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Title: For the Love of A Child 1/

For the Love of A Child

By Susie and Georgia


Rated R

Warning: Slash M/M f/m .There will be sex but no details

Summary: A little girl comes to visit.

Disclaimer: Don't own the team or Jade

Copyright 2001

Authors notes: Sequel to "Please Don't Ever Leave Me". We hope you enjoy





Part 1


Murdock and Face headed back to the cabin. Face held Murdock close as he leaned on him.


"Face I really want Jade."


"I know Love I know."


Murdock leant closer to Face. "Please make it possible please.  I want her so bad."


"I know Murdock. I know you want her to be a part of our lives. I want her with us too. I don't know how long it's going to be before she actually comes to live with us. I've heard that the adoption process takes a

long time. We have double the odds against us. People won't be able to see past the point we're married...." His voice trailed off as he realized that Murdock no longer heard him. He was sound asleep.


Face gently covered Murdock with a blanket and drove to the cabin. When they got there he gently woke Murdock up. "Come on Murdock wake up so you can go to bed, tomorrow we can see about Jade."


Murdock and Face climbed out of the car, and the two went to bed. Meanwhile at the orphanage Jade thought about the two strangers who talked with her. She thought mostly about the guy in the baseball cap. He sure was a fun guy to hang around. She liked all the voices he'd made up when he talked to Max. She wished that they'd take her to live with them....


"Hey Jade!" Jade turned around to see what Francine wanted. "Guess what I am getting adopted."


"Gee Francine that's great I am too." Both girls hugged each other.


The next day BA Baracus was washing the van when the phone rang.  "Hello," said BA.


 "Hooooooooo! "


 BA pulled the phone from his ears.  He shook his head. "Fool if you yell in my ears again I am going to kill you.  What do you want?"


"I am going to be a mother BA. I am getting a daughter."


 "A daughter?"


 "Yeah ain't it great she looks just like me."


BA was taken aback. "What you talkin' bout man. Talk straight or else....


So Murdock told him the whole story.


"You met her yesterday an' already you talking' 'bout adopting' her?"


 "BA if you could only see her. She's adorable. She's so sweet, and she's got a cat. A real cat, not

invisible liked Billy. She's just.... If only you and Hannibal could come and meet her."


"Well we can't right now fool it's your honeymoon."


"I know it's just that well you know. I got to go BA see you."  Murdock hung up the phone.


"Crazy fool." mumbled BA.


Murdock smiled as Face came into the room. "So you ready?"


 "You bet, let's go get Jade."


They soon arrived at the Mountainside orphanage. They walked inside where they were met by Miss

Davenport. "Hello gentlemen please come with me."


She took them down the hall to an office. "Mrs. Ush will see you now."  They walked inside and Murdock saw Jade sitting on the chair, wearing a uniform. Mrs. Ush stood and greeted them.


"Hello, I heard you wanted to take Jade for the weekend. I think that can be arranged. I looked over

your work Mr. Prime and I find everything in order."


Throwing open his arms, Murdock engulfed Jade in a hug. This little girl was destined to be his and

Face's. She was so sweet. Letting go of her for a little bit, Murdock and Face each took a hold of her

hands. The two said goodbye to Mrs. Ush, and they walked out of the orphanage.  "Where to first Jade?"

Murdock asked.


She grinned. "I know the perfect place...."  She giggled.


Murdock smiled. "Okay but first someone missed you." Murdock held up the basket to Jade and Max stuck his head out.


Mew, Mew he cried as he jumped out of the basket into Jade 's arms.  She hugged him.  She then put him down on the ground.  "Come on let's go."


They followed her down the road till she came to a pond. She smiled and yelled. "Come on Max let's take a swim."


Murdock and Face watched in surprise as Jade and Max jump into the pond.


Murdock turned to Face. "I didn't know cats could swim. I always thought that they were afraid of



"Yeah so did I.  Max seems like a different cat. He seems to have a love of swimming. Very unusual...."

Face's voice trailed off.  They watched as Jade and Max swam and had their fun. Soon Murdock wanted to join in the fun.


He looked at Face and smiled. "I think I will join in."


"Okay but be careful. I am going to go back to the cabin and fix lunch." Face walked back to the cabin thinking, "Well there goes the honeymoon. I hope this weekend is fun but how do I tell Murdock that once we go back Jade may not."


He kept muttering to himself. He needed time to think. If only Murdock hadn't become so attached to her so easily. If only he didn't become attached to anything so easily. He shook his head. Jade seemed different as if she somehow belonged with them. He wished Hannibal and BA could come to Colorado. He'd be able to show them Jade and then figure out a way through the adoption maze.


BA Baracus hung up the phone and walked back into Maggie's house where they were staying. "Hannibal?"


"In here BA," answered Hannibal from the kitchen.


BA walked in the kitchen. "Murdock called."


"Oh how are the two love birds?"


 BA sat down at the table. "They took in a kid for the weekend."


 Hannibal stared at him. "On their honeymoon?"


BA nodded. "You know how Face is. The fool fell in love with her and Face can't tell him no. He's got the

fool spoiled."


Hannibal laughed. "Yeah he does BA, let's go down. They might need our help."


 "I ain't flying."


"Gosh neither am I."


"What you really mean we ain't' flying?"


"BA do I have to repeat myself? We're not flying. Okay? Does that set you at ease?"


BA smiled. He finally got his wish, they weren't flying. He got what few of his possessions he had, and

stuffed them in the van. "HEY HANNIBAL, I'M READY!"


"Coming." Hannibal called back.


BA drove toward Colorado. It was nightfall before they got there.  Hannibal smiled as he got out of the van. "Well BA, let's go find Face and Murdock."


BA growled and got out. He looked around then spotted Face coming up the road. "There he is Hannibal."


"Face man! Hey Face man!"


Face heard BA and ran to up to him. "Oh man am I glad to see you guys. I need your help."


"What wrong LT? "


 "I can't find Murdock or Jade."


"Okay LT calm down, when is the last time you saw them?"


 "We were playing hide and seek. I know Murdock's good at this game but Hannibal I am worried."


Hannibal and BA exchanged glances. For all his boasting, it was a well known fact that Templeton

Face man Peck stunk at Hide and Seek.


 "Don't worry Lt. we'll find them.  Tell us where you last saw them...."  Hannibal said.


 "We were playing near the lake, near some bushes and trees, and all of a sudden they disappeared...."


"Well BA seems we've got a search and rescue mission to attend to, before we find out what these two are up to."


BA grinned and the two left Face near the van that was by the cabin.


BA slowly headed towards the lake while Hannibal checks the woods. But neither one was having any luck. Murdock was great at this game. BA looked around some more but still did not see them.


BA was getting tired of this game  so he decided to call Murdock. "Fool you get your body out here before I break you in two."


Suddenly a little girl came out from a hole in a tree with her hands tight in a fist.


"You will have to get by me first."


BA knelt down to her level. "Hey little sister. I am not really gonna hurt 'im. Foo' needs to know when to

come out an' stop playing 'is games."


Jade stood up tall as she could. She screamed as loud as she could, and got the attention of Murdock.  He

came out of his hiding place and ran to her side in a flash.


"Jade, Jade what's the matter? How come you screamed?"


Jade pointed to BA and Murdock smiled. Instead of running like she thought he would have, Murdock

grabbed BA in a big bear hug.


Jade stared with her eyes open not only was Murdock hugging that giant but Max was rubbing his body around him.


BA looked down at the cat. He picked Max up, and Max started to purr. Jade rubbed her eyes again. Max

usually didn't like grownups.


She asked, "What's your name mister?"


BA smiled again at her. He gently pushed Murdock away causing him to fall on his rear.


He answered her. "The name's Bosco, but you can call me BA."


Jade smiled but she was still nervous, and she looked over at Murdock for support.


Murdock smiled at her. "Hey Jade don't let BA scare you. He's just a big teddy bear besides he likes you."


"Really? How can you tell?"


Murdock knelt down to her. "He told you his real name. That's how I know."


She felt more at ease then.  She asked, "Mr. BA sir can I have Max back then?"


BA nodded and said sure kid. Here you go."


