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What's In My Suitcase

What's In My Suitcase?

by Adalia


Rating: G - this is harmless characterization

Warnings: none.

Summary: 'Creative Writing' prompt - pick five items from the list and write a piece to characterize the person who would have them in their suitcase.

Disclaimer: I don't own any A-Team characters, they're not mine, I'm just borrowing them, so please don't sue me.

Author's Notes: This is nuts, I can't believe I'm really posting *this* as my first fic, but here goes.

Comments: Please do. On list or off or whatever.


The Five Items:

1) five pictures of different girls (or guys, depending)

2) a black book of girls' (or guys', depending) phone numbers and addresses

3) a bible

4) a pair of hospital scrubs

5) a $229.51 bank deposit slip





"Hey, Hannibal, lookit this!"


"Whatcha got there, Murdock?" the silver-haired man asked, pulling his cigar out of his mouth and turning to look at the man sitting on the floor across the room from him. He regarded the pilot for a moment, somehow not surprised to see him with a suitcase open in front of him and its contents strewn all over the floor in front of him.


"It's Face's suitcase. He wanted me to bring it inside when he went off to go pick BA up, but I dropped it... and it opened..." Murdock smiled and waved his had at the pile expressively. He winked.


"So now you're pawing through his stuff, accidentally-on-purpose. I like the way you think," Hannibal grinned, moving over to the open suitcase and picking up a small photo wallet. He flipped it open and showed Murdock the five pictures inside it.


Murdock laughed. "They must be his five favorites!"


Hannibal chuckled and put the photos down. He pointed to a small black book that was poking out from under the pile, and Murdock picked it up. He flipped through a few pages, and then tossed it to Hannibal and collapsed backwards, laughing. Hannibal looked through the book, too, and also found the contents rather amusing.


"He really *does* have a little black book! Well, they don't call him the Faceman for nothing, I guess."


After they'd calmed down again they took another look at the pile.


Hannibal pulled out another book, and held it up to Murdock with a thoughtful look on his face. "It's a bible. I didn't know he carried around a bible."


"Right next to his little black book, too. Somehow, with him, it doesn't surprise me. Look at this," Murdock pulled a pair of hospital scrubs out of the pile. "He was wearing these when he busted me out of the VA this morning. Something about influenza. I think. He really is something else."


Hannibal nodded silently, also remembering the many colorful scams Face had pulled to bust Murdock out of the psychiatric ward of the VA hospital. He picked up another item off the pile.


"A bank deposit slip for two hundred twenty-nine dollars and fifty-one cents. Why is that number familiar . . ."


"It's the money from that little job you did last weekend. Face was supposed to bring that to the bank today," Murdock said, taking the slip to get a closer look at it.


At just that moment, a blonde-haired man in an expensive suit burst through the front door. "Hey, Murdock, I left the bank deposit slip in the suitcase..." He stopped short as he saw the two of them sitting in front of the pile of his stuff. "Aw, Murdock, look at that mess. What are the two of you..."


"Umm... It's not what you think, Face?" Murdock started.


Hannibal, however, had a plan. Of course.


"Murdock slipped and dropped the suitcase. It split open, and we were just picking the stuff up off the floor. Here's the deposit slip," Hannibal nabbed the slip from Murdock and held it out to Face, his best innocent 'I'm an angel' smile on his face.


Face eyed him suspiciously, then shrugged. He leaned over to take the slip from him, and then turned to leave again. Just before he made it out the door, heading for his prized vette, he called over his shoulder, "Make sure you pick all that stuff up, Murdock!"


Murdock sighed in relief. A close call.


Hannibal just grinned. "I love it when a plan comes together!"



What's In My Suitcase? by Adalia



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