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The Hardest Thing

The Hardest Thing

by Dana


Rating: PG I think.

Warnings: Character hurt, cuss words, and mention of non-consensual m/m sex. None shown.

Summary: Decker gets an unexpected guest.

Disclaimer: Not mine. They belong to Stephen J. Cannell. I claim anyone else.

/// means italics






Retired Colonel Roderick Decker was about to throw spaghetti noodles

into a pot when his ten-year-old granddaughter, Wendy, came into the

room. "Grandpa!"


"What is it Wendy?"


"There's a man outside! He's bleeding!"


Decker forgot about dinner as he ran after his granddaughter. What

he saw on the ground shocked him. Lying in the snow was Lieutenant

Templeton Peck. He didn't know what to do.


"Rod what's going on?" His wife, Justine, asked. She stepped closer

and gasped. "Isn't that a member of the A-Team?"


"Yes it is." Decker said and looked closer. Peck was out cold as

far as he could tell. He was bleeding from various places. He

gasped when he saw where some of the blood was coming from. "Justine

take Wendy inside." His wife led her away. Decker picked up Peck

and followed them inside.




Part 1


Decker carried him into the living room. His daughter, Tammy, came

into the room. "What's going on dad?"


"Could you take Gwendolyn into another room?" Decker said.


Tammy knew something was bothering her father if he started using

full names. "Sure. Wendy let's go call your father." Wendy

followed her mother into the kitchen.


Justine started examining Peck. She had been a nurse for over twenty

years at Saint John's Medical Center in Santa Monica California.

"For a guy that's supposedly dead he looks good." She smiled at her

husband to let him know she was kidding. "I think he's got a few

broken ribs and a broken arm. There are a couple of knife wounds

too. Also there may be a concussion. But we won't know until he

wakes up for sure on the concussion. I'll tell you this much Rod I

don't want to know what happened to him."


"Me neither."



Face felt someone's hands on him and cringed inwardly. 'No! No

more!' He wanted to yell. There was a female voice speaking to him

gently. "Maggie?" He whispered. 'Please let this have been a bad

dream. He opened his eyes and saw a strange woman leaning over him.

He struggled to sit up and pain ripped through his body.


"Lieutenant calm down." A very familiar voice said off to his side.


"Decker?" He asked.


"Yes it's me Peck."


"How'd I get here?" Face asked in confusion.


"I was hoping you could tell me."


"Hold on Rod. I want Lieutenant Peck to take some Tylenol first."

Justine said. Face took them gladly. The pain was terrible and at

this point, he wasn't thinking straight.


"What happened to you?" Decker asked.


"Was grabbed on a mission by a couple of people. Don't know who they

were. Guess they dumped me here when they were finished." Face was

growing tired. He closed his eyes.


Justine led her husband outside of the room. "What are you going to

do Rod?" She asked.


Decker didn't answer.




Part 2


"Mom? Dad? What's going on?" Tammy asked. "Why is there a member

of the A-Team lying on the couch?" They looked at her surprised. "It's still a news item at the base in Panama. I thought he was supposed to be dead."


"The A-Team have been known to escape from impossible places Tammy."

Decker said. "As for why he's on our couch, someone beat him up and left him in our yard."


"Are you going to turn him in dad?"


Before Decker answered her, they were interrupted by a crash that

came from the living room. They all hurried into the room and saw

Wendy sitting on the floor next to Face. "What's going on in here?"

Decker asked.


Wendy looked around nervously. "I..."


"I was getting up and fell." Face answered quickly covering for the

little girl.


Justine frowned and examined Face's foot, which suddenly looked more

swollen then it had before. "I think it's just sprained. Wendy can

you go and get some ice?" Wendy went to do so.



In Langley Virginia, a meeting was taking place.


"Colonel, Lieutenant Peck has been missing almost two weeks. If you

were meant to find him you would have." General Hunt Stockwell said

in exasperation.


"What you are suggesting is that we stop looking for Face?" Hannibal

said, glad that it was only he and Stockwell at this meeting. He

knew Stockwell wouldn't have lasted long if BA had been at the



"Yes. If it were a kidnapping, they would have come forward with

their demands. We haven't heard a thing. If Peck had escaped, he

would have contacted us. Face it. He's probably dead."


"I'm not buying that Stockwell. No one else in the team will

either. Now are you going to give us more of your men to look for

Face or not?"


Stockwell frowned but still said, "Yes I will lend you more of my men

to find Peck."



Face sat up a little more when Decker came back into the room. He had been relieved that Decker hadn't put handcuffs on him and taken him straight to jail. Decker tossed him a fresh pack of ice. "That's for your arm."




"Peck what really happened to your ankle?"


"Like I said I got up and fell and twisted it. Guess my foot had

been asleep."


Decker considered this for a few seconds before changing the

subject. "Are you going to tell me where the others are?"


"You'll just arrest them."


"I haven't arrested you yet. What makes you think I will arrest them?"



Part 3


"Good question." Face tried to move his left arm and let out a hiss

of pain.


"Careful Peck. Your arm is most likely broken. Along with a few



"I figured as much." He said leaning back against the couch. "Where

are we anyway?"


"Outside of Bangor Maine." Decker watched the expression on the face

of Face. There was shock written all over it.


'They'll never know to look in Maine. We were in New York City. That is if those two men didn't kidnap them too. But I'm not about to tell the Decker's where they are either.' Face thought.


"I take it you weren't originally in Maine?" Decker asked breaking through his thoughts.




Decker got up and left. Face looked out the window and watched the

snowfall. He was thinking that he couldn't escape now. He couldn't

even stand on his ankle. His thoughts went back to how he got here.


He had lied to Decker. It wasn't a mission that they were on. It

was more of a vacation. Stockwell had paid for the vacation saying

that it was their reward for doing it his way.


They had been in New York for a day and they had decided to split

up. Face had slept in and was going to meet Murdock and the others

in Central Park. But he never got there. He remembered someone

shoving chloroform soaked rag in his face and then nothing else until

he woke up in a strange room.


He shuddered at the memories of what happened while he was there. He

had been beaten and raped. But the strange part was he had never

seen those men before. But they seemed to know who he was. He

remembered the last day with them quite well.


///Face lay on the floor, clutching his left arm protectively, in too

much pain to move anything else. He had tried picking the lock the

first day but before he could they came in and took his lock picks

and broke his arm.


He was glad that his captors hadn't come back yet. Food had been

placed in the cell but that was it for today. The door opened

causing him to shield his eyes from the bright light with his good

arm. They yanked him to his feet. Face bit down on his lip to keep

from crying out.


He was hit several times with a crowbar. Kicked, beaten, and tortured before one swift hit to the head sent him into unconsciousness. The next thing he knew he was lying on the Decker's couch.///


He couldn't help but wonder if Stockwell had set him up, but he shook off that idea. That couldn't be right. He hoped the others were okay.




The Hardest Thing by Dana