Gleefully taking Max, the three of them went to find Hannibal. Murdock whistled their signal, and soon

Hannibal showed up with them. Murdock introduced Hannibal to Jade, and soon all four found themselves with Face. "Oh thank god you found them. I was getting worried about them."


"Face I bet you didn't even try to find us," laughed Murdock.


"I did too," whined Face.


"Yeah sure you did."  Murdock laughed as he and Jade went into the cabin. "Oh Face it's your turn to do the dishes."


"My turn? But I did them yesterday."


"Sorry Face but you lost the game."


"Yeah," replied Jade, "So you have the dishes."


Whining Face entered the cabin behind the others. They all sat down comfortably, and Hannibal and BA got acquainted with Jade. "So you're Jade are you? I've been wanting to meet you." Hannibal said. BA just nodded. He was good at being the strong silent type.


"Why?" she asked.


"Why what?" Hannibal asked.


"Do you want to meet me? What so special about you? I mean look at Max. He's not too crazy about you.  You stink."


Suddenly BA lost it, he was laughing so hard tears were streaming down his face.


Flashing BA a grim look, he turned back to Jade. For once the colonel was at a loss for words. But then he couldn't help himself either, and he started to chuckle as well. Jade looked very confused.


She turned to Murdock. "What'd I say?"


Murdock shook his head, afraid that laughter would consume him too....


Jade looked at the three men. "I'll think I will help Face with the dishes."  Jade walked into the kitchen

and grabbed a towel.


"What's up Jade?"


"Oh nothing. Boy adults. When will they grow up?"


Face turned to look at her. "I'm afraid they're never going to grow up Jade. They've been this way ever

since I've known them. And that's been for fifteen years now."  He sighed and continued to wash. While

Jade dried. They still heard the laughter. But it was calming down a little at a time.


Murdock walked in with Hannibal and BA behind him. "Hey little duck sorry we laughed."


Jade smiled." That okay I guess you just need to bring your inner child out."


She looked towards Hannibal. "But you still stink."


Hannibal nodded his head. "Say Face where's your shower?"


Face pointed the way and Hannibal left.  BA grabbed the wash cloth. "Me and Jade will finish up the

dishes, Face. You and the fool spend some time together after all it is your honeymoon."


Face looked at Murdock. Then he looked at Jade. "You don't mind if BA helps with the rest of the dishes do you?"


Jade solemnly shook her head. "I don't mind. I kind of like the Big Guy." She stated. Unknowingly adopting Murdock's pet name for BA. She smiled warmly at BA, and Face and Murdock slipped out. They decided to take a walk along one of the many nature trails that inhabited the mountains.


Murdock and Face soon came to a log and sat down. Murdock sat on Face's lap. "You know that I love you Face?"


"Murdock let's not talk, let's just share this time together."


Murdock nodded his head and playfully pushed Face off the log. They kissed and then Murdock unbuttoned Face's shirt. He ran his fingers up and down his chest. He began to kiss Face's chest and down towards his groin. Face shuddered.


Murdock whispered to him. "Tonight baby we will have lots of fun."


Face grinned. "We will. Will we? I can't wait. I've dreamed of this time alone with you. I need you and

love you Murdock...."


Murdock grinned again, and they started to kiss some more. They seemed to melt with the scenery, become one with the leaves and such.  There was a lot of animal magnetism there.  Soon they were lost in each other. As they rolled in the leaves their clothes seemed to disappear one article at a time.... Soon the woods were filled with groans and howls...


Murdock looked at Face. "Oh heck who can wait for tonight?"


Soon their passionate lovemaking was finished and they headed back. When they got there Jade was being put in a car. Murdock ran towards it.


"What going on?"


Miss Davenport stared at Murdock. "You lied to us! You are the A-team. Jade cannot stay with you and don't come back to the orphanage or we will call the police."


Miss Davenport drove away.  Jade looked out of the back window.  "Murdock!" She cried.


Murdock chased after the car. He fell on the road as his friends ran to him. Face took him in his arms.

"Face they took my daughter. They took my daughter." He cried.




Part 2


Face tried to calm Murdock down. "Oh Honey we'll get her back. We'll think of something."


He kissed Murdock's head. All Murdock could say was "They took my daughter, they took my daughter." 


Hannibal looked at BA. BA looked at Hannibal. Nobody broke up this family. If Jade was going to be Face's and Murdock's then they'd get her back somehow someway.


Face took Murdock back to the cabin. Murdock half walked and was half being carried by Face.


Hannibal shook his head.  This was not going to be easy. Murdock was now an outpatient at the VA.

Hannibal knew it would not be easy to get Jade. He knew deep down inside it would be almost impossible.


He didn't dare voice his feelings out loud. The four was just going to have to figure out how to cross the

legal tape, and get Jade into their family. To him she felt like a granddaughter. BA felt like she was his

little niece. Hannibal and BA had adopted her on sight, and there was no way they were going to lose

that little girl in the legal tape. He sighed. *But How? * *How are we going to adopt her? * *How's

Murdock going to have his daughter.... * He didn't know.


Face stayed with Murdock as he cried himself to sleep. Once he was asleep he left the room. Face came out of the room.


"How's Murdock?"


 "How do you think he is? Man what a stupid question BA."


BA hung his head. He knew it was a stupid question. But he grunted. He didn't like to be reminded that it

had been a stupid question. He leaned against the wall.


Face however continued. "Well he's adopted her on sight. He's grown so attached to her. You know how

Murdock is. Once attached to something always attached to something...."


Face's voice trailed off. He picked up again though. "I can't bear to see him like this Colonel." 


Hannibal nodded. He knew that whenever Face called him Colonel it was serious. He breathed a heavy sigh.


"I know Face but unless you have some kind of magic. I don't see how you can."


"For Murdock I will find that magic."


Jade lay on her bed she had cried so much. Max was gone and so was Murdock. It just was not fair. She

loved Murdock and even Face and the other two men. She wanted to be with them so she hatched out a plan. That night she sneaked out of the window and climbed down the trestle and headed back to the cabin. It was a long way but she was determined.


She hiked for hours. But she finally made it to the door of the cabin. She collapsed in the doorway and

caught her breath. She finally managed to knock on the door, before collapsing again.


Max came over and purred around Jade. Jade got her sense back, what was she thinking, they would only

take her back. She gathered her strength up and took Max and hid in the van, tomorrow she would think of something.


The next morning BA went out to the van. He was going to get some clothes for a shower, and decided that since he was out there, he might as well bring the entire luggage inside. He saw Max curled up in a ball sound asleep. "Hey cat how'd you get in here?" Max slowly opened an eye and yawned. Then he went back to sleep. Shaking his head BA took the bags and went back inside


Murdock woke up and decided to go and talk to Miss Ush. Maybe he could get her to change her mind. He got into the van and drove away. When they were a good distance from the cabin Jade popped her head up.


"Hi Murdock! Surprise!"


Murdock stopped the van. "Jade? What are you doing here?"


"I want to be with you Murdock." 


Murdock wanted her too but he knew this was wrong. "I got to take you back Jade."


Jade pouted. "But I don't want to go back. They're not nice like you and Face are.  They don't really want me around."


Murdock felt bad for her, but he knew that the right way was to take her back.  "I'm sorry Jade, but I've

got to take you back, or else they'll think I kidnapped you." 


Jade bit her lip. "But I love you Murdock. I don't wanna go back...."  She was near tears. She didn't

want to go back.


Murdock held her close. "I know little one. But I got to take you back."


Jade was quiet the rest of the way back.


When they got there Miss Davenport came running over. "I told you not to come back here."


"I was bring Jade back."


Miss Davenport looked at Jade. "Go inside young lady. I will deal with you later. As for you, if you do not leave I will called the police."


Murdock stood his ground "I would like to see Mrs. Ush."


"Well she does not want to see you. Now get out."


Murdock hung his head. He didn't want to leave, not until he saw Mrs. Ush. "I need to see Mrs. Ush. I need to talk to her about something...." 


He was interrupted by Miss Davenport's scowl, and then she turned on her heel, and slammed the door in his face.


He also spun on his heel and went back to the van.  He was angry, sad, and he started to feel tears

threatening to come out of his eyes.  He started the van, and was soon back at the cabin.


