdock looked up.


"Face, please sit down."


"I will Murdock. Hannibal I really need to know why you signed that paper."


Hannibal got up."Would you please excuse us? Face, Murdock, please come with me."


His men followed Hannibal out in the hall.Hannibal turned and faced them.


"When Stockwell had me brought to him and told me of his plan, I told him I could not answer for you guys. I told him it had to be your decision."


Face nodded his head."I know Hannibal but this just felt different. It just seemed like you gave up on Murdock."


Murdock smiled and grabbed Hannibal and hugged him.


"Hannibal give up on me? Never."


"Face, can I finish?"


Face nodded his head.


"I knew that the only way to help Murdock was to go with Stockwell, work on the inside."


Face was quiet for a moment. "I blew it by running."


Hannibal went on speaking. "I knew that when Murdock woke up, no matter where Stockwell put us he would find us." He smiled at Murdock. "He always did."


Murdock laughs "Yeah, when it came to you guys. I was a bloodhound."


Face slowly got up. "Then the mess Murdock is in is my fault."


Murdock stood up too. "No Face . It's my fault. I should have told you guys the whole truth about that night."


"Why don't you tell them now Captain Murdock."


They all turned to see the Morrisons standing in the doorway of the dining room.


Murdock swallowed. "Yeah I guess after fifteen years I guess it's time."



Part Seven


Face stepped towards Murdock and sat down beside him. "Hey Murdock. You know you can tell us anything. We're your friends Murdock.Nothing you can say will upset us."


Murdock got up and walked over to the window searching for the right words to say. He took a deep breath.


"Nothing made sense anymore.It didn't seem real to me. The team was gone and when I confronted him Morrison denied everything."


Hannibal placed his hand on Murdock's shoulder. "What happened that night, Murdock?"


Murdock'shead fell into his hands. He let out a heavy sigh then he began.


"I flew back to the base after dropping you guys off. I was angry because Morrison would not let me stay to get you guys out just in case something went wrong."


Murdock took off his hat and began to fiddle with it. He twisted it between his fingers. Face reached over and started to take it away. But Murdockquickly placed it back on his head. "I walked into Morrison's office and I demanded to see him. But his aide Philips would not let me."


Murdock stared at Hannibal. "You know I had a very quick temper back then.I pushed Philips out of the way and marched right into Morrison's office. We argued a good while but nothing worked. Morrison would not admit he gave you guys the order to rob that bank. He said I was crazy."


"So is that when you killed him?" David asked.


Murdock searched into David's eyes."No. I didn't kill him. At least I don't think I did."


"What do you mean Murdock? Hannibal asked.


Murdock walked away from the window "I left Morrison's office and headed for the officer club. I figured a few drinks would calm me down.


There was this Colonel sitting at the bar. He was talking to me about the bank job. Telling me it was a trap and that Morrison set the A-team up to take the fall. I drank more and got really drunk. That Colonel kept telling me that if Morrison was dead everything would be okay."


Murdock suddenly placed his head down wishing with all his might that the memory of that night was still missing but it was coming back full force.


"He handed me a gun and told me to end the suffering now.Put an end to Morrison's evil plans.I took the gun and staggered over to his office. I wanted to end the suffering. I wanted everything to be all right again."


Murdock stopped and slowly got up. "I'm tired. Billy and I want to go lay down."


Michael Morrison reached for Murdock and shook him. "Tell us what happened."


Both Face and Gary pulled Michael off while Murdock only shook his head and walked away not looking back.


Gloria turned towards Hannibal.


"Smith I believe that Colonel was Stockwell."


Smith didn't look at all surprised by this news. "I think I already figured that out."


"Okay. So that Colonel could be Stockwell. Still doesn't prove Murdock didn't kill my father," said David.


BA and Lyle walked into the room. BA marched right up to David and grabbed him by his collar.


"You listen to me sucker. There is no way Murdock killed your father. That man don't have a mean bone in his body."


"Maybe not now.But what about then?" Gary asked.


