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Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa

By Face's New Flame


Rated: NC-17

Summary: BAD Face! Norty Face!

Warnings: Slash and Evil Face; probably swearing too.





Part 1


'Ah heck Murdock, you know I'd love to. But I've got a meeting tonight, business. Money doesn't just make itself, y'know.' Face didn't get off the bed, though, or make any attempt to leave the VA.


Murdock eyed him, nervously. Was that the real reason, or was Face trying to get out of something he shouldn't have started?


'Really? That's all?'


'Yeah, sure is. If there was any other way, Murdock, but I should clear five hundred bucks tonight, easy...'


The fact was left hanging in the air for a while. Murdock tried to not grab it. But he couldn't help himself.


'Face...' He looked at Face's wide blue eyes. Face's cheeks, still a little flushed from the kissing. Face's lips, still reddened. Still parted. Still moist. 'I mean.. we've been makin' all this money. I don't need it. I don't spend much in here, just comic books and stuff. I know you have a lot of work overheads, suits, car, all that stuff. Expenses for the whole team, really. What if you... well..'


'Murdock, no! I couldn't. I couldn't take your money.' He leaned in closer, and Murdock could feel his heat. Face nuzzled his neck, softly, hotly, and Murdock felt his head fall back and hit the wall. 'Another time, when things are more stable for me. Financially.' His tongue traced a path across to Murdock's Adam's apple, and back, and he blew gently along the trail, turning the heat ice cold.


Murdock's heart pounded. 'What if it was a present, Face,' he almost pleaded, longing to lay his hands on his tormentor, get him very naked, very excited. 'Maybe I could buy you a new suit, or something. You said you needed one.'


'Oh Murdock,' whispered Face, one hand now roaming over Murdock's chest, over his tee shirt, but still so horribly arousing. 'It wouldn't be fair.' His teeth grazed Murdock's earlobe.


'Sure it would,' he panted. 'Now pass me the damn check book so we can quit talking about it. About *anything*'


Face made sure the door was securely locked and drew down the blind as Murdock wrote. On the short walk back, he began to undress. The tie went flying; the shirt was hung neatly in the wardrobe.


Murdock couldn't stop himself from staring at the tan skin, the defined muscles.


The bulge at the crotch.


*Worth every penny.*




He held Murdock on the edge for a long time, teasing him, running the tip of his tongue around the head of Murdock's cock; pumping him hard with his fist, then slowing, stopping; sliding fingers inside him, caressing, withdrawing. On autopilot, really. His head was calculating the day's take, and the offset he would make for the very expenses that Murdock assumed *his* check was subsidising.


Murdock was begging him, please, now, do it, please Face, anything. Time to pay attention.


He held back just a minute longer. Then gripped Murdock tightly, slid his fingers back inside him, and opened his mouth wide to accept Murdock's cum.


Murdock's legs shook, his hips bucked, he lost the ability to breath.


Face suppressed his instinct to gag on the salty sticky fluid and swallowed it down. Then he moved up to hold Murdock's shaking body. It wasn't an ordeal to hold him, even to kiss him. It was quite pleasant, really. He was a kind man, an attractive man. And by now, *just sane enough* to alleviate any guilt.


Murdock's eyes flickered open hazily. 'Want to do this again Face.'


Face smiled and hugged Murdock in closer. The perfect result he had been seeking. The first step; more would follow. 'We'll find a way, Murdock. I'm sure we'll think of something.'



Part 2


After the first time, Face didn't ask for, or even drop hints, about money.


He didn't have to.


Murdock came over for dinner. He brought a diamond studded tie pin. Not Face's taste, and not very expensive, but at this stage what was crucial was building a routine.


Face had opened the small jeweler's box, taken out the pin, and glowed at Murdock, all teeth and heart. Then he'd turned off the oven and turned up the heat.


Clothes strewn everywhere, several small ornaments casualties to collisions with the furniture, an assortment of condom wrappers thrown into the mix. And him, deep inside of Murdock now, loving how it felt, physically loving it, mentally loving the feeling of power. Loving the effect he was having on Murdock, the way he whimpered with each thrust, the way he kept saying, over and over, Face, Face, Face...