BA came storming out of the cabin. He grabbed Murdock and threw him against the van. "You stole ma van fool. No one takes ma van an gets away with it."


Murdock found the strength to push BA off of him. "Go to hell!"


BA stared back at him. "What you say Foo'?"


Murdock's lips trembled. He was angry. "I said GO TO HELL! Didn't you hear that part?"  He stalked past BA and went inside the cabin. He fell onto the couch, and crossed his arms. He pulled his cap over his features, and sat for awhile like that.


BA came storming in and again grabbed Murdock.  " I won't be talk to that way fool I won't. I am going to knock your head in."


"Go ahead do it my life is nothing without Jade. DO IT END MY MISERY NOW!"


BA didn't know what to do. "What are you talking about? What do you mean without Jade your life is



Murdock didn't want to go into details just then, but his face betrayed him, as he looked up at BA.


BA sensing something was wrong sat down next to him. "I'm not leaving til you tell me what's wrong. I want to know why you're so upset. Tell me or I'll really knock your fool head in. Got it?"  Murdock nodded.


"I love her BA and I can't have her. It not fair."


"Hey Murdock, Face will think of something."


Murdock hung his head. "There nothing Face can do. IF he had only told the truth in the first place Jade

would still be here." 


"Murdock now you are talking crazy. If Face had told the truth you would not had gotten her at all. " 


"I sometimes wish he had told the truth. The it would not had hurt so much if we never saw her." 


Max jumped into Murdock's lap. Murdock looked at Max and cried. BA got up and left him alone.


He petted Max, and the tears still flowed. A part of him knew that BA wasn't lying. If Face had told the

truth, Jade wouldn't have even come for a little bit. But he ached for Jade so bad, that he was physically

feeling it. Pushing Max off him, he fled towards the bathroom. He sat down at the edge of the tub, and

cried, and cried. He wanted Jade to live with them. He felt that she belonged to him somehow. He needed her. She was his and Face's child. He just knew it.


Face watched Murdock and BA .He then turned to Hannibal. "What am I going to do. I want Jade too. But is this the kind of life for a child?"


Hannibal stood up and walks over to Face.  "Face no one will let you and Murdock adopt that child. We are wanted men and Murdock resides at the mental ward of the VA hospital.


Face sighed. He knew everything that Hannibal said was true. "You know Hannibal. I know we're wanted men, I know Murdock resides in a mental hospital. Don't you think I know it? But what if Murdock's hunch is right? What if Jade's destined to be ours?"


Hannibal shook his head and walked slowly away then turned around to Face again.  "Murdock 's hunch may be right. But that does not make it easy.  Face I really don't think you have a leg to stand on. I am



"So you're saying that you won't help us. Is that it? You're not even going to help us try and get her? You

seemed very attached to her when she was here. You and BA both...."  Face's voice trailed off as he walked away from the two. "I thought we were friends, I thought we helped each other out," with that said Face fled from the room. Leaving one concerned friend behind him.


Hannibal stood there 'I am your friend Face. But I am telling you the truth. Don't you know that the odds

are stacked against you Kid? You're wanted and Murdock's a mental patient. That doesn't make for ideal parents. But then again I guess I don't either.'


He sighed and went to the back porch.  He took out a cigar inhaled the scent then lit it.  Pondering what

could happen. He hoped beyond hope those things would work out for the best of the team.


Jade cried in her bed. She had run away to be with Murdock and he had taken her back. He didn't want her no one did. She suddenly heard a soft meow and saw Max at the window.


"Oh Max you came back."  She opened the window and pick up her cat. "You and me are going away Max no one wants us."


She placed Max in a basket and went downstairs and out the door. She got to the road and thumbed for a ride. A truck stopped and a trucker opened the door. "Where to kid?" 


Jade stared at him. "Anywhere as long as it's far from here."


"Well I'm headed for Colorado City.  Gonna drop this load off. Climb in Kid." 


Jade nodded and climbed in stumbling over the big step.  The man helped her in, and they drove off. She

was glad to get away from the orphanage.


The trucker looked at her. "My name is Rocky. What's yours? "  


Jade smiled and said "Jade."


"I see. So why, Jade, are you running away?" 


Jade thought for a moment. "I 'm not. I am meeting my father. "


"I got a son of my own Jade. He may be 35 years old but I know when he is lying to me, so how about

the truth?"


Jade hung her head. She felt like she was back at the orphanage. Whenever Miss Davenport caught her lying she felt miserable. She opened her mouth to say something, but at first nothing would come out. She

swallowed and tried again. She glanced down at the basket between her feet, and started all over again.


"Mister Rocky sir, I am running away because nobody wants me. They keep giving me back to the

orphanage...."  Her voice trailed off and tears slipped down her cheeks.


Rocky smiled at her in an understanding way. "Let's stop and get something to eat and then you can call



"I got no one to call please take me back."


"Okay after we eat." 


"I'm not hungry."


"I bet your friend is."


Jade looked down at Max who was now climbing out of the basket.  "Yeah he is."


The A-team was on the road searching for Jade. Miss Davenport had come to them searching for Jade and now they were looking for her.


After getting Max and Jade something to eat, they got back into the truck and promptly headed down the road again toward the orphanage. Jade spied the black van and asked Rocky to stop the van.  Rocky did so by honking his horn to get the van's attention. Soon BA and the big truck pulled along the side of the road They all got out of the vehicle Murdock ran to Jade enveloping her in a hug. Miss Davenport smiled at them then spoke to Jade.


"Young lady this has got to stop. Now you are going back with me? "


Murdock looked at her still holding Jade. "Please don't take her away."


"It's not up to me. I now know you men are good but she has to come back with me. But I will be on your

side if you want to try and adopt her."


The relieved looks in both Murdock's and Face's eyes were thanks enough that they at least had someone on their side. Even Hannibal was relieved at the thought. So was BA. The commander and the sergeant shared a brief smile between them. "Good, let's get going." said Hannibal.   They said good bye to Rocky and thanked him for his help.


Miss Davenport watched Jade as she talked to Murdock. She wished with all her heart that something could be done.  They belonged together even she could see it now. She sighed, she wasn't a mean person, it was just that they were wanted men. If only there was a way to prove they were innocent. Soon they arrived back and Mrs. Ush came out to greet them. "Gentlemen I have decided to let you stay and visit Jade.  Mr. Smith I need to tell you something alone."


Hannibal was surprised to say the least. He nodded and went to see what Mrs. Ush wanted to tell him.  They went outside near a bench, and both sat down.


 "Mr. Smith, as I said I had something to tell you. It's of dire need for you to keep it a secret."  She

licked her lips and turned to Hannibal again.  She opened her mouth to speak again. Hannibal just waited.

He hoped that whatever she had to tell him was something good.


"Mr. Smith. What I have to say must remind a secret between you and me until further notice." 


"I see. Well Mrs.Ush what is the secret?" 


I found out more information about Jade.  It seems she may really be Mr. Murdock 's daughter."


This time Hannibal was speechless.  He'd actually gotten tongue tied for a minute. "H-How in the world

did you come up with that conclusion Mrs. Ush?  I mean I know Murdock and he's hardly been out on more then one or two dates since I've known him...."


His voice trailed off as he waited for Mrs. Ush's explanation.  "You see a long time ago Jade was left

on our doorstep. I have the note that was attached to her baby basket.  Here you look at it and tell me what

you think...."


Hannibal took the note and read it. "Please take care of my child, name her Jade. I can no longer take care

of her and her father is in a mental ward at the VA. Signed unhappy mother."


Hannibal gave the letter back to her. "It does not prove Murdock's her father."


Miss Ush stared at him.  "Look at them Mr. Smith. Look at them carefully Jade looks too much like

Murdock He has to be her father."


Hannibal's mind flashed back to where Murdock and Jade were together. He put their images together in his head, and he nodded.  Yes. Jade definitely looked like Murdock, but how? He shook his head and looked at Mrs. Ush. "When are you planning on telling Murdock, Jade, and Face this happy news?"


"I can't tell them yet Mr. Smith I need more proof."


Hannibal shook his head. "Then you need a blood test that would prove it. But Murdock needs to be told."


"All right Mr. Smith we will tell him and Mr. Peck but not Jade until we know for sure."