Hannibal sighed. Back then Murdock had a temper that got him in trouble a lot. He remembered one day when both Murdock and BA had been placed in the brig for fighting with the Marines.Hannibal had been so mad andhe yelled at BA thinking he had caused the trouble only to find out Murdock started it.


"Yes. He had a temper back then."


"Then he could have killed my father?"David asked.


"No. There's no way.Hannibal, if Murdock was drunk like he said he was he could not have killed Morrison." Face replied.


"Why?" Michael asked.


"Because the fool could hardly walk when he was drunk. There is no way he could get to Morrison's office from the officer's club if he was drunk."


"Not unless he had help," said Gary.


"I didn't have help. I managed to get there myself."


They all turn to see Murdock entering the room.Face walked up to him.. "Hey Murdock, you okay?"


Murdock glared at Face.


"Why are you talking about me behind my back?" Murdock asked with venom in his voice.


"Murdock we were not talking about you behind your back." protested Face.


"Don't lie to me Face. I heard you."


Hannibal knew he had to say something to get Murdock back on track. "Captain how did you get to Morrison's office?"


Murdock shook his head. "I staggered over I guess. "


He stops and ran his fingers through his hair.


"I just wanted him to tell me why. I didn't mean to hurt him."


Lyle was quiet for a long time."I don't believe you killed Morrison."


BA suddenly turned around and growled at Lyle. "Murdock didn't kill nobody."


Lyle put his hand up. "Hey I'm on your side."


Hannibal placed his hand on BA."Calm down BA everything will be fine."


The big man nodded his head. Hannibal turned back to Murdock."Are you ready to tell us the rest Murdock?"


Murdock was about to answer when the MP came crashing in. They were pointing their weapons at Murdock. The A-team immediately jumped in front of Murdock.


General Sherman stared at Hannibal.


"Colonel Smith order your men to stand down. I have my orders to shoot this man on sight."


Hannibal shook his head." Sorry General. They don't listen to me."


"Move aside, Smith. Now!"


Gloria Morrison glared at General Sherman.


"General there will be no blood shed in my house. If you insist on killing Mr. Murdock please do it outside and make sure you have the right man. I don't think it would look good on your record if you killed the wrong man. Do you?"


"You know I agree with her. It would really look bad."


General Sherman turned around at the sound of the voice. Standing by the doorway was a man dressed just like Murdock.He shook his head.


"Don't try to fool me son. I know all about Lyle Pickett. I know one of you is him."


Hannibal stole over to the general and placed his arm over his shoulder." Do you know which one?"


General Sherman and his men stared at Murdock and Lyle, there was no way to tell them apart. They both were dressed alike from the jacket down to the sneakers.


"We will have to take them both in," he replied.


"General. My men and I are going with you."


"You have that right Smith."


Suddenly they hear the sound of weapons being cocked.


"Gentlemen no one is going anywhere till I find out who killed my husband."



Part Eight


Mrs. Morrison and her children had them surrounded. Murdock stared at her. "I told you what I knew."


"I never said you didn't." She turned to her son Gary. "Gary you and Michael please put the General and his party in the guest room."


General Sherman protested."Now see here I have orders to bring Captain Murdock in."


"This is my house and you have no rights here General."


Gary and Michael led the general and his men down into the basement.Gloria now turned to the A-team.


"Now what to do with you three?We can't take you with us. But if you stay here you will follow us. I see no other choice but to kill you. I am sorry."


"I killed your husband! Please don't harm my friends."


"Shut-up fool stop talking nonsense."


Mrs. Morrison said nothing to Murdock but turned to her son David. "Kill them and make it quick then join us in the plane."


She then turned to her daughter and nodded her head. Sherry understood and jabbed Murdock with a needle. Murdock fell to the ground. BA stepped toward him but David pointing a gun at Murdock 's head made him stop. Michael and Gary soon came back.


"Michael take Murdock to the plane."


Michael picked Murdock up and threw him over his shoulder then left.Mrs. Morrison turned to Lyle. "Are you coming or not?"