He closed his eyes, lost in his own thoughts, in the moment, in the sensation. Being wanted so completely.. it was intoxicating. He pictured how he'd look right now, his strong arms supporting him, his body slick with sweat, moving gracefully, elegantly masculine.


Yes. He'd be looking pretty good.




Murdock's desperate yell brought him back. He moved the weight on to his left arm, and brought his free hand onto Murdock's cock.


Murdock looked different naked. Naked and happy. Younger, more alive. Really, he might, even if he *wasn't* getting paid...


Not that he wanted Murdock to think of it as payment. Not that he wanted Murdock to think *at all*.


He gripped tighter. Well whaddayaknow, he wasn't thinking any more.


And then neither was Face.




Murdock was a sweet, old fashioned kind of a guy at heart. A lot of southern guys were. So when Face turned the mock-coal fire on, when Face grabbed the soft chenille throw and wrapped them both up in it, when Face held Murdock tight and close and kissed his neck and his back and his shoulders, he sighed contentedly and wriggled in closer.


Eventually Face got up to finish fixing dinner.


Murdock couldn't help noticing the overdue bills on the side table. And when he suggested that maybe Face took a power of attorney over Murdock's money... just so's he didn't need to worry about money in the future...


Face said no. Because you never said yes at the first offer. You had to wait until the third. And you didn't want to rely on that, either; too easy to get greedy, especially over the long term. Much better to combine that with gifts.


Much harder to trace.




Sometimes he'd take Murdock home just for the hell of it. Well, why not? He was an attractive man, in his own way. And, once he got the hang of it again, after a period of celibacy enforced by his confinement, he was actually..


Well he was really..


He was so *hot* in bed. God, sometimes Face thought *he* should be paying *Murdock*.


He'd end it before Hannibal found out, of course. The figure in his head was about twenty thousand; that was plenty. Get too greedy, risk losing the lot. Murdock never read his bank statements anyway, just folded them into little paper aeroplanes. And he wouldn't be reading them for the next few months, that was for sure.


No, give it until the summer anyway - what was that, nine months? It would be nice, having someone to drink hot chocolate and toast marshmallows with. Might even break him out for thanksgiving. Winter with Murdock seemed like a good idea. Then.. he could hear it now.


You deserve someone better. I just can't give you what you need. I guess I've been alone too long. I can't be helping your recovery.


It was all going to work out beautifully.




Even as Murdock was picking out a set of cufflinks for him, Face found himself looking at a little aeroplane pin.


*It's kinda cute. He might like it.*


He shook the idea off, though. Didn't want to start all that.



Part 3


It was a nice cabin, not too big, just four rooms. But it was cosy, and the wine rack was well stocked, and the couch was comfortable, and the fire glowed and sparked.


The snow outside was two feet high on the door, and edging up the window panes. But inside, it was safe and dry. Inside, Murdock was in the kitchen, and the aroma of thanksgiving turkey filled the air.


Murdock had been so excited about going away. It would be the first time they'd spent more than a night together. And Face liked the idea of being with someone over the holidays; they were always a hellish time for him.


Actually, just lately, he'd been toying with the idea of giving up scamming Murdock altogether. Maybe. He'd lost interest in scamming anyone else, at least in the same way. And it wasn't like he *needed* the money; it was just out of habit, now. He already had a sizeable cut of the pension fund that would see him well into retirement, even if none of the investments made another dime. And *that* wasn't about to happen.


Murdock looked up at him, and gave a wolf whistle. 'Sure like you in blue, Facey.'


Face smiled back. He was wearing a shirt Murdock had bought for him. The cut wasn't too good, but the color was exactly the color of his eyes.


Murdock had a small spot of cream on his nose, probably from the pumpkin pie. 'Hold it *right there*,' he said, and moved over to lick it off. Murdock gave him that special extra-happy look, the quiet one, the one that made him look like he had a light glowing inside in back of his eyes.


Ah shit. Was he actually developing a conscience?




Dinner was taking forever to cook. Face didn't care. He was cross legged on the rug in front of the fire, and Murdock was feeding him toasted marshmallows off the end of a fork, the long molten strands snapping off and falling on to his chin, Murdock licking and biting them away.