Hannibal nodded his head. They walked back inside where they found everyone in a big room watching

Murdock and BA act out a little skit. "Murdock I need to speak to you," replied Hannibal.


He and BA finished their skit. Murdock ambled over to Hannibal. "Yeah Hannibal? What is it?"


Hannibal just motioned for Murdock to follow him out of the room.  He took a deep breath, and spoke.

"Murdock I need to talk to you about Jade. She's a very special little girl, but there's something else.

Now there isn't proof just yet, but the possibility exists that she could be your biological child. That's the reason you feel she's yours now...."


Hannibal's voice trailed off as he let his words sink in.  Murdock's eyes widened. "Really Hannibal? That's great. I can't wait to tell Jade...." 


"No Murdock you can't tell her yet."


 "Why not Hannibal?" Murdock asked.


"Murdock we are not sure it only a hunch. You and Jade need to have a blood test."


"Oh I see but Hannibal a blood test?"


 "It the only way Murdock. You are not afraid are you?"


"No Colonel not for me. For Jade." 


"It will be all right Murdock."


"Uh Colonel who's the mother?"


"I don't know Murdock. Here read this see if you recognize the hand writing."


Murdock took the letter and read it. He looked up at Hannibal. "I know who Jade 's mother is."


"Who Murdock?"


"Tracy," he replied sadly.


Hannibal furrowed his brow.  "Who's Tracy, Murdock?"


Murdock sighed.  "She was someone I met while we were on a job.  Tracy ran that hair boutique that was

getting terrorized by gangs. We had to help her out. Well we sort of hit it off just right and we even

spent the night together....."  Murdock's voice trailed off.  Hannibal nodded.  He remembered the job

very well. He sighed and patted Murdock's shoulders.


But what he really wanted to do was strangle Murdock. How many times had he told his men not to get involved with a client? It was stupid and dangerous. "Well Murdock what do you want to do?"


Murdock thought for a moment. "Is there any way I can have the test and not Jade?" 


"I am not sure Murdock."


"Okay let me talk to Jade."  Murdock walked away from Hannibal and up to Jade.  "Jade we need to have a blood test."


 "I know Mrs. Ush told me."


 "Did she tell you why. "


 "She said it was just routine."


"Are you afraid?"


"What of needles?"




 "Nope only babies are afraid of needles."


He nodded.  She was showing signs of the Murdock in her. Brave to a fault. Though not stupidly brave. She was quick to answer, and had an answer for everything.  He looked up at Mrs. Ush. "When should we have the blood test?" 


Mrs. Ush answered. "As soon as possible." 


Face walked over to them. "What's up Murdock?"


Murdock pulled Face aside and whisper in his ear. "Jade may be my daughter."




Murdock smiled at Face. "Do you remember Tracy Hennison?"


Face thought back. "Hmm. Tracy Hennison?  Wasn't she that lady who we helped save her hair boutique,

or something?" 


Murdock nodded.  "That's the one. It seems that Tracy is Jade's mother."


Face asked, "So? Your point being?" 


"My point is I was the last one to be with her. Jade could possibly be mine."  Face was stunned.


"Murdock do you know what this means? "


"Yeah I do Face."


"You may be able to have her. They cannot keep a child from her father."


"I hope you are right Face.  We are going to going to get the blood test done now." He kissed Face and

climbed into the van. "Are you coming or not?"


"Well that's a dumb question. Of course I'm coming. I wouldn't miss this for the world." Face huffed. He

didn't mean to sound grouchy, but he was going to be there for his significant other, and possibly his

child. He was not going to miss out on anything not even a blood test.




Part 3


They soon arrived at the clinic and Mrs. Ush took Jade inside. The rest followed. She took Jade up to the

desk and filled out the insurance forms and anything else for Jade. Murdock did the same for his self. They were then told to wait. Fifteen minutes later both Murdock and Jade were taken to a room and given a check up. Jade watch as the nurse took her blood pressure. She was a little scared but not of needles.


"Murdock am I going to die?"


He looked over at her and shook his head. "No Muchacha you're not going to die. They're just getting the

blood from you and I to see how it looks. Routine stuff."


Whew the secret had almost slipped. He'd almost told her they might actually be father and daughter.


Jade only nodded her head. She knew the truth. One of the other children had a blood test and he died six

months later. He had cancer.


She turned to Murdock. "I know why I am taking a blood test."


Murdock looked at her. "You do?"


She nodded. "I know that I have cancer and that I am going to die."


Murdock's heart fell. "Oh Jade sweetie it's not the reason."


"Then what is? Don't tell me it's routine because if it was the other children would be here too. Tell me

the truth. I got cancer right?"


That did it. Murdock couldn't lie to her. He strode over to where she was sitting, and wrapped her in an



"Jade the reason they're doing this is not because you have cancer. It's because you might be my daughter.

You might be mine, and if you're mine they can't keep us apart. They can't keep a daughter from her

biological father...." His voice trailed off and Jade soaked everything in.


She was about to say something when the doctor walked in. "Hello and how are we this morning?"


Jade stared at him. "I don't know about you, but I am a little confused."


"Why that?"


Jade looked at Murdock. "Because I am. Let's get this over with. I need answers."


The doctor smiled and put a tunic around Jade's arm. Jade turns her head as the needle is put in. She

winces but does not scream. Suddenly she heard Murdock scream.


"Please Mr. Murdock I have not even started yet."




"It's okay. Nothing to get excited about. If you're that worried about needles I suggest you look at

something besides me." Murdock nodded and he looked at Jade. She was holding up pretty well. Except her face was scrunched up while they put the needle in. All Murdock felt was a little sting then it was over.


"Hey Jade it will be fine."


"I know, at least I didn't faint like Emily Sue did one time."


Murdock smiled and soon it was over.


"Thank you. We will have the results later on today." Replied the nurse.


Murdock took Jade back to the waiting room.


"Well fool, is she your daughter or not?"


Mrs. Ush stared at BA. "Mr. Baracus how dare you ask that question in front of the child."


"It is all right Mrs. Ush I all ready know Murdock told me."


Mrs. Ush glanced at Murdock. She glanced at Jade. Then she took Murdock aside away from the group. "I thought we agreed it was to be a secret until we were sure?"


"It was going to be until she thought she had cancer and got all hysterical on me. Would you have wanted me to keep the secret then?"


She shook her head.


"I didn't think so. Now if you'll excuse me. The doc said we should be getting the results later today."


Mrs. Ush and Murdock walked back to the rest of the group.


Hannibal looked up. "Everything okay Murdock?"


"Yeah Colonel."


"Good. Let's all get out of here. When do you think you'll hear anything definite on the blood test

Murdock?" Murdock shrugged.


"The doctor said sometime today."


Mrs. Ush stared at them. "Mr. Murdock the result of the test will come to me not you. I am still in charge of Jade, not you"


Murdock looked at her. "May I come back with you and wait?"


She nodded her head. "You may, but even if it is true we still cannot let you simply take her. We still have

to follow the rules."


Murdock nodded. He understood the rules. He wanted Jade but he knew. If he didn't follow the rules he

might not get her at all. He nodded. Then they all went to Mrs. Ush's office. They waited until the doctor called. Mrs. Ush picked up the phone. Finally she hung up, and she turned to the others.


Murdock held his breath as he waited. Face placed his hand on his shoulder. Mrs. Ush stared a little more but said nothing.


"Hey mama give. Is Jade The foo's daughter or not?"


She nodded her head. "It would seem to be that Mr. Murdock is indeed Jade's natural father."


Murdock's heart skipped a beat. Face's heart caught in his throat. The two looked at each other. "Now what?" Murdock asked. "What are we supposed to do now?"


Mrs. Ush said, "You will do nothing. Let the courts decide. Perhaps the mother has some family that will

take her. If not...." Mrs. Ush's voice trailed off.


"If not what?" Face demanded.


Mrs. Ush shook her head. "Like I said let the court decide. I advise you to get a good lawyer. Good day

gentlemen." Mrs. Ush stood up and took Jade by the hand. "Come along Jade time to go to your room."


Jade pulled away from her and ran to Murdock. "But I want to stay with my daddy."