Lyle turned to Hannibal and he nodded his head.


"Good then you can go with Gary." said Gloria as she walked away.


Gary nodded his head for Lyle to follow. Lyle took one last look at the team then he followed Gary.


David smiled as he put a silencer on his gun. "This will be quick guys."


He was about to shoot when he suddenly crumpled to the ground. The team looked up to see Lyle. He smiled at them and began to untie BA.


"We better hurry, once that plane takes off there's no telling where they might go."


The A-Team ran outside and Face spotted an old truck."BA can you get this started?"


"Stop asking such a dumb question and get in."BA soon had the truck going and they headed for the airfield. When they got there the plane was going down the runway.


"BA stop that plane," ordered Hannibal.BA drove the truck towards the runway and parked right in its path. The plane came closer but it didn't have enough room for take off. It suddenly came to a stop. The plane door opened up and Gloria stood at the door.


"Are you mad? You could have gotten everyone killed."


Hannibal walked over to her."I believe you have my pilot."


Gloria stared at him. "He's asleep. Why disturb him? Look John. Why don't you come aboard then we can talk."


Hannibal shook his head. "I don't think so lady. I want Murdock and I want him now."


Gloria signaled to her son Michael and he brought Murdock out. "See he's safe."


"Give him to me."


Michael looked at her and she nodded her head. He walked down and gave Murdock to Hannibal.


"Mr. Smith I need Murdock to prove that Stockwell had something to do with my husband's death. I know deep down inside Murdock knows the truth."


"I want to know who killed your husband just as much as you do. But I don't see how Murdock can help."


"Then why don't you come with us? I think together we can find out the truth."


Hannibal looked at his men. "What do you think guys?"


"Hannibal she ordered her son to kill us," replied Face.


"I know but if we can work together."


Suddenly there was shooting, General Sherman and his men were there and he ordered one of his men to take Murdock.


The soldier took Murdock and placed him on the ground. "Wake him up."


The soldier bent down to wake Murdock up when Murdock's fist made connection. He jumped up but then saw the guns surrounding him. Murdock raised his hand. "Hey don't shoot just a reaction." He smiled at the general. General Sherman ordered one of his men to handcuff Murdock. Another soldier grabbed Murdock and roughly handcuffed him, then placed him in their car. General Sherman turned to Hannibal.


"I have been given new orders, Murdock will have a trial. I hope you get him a good lawyer. If you are coming with us get in but only you, your men can follow."


Hannibal turned to Face and BA. "You guys follow us."


They nodded their heads. The Morrrisons were being arrest by the local police. Gloria turned and looked at Hannibal. "I could have given you the real killer."


Hannibal gave no reply as he got in the car next to Murdock."Colonel I hope you have a plan."


"Sorry Murdock not yet but don't worry you will be given a trial."


"Wow that makes me feel a whole lot better."


Hannibal looked at him. "I know Murdock but don't worry we will get you a good lawyer."


Murdock only nodded. He wasn't too sure about this.




BA followed in the van. Face sat there and for a while neither one spoke. Then Face broke the silence.


"Damn if we could had just made it out of the country."


BA shook his head."No man this was the right thing to do. Running was stupid man, that was like saying he was guilty. At least this way he gets a fair trial."


"Yeah I guess you are right."


They remained quiet till they arrived at the military prison. Face and BA entered the main building where Hannibal was waiting.


"Is Murdock okay?" Face asked.


"He is fine Face, they took him to maximum security. I have been trying to get a hold of our lawyer but he seems to be out of town. Where's Lyle?"


"We dropped him off at the hotel."


"Why? He might run?"


"So? It's not like he's an important part of this. We need to get Murdock a good lawyer."


"Gentlemen I will be representing Captain Murdock." They turned around and saw a man in his early thirties.


"My name is Jared Barker.I'm a friend of Lyle's."



Part Nine


The A-team stared at the young man before them. Face walked right up to him."Have you done this before."


"I will admit this is my first case."