Murdock's tongue was teasing, tantalising; Face wanted to crank things up a gear. He leaned forward and ran his hands down Murdock's ribs, pulled the thin white tee shirt free of the jeans.


Murdock pulled back. 'Sure, Face?'


Yes, that'd be right. It wasn't like Face to instigate passion. When was the last time.. had he ever... no, maybe not.


Maybe it was the festive spirit in him. Maybe it was having someone who wanted him around; didn't just need him around, but wanted him. And not just for sex, either. Some nights they'd spent together, they'd just watched a movie, or played gin. Not even strip gin.


Yes, it was going to be a good winter.


Face pressed his lips onto Murdock and pushed his tongue into his friend's mouth. Murdock fell back onto the rug and threw the marshmallow fork out of harm's way, as Face settled in to give him a thorough seeing to.




'Not too hot?'


'Nuh uh.' Murdock opened wide to take another sliver of turkey from Face's fingers. 'Mmm. Tastes good.'


'Mmhmm. Just wait 'til you see how I'm serving dessert...'




Face looked at Murdock through contented, tired eyes as he dropped him back off at the VA. Good food, good sex, good company. It didn't get better than this. Maybe this could go on a bit beyond summer. Maybe he'd stop 'borrowing' from Murdock's bank account. Maybe he'd even tell Murdock to stop buying him things; expensive things, anyway. It was stupid; the present he'd been given for Christmas, the shirt, cheap as it was, but the exact color of his eyes, meant more to him than all the watches and cufflinks and tie pins put together.


And now he didn't want to let Murdock go back in.


'I had fun, Murdock. Thanks.'


Murdock ruffled his hair. 'Me too, Face.' The he got serious. 'But, y'know. This can't go on forever. What'd Hannibal say?'


'Hannibal? How's Hannibal gonna know?'


'Just think about it Face, k? This sure was fun, though.'


*What?!? Murdock was ditching *him*?*


This couldn't be right.


It couldn't.



Part 4


Murdock checked himself back in and headed straight off for a cold shower.


God Face was looking hot; sleepy, horny, vulnerable. So very, very fuckable...


It had taken him a while to see what was happening. Part of him had always known, but he hadn't wanted to admit it, not even to himself. Face didn't go with anyone he couldn't get something out of, whether it be a place to stay, an alibi, cash... Never just went for affection, poor guy. Didn't think he was worth it.


That first time, Murdock had wanted him so badly, he'd have given every penny he had, and more. He'd wanted to touch him, be with him; wanted the meeting of bodies to go on forever. Five hundred dollars for one night with Face. It was nothing; nothing at all. What the hell did he need money for, anyway? And it made Face feel secure.


Ok, so he'd got him a few presents. He liked buying things for Face. He looked nice in nice clothes, he wore jewelry well.


So Face had taken a little money from the bank. To be exact, Face had taken four thousand, two hundred and fifty bucks. It wasn't that much, out of what he had. And he didn't need it.


What did that work out as... they'd been together for about four months. Thirty five bucks a day. If Face was pricing himself at that, he was undercharging.


It was all about to change, though.


Murdock stepped under the icy needles of water.




Face kicked himself even as he handed it over. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


'Aww Face! You shouldn'ta...'


Murdock pinned the little silver aeroplane to his lapel.


'Like it?'


Yes, he liked it. He was back in that happy place again.


He didn't try to touch Face, though. And Face didn't try to touch Murdock. Not yet.




Strange. Five hundred *extra* in his bank account.


Although not strange at all, really.




'What's this for?'


Face shrugged. 'Does it fit? I just thought you'd need something smart to wear, y'know. If I'm taking you to dinner at Andres....'


Murdock pretended to be examining the dinner jacket very closely, so Face wouldn't see the obscenely large grin he was sporting. Dinner. Face hadn't taken him *out* for dinner before. Not in public. And not at his favorite restaurant. Andres was pretty fancy. And expensive, too. Murdock didn't go a bundle on French food, but he'd sure like to be seen there with Face. See Face there. He was so good at the fancy menus, and the wine and everything.