Mrs. Ush took her by the hand again. "Miss Jade, until the court said other wise this man is not your father and you will not call him that. Do I make myself clear?"


Murdock suddenly lost it. "Get your hands off my daughter!"


"Mr. Murdock get your hands off of my ward. She will not be seeing you till the court says she can. Good

day gentlemen." She pulled Jade inside, and Jade twisted her head around. She looked tearfully at the four men, but her gaze rested especially on Murdock.


This time Murdock's heart caught in his throat. He choked the lump down. Soon the two were inside. That's when Murdock lost his composure. He buried his head in Face's shoulder.


Face held his beloved close as he felt Murdock's tears. "It okay Murdock we will get her back." Murdock

sobbed harder and Face looked at Hannibal. "Please do something Hannibal." Hannibal nodded his head. "I will Face. Let 's get back to the van so I can make a call"


They all went back to the van with Face supporting Murdock. Once in the van, Murdock had fallen asleep

with his head resting on Face's lap.


Face look at Hannibal. "Okay Hannibal. What is the plan and it better work."


"It will. I'm sure of it. I know a very good lawyer. She is a family lawyer. She should be able to help us

through the trial." He dialed the number and smiled as it was connected.


"Hello Trudy Vale? Yeah this is John Smith. Remember the guy in the elevator? Yeah I have a case for you...." The others looked at each other. They didn't know what to think. Maybe the plan would work after all.


An hour later they were in the offices of Trudy Vale. She sat in her chair looking over the papers she got

from the doctor offices and the VA. "Mr. Murdock I see no reason why we should not go to court. Your doctor, Dr. Richter said you are ready to be out in the world and you have the right to your daughter. I will do my best to help you get her."


Murdock said nothing but Face did. "Will the jury knowing the fact that we are married, hinder the

chances of us getting Jade?"


Miss Vale looked at him. "Mr. Peck this will be a family court. Only ourselves, Mrs. Ush and her lawyer

and the judge will be there. The judge makes the decision. Judge Thomson is a fair judge."


This seemed to clear the atmosphere and everyone breathed a little easier. This didn't sound so hard.

As long as the judge was fair. Everything should go smoothly. Or would it? There were still some

misgivings the Team hadn't been court since their court martial nearly fifteen years ago.


Mrs. Ush's caseworker would surely point that out. He'd have to read heavily into the guys' files. The

thought seemed to have been in everyone's head because they looked at each other in alarm. Miss Vale noticed their looks. She tried to be helpful.


"I can only say that I will do my best. But I promise I will do my best."


Hannibal took her hand "That all we can ask for. Thank you."


Later that night Murdock and Face lay in bed. Face wrapped his arm around Murdock. "Hey love, you have not spoken a word all day. Look at me Murdock. "


Murdock turned and looked at Face but said nothing. Just buried his head in him and cried. Face lifted

Murdock head up and looked at him. "Murdock it's not like you to give up. Come on baby, we are going to win this."


Murdock looked into Face's eyes. He still didn't say a word. Face smiled at him "You had better not have

given up already Love. I won't let you give up. That's a promise. Now tell me what's on your mind."


Murdock opened his mouth to speak. "It's just that I have so many emotions running through me right now. Jade being my daughter. Us being married. Now we're going to go to court to fight for the right to see our daughter, hold her, and love her. I-I hope we win."


With that said Murdock laid back down. Tears streamed down his face. Face turned on his side and faced his partner. Noticing the tears, he wiped them off with his bare hands.


"Don't cry Love, things will be fine. Just believe and no matter what don't give up." He kissed Murdock's

lips. Murdock kissed him back.


Soon it was morning and they were now in family court Murdock looked over at Jade. He smiled at her and she smiled back. The talks went on for over two hours each person telling his or her story soon the judge left to make his decision. He soon returns. He sat down and began.


"I heard all the talk, read all the papers and it is true that Mr. Murdock is indeed Jade's father. I will

grant him the right to adopt her but he must follow my ruling. Mr. Murdock must get a job and hold it. A well paying job and he must get a divorce from Mr. Peck."


Murdock could handle a job. At least he thought he could. He still wasn't used to being in the VA or

running with the Team. He'd soon learn though, if it meant keeping Jade. He'd do anything for Jade. Of

course he'd consult with Face. Face knew everything about handling checkbooks and other expenses. He

smiled. He could do it. He was glad that he and Face were getting a child his child, their child.


Murdock then remembers the judge ruling. He had to divorce Face. He looked up at the judge. "Your honor, may I speak?"


The judge nodded his head.


"Your honor. My friends have been found innocent of their crimes and I love Templeton Peck with all my

heart. He will be a good father to Jade as well as myself. I ask you please to give him a chance."


The judge looked at Murdock. "I will give you a six month trial period. If you two can raise Jade right

and no trouble, you may both adopt her in six months."


The two gave him relieved nods. No divorce! At least for six months or any months thereafter. They were

confident they could raise Jade together. They knew they could. There was no giving up. After the court

had dismissed Murdock and Face took Jade home.


That night Murdock and Face tucked Jade and Max in bed. Murdock kissed her on the forehead.


"Sleep well my angel, and don't let the bed bugs bite or the wee willies get you."


She smiled at his remark. "I won't let 'em get me Daddy. You know what? I like that word it makes me

feel safe, and I've got two of them now...."


She stopped talking for a little bit, because Face also kissed her forehead. "Sleep well Jade. If any

bedbugs do bite, just tell us and Murdock will scare them off with his howl."


Face smiled as the two exited Jade's eyes closed. The two went to their room, and lay in the bed, in silence for awhile. Murdock surprised Face by grabbing his shoulders and pulling him close to him. Face's head rested on Murdock's chest.


"You know Face, I believe that next to marrying you this is the happiest day of my life."


Face smiled at him. "Me too, Murdock me too."


That night they made love. The next day they woke up to the smell of food. "Hum someone is cooking

breakfast. I hope it not BA. I still remember the last time he cooked."


"Don't remind me Murdock, please don't."


The two men laughed and went into the kitchen where they found Jade cooking breakfast. She turned around and smiled at them. Murdock noticed the flour on her nose and couldn't help but smile again. "Good morning Daddy, good morning Father Face. Breakfast is almost ready."


"Good morning." Both men answered in unison.


"How are you today Little Duck?" Murdock asked.


"And what are you cooking? It smells great." Said Face.


Jade smiled. "Well I thought a celebration breakfast would be in order our first morning as a family. Do

you two like pancakes?"


The two nodded. She smiled again. "Good. Go sit down and wait for a few minutes. Breakfast will be ready soon."


Jade smiled at them, wiping flour off of her cheek. "I made blueberry, strawberry and banana pancakes. I hope you like it. Oh Father Face, you got a phone call this morning from a girl. Don't worry, I told her you were married and leave you alone. Boy, you should have heard her words! She needs her mouth washed out!"


Soon Hannibal and BA walk in. "Good morning Grampa Hannibal."


Hannibal raise his eye brow. "UH Jade can you call me Hannibal please? or Gran but not Grampa makes me feel old. "


Jade nodded her head. "Good morning Uncle BA."


"Good morning little one. "


Jade smiled. "Breakfast is serviced! Father Face, will you please say grace?


Hannibal stared at Face. "Father Face?"


Face grinned. "Hey Hannibal don't knock it. I kind of like it. It makes me feel a part of this family, and

it makes me sound more distinguished."


Hannibal tried keeping a straight face. So did BA. But unfortunately it was BA who laughed. "You



Face turned a deep red. He cleared his throat and spoke again. "Now may I say grace?"


Hannibal and BA calmed down and Face said the grace. Then they sat down and enjoyed the breakfast.




Part 4


The six months went by so fast no one hardly knew it. Murdock and Face passed all the regiments, and today was the day they were going to adopt Jade as their own. They all arrived at the courthouse again. Murdock prone to be fidgety was unnaturally still. He sat tall and straight in his chair. He glanced over at Face, and they shared a secretive smile among the two of them.


Face patted his knee and whispered in Murdock's ear. "This is going to be a breeze Murdock. You'll see

nothing but a piece of cake." Murdock nodded.


Face was right as always it was a peace of cake and soon the happy family was heading home to sunny

California along with BA and Hannibal.