"Your first case? Oh man how is that going to help the crazy fool?"


"I will assure you Mr. Baracus, Murdock is in good hands. Now if you will excuse me gentlemen. I must go and speak to my client."


Murdock sat in the cold cell his head in his hands. He was trying so hard to remember more details about what happened that day. He remembered going to the officer's club talking to someone a colonel or was it a general. Damn he wished he could remember. He looked up when he heard his cell door open. In walked a man caring a briefcase.


"Mr. Murdock.My name is Jared Barker and I am here to represent you."


Murdock just looked at the outstretched hand and said nothing.


"Ok now Mr. Murdock I need you to talk to me," still no answers. Jared shook his head."I cannot help you unless you talk to me."


Murdock laid down on the cot and turned away from Jared.


Jared didn't know what to do, in all his training at the center nothing prepared him for this. He sat there looking at Murdock who seemed so far away.He sighed and took out his new toy he had just discovered, a yo-yo. Murdock heard the sound of the yo-yo falling fast to the ground. The young man did not know how to do it.


"Flex your wrist." Murdock whispered, back still turned.




Murdock turned around and faced Jared. "I said flex your wrist. It gives the yo-yo more movement." He held out his hand. "May I?"


Jared took the yo-yo off his finger and gave it to Murdock. Murdock put it on his fingers and did a brunch of tricks. Jared was amazed. "That's amazing, can you teach me?"


"You never learned to use a yo-yo?"


"Well where I was raised we didn't have toys."


"Oh I see. Well I am sorry.What do you want to know?"


"Anything you can remember about Morrison's death."


Murdock told Jared what he told the others earlier. He nodded his head.


"Is that all?"


Murdock shook his head. "No there is more.I was in the building when it was attacked. I remembering Morrison trying to get out like he knew. Then the building exploded. I was trapped in there till someone found me. I could smell burning flesh. It is a smell you never forget. I am not sure who killed Morrison but whoever it was must have died. I was told I was the only survivor."


Jared nodded his head. "Murdock you still could be a suspect it's not much to go on."


"You believe I am innocent?"


"Yes I do.But I need Stockwell."




"Because he knows the truth.'


Murdock shook his head. "If Stockwell's my only hope then I may as well give up now. There is no way he will tell you anything."


Jared smiled. "Who said I was going to ask him?Now can you show me a few more tricks?"





That night the Team and Jared were sitting in the living room of the penthouse Face had scammed.


"So let's get down to business. What chance does Murdock have?"


"Well Mr. Smith. I really think it a bad idea to have Murdock testify.I really don't believe he is stable enough."


Face looked at Jared. "Do you even know what you are doing?"


Lyle stood up and protested."Now wait a minute Face.Jared is the best I know, if anyone can help Murdock Jared can."


"I am just not sure. What do you think Hannibal?"


"I believed Mr. Barker could be right.Murdock taking the stand may not be a good idea."


"So what do we do man? How do we help the fool?"


Jared turned towards BA."We help Murdock by finding out what Stockwell knows."


Hannibal smiled, a plan was beginning in his head and it was growing."Guys I think we need to go back and have a talk with Stockwell."


Face and BA both nodded their heads. They knew it was the only way to find out what Stockwell knew about that day.




Stockwell sat at his desk. He sat wondering if Murdock would ever remember. Stockwell told himself he had done the right thing.Morrison was a traitor and deserved to die.He remembered he had convinced a drunken Murdock to do just that, kill Morrison. But when Murdock was found under the debris of the building with the gun by his side the gun had not been fired. Stockwell knew who had killed Morrison But he just was not sure he wanted anyone else to know. It was better to let them think Murdock did. Carla walked into his office.


"Sir Danny is here to see you."


Stockwell nodded his head He stood up and Danny walked in the man, who at the age of nineteen killed Morrison.


Stockwell stared at him and shook his head. "Why are you here?"


Danny smiled at took one of the cigars out of the box. "Don't worry dad no one saw me except Carla."