He touched Face's shoulder. It had been weeks, now. Face had a hungry look. And Murdock had had his fill of cold showers.


'Wanna help me get changed?'




Seven months now, he'd been seeing Face, and his bank account was back to normal. *Even including the money for gifts. The cash I took out myself. Why'd he put that back?*


Tempting, now. Tempting to leave him flat. Show him he'd been scammed himself, big time.


*I mean, it has to end sometime. It's been fun, but...*


Odd things of Murdock's would still go missing. Sometimes they'd find their way back. His watch, cheap piece of junk that it was, had left on its holidays and returned several times. Loose change would move about the room mysteriously. He didn't have a damn thing *worth* stealing, but Face couldn't seem to help himself anyway.


No. If it was going to work, he'd have to find a cure. A permanent cure.


That required some thought. What could he possibly do that would make Face behave?



Part 5


'Face, have you seen my keys?'


'Hmm?' Face rolled over, taking his head out of the pillow, and tried to focus his sleep fuddled eyes on Murdock. He was leaving? So early?


No, it was alright. He wasn't even dressed yet, just rooting about the bedroom looking for something. Just wearing those grey marl shorts Face had bought him, nothing else. He could still get Murdock back into bed, no problem. Face crawled over to the edge of the bed and stretched out to grab Murdock's wrist. 'No,' he said. 'I don't even know why you keep keys, you don't have anything with a lock on it.' He pulled gently, encouraging Murdock back.


'In a minute Facey... I just wanna find them.' He eyed Face suspiciously. 'You haven't.. borrowed them, have you?'


'Now what would I borrow them for?' He tugged the wrist a bit harder. This time, the rest of Murdock followed, climbing onto the bed. On all fours, straddling Face. Mmm, still warm. Hair all mussed up. Creases from the sheets on his right cheek.


'Oh, you know. You know how you borrow things sometimes, Face.'


Face wanted to protest it, but he couldn't, really. He didn't know why he did it, but sometimes he'd see something of Murdock's lying about, maybe a book, or his watch, and he'd just get this urge to... borrow it. Just for a while. Habit maybe; or something else. One time, when he'd known Murdock was going to be having a week of intense therapy, and he couldn't see him, he'd 'borrowed' a shirt, and slept in it all week. He'd die if Murdock knew that. It was so damn.. sappy.


But it had smelt like Murdock, and he'd slept so well, having a part of him close.


It wasn't like he borrowed from other people, when he borrowed from Murdock. Not like borrowing the odd bill from Hannibal's wallet; hell, he had a string of acting jobs lined up, he'd never even notice it. Not like borrowing a ring or a chain from BA while he was unconscious on a plane. He had so many, what was one or two or three over the course of a year?


No, it was different with Murdock. He always gave it back. Just a game. Just keeping his hand in. The best thing would be to distract Murdock from the line of questioning.


He reached up behind Murdock's neck and brought him closer. 'May I borrow your lips?'


'Permanent loan,' said Murdock, handing over ownership.




Face watched him dress. He wished Murdock didn't have to go. Bad sign. Far too attached to him. But, there it was. He was kinda... he was.. well..


Very fond of Murdock. Yes, he was comfortable with that.


He'd cook him breakfast. Soon. As soon as the bed stopped being cosy and comfortable, and he stopped feeling so sleepy.


'Umm.. Face, what's this doin' here?'


Hmm? What was Murdock doing with his jacket?


'My keys, Face. In your jacket. They fell out the pocket when I picked it up.'


His *keys*? Face didn't even remember lifting the keys. Why would he bother, they didn't *do* anything. He hadn't, had he? Unless it was out of habit. No. He'd remember.


Murdock was patting down the other pockets. What was he taking out now?


Ah. His watch, from the inside left. Face didn't recall borrowing that either, but it was the kind of thing he would have. God, maybe he was on auto-scam...


A comic book in the deep inside right, the one he'd had sewn in especially for documents. Some kind of Spiderman thing.


Now why in hell would he have taken a comic book? Murdock was just staring at him, waiting for an explanation.


And he didn't have one.



Part 6


'You won't do it again, will you, Face,' said Murdock.