They arrived at their house, and settled Jade in her new room. She had fallen asleep in the van and Murdock tucked her into bed. He swept a stray lock of hair off of her forehead then kissed the spot where the hair had been. "Sleep well my daughter. Have pleasant dreams." She smiled in her sleep, and Murdock crept out.


As Murdock crept out of the room, Max ran in and jumped on the bed. Murdock laughed. "Good night to you to Max." He left and joined the guys in the living room.


"Well Captain? What's it feel like to be a parent?" Asked Hannibal.


Murdock's eyes lit up. He joyfully grabbed Face, and danced him around the room.... Careful not to wake his new daughter, he howled underneath his breath. "It feels fantastic Colonel. I'm a parent. A daddy, I'm so happy." His eyes had teared up and he wiped at them. "Face? How do you feel being a parent?"


Face opened his mouth. "I-I don't know yet. Ask me when she starts dating. Then I'll tell you. Colonel,

you and BA are her chaperones. BA can scare off any boys." The four had a good laugh.


Murdock suddenly stops laughing. Hey! that's not funny. Jade's only ten she's not dating till she's 16.

No wait, uh 75, no wait.. she is never going to date." Face, BA, and Hannibal stared at Murdock and they all started laughing again.


"I forbid boys in this house." Murdock muttered. But yet he knew that one of these days Jade would bring

home a boy. He sneaked off back to Jade's room, made sure she was all right. Gave Max a pat on the head and sauntered back into the living room. He went to the kitchen and got himself and Face a drink. When he entered the living room again, he handed one drink to Face, and then he settled himself onto the sofa.


Face watched Murdock then he cuddled up closed to him. "Murdock do you regret leaving the VA?"


During the six months Murdock work hard to become a normal person. Murdock shook his head. "What a silly question to asked me Templeton of course I don't regret it. I have everything I need here." He reached over and kissed Face on his lips, whispering, "I love you Templeton Peck."


Face returned the kiss. He then whispered, "I love you HM Murdock. This is what I've always dreamed of having a child, a spouse, and a house. Though we still need to build that white picket fence. That can wait...." His voice trailed off, and he noticed that they were being watched by the others. Shrugging his shoulders, he gathered Murdock in a hug.


Hannibal smiled at BA. "Come on BA I think they want to be alone."


BA growled but got up to leave. He then turned around. "You two got a child in there so no hanky panky,



Murdock smiled. "Okay big guy we will be good."


"Yeah." Face replied, "Real good."


The two winked at their departing teammates. BA growled again, "I hear that you kept my niece awake

I'll tear ya limb from limb. Understand?"


Murdock put his hand up in the sign of the Scouts' Honor. "Scout's Honor Big Guy no hanky panky. At least not yet." He grinned and soon BA and Hannibal were out the door. They went back inside, and soon were wrapped in another cuddling embrace. Murdock started to nibble Face's ear. Face in turn blew in Murdock's ear. The two giggled. But true to their word, they were quiet.


Suddenly they heard Jade scream. Murdock and Face both jumped up and ran into her room. Jade was sitting up holding Max tight, and she was crying. Murdock took her into his arms and held her tight.


"It all right Jade, we are here it all right Little Duck" Jade held on to Murdock

tightly. "It was horrible! I saw you and Father Face killed."


Murdock and Face held her tight. "It all right Jade it was just a dream." Replied Face.


Jade looked up at him. "But you don't understand! My dreams come true."


Murdock wiped her tears with his finger. "Well this dream won't Little Duck, I promise."


She sniffed loudly, still clinging to her dad. "I'm so scared. I was with you, Father Face, Uncle BA, and

Grandpa Hannibal. We were running through some woods. All of a sudden gunfire from trees got both you and Father Face. Grandpa Hannibal and BA tried to get you two to a hospital, but you were dead when you got there...." Again the tears started flowing.


Face reached over and rubbed her back. "It okay Jade."


Jade jumped up. "No it's not okay! I see things before they happen. I saw what happened to my real parents. I knew they were going to die in that plane crash. I see things."


This was going to turn into a long night. Since each knew how to deal with people being hysterical, the two did what came naturally. They sat at both sides of Jade, and wrapped her in a loving embrace. Or at least they tried to.


She seemed very skittish. "You do believe me don't you? I've got to warn you. I don't want you to die.

Daddy and Father Face, I've just found you, I can't lose you I won't lose you. Do you hear me?" She

started to sob again, but this time she didn't resist their comforting hug. She put her head on Murdock's



Murdock stared at Face then back at Jade. "Yes Little Duck we believe you and I promise we will be careful. Hey I can tell you one thing right now. That won't happen, there is no way you will be with us on any assignment no way. You are only ten. So that won't come true."


She nodded her head. She muttered, "I hope not. Because if anything happened to the both of you I

don't know what I'd do." She sniffed again, and Face handed her a handkerchief. She blew her nose in it.

Then she handed it back to Face. He handed the handkerchief to Murdock, who put it in his khaki

pants' pocket. They held her there for a while, and with her head still on Murdock's chest, he started to

rock from side to side. So did Face. Soon they'd rocked her back to sleep.


"Face I want to stay with Jade, you go on to bed."


Face shook his head. "No Murdock I will stay too." So they did. The next morning Murdock awoke to find Jade outside. She was looking out at the water.


"It's going to happened today." She whispered.


"It won't Jade I promise."


She shook her head and walked inside before saying. "You can't stop it."


Murdock stood in front of her. "I can if you tell me everything in detail."


She sighed a huge heart rending sigh. "I was playing outside with you, when the telephone rang it was

Grandpa Hannibal. You guys had to go rescue somebody. So you and me went back inside. Father Face called up somebody, l think her name was Maggie to see if she could watch me. But she couldn't. Then you called up someone named Amy to see if she could watch me, but that was a no go too. Well nobody could watch me, and you hated to leave me on such short notice so you two decided to take me along. The plan went horrible from the start. All of a sudden we were in some woods running and running, then the gunfire, then your deaths...." Her voice trailed off again.


Murdock brushed the hair out of Jade eyes. "Jade can you see the man?"


Jade nodded her head. "Yes he's hiding behind a tree with a broken branch."


Jade soon gave Murdock more details and Murdock called Hannibal. He told them everything. A few hours later Hannibal and BA came dragging a small man with them.


"Who are you?" Murdock demanded. His eyes glaring at the man, while he encircled Jade in a protective



"Who do you work for?" Face demanded.


"Last but certainly never least, why are you out sniper hunting?" Demanded Hannibal.


To all these questions the man flinched. But he didn't say a word.


"What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?" Asked Murdock. "You'd better answer us, because see that big guy over there? He's meaner then a rattle snake. Especially towards vermin like you." Said Murdock again. BA growled and raised his fist for emphasis.


"So talk. It'd better be a damn good story though." Face said.


The man said nothing, he refused to talk. Hannibal turned to BA. "Well BA I think you got a new toy." BA smiled and reached for the man. "No wait I'll talk just keep that tank away from me." Hannibal

leaned into him. "Then talk and it better be good."


"I work for Tony the Man."


"Tony Rizzo of New York that Tony the Man?" Murdock asked.


"Yeah that's him."


Face grabbed the man. "Why are you trying to kill us?"


"Because Jade his granddaughter and he wants her back."


"He what? She what? What?" Asked BA almost in one breath.


"That's what I'd like to know. Jade's mom never mentioned her father as being with the mob. In fact

she told me once that her father was dead." Murdock said.


Face spoke up. "Yeah Tracey said she was an orphan. She didn't have any family anywhere."


Hannibal spoke this time. "Well obviously she changed her name."


The Team still glared at the man. He shrinked from their gaze and his eyes rested on the ground.


Murdock held Jade close. "There is no way he is getting Jade. I would die first she is my daughter."

Murdock turned to Face. "Our daughter."


Jade held onto Murdock. "Daddy I'm scared."


"Don't worry Jade we won't let anyone take you away from us."


"Right. Nobody messes with any family of the Team's." Stated Hannibal.


BA nodded, he grunted at Hannibal. "What we gonna do with him Hannibal?"


"That's what I have to figure out. Face? Cigar please." With a cigar handed to him, Hannibal started

to pace up and down. The Team watched him. To Jade he looked like a train, with smoke coming out of the stack. She suppressed a giggle at the thought.