"You shouldn't be here. I cannot be seen with you."


"Why not? "


"Because you fool you killed Morrison."


Danny turned away and ran his fist into the wall leaving a hole. "Do you see what I did to that wall dad? If you don't stop saying I killed Morrison I am going to run your head though that wall.I didn't kill Morrison. Captain Murdock did. I saw him do it just before the attack."


Stockwell looked at his son. "Do you have proof because the gun I gave Murdock was never fired."


Danny was quiet. "Dad he had to die. I did it for you."


"I know son. I will protect you. Murdock will be found guilty of the murder of Morrison only this time I won't help him. There is no way you are going to prison."



Part Ten


Murdock stared at the faces of his friends, as he was being lead into the courtroomBA smiled at him.Murdock half heartily smiled back.He wonders what was going to happen to him. Murdockalso noticed Face and his brother were not there. He thought they were probably doing something for Hannibal.


Jared reached over to talk to him."Murdock I don't want you to be scared.I want you to trust me."


Murdock only nodded his head.He watches as the military hearing got started.The first person the JAG Major Steven Reynolds called was Lt. Gary Youngmen.


Major Reynolds approached LT. Youngmen."Lt., will you please tell in your own words about Captain Murdock's temper."


LT. Youngmen took a deep breath before he spoke.


"I was assign to the A-Team for two weeks in 1970. Captain Murdock had been grounded for disobeying orders.Any way this aggravated him because he hated to be grounded.That day Sgt. Baracus was tuning up a jeep.The engine was noisy I guess and getting on Captain Murdock nerves.Any way the man went totally bonkers."


"I object.LT. Youngmen can keep his colorful remarks to his self," replied Jared.


General Mark Davis nodded his head."Sustained. That last remark will be stricken from the record."


He then turns to LT. Youngmen."Please no more remarks like that."


LT. Youngmen nodded his head then he went on. "Captain Murdock attacked Sgt. BA Baracus.I could not believe it.Here was Captain Murdock; he was a lot skinner then, attacking Sgt. Baracus.He was on top of him raining blow after blow to his face.It took me and two other men to pulled him off."


"I see LT."He turns to Jared."Your witness."


Jared looked at Murdock and whispered."Did you really do that?"


Murdock did not answered just hung his head.Jared stood up and walked over to the stand.


"LT. Youngmen?Did at any time Captain Murdock ask Sgt. Baracus to stop making that noise?"


LT. Youngmen thought for a moment."He might had, I don't remember."


"Yet you remembered Captain Murdock attacking Sgt. Baracus."


"Hey look thatís something you don't forget.Sgt. Baracus out weighed Captain Murdock so it was something Iíll never forget."


Jared nodded his head, "Thank you.No further questions."


LT. Youngmen stepped down from the stand as Major Reynolds called his next witness.


"I wish to call to the stand Sgt. Baracus and I wish to let the court know he is called as a hostile witness."


BA Baracus took the stand and sat down.He eyed Reynolds.


"Sgt. Baracus may I called you BA?"


"NO!Only mah friends can called me that and we ain't friends."


"Very well Sgt and please remember you are under oath."


BA nodded his head. "Yeah, I remembered that day."


"Did it happen the way LT. Youngmen said it did?"


BA Baracus looked at him.He only nodded his head.


"Sgt. Baracus please speak up."Said General Davis.


"Yes it happened just as LT. Youngmen said.Murdock attacked me but there was more to it then that."


"Thank you. No more questions Sergeant."


BA got angry. "I ain't done talking and you are going to hear me!"


Davis looked over at BA."Sergeant, please take your seat."


Jared stood up. "Sir I have the right to question this witness and I wish to do it at this time."


"Very well proceed."


Jared turned to BA."Please go on."


BA nodded his head."Yeah the f... I mean Captain Murdock attacked me but I made him mad.I didn't stop doing what I was doing and it made him mad."


"Then you did it on purpose?"


"Yes I did."


"Could you have work on the jeep somewhere else?"