'No,' replied Face, for about the nine millionth time.


Murdock looked at his handiwork. Face was tied to the bed very neatly with two of the ties he'd found in the wardrobe and recognised as the property of one Colonel John Smith. One ankle was attached to the bedpost with a long scarf he was sure he'd seen around Amy's neck; the other with a belt that looked like one Murdock had been missing for a while. A big, nekkid Face starfish. He congratulated himself on a job well done.


Face had fought Murdock a little, but not especially hard. Guilt, Murdock supposed. And.. well.. Face was whining a bit, but parts of him looked like he was thoroughly enjoying himself.


He bent down again and ran his tongue just inside the gold chain Face was wearing; the *only* thing Face was wearing. The metal felt cold on the underside of his tongue; Face's skin, in contrast, hot, salty, slick.


'I swear, Murdock, I will never take anything of yours again.'


Murdock sat back. 'Good.' Phase one completed, and as far as Face was concerned, there was no phase two.




Murdock got off the bed for a moment. He went to his overnight bag, and pulled out a sheaf of papers, returning to trace loops over Face's chest and stomach with one hand, while the other ran through some bank statements.


'Now, let's talk about the retirement funds, hmm?'


Face wasn't the only one who could find things in other people's houses.




As he wrote out the funds transfer slips, Murdock used his big toe to stroke the tight skin between Face's scrotum and anus.


Occasionally he would glance up at Face.


Aww. Poor guy. His cock was hard as granite, so firm, that tantalising drop of liquid just begging to be lapped up; and every time Murdock moved his toe, Face's hips would push off the bed and his eyes would screw up and he'd bite his lip. Trying so hard not to plead or whine.


Still, they'd only gone through about half of the investments so far. And it turned out Face had been very, very dishonest with the money. That couldn't go unpunished, now could it? Murdock knew he ought to be angrier than he was. It was in Face's nature, though, scamming, cheating, conning. Probably no one had ever taken him in hand before.


Murdock was kind of a champion for good; for Face's education, and the good of the team. Hmm. Longer term, that might require a cape.


Thinking about costumes was a useful distraction to help Murdock ignore his own body, screaming for release. Longing to be deep inside Face, making him whimper. Of course he was doing that already, but still...


He picked up the copies of BA's accounts and smiled. 'Not many more to do now, Face. Ok, so this account was opened four years ago...'




'Now if I give you a hand back, you're going to sign these slips, aren't you. Before you do anything else with it.'


Face nodded. He couldn't speak, he was biting his lip so hard in frustration. His wide eyes pleaded.


'Well ok, then. But you know, if I find out you've lied to me, we'll have to do this again.' Murdock wouldn't have minded doing it again, but Face looked like his heart might give out. The sheets were sodden with sweat, and his skin glowed hot and red.


He released Face's right hand, and gave him a pen. He held a book for Face to lean on, and placed each of the forty six slips in turn upon it, until they all had the account holder's signature on them. Generously, he kissed Face after every slip, trying to be teasing and gentle, although Face seemed to be trying to suck his tongue clean out of his mouth.


Once they were all done, he produced the forms to amend the signatories on the accounts to joint; him and Face together. Not that they said 'Templeton Peck' and 'Howling Mad Murdock.' Insane men had difficulty looking after any financial matters. Their regular aliases, though.


He took all of the slips and forms and statements, and tucked them safely inside a pouch in his bag. Then he took off his shorts, and went back to Face.


He undid the other tie, first; then the scarf, then the belt, and then Face was rolling on top of him, grinding into him and panting, desperate, aching, and coming and coming, so hard, so *loud*, and in minutes, Murdock had a sweaty, sticky, panting, dead weight pile of Face smothering him.


'Murdock,' he almost cried. 'I swear, I will never scam you again'


Murdock patted his back, and unclipped BA's chain from his neck. 'I know, buddy, I know.'


As Face rolled off him and began a rapid descent into a sleep borne of pure exhaustion, Murdock thought how peaceful he looked. How innocent.


And started plotting how to get him to scam again, just one more time.


This had been *way* too much fun.





Mea Culpa by Face's New Flame



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