"Well Hannibal?" Asked Face.


"What're we going to do with him?" Asked Murdock.


"Let's shoot him and feed him to Max." Cried Jade.


Murdock turned and looked at Jade. "Young lady, we do not talk that way."


Jade hung her head. Murdock smiled. "You don't want to make Max sick do you? "


Jade looked up and smiled at Murdock.


Hannibal stared at the man. "I say we turn him over to the police but we need him to get Rizzo so pal you and me are going to pay Rizzo a visit."


"BA you're driving me and this scumbag to the airport. I'm sure Rizzo will be really impressed to meet the

other side of the family."


With the cigar in his mouth, he grinned and the fire lit up his eyes. Hannibal was on The Jazz and nothing

was about to stand in his way. Not even Tony 'The Man' Rizzo. The two hopped into the van. They watched as it drove out of sight, then the three went back into their house.


The man looked at Hannibal. "So old man why are you going to the airport? Rizzo in LA."


Hannibal turned and looked at the man. 'Thanks for telling me jerk." Hannibal punched the man and knocked him out. BA looked at Hannibal. "Why'd you do that for?"


Hannibal looked at him. "He called me an old man BA. If you were a mob boss from New York where would you stay in LA?"


"A place Face would know."


"Yeah let drop this bozo off and go get Face."


They found the nearest police station, and Hannibal opened the door. "Remember to tuck and roll Mister."


He landed right at the steps of the station, and some policemen came walking out. They took the man inside for questioning. They arrived back at the beach house, and knocked on the door.


"Hey guys. We're back. Did you miss us?" Grinned Hannibal.


"Shhh please, Jade is a sleep and if you wake her, CO or not I will break you in half." Growled Murdock.


Hannibal nodded his head. Then turn to Face. "Okay Face we found out that Rizzo here in LA. So where

would he stay?"


Face thought for a moment. "He would probably stay at the Victorian."


Hannibal smiled his eyes had the look of the jazz. "Okay then we are going in. Face you will be fast

finger Lou, BA you are Pretty Boy Malone and I am Jake the Ax."


"What about me Colonel?"


"Murdock you are Murdock the daddy. You stay here and watch Jade." Murdock nodded his head.


"All right. I'll put on some make up, and be the leader of the joint. I think a scar across the jaw

line will be a good thing...." He kept mumbling.


"Face you and BA go rummage through the van and find some cheap suits."


"Cheap?" asked Face.


"Yeah cheap. We'll need at least three...." He started mumbling again. "Some fedoras would be nice too.

Remember that one I wore when we were helping out the Hulk?"


The two nodded. "Good. Then let's get our rears in gear. Move it!" The two did as they were told, and

went to look for the suits.


Face stopped and turned around and stared at Hannibal. "Hannibal wake up and smell the coffee the mob don't wear cheap clothes they got money to burn. I will get the clothes and Hannibal no scar."


Hannibal looked hurt. "Face I look great in a scar. Just get the suits Face.


"Okay but they are not going be cheap they are going to be tailor made." Hannibal rolled his eyes. "Does

that mean I have to stand still while some stranger measures me from head to toe? I still want the scar...."


Face sighed. "Yes to the tailor, no to the scar. That is so redundant. Jeez. Come on we're going to see my

personal tailor. Jean-Claude."


"Van Damme?" Asked Hannibal.


Slightly amused, Face shook his head. "Jean-Claude Fontenot. You'll like him. He's great."


Pulling at the two men, the three finally went out to the van. Murdock watched them go. "Get him guys. I'll keep Jade safe I promise." With that he turned from the window, and paced up and down in the living room.


Soon they were at The Hotel after being fitted for suits. Hannibal noticed that Face had the best suit

but said nothing, he got his scar and he like it he was about to speak when Face stepped in.


"This is Jake the Ax and he's got an appointment with Tony the Man."


The man looked at Face, picking up the phone, he dialed the room. BA Baracus intercepted it.


"Hello Mr. Rizzo they're a Mister Jake the Ax to see you. "


"Send him up sucka."


"Mr. Rizzo?"


"You heard me sucka send him up."


"Yes Sir Mr. Rizzo. Uh sir are you all right you sound terrible."


"I got a cold that's all now send him up."


"Mr. Rizzo will see you. He in the penthouse."


"Thanks." Said Face flashing a smile at the concierge. The two boarded the elevator, which led to the

penthouse. They found the thug's room, and were soon surrounded by guards.


"Hey, Hey Fellas. Watch the suit. I gotta appointment with Mr. Rizzo." Said Hannibal. Assuming a tough guy accent.


"This here's Fast Finger Lou, and I'm Jake the Ax. Tell him I'm here. Got it Chum?


A big man about 6 foots 4 came out of the room. "I don't remember any Jake the Ax. Who are you?"


Hannibal smiled. "Your worst nightmare. Let's take them Face."


Face looked at Hannibal and threw his punch at one of the men only to have it caught. The man looked at Face and punched him sending him to the floor. BA came in and sent the man to slumberland.


They fighting went on till they heard a gun shot. "Enough what do you want here Colonel Smith?"


Turning around, Hannibal faced the speaker. It was Tony Rizzo. "Me? Why Tony we're family. I thought I'd come to pay you a nice friendly visit. You want a cigar? A brandy?"


Tony glared in Hannibal's direction. "You are no relation of mine Smith. You're dead."


"I am? I felt so alive back there."


"Enough with the smart ass replies. Tell me what you're doing here. Why have you come?"


"Well I'll tell you why. It involves my granddaughter. Jade. I've come to prevent you from

taking her."


Tony Rizzo stared at him. "I have no idea what you are talking about my granddaughter name is Fade and I all ready no where she is. A rival gang has her and my men and me are going to rescue her. Now get out of my way Smith."


"I'm not getting out of your way. We're talking about the same Jade. You see I've taken her under my wing. She's my granddaughter now, if not by blood. See the big scowling guy over there? He's adopted her into his heart like a niece. You take her away, not only will you have his wrath, but it will be multiplied by four wraths coming together at once. We could settle this like the adults we are. Or you can take the hard way. Which is it Tony the easy way or the hard way? What are you going to do?"


Tony glared at Smith. "You don't know who you're messing with. I still don't believe we're talking

about the same child. She's my granddaughter."


Tony turned around and whispers to one of his men. Then he turned back to Hannibal. "Please have a seat. I told you it not the same girl."


His men handed him a picture of a little girl. "That my granddaughter Fade her real name is Brenda. Mr.

Smith the longer we stay here and ague the more danger she is in.


"Marty has her and he will kill her if I don't get to her in time. I don't know why someone told you that

this Jade was my granddaughter she is not please, believe me."


Hannibal looked back at BA and Face. They just shook their heads.


"Okay Tony what if I believe you? What was your daughter name?"


"I don't have a daughter Smith, only a daughter-in-law. My son is Fade's father."


For once Hannibal was speechless. His mind went into overload, and he was soon lost in his thoughts. So

that rat had lied to him. The plot thickened. Another innocent girl was being held in the clutches of yet

another madman. This was great just great. Here he'd been all ready to defend his adopted granddaughter... What was he going to do?


"Mr. Rizzo." Tony looked at Hannibal. "What do you want Smith?"


"Let me and my men go get your granddaughter we have a better chance." Tony nodded his head. "All right Smith."


Few hours later Tony Rizzo was united with his granddaughter. "Smith if you are ever in New York look

me up. You are always welcome in my home." The two men shook hands and the Team left.


"Let get home to my daughter," replied Face. They arrived at the beach house safe and sound. They found

Murdock still pacing, and Jade was up as well. She'd just eaten her dinner, and looked up from the book she was reading as Face and the others came in through the door.


"Father Face, Grandpa Hannibal, Uncle BA. You're all back and not a scratch on you at all!" They smiled at her enthusiasm. Hannibal grinned. "For once one of my plans went perfectly. Face didn't even get hurt."


Face looked at his CO. "Oh sure. I suppose today's pick on Me day? Well go ahead...." He sniffed and sat

beside Jade on the couch. Max suddenly jumped on Face. Face petted him. He sniffed again. Murdock looks over. "Face, love are you catching a cold?"