"I object your honor.We are not here to find out if Sgt. Baracus could have worked somewhere else."


Jared looked at Reynolds then General Davis."May we approach the bench?"


General Davis nodded his head.Major Reynolds spoke first. "Your honor, I don't see how LT. Barker's line of questions are relevant to this case."


Jared looked at the General."Sir if you give me time I will prove it to you."


The General looked at Jared."I have to agree with Major Reynolds.Over ruled better asked another question LT."


Jared nodded his head and walk over to BA.




Hannibalturned to BA and whispered. "I hope Face and Lyle find something at Stockwell's. This does not look good for Murdock."


BA nodded his head .





Meanwhile on the other side of town.


"So how long have you had feeling for Murdock?"


Face looked over at Lyle.They were at Stockwell's home trying to find anything to proof Murdock was innocent.


"Is it that easy to see?"He asked.


"Yeah it is." He replied.


"It been two years now," Face replied.


"I see." Lyle replied . "Well we better keep looking just in case it goes badly for Murdock."


"Yeah let's keep looking," replied Face.


Lyle looked at Face again. "Does he know?"


Face shook his head. "I am not sure.I think he may. I don't know."


Lyle nodded his head and they said no more.





Meanwhile back at the hearing. Majors Reynolds had called to the stand a civilian Frankie Santana.


"Mr. Santana have you ever seen Captain Murdock lose his temper?"


Frankie looked over at Hannibal.


"Mr. Santana you are under oath please answer the question. Did Mr. Murdock ever lose his temper in front of you?"


Frankie glanced at Murdock. "Yes but..."


"Yes or no Mr. Santana. Thank you."Major Reynolds turned to Jared."Your witness."


Jared nodded his head."Mr. Santana why did Mr. Murdock lose his temper."


"Hannibal had been kidnap in Hong Kong. I said he was dead. Murdock got mad but he calmed down just as fast."


"I see so do you think he could have killed Morrisonwhile angry?"


Frankie looked at Jared."I cannot answered that because I did not know Murdock then."


"Thank you Mr. Santana you may step down now."


Jared looked at the judge."Sir may I asked for a recess?"


General Davis looked at Major Reynolds.


"I have no objections."


"Very well we will take a twenty minute recess."


Hannibal walked over to Jared just after Murdock had been taken back."This does not look good. "


Jared nodded."I know Reynolds is trying to prove that Murdock had no control over his temper and killed Morrison."


"I know Murdock did not kill Morrison."


Jared nodded. "Mr. Smith, please don't miss understand this. You had a chance to be clear of the charges during your trial a year ago yet you stood up and said you were guilty.Why?"


Hannibal ran his fingers threw his hair. "They were going to blame Murdock. He has been through so much. He did not need that."


Hannibal shook his head."Yeah it helped didn't it? He is right where we were trying to protect him from."


Reynolds walked over to them."I am willing to make a deal Barker."


Hannibal stared deadly daggers at him."Murdock is innocent and my men along with Jared will prove it."


Reynolds shook his head."Smith you are a piece of work you know that. You must have thought Murdock was guilty or you never would have confess that day in court."


Hannibal looked at Reynolds then turned to leave when suddenly he made a sharp turn and sent Reynolds to the floor.




Face rummages through the desk."There has got to be something here. Something we can used to help Murdock."


Lyle nodded his head."You know I don't know Murdock all that well we could be brothers then again.But I do know he is not a killer.He does not have the killer blood in him.I know."


Face suddenly heard something and pushes Lyle down. He placed his finger to his lips to indicate to be quiet. The two men watched as a man entered the room. The man slowly opens a secret panel under the desk and removes a folder.He carefully took out a lighter.Face knew he had to move fast this could be important.He motions for Lyle to follow his lead. Lyle nodded his head as Face slowly went around to get to the man.When Lyle saw he was in position.He stood up and yelled.




The man was so startled that Face was able to over power and knock him out.Lyle came running over.


"So what is in the folder?


Face slowly opened the folder."Let's find out. Shall we?"





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