Face shook his head. "I don't think so." Face then sneezed. Murdock rushed over to him. "I think you are love, come on beddy by for you." Face protest but Murdock took him by the arm and led his him to bed. He looked over his shoulder and said, "Hey big guy, please make face some tea and honey." Face

protected. "I don't like tea and honey Murdock." "Hush now Face it will help. Oh and BA chicken soup




Part 5


A few days later.... Face was feeling much better. Though he was still a little stuffy. They'd all pitched in to make him feel better. Jade had even brought in Max to sleep with him in the afternoons. When Murdock couldn't. Murdock had fed him chicken soup, and had made him take his medicine. He was still

sniffling a lot though.


Face hated when he has a cold. It had made his nose stuff up and had made his head feel empty and he had a nasty couch. But most of all as much as he love him, Murdock mother over him badly. But now his cold was over today he was smiling Murdock now laid in bed sneezing. Murdock now had the cold.


Murdock was miserable. He ached. His head ached, his stomach ached, and his eyes ached. The list went on and on. He sneezed he coughed. Face was really nice though, he brought Murdock chicken soup, and he even brought his mate water. Hannibal and BA kept an eye on Jade, and got her out of the house as often as possible, they made sure she had all her vitamins, and only allowed her to see her father for a few minutes at a time. They didn't want her to catch cold.


Three days went by and still Murdock's cold would not let go of him. "Face I think I am dying. Please take care of Jade."


Face shook his head. "You will be all right Murdock. The cold will pass."


Murdock looked at Face. "You are so mean! I'm dying and you don't care. You beast."


Face sighed he hated when Murdock was sick. He loved the man dearly, but the usually unflappable Murdock, the man of a zillion jokes, suddenly turned into a very pathetic whiny kind of guy when he got sick. He hated that part of Murdock. But ever the dutiful spouse, he watched over his love, and even watched as he slept.


Two weeks later Murdock was his cheerful self and they decided to go fishing with Jade and the others, out on the boat with Jade and Face, Murdock started to whistle to the fish. He held in his hand, a net. He'd

lean over the side, and start to whistle.


Face watched him from the corner of his eye. "What are you doing Honey? Trying to catch some fish?" He was dumbfounded a few minutes later when Murdock raised the fishing net and grinned.


Face shook his head, Hannibal stared at him. "What's wrong Face?"


"Oh nothing, except Murdock is trying to catch a fish by whistling to it."


BA growled, "Use a worm fool."


Murdock turned to BA with a look of horror on his face. "BA that is cruel I could never do that. Don't

worry a fish will come." Suddenly as if by magic a fish leapt into the air and landed in Murdock's net.


"See I told you so." Said Murdock, triumph clear in his voice. "Oh Ye of Little Faith. Use a worm. That is

so primitive."


He continued his routine. Finally he caught a net brimming with fish. He held up the net again...."Ha my

plan worked. Using worms is for the birds...Pun intended."


Face shook his head. "How does he do that?"


Jade smiled at her daddy and her Father Face and she laughed.


Hannibal smiled too. "Well I think we got enough for a fish fry." He chucked.


They soon got back to the shore and all got out of the boat. Hannibal headed toward the grill to start it up.


"Face, you and Murdock clean the fish."


"Hannibal.." Face whined. "Why do I have to do it?"


Jade took Face's hand. "Don't worry Father Face. I will help.'


Face smiled at her soon. Murdock, Face, and Jade had cleaned the fish. Jade took them to Hannibal who put them on the grill. They smelled delicious, and everyone was soon hungry.


Jade ate her fish, she loved fish, but she hated to clean it, but her daddy and Father Face had made it

fun. Soon she was done eating and asked if she could take a walk on the beach.


Murdock looked at Jade then at Face. "You can go Jade but stay away from the water."


Jade nodded her head and called for Max and they started walking down the beach towards the pier. She

and Max watched the birds, and she watched the fish, as they swam to the surface in hopes of getting a



After walking a while she and Max decided to sit down on a bench, she watched as Max explored something. It turned out to be a mouse. The mouse took one look at Max, and started running down the pier. She smiled, and then decided to keep walking. It was very beautiful out there, but she decided to rejoin the four men back on the beach.


As Jade was walking by, a girl jumped down in front of her and picked up Max. "What kind of cat is he?"


Jade stared at her. How dare somebody just pick up her Max? "He's mine. That's what kind he is. Also he's a black kitten. I don't know what his breed is." She took Max out of the girl's hand, and she asked her a question. First though she introduce herself.


"I'm Jade. What's your name?


The girl smiled, she was about Jade's age. "Hi my name is Cheyenne. You live around here?"


Jade nodded. "Yeah up the beach with my daddy and his friend."


Cheyenne nodded her head. "I live with my mom on the other side of the pier."


Jade nodded. "Yeah. Hey you wanna come meet them? They're really nice people. Including my daddy. He'll make you laugh."


Cheyenne thought for a moment. "Well I'd have to ask my mom, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind at all. Do you wanna come with me to ask her?"


"Sure I would." Replied Jade.


"Well come on then." Said Cheyenne.


Jade followed Cheyenne to her house. When they got there Cheyenne's mother was sitting on the porch.

Cheyenne ran up on to the porch with Jade.


"Mom this my new friend Jade. Can I got meet her father and friends?"


Cheyenne's mother stood up. "I don't know sweetheart."


"Please mom."


Jade looked at Cheyenne's mother. "Ma'am you can come too and meet them."


"All right I think I will."


So Jade took them to her home. They walked in the house and she called out,




"We are in here little duck." Murdock called back.


They walking into the living room. "Daddy and guys this is my new friend Cheyenne and her mother."


The A-team stared at Cheyenne 's mother.


"Tawnia?" Hannibal replied.


Tawnia stared back at them. "Oh My God.... Is it you? Is it really you? I can't believe it." She kept

staring at them.


Finally Murdock asked, "You want to come in? Here sit down." Murdock stood up and offered Tawnia a chair. They then noticed Cheyenne. "You too Cheyenne. You may sit down too." The two sat down, and Tawnia kept gushing about how much she'd missed them.


Hannibal smiled at her. "Kid what are you doing back here in the US? The last time we saw you, you were in South America with that husband of yours. Hey where is he?"


Tawina looked at Hannibal and gave a weak smile. "Brian died last year of jungle fever."


She sobered. Then she started speaking again in a more subdued tone. "Cheyenne had it too, but the doctors were able to save her.


Hannibal nodded his head. "So what's going to happen to your husband's dream?" Tawnia smiled. "Brian's dream will live on. We will be returning when the summer is over. Hannibal took her hand and smiled sorrowfully at her.


"We are really glad to see you Tawnia and we are sorry for your loss."


"Thank you Hannibal."


Murdock stood up. "Hey let's all go out for some ice cream I think we could all use some. What do you say?"


Cheyanne looked at her mother, with excited eyes. "Can we?"


Tawnia laughed at her daughter's statement. "I don't see why not."


They all went to BASKIN ROBBINS Home of 31 Flavors, and went in to decide what they wanted. Cheyenne and Tawnia settled on hot fudge sundaes, while Hannibal got some rocky road, Face got a vanilla cone, and BA got mint chocolate chip. Murdock and Jade couldn't decide what to get, so as they stood there pondering they finally decided on a double scooped cone.


Chocolate being the main choice. They all sat down and enjoyed their ice creams. Nobody talked for the

longest time. After a while an animated conversation did start up. The Team reminisced about old times and soon it was time to go home.


At Face and Murdock's beach house Tawnia noted that Cheyenne was getting a little sleepy. So after

thanking the Team for Ice cream, he took her daughter home. After tucking Cheyenne in, Tawnia went out on the porch, she went to a spot that faced the ocean. She wrapped her shirt tighter around her body and gazed out at the moonlit ocean. It seemed so peaceful. She sighed.


"Brian I wish you could see Cheyenne. She's growing up so fast. I try to tell her about her father, but it's

not the same." Tears spilling down her cheeks she sighed again. She walked back inside and tried to go

to sleep.






For The Love of a Child 1-5 by Susie & Georgia
For The Love Of A Child - Final Part by Susie & Georgia



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